I Can View Character Attributes - Chapter 433 Victor's work

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"Xia Xu! It's Xia Xu who's back!"

"Wow, tall and handsome, and the boss of the group, really tall, rich and handsome!"

"Suck, with this figure, I bet there is absolutely all tendons under the clothes!"

"It feels much higher than before. The mechanic himself also accepted the [Heavenly Soldiers] project?"

The Venom supercar reopened in front of the gate of the National University of Science and Technology, and immediately attracted the attention of countless people. The entire gate of the school seemed to be caught in a short pause.

Because of the wolf giant incident, this car can be said to be Xia Xu's iconic car, and Xia Xu is definitely the most famous man of the past two months, so it is not surprising that everyone is watching.

Smiling and nodding politely at those students who greeted boldly, the car slowly drove into the campus.

"Hey, the laboratory building is so lively today?"

Passing by the laboratory building of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Xia Xu hadn't planned to stay there, but saw that the downstairs was crowded with people, including many familiar faces.

Some of these people are teachers and students of the School of Mechanical Engineering. Although Xia Xu has basically been absent from class this semester, he can still recognize many of them with his strong memory.

In addition, there are some students who should be from other departments, and there are many media reporters in the front of the crowd, and most of them are foreign media.

"Brother, what's going on inside? It's so lively."

Xia Xu drove the car to the corner, stuck his head out of the car window, and asked a student who had crowded to the edge of the landscape flower bed.

"This is you... the mechanic!!"

The man turned his head subconsciously, and when he saw Xia Xu's appearance, his voice suddenly rose three degrees, which even attracted the attention of the crowd in a small area.

"It's me, but let's forget about this nickname. You can call me classmate, or junior senior."

Xia Xu smiled, and then continued to ask: "What's going on inside? Are there any activities at school today?"

"It's not an event, it's an interview."

Hearing Xia Xu's question, the man finally suppressed his excitement as if he had just met a star, and explained: "I heard that the research team of your department has developed a very cutting-edge robot, so many foreign media caught the wind and chased it. Come for an interview."

"Foreign media?"

Xia Xu was taken aback.

This is the National University of Science and Technology of Shanghai. Although theoretically the National University of Science and Technology of each country is considered as a whole, it is impossible to completely eliminate the division of regions. In essence, it is still a cooperation model for each country.

In the National University of Science and Technology of Shanghai, if there is any media to come to interview, the first ones should be the domestic media.

However, when he got out of the car and took a look at the center of the crowd with his height of 1.9 meters, all Xia Xu's doubts were immediately dispelled.

Because he is very familiar with the research team interviewed, and to be precise, he is very familiar with their team leader.

Victor Spot.

That makes perfect sense.

Behind Victor Spot stood the Spot Group, and he often represented more than himself. If he had any results, he would naturally contact the Spot Group first.

As for these foreign media, maybe the Spot Group invited them here.

In the past two months, various technology companies have shown their talents across the sea. As a giant spanning electronic components, vehicles, military weapons and other fields, Spot Group is naturally unwilling to lag behind.

However, the Spot Group does seem to belong to that kind of "safe" consortium. There are a lot of advanced technologies released in recent days, but they are all components with better performance, or aircraft, tanks, thermal weapons, etc. that are favored by national defense. 'regular' items.

These technologies are actually very high-end, basically the world's top level, and many of them are even exclusive patents, and their market and practicality cannot be denied.

However, in terms of gimmicks that attract people's attention, it is obviously not as good as sci-fi concepts such as robots, exoskeleton armor, and biological transformation.

In fact, those who can make big news these days are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the old giants like Spot Industries are more conventional.

After all, they already have a stable business and basic market, and further development is to continue to cultivate in their own fields. There is no need to engage in any gimmicks and gambling, and the countless interests involved do not allow them to do so.

To honestly build better fighters and more powerful missiles, and the Ministry of National Defense will purchase them as soon as the data is listed. Isn’t it better to invest countless times in building exoskeleton armor and go to great lengths to open up the market?

This kind of consideration was naturally normal in the past, but when this group of demons danced wildly, it seemed a bit mediocre, which inevitably caused a lot of damage to the reputation of these groups.

At this time, the Spot Group, which is used to being the big brother, naturally has to find a way to remedy it, and now the new robot developed by Victor Spot is a good opportunity to remedy it.

"Boss, you are finally back!"

"Brother Xu, that guy Victor is really screwed up."

"Maybe it's bragging?"

Zhang Meng, Lu Dong, and Cao Yuan squeezed out from the center of the crowd probably because they heard the voice of the respondent exclaiming the mechanic just now, and then pulled Xia Xu to squeeze in again.

"Isn't it just a robot, so exaggerated?"

Xia Xu was somewhat helplessly pulled in by Zhang Meng.

At this time, his current card was also reflected, and the people around him showed curiosity when they saw that it was him, but they also consciously stepped out of the way.

"Yo, isn't this our mechanic?"

In the center of the crowd, Victor Spotter was facing the camera proudly, but he had obviously noticed Xia Xu, and immediately stopped talking when he saw him squeeze into the front of the crowd, and raised his eyebrows to say hello.

"Thank you, I don't have the habit of someone in the second grade, please address me normally."

Xia Xu smiled.

As soon as the two met, it was full of gunpowder.

After all, he is an old enemy, and Victor, who has always been smooth sailing, has suffered several defeats in Xia Xu's hands because of talent poaching and investing in research teams.

Especially in the last wolf giant incident, it can be said that the face was completely lost, so naturally they would want to get back on the stage and fight for a sigh of relief.

"Then should I be called Boss Ni Xia?"

Victor raised his eyebrows again: "I heard that Boss Xia is very grand, how do you say that? Oh~www.novelbuddy.com~ The dragon never sees the end, the first semester is only five months in total Classes were absent for four months.

How do you say, it's rare to see someone today, why don't you come up and comment? "

Although he didn't smile, the look of complacency and eagerness to show off was all written on his face.

It's like a child's toy was compared to the past by his peers, and he went home crying and begging his parents to buy a better one, and then he couldn't wait to run back to show off to his peers.

"Okay, since you asked, I'll take a look at it."

Xia Xu wouldn't be so childish, but he was still very interested in the new things Victor created.

After all, this is a double-five-star wall in mechanical engineering and physics, and after the last wolf giant incident, he must have been holding his breath. It is not surprising that he has come up with some black technology now.

(end of this chapter)

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