I Create a Restricted Area In the Immortal World - Chapter 97 9 Wonderful Fruit

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Kang Qi Yan Wang couldn't figure it out anyway.

How did the other party know his identity as a Remnant?

Does he have a traitor?

This is unlikely.

Those who know his details are also the people who came with him from the Remnant Realm.

If he was exposed, these people would not be able to survive, and it is logically impossible to betray him.

"His Royal Highness Seven Hades, please go back. What you and I are going to do is actually not much different. Since we can't help each other, it's better to take a step back."

Zhou Ming smiled lightly: "I won't disclose your secrets, so don't disturb me, how about each of you?"

Kang Qi Yan Wang narrowed his eyes and pondered in his heart.

He really can't help the other party, especially the black substance on the other party's body, which he absolutely does not want to be contaminated with.


He has a question.

Why is there no problem with this person, which even the Immortal Emperor of the Remnant Realm is afraid of?

In addition, how did the other party know his identity?

"Who the **** are you?"

Kang Qi Yan Wang asked again.

Zhou Ming did not answer.

He has already said what he wants to say, it depends on how the Kang Qi Yan Wang chooses.

Kang Qi Yan Wang saw that the other party did not answer.

He frowned slightly.

But in the end.

He still turned and left.

situation here.

He was going to send it back to Remnant Realm and ask someone to ask Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm.

Maybe Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm can guess what the situation is with this person.


Before Kang Qi Yan Wang left, he slammed and killed the four bodyguards in the car with one palm.

Because these four bodyguards also heard Zhou Ming's words just now, and heard the three words 'Remnant World'.

And although these four bodyguards are considered his cronies and are absolutely loyal, they are not absolutely loyal people who came with him from the Remnant Realm.

In order to prevent these four people from revealing the secrets of the 'Remnant People'.

He also killed the four without hesitation.

As for Ling He, who drove him, he belonged to his absolute cronies.


Outside the Underworld Changsheng Mountain.

Kang Qi Yan Wang's car slowly came out.

When the people outside saw this, they couldn't help but look at the Seven Kings of Hell.

Kang Qi Yan Wang came out smoothly, it should have solved the secret point.


In front of them, the long-lived mountain private spot still exists, and it has not disappeared at all.

There are still a steady stream of dead souls entering it from all directions.


They also found that the four bodyguards in the car of the Seven Hades were missing.

for such a situation.

They have all kinds of guesses, but they can't say for sure.

Not too dare to ask.

"go back!"

Kang Qi Yan Wang's face was a little gloomy, and he didn't mention the situation of Changsheng Mountain's private spot at all.

This made everyone even more suspicious.

What's happening here?

Could it be that even the Seven Hades can't solve this huge private spot?

Just let it exist?

If even the Seven Hells can't solve it.

Doesn't it mean that this huge private spot has the power to compete with the Seven Hades?

Everyone is basically guessing like this at this time.


If this huge private spot has the power to compete with the Seven Hades.

Then the people inside can completely seize the authority of the King of Hell, so why set up a private place here?

They couldn't figure it out at all.


Only the Seven Hells knew what was going on inside.

But if the Seven Hell Kings didn't say it, they didn't dare to ask.

In the same way, they are even more afraid to enter this private spot to investigate.


that's all.

Kang Qi Yan Wang led people to the Changsheng Mountain in the Underworld with great momentum.

But in the end, after losing four bodyguards, he returned to the Hall of Kings of Hell peacefully.


Kang Qi Yan Wang kept his mouth shut about the secret spot of Changsheng Mountain, and only a few cronies knew the truth.

The other Seventh Domain people have absolutely no idea what the Kang Qi Hell King did after he entered the secret spot of Changsheng Mountain.

They can only make wild guesses.

But no matter how to guess.

This long-lived mountain private spot still exists.

Kang Qi Yan Wang seems to have no way to eliminate this private spot, and can only let it exist.

This also made everyone in the seventh domain feel more apprehensive about this private spot.

After Feixunfu Jun received the news, he was also shocked.

Shock followed by silence.

After the silence, I was a little fortunate.

If he doesn't disobey, he will go to exterminate this secret spot in Changsheng Mountain.


If the seven kings of the Kang Dynasty have nothing to do with this private place, he naturally can't do anything about it.


In the Underworld Changsheng Mountain.

Zhou Ming was slightly satisfied when he saw the points that had skyrocketed further.

Although he let go of the Seven Kings of Hell.

But it didn't affect him much.

Perhaps if he could kill the Seven Kings of Hell, the increase in points would be even more exaggerated.

But Kang Qi Yan Wang couldn't do anything about his private spot, which also shocked the people of the Pluto, and the increase in points would not be much less.

Not to mention.

He really couldn't do anything about the Seven Kings of Hell.

Unless the seven kings of the Kang Dynasty fought with him to the death, he was finally consumed by his black matter.

But obviously, Kang Qi Yan Wang couldn't be so stupid.

The two of them didn't have a deep hatred either, and the King of the Seven Kings of the Kang Dynasty couldn't fight him to the death.

Zhou Ming at this time.

The black substance on his body has not dissipated.

But it is gradually being integrated into his body.

He initially mastered the way of the gods and could slowly refine this black substance.


After all, this black matter is a very high level of energy.

Just like the chemical energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy and so on in his previous life.

If you can't control this energy, you can only be destroyed by this energy.


Zhou Ming initially mastered the way of the gods, which was the key to using black matter.


When Zhou Ming retreated and refined black matter.

Kang Qi Yan Wang has sent the information back to the remnant world.

And got a reply from Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm.

This kind of thing is not a trivial matter, and it will naturally be reported to Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm.

The original words passed by Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm were: "There is only one kind of person who can not be affected by pollutants. It seems that the situation in the Daomen Underworld is worse than I imagined. You don't have to provoke that person and continue to complete your task. That's it."

"There is only one kind of person who is not affected by pollutants?"

Kang Qi Yan Wang pondered slightly, wondering in his heart, "What kind of person is he?"

He was a little curious.

But if Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm didn't know what to say, he was not easy to ask.

Maybe it involves something deeper, even Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm is reluctant to say more.

Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm made him not need to provoke this person.

But even if Immortal Emperor Remnant Realm didn't say it, he actually didn't want to provoke that person.

Not to mention why that person knew his identity secret.

He absolutely does not want to be contaminated with the black substance alone.


at the same time.

No. 1 Changsheng Mountain also had an accident.

Saint Nanqing, a powerhouse of the Seventh Heavenly Realm, came from the Ligong Holy Land in the Central Heavenly Domain.

His time has come, and he will not live for a few more years.


Of course he wouldn't just sit there and wait to die.

Nobody wants to die.

Now that the deadline has come, he has to make a last-ditch effort.

If he wins the fight, he can live longer.

If you lose the fight, you will only die a few years earlier.

The world of immortals is very large, and there are many places where treasures exist.

There are many places where there are treasures that can prolong life.

But in the end.

The sage of Nanqing still chose Changsheng Mountain in the Eastern Region.

Many cultivators have already succeeded in prolonging their lives in Changsheng Mountain in the Eastern Region.

It is the place with the most life-extending treasures in the past hundred years.

Although it is basically the most dangerous place among the places where life-extending treasures exist.


It's a last-ditch effort anyway.

Naturally, you have the greatest chance to fight.

The arrival of the Nanqing sage at Changsheng Mountain in the Eastern Region also caused a small sensation.

After all, when a saint travels, it will inevitably attract a lot of attention.

But when everyone knew the purpose of the saint of Nanqing, they were not very optimistic.

Eastern Region Changsheng Mountain.

Most people know that the more powerful a person is, the easier it is to die after entering.

This is based on the rules summed up by many survivors of Changsheng Mountain.


No one thought of it.

At last!

The sage of Nanqing came out of Changsheng Mountain alive!

Although he was covered in blood, he was bruised all over.


He is not dead!

And there's some amazing news!

"There are nine wonderful fairy trees in Changsheng Mountain, and they have already produced fairy fruits!"

Although the sage of Nanqing did not get the life-extending treasure.

However, he saw the Jiu Miao Immortal Tree in the spirit beast area.

He has a lot of knowledge and has read the records of the Nine Miao Immortal Tree in ancient books, so he recognized the Nine Miao Immortal Tree.

In fact, even if you don't recognize it, an immortal tree is extraordinary. Just by looking at it, you know that it is a treasure of immortality that can help people become immortals.

"What? There are nine wonderful fairy trees in Changsheng Mountain in the Eastern Region? Is it true or false?"

After the news came out, it immediately caused a sensation in the Xiu Xian world.

"It is said that the immortal fruit of the Jiu Miao Immortal Tree can directly become immortal after eating it."

"This kind of fairy tree only exists in the records of ancient books. Is there still such a fairy tree in the current world of immortal cultivation?"

While everyone was shocked, they didn't particularly believe it.

Many monks now know it.

Their immortal cultivation world is in the era of no immortals, and any treasures at the level of immortality basically no longer exist.

Unless the world of immortality can enter the age of immortality, it may be possible for the treasures of immortality that have been silent in various places in the world of immortality to gradually recover.

But in the current world of immortality, there is obviously no soil that can breed the treasures of immortality.


As one of the three major restricted areas of life in the Immortal Cultivation World, the Eastern Region Changsheng Mountain would not be too unexpected for such a fairy tree to exist.

Just when everyone was suspicious.

The sage of Nanqing has produced an ironclad proof, which is enough to prove to the world that there is the existence of the Nine Wonderful Immortal Tree in Changsheng Mountain in the Eastern Region.

"There is a white unicorn guarding the Nine Miao Immortal Tree, but it seems that there is something wrong with the white unicorn, and they didn't shoot me."

Saint Nanqing said, "After I saw the Nine Miao Immortal Tree, I approached slowly. I was about to pick the immortal fruit. Finally, the white unicorn woke up and attacked me."

"I have a treasure to protect my life, so I can escape. Although I didn't pick a fairy fruit, I picked a fairy tree leaf."

The sage of Nanqing showed a green leaf to the world.

This leaf is only half the size of a palm, and its shape looks ordinary, but it exudes an extremely rich immortal atmosphere, and there are layers of hazy immortal halo.

Many saints and even great powers came to watch this immortal leaf.

It even attracted the wind without trace!

In today's Immortal Cultivation World, the existence of Feng Wuhen is not a secret, at least most of the top figures know Feng Wuhen, the Feng Ancestor.

"Meet the ancestors!"

"Meet the ancestors!"

"Meet the ancestors!"

away from Bow Holy Land.

The sage of Nanqing is here to show the immortal leaves to the world.

When they suddenly saw Feng Wuhen coming, they also hurriedly saluted respectfully.

Many of them have already accepted Feng Wuhen's guidance in cultivation, and they have all made great progress.

Although Feng Zu is no longer in the realm of immortals, he is still strong enough to make them look up.

Of course, it is definitely not as strong as the Master of Kendo.

However, none of them would mention the master of swordsmanship in front of Fengzu, otherwise it would be to expose Fengzu's scars.

"Can you show me the fairy leaves?"

Feng Wuhen came here and said directly.

He was also very surprised when he heard the news of Jiu Miao Immortal Tree.

But he didn't quite believe it either.

However, if such immortal trees really appear, maybe he still has a chance to recover to the peak.

"Feng Zu, please see!"

The sage of Nanqing offered that green leaf with a rich fairy tale in both hands.

Feng Wuhen took Xian Ye in his hand, and his eyes slowly lit up.

In fact, he had already confirmed that the fairy leaf was real just by looking at it.

It is indeed the leaves of the Nine Wonders Immortal Tree.

"It's true, it is indeed the Nine Wonderful Immortal Tree!"

Feng Wuhen sighed in a deep voice.

The existence of the Nine Miao Immortal Tree was confirmed.

He felt new hope at this time, eager to get the Nine Wonderful Immortal Tree.

If he can get the Nine Wonders Immortal Fruit, then he will not only be able to survive until the cycle of luck, but also have a good chance of returning to the peak.

Saint Nanqing and others heard Feng Zu's words.

There is no doubt.

Get Feng Zu's confirmation.

Then the news that Jiu Miao Immortal Tree exists in Changsheng Mountain in the Eastern Region is enough to be confirmed.


Northern Territory.

Zhenxian Temple.

In that dark empty space.

Feng Wuhen came here again, and he informed Qi Zu about the Jiu Miao Immortal Tree~www.novelbuddy.com~ Jiu Miao Immortal Tree? "

Qi Zu's calm voice seemed to come out with a bit of surprise.

"A long, long time ago, the Nine Miao Immortal Tree really existed in this Immortal Cultivation World."

"Even in the age of no immortals, these immortal trees cannot grow. But immortal trees will not die, they will just be silent. As long as immortals return, immortal trees will recover somewhere."

"It can revive the Nine Miao Immortal Tree, I'm afraid that place is not ordinary!"

Qi Zu said lightly.

Feng Wuhen replied: "There is Changsheng Mountain in the Eastern Region, and now it is the third largest restricted area of ​​life outside the Sea of ​​Divine Tribulation and the Pure Land. We are very clear about the roots of the Sea of ​​God and the Pure Land, but the situation of this Changsheng Mountain is very strange. , which makes it a little confusing.”

"There are indeed some extraordinary treasures there, but there is also a great danger there, and there are powerful people who have entered and died in it."

"That's why, in today's environment, giants don't dare to venture in casually. If they fall because of this, it will be a great loss to the world of immortals."

When Qi Zu heard the words, he probably guessed what Feng Wuhen meant.

"You want to go in?" Zizou asked.

Feng Wuhen nodded slightly and said, "I want to get the Nine Miao Immortal Fruit, Qi Zu, you should know very well what a Immortal Fruit means to me under the current circumstances."

"When do you go in, I can borrow Qi Tiantu from you."

Qi Zu said calmly.

He didn't stop Feng Wuhen.

For the sake of Jiu Miao Immortal Fruit, you can indeed take a risk.

As for Qi Tian Tu.

It was damaged a little by the Lord of Kendo last time, but now it has returned to Qi Zu and is slowly being repaired.

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