I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World - v2 Chapter 1115 Dragon blood boils, dragon transformation

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I'm Pretending To Be In The Fantasy World Chapter 1115 Dragon blood boils, dragon transformation

There was silence in the main hall of the Dragon Palace.

The atmosphere was quite harmonious.

In addition to Ao Zai Dao, the four great dragon emperor Dao Ancestors were also present at this time.

Even the two dragon girls, Ao Qin and Ao Mo, paid some attention to this scene.

Ao Zaidao wanted to know about Su Li's current qi and blood situation, but he did not have any background and could not detect Su Li's background.

It's even more disrespectful to probe at random.

Su Li pondered for a moment, then nodded, and said gratefully, "Huang Huang has a heart."

Ao Zaidao smiled and said, "So, I still offend Su Renhuang a little bit."

Su Li smiled relievedly, and said, "Ao Huang, please take a look."

While speaking, Su Li mobilized a part of his own blood power and circulated all over his body.

This part of the bloodline power is his own Pangu bloodline.

This time, what he was going to manifest was also the bloodline of Pangu.

He had already awakened the Pangu bloodline, and it was indeed intentional to take advantage of this opportunity to show it.

This is not only to increase the weight of himself, but also to increase the weight of the identity of the 'Lord of Heaven'.

The significance and impact of this will be far-reaching.

Su Li's Pangu bloodline has reached the level of perfection, and now it can even transform to the level of perfection.

This is a huge leap, and once it is crossed, it will definitely lead to huge turbulence and an extremely shocking vision.

Now, with the help of this opportunity, it can count birds with one stone and play an unexpected role.

After Su Li mobilized Pangu's qi and blood, layers of terrifying blood light flashed all over his body.

That kind of **** light, like the crest between the heaven and the earth in the chaos, like the sky rail that can support the heaven and the earth, is extremely shocking.

Not only that, but the implication, the aura of the Dao, and the special chaotic order contained in this **** light are particularly shocking.

Su Li's qi and blood continued to sublimate, and layers of mysterious totem visions appeared. Among them, it seemed that there was a real ancient ancestor dragon reviving.

Its powerful vitality and source of life made Ao Zaidao and the four dragon emperors shocked and shuddered.


The next moment, Su Li's breath suddenly climbed to the extreme, and many totems of the Great Desolation were directly transformed into essence.

The totem of the five-clawed golden dragon and the phantom of Pan Huang were even solidified directly.

Such a momentum, soaring into the sky, almost broke the entire hall.

The entire ancient temple was shaking, and the entire Dragon Palace felt as if a magnitude 9 earthquake had occurred.

Such a change is indeed deafening.

What's even more deafening is that Su Li's aura and qi and blood appear, as if the real prehistoric royal family has completely descended, and the entire world of war has begun at this moment.

This kind of movement, not only the Dragon Palace was shaken, but also this hell, all the practitioners were also alarmed.

They all showed a look of astonishment, and looked towards the giant totem of the emperor above the Dragon Palace, the law of heaven and earth, and the invincible giant figure of Pangu.

At that moment, all beings in heaven and earth could not help but want to kneel and worship.

After a long time, this breath calmed down.

Many practitioners want to know if this scene is presented by Su Renhuang, and if so, what terrifying level has Su Renhuang's combat power reached.

If so, is the Su Renhuang conflict with the Dragon Palace, or is it a display of strength, or is it a transformation in strength?

"I Have a Scroll of Ghosts and Gods"

No one knows, but the speculation and gossip that this incident has led to has caused a lot of uproar.

The truth is naturally in the Dragon Palace hall.

Su Li's presence of qi and blood is not the limit.

But this is part of the background he showed, and it was deliberate.

This kind of background is also completely under the control of the system, and it will not be playful.

"So bloody..."

After a long time, Aozai Dao still couldn't help sighing and sighing, and at the same time, he was a little numb with shock.

The strength of qi and blood, the terrifying depth of the dragon soul and the dragon veins, have pulled out too many levels from him.

If you really want to compare the dragon veins...

Ryugu is probably not worthy of shoes for Su Li.

The existence of the Dragon Palace actually imitates the cause and effect of the Huaxia Dragon Clan, and this is also the real background brought back from the "fake crackdown" in the ancestral land of China.

Now, even after so many years have passed, Ao Zaidao still found that his bloodline was far less condensed than Su Renhuang.

However, the good thing is that a bloodline like the Su Renhuang is the 'lord of the heavens', which is actually the foundation of the world of the heavenly laws of the Great Plane of the Tongtian Tower.

Ao Zaidao was very relieved in his heart, but also a little helpless - if such a Su Renhuang was well guarded from the beginning, then how could the world of the Heavenly Dao rule world be so unbearable and so bad as it is now?

On the contrary, it is precisely the biggest harm and the most wrong decision to keep harvesting Su Renhuang!

"Among them, it must be that those guys in the Heavenly Dao Rule World of Tongtian Pagoda have fallen into the trap of those imperial races, which has resulted in infighting."

Ozai Dao quickly took this into consideration - this judgment is precisely the most reasonable.

Because after some calculations and layout, he persecuted his own 'Lord of Heaven'. Isn't this trapped by the outside enemy?

"too strong!"

"This blood is too pure!"

"This quality is at least five levels higher than our blood and dragon veins. In front of such dragon veins, we are as humble as ants."

"If it wasn't for the old bones that hadn't been kneeling for many years, this time the old dragon couldn't bear this kind of majesty and would have to kneel. Alas."

The four dragon emperors couldn't help but speak at this time.

Or sigh, or sigh.

But the words are full of respect for the Su Renhuang, and even - respect and awe!

Seeing this scene, Su Li's mood was slightly complicated - if it was before, if he showed a little ability, he would be seized by endless means, and he would be coveted by all kinds of...

But now, one of the most precious bloodlines, the Pangu bloodline, has been absolutely valued and respected.

Not only did he not think about harvesting, but he also thought about regret, thinking that he could no longer harvest, but to support and protect it!

This is the difference between an outsider and one's own.

Before, he had been paying, even if it was the source of hope, but the result was still regarded as an 'outsider' by the Heavenly Dao rule world of the Great Plane of Tongtian Tower.

But now, he doesn't even pay anymore, instead he just thinks about all kinds of damage, because he is "one of his own", and he is protected, supported, and guarded.

Everything, in the final analysis, is still just those few words - the hearts of those who are not my race must be different!

Su Li withdrew his blood, and his mood returned to calm.

His attitude was calm and sullen, not in the slightest because of his bloodline, nor was he arrogant.

For Ozai Dao's compliment and the emotion of the four old dragon emperors, he just smiled mildly in response.

"This kind of qi and blood is far beyond imagination. In this way, as long as this qi and blood transforms once again, it can actually temporarily suppress Dao injury.

If it is combined with the yin and yang of the Dao, it can be transformed even more, and even some Dao injuries can be erased. "

Aozai Road opened his mouth and said.

Su Li said: "After all, it's still the last resort to join the Tao, and besides, it's quite unfair to the two dragon girls, Ao Qin and Ao Mo.

In fact, the reason for this marriage is not really for marriage, but some of the qualifications of these two dragon girls are indeed very suitable for the cultivation system of my prehistoric royal family. "

At this time, Su left frankly.

Ao Zaidao heard the words, his eyes lit up, and he said, "Thanks to Su Renhuang's attention, it is indeed the blessing of the two dragon girls."

Saying that, Aozaidao glanced at Ao Qin and Ao Mo.

Ao Qin and Ao Mo immediately bowed and saluted, and said softly, "Ao Qin (Ao Mo), pay tribute to Su Renhuang."

Su Li nodded and said, "Well, since Emperor Ao has promised, then from now on, you can follow me to practice."

Without hesitation, Ao Qin and Ao Mo saluted again and respectfully expressed that they will serve Renhuang Su wholeheartedly in the future.

Ao Zaidao saw that Ao Qin and Ao Mo knew each other so well, and he was quite satisfied with these two dragon girls.

As for the other two dragon girls, he couldn't say that he was disappointed - the main reason was that Su Li didn't like it, so he didn't have the qualifications to enter here, so he didn't follow up and was sent away before.

Ao Zaidao said, "Human Sovereign's bloodline is extremely strong, and he is still in a special state of perfection. It seems that he will break the Dao again and transform into a new quality.

This time, the Dragon Transformation Pond in the Dragon Palace is an extremely mysterious and powerful place of opportunity, and it contains the background of many previous 'space-time unions'.

Now, although the cause and effect of 'space-time union' has been repaired, the underlying background is still there.

If Su Renhuang doesn't dislike it, he can use these backgrounds to transform his bloodline, and then refine the dragon crystal. "

Ozai Dao mentioned a way to transform and restore Dao injury.

Su Li thought for a while, but did not immediately agree.

Ao Zaidao explained again: "Human Sovereign Su can rest assured, this Dragon Transformation Pond itself is the place of origin, and the background of it... In fact... this Human Sovereign Su still understands something.

Therefore, Su Renhuang has no worries to use it.

After all, some things are actually yours, Su Renhuang. "

When he said this, Ao Zaidao was even a little ashamed, so he used 'you' in the title he said.

After thinking about it, Su Li shook his head and refused: "This Dragon Transformation Pond uses the so-called 'real-time update' interception, right?

Since this violates the rules of Heaven, even if there are many backgrounds left, these backgrounds are actually dark and violating.

If I use it, wouldn't it be the same as those that existed before? "

Su Li also did not expect that the compensation from the Heavenly Dao Rule World of the Great Plane of Tongtian Tower would come so soon, and he also provided him with the background of 'real-time update' to make him stronger.

This is too incredible.

But this point, Su Li has actually considered this aspect, but he thought that the time axis repair has perfectly solved the real-time update, and there will be no more.

As a result, this group of existences still retains a lot of 'background'.

It's like a machine printing money like crazy.

Although the operation was interrupted, the printed ones had already piled up.

At this time, these things will go to flowers, and they will still give him Su Lihua?

Su Li really wants to spend it, but if this kind of money is spent, the identity of the Lord of Heaven will be exposed, and he will be involved even more deeply.

This is absolutely not to be spent.

Therefore, Su Liyi righteously refused.

Ao Zaidao actually wanted to say at this time - Su Renhuang, Su Renhuang, in fact, this thing is exactly yours!

Others may really be unqualified to use it and can no longer use it, but you are the Lord of Heaven. All the information that has been intercepted, the real holder and the real authority today, are all in your hands!


Ao Zaidao couldn't say such words.

The identity of Su Li, the Lord of the Heavenly Dao, must not be revealed.

Even if - this time, some existences peeped into the truth, but they will soon be repaired by Tiandao, thus forgetting this memory.

Only existences such as his Ozai Dao and the Sanqing World Lord can know these core secrets.

Ao Zaidao's face was a little splendid, but he was hesitant to say anything.

In the end, he still sighed, and even sympathized with Su Li - the good-looking Lord of Heaven, who has been pitted like this, and is still working hard for the Prehistoric Royal Family!

If he finally established the prehistoric royal family, and then restored the will and heritage of the Lord of Heaven, what would he think?

However, no matter what they think at that time, the prehistoric royal family will eventually be merged into the world of the Heavenly Dao ruled by the Great Plane of the Tongtian Tower. At that time, the world of the Heavenly Dao ruled by the Great Plane of the Tongtian Tower will be the real Eternal Kingdom, the Immortal Emperor Domain, and— - Invincible Imperial Domain.

Ao Zaidao's sigh~www.novelbuddy.com~ made Su Li a little touched.

Sure enough, this wave of reverse dips is really amazing.

This is evident from Ao Zaidao's mentality, attitude and performance.

"Huang Huang, don't worry, Su Mou has gone through all kinds of ups and downs along the way, and his bloodline has never fallen or wasted.

This time, without those sources of filth and filth—could it be impossible to transform the bloodline? "

After speaking, Su Li added: "Don't mind Emperor Ao, in fact, the source itself is not divided into good and evil, neither can it be said to be clean and pure.

But these real-time updates are intercepted and involve a lot of cause and effect. Even if it is whitewashed now, others can touch it, and the Dragon Palace can touch it, but Su really can't.

This is trampling on the blood and fate of the Chinese ancestors.

This is to be poked by the Chinese Zudi people on the crest beam! "

Su Li's tone was very firm.

And the more he is like this, the more uncomfortable Ao Zaidao feels in his heart - look, what is the persecution of his own master of heaven, and he still thinks so for the Huaxia people of the prehistoric royal family.

It is worthy of being the source of hope, worthy of being the Lord of Heaven, this pattern is really amazing.

Ao Zaidao thought about it, and couldn't help but sighed again, and then clasped his fists in a salute, saying, "Su Renhuang Gao Yi, it was Ao Mou who painted the lake."

"However, there is one more thing this time, this matter, Su Renhuang needs to decide in person."

Ao Zaidao no longer talked about the Hualong Pond, but raised another matter.

Su Li pondered for a while, and immediately thought of something, so he asked, "You are talking about the Emperor Soul Realm, right?" +Add bookmark+

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