I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts - Chapter 464 - The Dragon God Palace of the Ancient Capital

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Chapter 464: The Dragon God Palace of the Ancient Capital

Following that, Andrew spoke in a cold voice to the evil cultivator who was standing in front of him.

“I advise you to put away that little algorithm of yours. I don’t have time to waste with you right now. Also, if you dare to attack again, don’t blame me. I won’t be polite to you. With the cultivation that you are exuding right now, you can’t even deal with a weak woman in front of you, and you still want to behave atrociously in my place.”

After saying this, Andrew looked at the Spirit Jade and said to it with a cold expression.

“Now that I’ve broken the seal on your cultivation, you should know what to do. Kill him and don’t look sloppy. Don’t forget what he did to you just now.”

When the Spirit Jade heard what he said, its expression instantly darkened. It immediately transferred its cultivation to the longsword in its hand.

It took a step forward and charged towards the evil cultivator. At this moment, it did not want to waste time with this evil cultivator.

In the blink of an eye, its longsword was placed on the evil cultivator’s neck.

The evil cultivator who was standing beside her did not have time to react before she saw that the long sword was already placed on her neck.

In an instant, a trace of fear flashed across her face.

However, before he could react, Ling Yu waved the long sword in her hand.

In the blink of an eye, a deep cut was made on his neck, and black blood spurted out.

The evil cultivator felt as if all the strength in his body had been drained the moment Lingyu waved the sword.

In an instant, his legs went weak and he fell to the ground. After a while, he was no longer breathing.

After dealing with the evil cultivator in front of him, the Spirit Jade only smiled faintly and put away the longsword in his hand.

After putting away his cultivation, he walked towards Andrew with a solemn expression.

The Spirit Jade spoke to Andrew in a cold voice.

“Why did you let me out when you were in danger? Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?”

After hearing this, Andrew just smiled faintly and said, “If I was afraid that you would kill me, it would be impossible for me to break the seal on your body. Do you think that you have the ability now? Also, I can tell you clearly that you belong to your main body now. The Black Shadow in the Alps has been sealed by me. Although he coexists with you, you can use all of his power now and not be restricted by him.”

After hearing Andrew’s words, the Spirit Jade’s face could not help but flash with a trace of shock.

“Thank you.”

Then, with an extremely fast speed, she turned around with a serious expression. In fact, he had already discovered it.

Just as Andrew had just unsealed his seal, he felt that the power in his body had increased by a lot.

However, he could not tell what was going on. However, since Andrew had already explained, he did not have much to ask.

Seeing his serious expression, Andrew just smiled and said, “There’s nothing to worry about. If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it long ago. I can see that although you are the clone of the Black Shadow, your nature is not bad. That’s why I spared your life. But now, I can give you an important task. That is to bring Annie back. For the time being, I can not return to the martial arts bureau, so…”

Andrew didn’t finish his sentence. Instead, he picked up Annie and slowly walked towards the Spirit Jade.

At this moment, when the Spirit Jade heard what he said, it couldn’t help but be stunned. However, very quickly, the Spirit Jade had a serious expression and nodded to him.


After finishing this task, Andrew directly released his cultivation once again.

In a short while, his figure disappeared without a trace. At this time, only Spirit Jade and Annie were left. Because Andrew had also thought of a way to wake Annie up.

After a rest, Spirit Jade slowly said to Annie who was standing beside him.

“If you are alright, the two of us should hurry back to the five paths bureau. After all, there are too many people here, and it’s not too peaceful here recently.”

After hearing what he said, Annie’s expression turned heavy as she nodded.

Before this, he had heard Andrew tell him about everything that he had just encountered.

In a short while, the two of them directly released their cultivation. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared.

On the other side, after Andrew left, he released his cultivation again.

He stared at the American continent with a solemn expression and started to size it up. At this moment, he had no idea where the fourth fragment of the Divine Dragon Cauldron was.

Just as he was sizing it up with a solemn expression, he suddenly felt that there was a place that was emitting a very strange power.

It was very similar to the power of the Divine Dragon Cauldron that he had obtained.

He immediately sped up and flew towards that place.

He was in a hurry for a moment, and his face instantly darkened because at this moment, the place that he was heading to was actually the famous Divine Dragon Hall of the ancient capital.

He had cultivated on earth for so long, so he naturally had some understanding of the Divine Dragon Hall of the ancient capital.

However, his cultivation at that time had improved rapidly, so he didn’t need to go there at all. Therefore, he didn’t know what it was like inside.

He didn’t expect that the place he had been unwilling to step into would be entered in a different form. When he stopped above the Divine Dragon Hall of the ancient capital and looked around, his face instantly darkened.

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