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Chapter 433 Self Transformation

"Boss, this is today's injection dose."

"In addition, there are these that need to be taken orally..."

"Here's your nutrition chart for this week..."

Star sea creatures, after two months.

Two months of ups and downs, special departments and agencies from various countries stepped up to the stage one after another, many technology companies competed for glory, and the world was in a prosperous scene.

And Xia Xu also worked as a cow in Xinghai Venture Capital for half a month and finally escaped from the cage. Unfortunately, he did not escape from the sea of ​​suffering, because he suffered even more in Xinghai Creatures in the next one and a half months.

On the one hand, Yang Xiaoshuang officially came to Xinghai Biology to join the job, and successfully took over the K protein research project from Gu Haiming.

It's just that Yang Xiaoshuang herself is not a K protein carrier, so it is not so convenient to study.

The others have their own jobs, so Xia Xu, an idler, can only be played as a cameo by Latino again.

As for the second aspect, after the completion of the [Tianbing] project, his own transformation and strengthening will naturally be put on the agenda.

The reconstruction of the second heart and epiphysis had already been completed before restarting. The third stage of bone strengthening and the fifth stage of mechanical spinal implantation were also well resolved. In the past half month, Cui Xinghua had already completed the operation simultaneously.

It's just that the transformation of the giant glands in the fourth stage is a bit troublesome.

Xia Xu didn't want his body to become too huge. It would be fine if it was Hong Yan's form that could be switched freely, but he really didn't want to become like this with a constant giant figure.

It's just that this is equivalent to abandoning the core technology of the Tianbing Project, which is second only to the second heart.

The giant gland has greatly improved body size, muscle strength, and hormone levels, especially when it complements the strengthening effect of the second heart, the improvement is very large.

Therefore, in the end Xia Xu chose a relatively compromise method.

The principle of giant glands is mainly to secrete and regulate various hormones in the body, so in theory, artificial and reasonable hormone injections can also achieve similar effects, and stopping the injections later can control the body shape within a certain range.

It's just that the giant's glands can self-regulate according to the physical condition, but if manual injection is used instead, it must be manually calculated and monitored in real time.

Hormone injections are not a joke. As for bodily functions, the whole body can be activated, and a slight mistake may lead to disaster. Not only during the injection period, but many hormones cannot be stopped at will even once the injection starts.

Therefore, this requires a top professional team to be on call at all times.

It is naturally impossible for ordinary people to do this, but Xia Xu himself is the big boss of Xinghai Biology, so it is no problem for people to organize such a nursing team.

It was just this process that was a bit painful, not to mention being pierced 10 or 20 times a day, accompanied by a lot of oral medications and dietary nutrition control.

Different from the simple restart of the epiphysis, the hormone regulation of the giant gland can make the body enter a state of ultra-high-speed development. Although it is not as obvious as that of the lycanthropy, the daily changes are also visible to the naked eye.

But what this brings is naturally a huge demand for nutritional intake. There are a lot of calcium, iron and vitamin medicines. The diet is also strict. There is no choice in the dishes.

But the results of all this suffering are also very gratifying.

At this moment, his figure is not as exaggerated as the giant experimental body, but his height is still 1.9 meters.

The body muscles have also been greatly developed, but it is not the kind of inverted triangle trained in the gym, but an extremely well-proportioned and tall and strong figure.

Although the muscles are bulging, but with the height of 1.9 meters, it will not look awkward at all, it will only make people feel tall and masculine.

Especially after putting on a suit, the half-covered and half-displayed thug appearance in a suit is simply a model of a masculine man who can ignore his appearance and let anyone see his eyes shine.

It's not an exaggeration to say that men are envious and eager, and women are salivating. You must know that Sister Le Yao came here two days ago and she was so greedy.

In addition to the appearance and image, there are also attributes.

[Name]: Xia Xu

【Life level】: 2

[Fate Potential]: [Supporting role: "Hunter"]

[Talent Potential]: Fighting (1 star)

[Special]: Attribute check (unable to rate); Super Brain Medicine-SB-13 Controlled Release Type (1 star); [Heavenly Soldiers] Project (3 stars).

After so long of training and numerous transformations, at this moment his life level has reached the second level, completely standing on the same level as Uncle Luo and A Tuo.

This is a qualitative leap for him, and it is also a testimony to his own path. With his own efforts, wealth, talents, and technology, even without any extraordinary talent, he can still catch up with those plot protagonists who are cheating the day after tomorrow.

In addition, the [Heavenly Soldier] project itself is also very gratifying. The property panel has an exceptionally high evaluation of the [Heavenly Soldier] project, reaching a full three-star.

You must know that even a wolf giant is only a special entry with two stars.

So far, Xia Xu has seen three-star transformation technology, except for the [Heavenly Soldiers] project, only the [Controllable Giant Transformation] possessed by the giant protagonist Hong Yan.

However, the [Tianbing] project can be evaluated as Samsung, which is probably largely based on the second heart.

Focus on the entry for a moment to see a more detailed introduction to the Tianbing Project.

[[Heavenly Soldiers] Project (3 stars): The human body transformation project created by Xinghai Group, currently has transformation projects:

1. Second Heart (2 stars)

2. Epiphysis restart (1 star)

3. Bone strengthening (1 star)

4. Giant gland - manual injection plan (1 star)

5. Mechanical spine (2 stars)]

Epiphyseal Restart and Bone Strengthening are only rated as one star by the attribute panel.

The giant gland itself should be a two-star modification technology, but because he only used artificial injections that imitated it, the rating was reduced to one star.

The effect of the mechanical spine is very powerful, but it is more inclined to exert rather than strengthen. It depends on the basic quality of the creature itself. Independently, these technologies are not too powerful.

It is the second heart that really makes these technologies qualitatively change. To be precise, it is K protein. The second heart is just an application medium. It is the effect of K protein that promotes the self-strengthening of the body that makes the Tianbing Project reach three stars.

This is also the reason why Xia Xu dared to announce the [Heavenly Soldiers] project openly.

The Andra Group has also mastered technologies such as human behavior algorithms and giant glands, but without the second heart technology and the mystery of the K protein, they will never be able to reproduce the [Heavenly Soldiers] project.

"The group has basically stabilized, and the body transformation has almost come to an end. It's time to return to the magic capital..."

As soon as the school started, he took two consecutive two-month long vacations~www.novelbuddy.com~Xia Xu was the only student, and he finally considered going back to school today after his health basically stabilized.

In terms of studies, he doesn't have to worry about not being able to keep up. With the existence of super brain medicine, he has already finished all the courses by himself.

The main reason is that I haven't seen Xiao Baihua for two months, and he is a little strange to miss.

And Sister Le Yao has been running towards Xinghai creatures for some reason recently, and he is a little worried that he will be addicted to Hesi and can't control himself if he stays any longer.

Well, this is definitely not a problem of his self-control ability, the main reason is that he takes in a lot of hormones and high-energy nutrition every day.

And Sister Le Yao's naturally charming appearance, if it weren't for the little white flower as a vaccination, ordinary people would really be unable to bear it.

emmm, three or four hundred sheets only listed one attribute, it shouldn't be too much.

Well, I know it's a bit watery, it's really Kavin who can't move, and it does need a little bit of excess to explain the plot development.

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