Imperial Beast Evolution (Fey Evolution Merchant) - v7 Chapter 2461 The power of crimson!

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"If you stand on the side of the six-page thorn, it's a big deal to play a game, just to let me see if you have improved over the years!"

"Have those resources you worked so hard to get your spirits to break through the limit!"

Seven pages of war are not afraid of disappearing four pages in an instant.

As long as the dead eight pages do not stand on their opposite sides, the war seven pages have nothing to fear.

Because only the ability of dying eight pages can truly restrain himself, so that he has no way to compete with it.

After all, his own body is a plant.

Withered wasteland, the sacred source of death, can quickly wither plants and strip away their origin.

As soon as the seven pages of war were finished, the third page of eternal sin answered.

"That's right! Instantly destroy the four pages, don't force me to do it!"

"This time you are on the opposite side of me again, but I won't be merciful to you!"

A person who is good at profit-seeking can always judge the situation and protect himself.

Even if you have to lose something, try to lose as little as possible.

Therefore, the four pages of Instant Destruction did not struggle, and they stood on the side of the seventh page of war and the third page of eternal sin.

On the one hand, it is because the three pages of eternal sin and the seven pages of war have reached an alliance. When the dead eight pages have not made a statement, the two are the strongest party at the moment.

Standing on the side of the third page of eternal sin and the seventh page of war has further established the position of the master of this small team.

Under the circumstance that the strengths of the two sides are already vastly different, whether or not the statement of the eight pages of death has no effect on the situation in the slightest.

On the other hand, Shun Mian Si Ye also wanted to know what was going on inside the tower.

For a strong person, it is not necessary to be trapped in a force, especially a force like Ta Dian that is loose to the extreme.

This time, the black candle in Lizhan Liuye's eyes did not light up again, but a glamorous voice that could not be heard from men and women exploded in the ears of Ta Dian and the Free Federation.

"What? Can't my invitation to Lit Six Pages join Ta Dian be a reasonable explanation in your eyes?"

Pity God is very unfamiliar with this voice, but the eyes of Mirror God Fool God and the three Eight Pages members who have already made a decision have changed.

At this moment, even a temperament like War Seven Pages did not dare to question it again.

Several people did not expect that the crimson page, which had disappeared for a while recently, would suddenly appear at this time.

You and others are not Crimson Page's opponents. They have always been able to force people who are weaker than themselves. No one dares to force Crimson Page.

So the result is definitely not out of the question.

But sometimes not asking the result is the biggest result.

Obviously, as a member of the Eight Pages, he has no place in the tower code.

The crimson page was sitting on the eighth page of the tower code, but he obviously behaved like a superior of himself and others.

Even the four pages of Instant Destruction, who had just done things for the benefit of the old, became extremely uncomfortable at this time.

Now that he is on the side of the seven pages of war and the three pages of eternal sin, he can no longer get the benefits he wants.

Instantly extinguished the four pages and turned to the side of the crimson page again.

"Let's press this matter for the time being, this is an internal matter of our tower code."

"After helping the Free Federation solve the problem, we will solve it after we go back."

"Just in time for the crimson page, you are here. With you helping the Free Federation against the dimensional creatures in the swamp world, we can be more confident than before."

The crimson page was shrouded in the rose-red robe, and even his hands were not exposed outside the robe.

Seeing that the seven pages of war wanted to speak again, the three pages of eternal sin directly stopped the behavior of the seven pages of war.

Vigorously squeezed the palm of the seven pages of war, and winked at the seven pages of war.

Eternal Sin Three Pages would do this because Eternal Sin Three Pages discovered that at the moment when War Seven Pages was about to speak, the sins on War Seven Pages had a tendency to shift to the crimson one page in an instant.

This shows that after the seven pages of war said those words, the crimson page is likely to do something to the seven pages of war.

Even to kill seven pages of war.

If the crimson page dared to fight the seven pages of war, it means that the crimson page must also dare to do it to himself.

Therefore, the matter of breaking away from the tower code must not be done in a big way, and it must be done in private.

The seven pages of war were pinched by the three pages of eternal sin, and they almost groaned in pain.

Zhan Qipage looked at the third page of Yongsin displeased, but after seeing the serious expression of the third page of Yongsin, Zhanqipage suddenly understood the meaning of the third page of Yongsin, and broke out in a cold sweat.

Crimson Page said coldly after a long while.

"The transaction was negotiated by you and the Free Federation. You are here to help the Free Federation."

"I don't want any more accidents in Ta Dian during the recent period, you know what I mean!"

As soon as the words fell, a crimson flame ignited on the crimson robe.

The flames were like a crimson bouquet floating in the air.

It wasn't until the crimson page disappeared that the atmosphere calmed down again.

Lian Shen knew that there would be a big event on Ta Dian's side, and it was not suitable for him to inquire about the internal situation of Ta Dian for safety reasons.

Even the members of the eight pages in the pagoda have encountered such obstacles to understand the situation, UU reading www.uukanshu. com is simply not eligible to participate in its own position.

Mirror God and Fool God definitely had a lot of guesses and ideas about Ta Dian at this time.

Lian Shen had never seen the Mirror God before, and the foolish God's face was as heavy as this time.

Lian Shen was ready to set off immediately after a while, and followed Hui Yao's two Shenhuo powerhouses to Huiyao.

If you don't need to report the situation to Huiyao, the two strong men of Huiyao will communicate the situation.

Crimson One Page did not find the two Shenhuo powerhouses sent by Huiyao.

What Lian Shen didn't know was that Han Yang and Mo Yang, who were sent by Lin Yuan, were standing in the same place with icy bodies, daring not to make any movement.

I am afraid that I will be wiped out of this world in the next second.

It was not until the aura of the crimson page had disappeared for a long time that Han Yang and Mo Yang dared to take a deep breath.

Han Yang and Mo Yang dared to bet that they had never felt such a strong sense of oppression before.

It was at this moment that Han Yang and Mo Yang finally understood why this world, which seemed to be of low strength, was called the main world.

It turns out that the strong do not stand as kings, but hide in the dark!

The strong man just now didn't think about targeting the two of them, otherwise he would definitely have the ability to kill the two of them.

Originally, the people Lin Yuan planned to send to the Free Federation were not Han Yang and Mo Yang, but an opportunity that Han Yang and Mo Yang had won with great difficulty.

But at this time, Han Yang and Mo Yang were very scared.

After the two were ready to go back, they immediately informed Lin Yuan of the matter.

Neither of them thought that Lin Yuan would not know the strength of the powerhouses in the main world, but they just wanted to make Lin Yuan remember them both.

The two of them risked their lives in order to complete the mission!

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