Infinite Battlefield: Ten Times the Points - Chapter 482 Ancestor thunder demon

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Su Yang lay sideways on the sofa.

   supported her cheek with one hand, and stroked Tang Wuyue's head with the other.

   She was lying in front of him, hugging him like an octopus, while burying her beautiful face in his chest with happiness.

   A thin black quilt covers the two of them.

   The quilt has been pulled to the position of Su Yang's chin, so if you look from the outside, you will only see Su Yang alone.

   But even so, Sister Mu still knew that Sister Tang was inside.

   Because this time she took the initiative to attack Su Yang.

   Su Yang did not return to the room, so she pulled the quilt and directly attacked on the spot.

   Sister Mu Qingtian was not sure whether she really "attacked", anyway, after the thin quilt was covered, she was quiet, she heard nothing, and didn't see any major movements.

   Maybe Tang Wuyue just wanted to take a lunch break by Su Yang?

   The two sisters couldn't help but think about it.

   "Sister Tang is asleep?"

   After hearing no movement for a long time, Mu Wanyue asked curiously.

   She stared at Su Yang with Shui Lingling's big eyes, but saw the latter smile and said, "How is it possible? She's still very active."


   Mu Wanyue didn't understand.

   Mingming didn’t see her moving, how did idols say that she was active?

   And here, after answering Mu Wanyue’s question, Su Yang lowered his head and said profoundly: "The Abyssal Demon is clearly a combat class. How did you develop it like this?"

   Tang Weiyue's cheeks were redder, but he didn't answer and didn't look up.

  The Abyssal Demon can control the activities of each organ, and can also open the organs that you want to open in various parts of the body. The size of these open organs can also be changed at will within a certain range.

   Within a week of the egg, Su Yang had an extremely sufficient understanding of this ability.

   After a while, he suddenly lowered his arm and lay down on the sofa.

   My eyes are slightly closed, showing a little tiredness.

   Tang Wuyue buried in his chest raised the corners of his mouth, raised his head, and kissed Su Yang easily.


   Mu Qingtian just came back from the toilet.

When    was passing by, she couldn't help but glanced at it.

   Tang Weiyue's face was mostly blocked by Su Yang's head. She only saw her stretched willow eyebrows and her frantically upturned eyes.

   The beautiful and intellectually gentle black pupils of the past are now like the most vulgar female beasts in the world, easily occupied by pleasure.

   Mu Qingtian didn't dare to look more, but when she sat back to the original position, her hands trembled a little.

   She looked at Su Yang, and the red phoenix eyes gradually showed excitement and anticipation.

   I don't know what she thought of, she pursed her lustrous lips, straightened her body and slightly pinched her legs.

  Mu Wanyue met, covered his mouth and smiled: "Hey, sister, what are you doing?"

   Mu Qingtian just stared at Su Yang and ignored it.

   Seeing this, Mu Wanyue did not dare to say more.

   I was afraid of being beaten by my sister afterwards.

   She looked at the screen and saw a woman flying into the sky at a critical juncture to block the Skeleton Mage’s attack for Shirayuki. She couldn’t help but said with joy: "Oh? Good teammate."


   Eight o'clock in the night.

   The 56th wave appears, and the 7th leader "the ancestor Thunder Demon" descends.

As soon as the ancestor Thunder Demon appeared on the stage, an endless violent thunder broke out and swept the land tens of thousands of meters ahead!

  In an instant, about 300,000 players were too late to escape and were wiped out!

   In and outside the field, all players who were watching the battle were shocked!

   "What!? This leader!?"

   "Hundreds of thousands of people were wiped out as soon as they appeared on the stage! How can this be beaten!?"

   The players in the field were still shocked, and when the players outside the field just made one or two remarks, the ancestor Thunder Demon moved again.

   I saw it turned into a thunder and lightning passing by countless players, and went straight to the crystal of the third line of defense.


   Ice Army Ji Hu Xueqian was just beside the path that thunder and lightning had just passed, but she only saw a yellow light flashing past at a speed that she couldn't react.

   When she realized that it was turned by the leader and turned her head, she just saw the crystal of the third line of defense that was slapped to pieces by it.

   The aftermath of that slap even knocked all players in the area several kilometers in front of it into flight, and the near points were directly turned into light spots and dissipated!

   "It's over!"

   Hu Xueqian has no time to think about the leader's strength. She only knows that the most important thing now is to protect the Supreme Crystal!

   The three lines of defense are broken, and the Supreme Crystal is no longer invincible!

   However, just as she was about to leave, she saw the ancestor thunder demonized into thunder and lightning and swept toward the highest crystal!

'Varied...! ’

   Her eyes widened and used her ultimate skill [Frozen Heaven and Earth]!

  [Frozen Heaven and Earth]: Release the power of the cold to temporarily freeze the surrounding area, making the units, objects and energy in the area unable to move.

  ①: Lasts at most (professional level × 1) seconds.

  ②: After use, it falls into a period of weakness for 1 minute. During this period, the skill cannot be used again and all attributes are reduced by 50%.

   To Hu Xueqian's luck, the ancestor Thunder Demon who turned into thunder and lightning was frozen!

When    was frozen, it was still in the form of thunder and lightning.

   Although the players in that area were also frozen, there are more players in other areas.

   They are rushing towards there at their fastest speed.

   "Oh my God! Large-scale freezing! Which great **** is this?"

   "Blue Star's Frost Army Lady seems, I just saw a burst of blue light burst out of her."

   "Hi...Are all Blue Star players monsters."

   The players on the field quickly exchanged a few words as they rushed, and soon surrounded the ancestor Thunder Demon in a circle.

   More ran to the Supreme Crystal for the player, watching it vigilantly.

   "Can we attack now?"

   Players do not know the effect of this skill, UU reading www. uukanshu. No one dared to do it first.

   At this time, Hu Xueqian flew over and said anxiously: "You guys should attack! The effect of my skills will disappear soon!"

   Hearing the words, the powerful people no longer hesitate, and all used their strongest killer moves against the lightning.

  The threat of the ancestor Thunder Demon is well known to everyone, and they must not let it get close to the Supreme Crystal.

   "Quit the evil three swords!"

   Some strong man holding a big knife yelled, leaping into the air and hitting the lightning three times.

   What surprised him was that these three **** sword auras passed through the thunder and lightning, as if it didn't exist.

   "No way! Is the current Thunder Demon immune to physical attacks?"

   A few arrows passed through this thunder and lightning element, but a few fireballs were hit, which further proved the guess of the strong sword.

   "If you are immune to physical attacks, use energy attacks to kill it!"

   shouted other people next to him.

   After more than ten seconds of concentrated fire attack, the freezing of the space in this area was lifted!

   At this moment, the ancestor Thunder Demon of Guanzhu turned from thunder and lightning into its body.

   Everyone could not see what it looked like. They only knew that it was surrounded by endless yellow lightning. It was three to four meters tall and had a pair of huge lightning arms gathered by lightning.

   There are a pair of symmetrical lightning bolts on top of its head, and the whole body is in the shape of a human.

   In addition to these, there are strange spatial fluctuations around it, and it seems that there are unknown mysterious abilities.

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