Immortal Path to Heaven - Chapter 1216 - Meet Again

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Chapter 1216: Meet Again

Spiritual Realm, Danzhou.

The 10,000 Beasts Mountain was majestic and quite famous near Danzhou. Nonetheless, compared to the Great Wide World, it was only a small mountain.

Ou Yangming quickly flashed out of the void. He looked down and found a location. He was like a stream of light.

He quietly landed on the ground and saw the figure.

“Old Man.” A familiar voice sounded.

Old Craftsman’s body trembled. He hurriedly turned around and saw a young man with a delicate and pretty face. A look of disbelief flashed across his face.

He pinched himself and realized that he was not dreaming. Muddy tears flowed out of his eyes.

“You little br*t, you’re finally back.”

Old Craftsman quickly walked a few steps and came to Ou Yangming’s side. He looked left and right. Seeing that the young fellow was not injured here and was fine, he patted his shoulder.

“You stinky br*t, could it be that you couldn’t survive in the Great Wide World and were chased down by others?” Old Craftsman asked with a silly smile.

Ou Yangming looked at Old Craftsman. He did not know that the old man had aged without him realizing it. Many wrinkles had appeared on the old man’s head.

Old Craftsman’s spirit was much better than before because of his cultivation, but the white hair on his head could not be hidden.

“Old Man, you’re crying.” Ou Yangming felt that his nose was twitching. It was the first time he had been separated from Old Craftsman for such a long time.

During this time, Old Craftsman probably missed him a lot.

Old Craftsman stared at him. “What nonsense are you talking about? Why would I cry? It must be the wind and sand.”

“Old Man, there’s no sandstorm here.” Ou Yangming hugged Old Craftsman and said excitedly, “This time, I won’t be separated from you.”

“Good, good, good. At least you have a conscience.” Old Craftsman’s eyes were filled with satisfaction. He thought that Ou Yangming would take a long time to come back. This time, it was an unexpected surprise.

Not far away, the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One, who was about to come over, stopped in his tracks. He looked at Ou Yangming with surprise in his eyes.

The 10,000 Beasts Mountain was his territory. There were many formations outside the mountain. Even a mosquito could not enter without alerting him.

At this moment, not only did Ou Yangming enter, but he also came to the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One’s residence. The layers of defensive formations did not even stir. Just like that, the young fellow silently arrived at the core of the mountain.

‘How did the fella do it?’

Ou Yangming had broken through to a Venerable One and went to the Great Wide World, but it had been less than 2 years. To the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One, no matter how powerful the young fellow was, it was impossible for him to break through in 2 years. As long as he was still a Venerable One, it was impossible for him to come here without the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One noticing.

‘Besides, how did this fella come down? Didn’t they say that Venerable Ones have no hope of returning after going to the Great Wide World?’

There were many questions in his heart, but the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One did not speak. He stood quietly on the spot, silently looking at the grandfather and grandson duo.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One also looked around, but there was a slight disappointment in his eyes. Ou Yangming did not seem to have brought the king kong here with him.

Ou Yangming and Old Craftsman talked a lot about the Great Wide World, including the Phoenixes, the Dragons, the magical heart of origins, the Ancient Shamans, the Ancient Demons… The young fellow was like a child who had gone on a long journey, and he was reporting to his parent what he had seen and heard on the way.

Old Craftsman was amazed as he listened. He did not expect the world to be so vast. Of course, Ou Yangming did not tell the old man about the dangers he had encountered. He just kept them in his heart.

The two chatted for a while before the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One walked over.

“Senior 10,000 Beasts.” Ou Yangming cupped his hands.

He knew from Old Craftsman that the old man and the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One had become good friends, and they even lived on the 10,000 Beasts Mountain.

Ou Yangming’s strength was countless times greater than that of the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One, but he still maintained the previous term of address.

“I dare to accept this.”

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One waved his hand and said with a bitter smile, “When you left the Spiritual Realm, you were already a Venerable One, so we’re on the same level. It’s really inappropriate for you to call me senior, and I can’t see through your current strength at all…”

At this moment, Ou Yangming was like a dark pool of water, making it impossible for people to sense his depth.

After Ou Yangming bowed, he said, “Senior 10,000 Beasts, you’re Old Man’s friend, so how can you be considered as my equal? Senior, just treat me as the kid who came to the 10,000 Beasts Mountain for the first time.”

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One recalled the scene when Ou Yangming came here for the first time and sighed with emotion. At that time, the young fellow was only a little br*t who was a Spiritualist.

“How’s King Kong?”

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One was not too particular when it came to addressing Ou Yangming. He had helped Ou Yangming many times in the Spiritual Realm and was friends with Old Craftsman. Even if the young fellow had become a top-grade Venerable One, calling him a senior would not be a big deal.

Thinking of King Kong, Ou Yangming’s eyelids twitched. Despite that, he hid it well and did not let others notice the change in his expression.

“King Kong isn’t bad. It’s good to stay in the Great Wide World, but his strength isn’t enough for now, so I have no way to bring him down,” Ou Yangming responded in a deep voice.

Ou Yangming actually did not know how King Kong was at the moment. The king kong had signed a contract with him, but they were too far apart. The connection between them had long been severed.

When he went to the heart of origins, he was alone. He did not bring anyone with him because he did not know what would happen there.

In a dangerous place, Ou Yangming chose to travel alone.

At that time, when they had just gone to the Phoenixes, they were only Venerable Ones. Only Ou Yangming could slightly resist Rulers. King Kong and the others were too weak, so the young fellow left them with the Phoenixes. He felt that the Phoenixes’ headquarters was definitely the safest place.

Even Big Yellow and Lil’ Red also entered from the outside world later on.

Ou Yangming had always thought that they would be safe in the Phoenixes’ headquarters, but the closed passage made his heart shiver.

If the passage was not closed, Du Xie would not have been killed by the Nine-sworded Ruler, and the Bone Dragon would not have had to leave the temple to save him. He would not have nearly died.

The token was crushed, and Lil’ Red had burned his true spirit. Even so, the passage was not opened. Ou Yangming did not know what the Phoenixes were thinking.

If they wanted him to die in the heart of origins, King Kong and the goshawk would be in danger too.

Before coming to the Spiritual Realm, Ou Yangming planned to go to the Phoenixes, but he was not sure about their attitude. If the Phoenixes really wanted him to die, he would be walking into a trap by going there this time.

After seeing the dragon emperor’s strength and the Humans’ strength, Ou Yangming understood that the Phoenixes must have a top-notch powerhouse in the third step.

He had to have the strength to fight against a third-step powerhouse before he could return to that place. If King Kong and the goshawk were fine by then, it would be fine. If not…

‘Phoenixes, I hope you won’t disappoint me!’ Ou Yangming’s heart was cold.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One did not notice anything unusual. At Ou Yangming’s level, it was not something he could see through. It was a good thing that the young fellow had returned. The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One went out to prepare, wanting to welcome him.

Ou Yangming and Old Craftsman sat on stone chairs at the side and chatted. The old man only had the strength of an Intermediate Spiritualist. Compared to the other people in the Spiritual Realm, it was quite good but to the young fellow, it was still too low-grade.

“Old Man, do you want to become a Venerable One?” Ou Yangming asked.

Old Craftsman stared at him. “Nonsense, of course, I want to. If I become a Venerable One, won’t I be able to live for many more years… Fella, do you have a way?”

It was almost impossible for an Intermediate Spiritualist to become a Venerable One, but Old Craftsman still had a lot of trust in Ou Yangming. He was very clear about this fellow’s character. He would not say anything that he was not sure about.

“Of course. Who am I?”

Ou Yangming flipped his wrist, and a pile of golden cores immediately appeared. These were all Three Revolutions Golden Pill that he had refined when he was learning golden pills. There were many of them

The effect of a Three Revolutions Golden Pill was to allow a top-grade Spiritualist to break through to a Venerable One. Although Old Craftsman’s strength was quite different and was only an Intermediate Spiritualist, he could not resist taking drugs. The biggest advantage of this golden pill was to break through, but it could also increase one’s strength.

Ou Yangming would be watching from the side, so he did not have to worry about any accidents. Using pills to forcefully increase one’s strength might cause one’s foundation to be unstable but with Ou Yangming around, it would not be a problem.

“What are these things?”

Old Craftsman had also seen pills, but he had never seen such gorgeous golden pills. The golden pills were emitting fragrant auras, and there were 3 fine lines spiraling on each of them like horned dragons.

“Three Revolutions Golden Pills. They’re good stuff, and I refined them…” Ou Yangming said proudly.

Old Craftsman asked in surprise, “When did you learn how to refine pills?”

“Didn’t I tell you just now that I went to the Mystic Sky Sect to study for a period? This is what I learned there.” Ou Yangming had only briefly told the truth. He only obtained the Crimson Ruler’s inheritance when the Five-clawed Lizard was chasing after him in the heart of origins. In order to not make Old Craftsman worry, he left out that part on purpose.

“Not bad, not bad…” Old Craftsman was in high spirits. “As expected of my disciple.”

Ou Yangming was speechless. ‘This alchemy technique was completely self-taught, alright?’ Of course, he would not interrupt Old Craftsman’s boasting. After the old man finished, the young fellow said, “Eat one first. I can protect you here.”

Old Craftsman did not hesitate. He picked up a golden pill and stuffed it into his mouth. He trusted Ou Yangming fully.

After the spiritual pill entered his body, Old Craftsman immediately felt that his body had become a furnace.

Ou Yangming quietly released the power of the law of Yin and Yang of the second stage, carefully watching over the old man, not allowing any accidents to happen while he was cultivating.

Old Craftsman sat on the ground, and spiritual power flowed in his body. After a long time, green smoke came out of his body, and a sharp light burst out of his eyes.

“I’ve broken through!”

It took Old Craftsman less than half an hour to go from an Intermediate Spiritualist to an Advanced Spiritualist. This feeling made him feel as if he was floating on the clouds, full of satisfaction…

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