How Come These Monsters Have Health Bars - Chapter 601 Magic skills, you really can't practice blindly

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Latest website: Finding a reliable deputy sect master for Chentangguan is not because Li Jing foresaw something, but because he had an idea long ago.

The person in the game can only be said to be the factor that prompted him to make arrangements for this matter in advance.

The fairyland is the game.

It is still the handwriting of the top three worlds.

Although we still don't know the true significance of the overall situation, if we enter the game, it will definitely have something to do with the upper three realms.

not sure.

This is an opportunity for people in the fairyland to go to the upper three realms.

But it's just like what Li Jing and Li Lingyin said.

If possible, he doesn't want to leave Xianyu.

But I'm afraid that when the time comes, I will have to.

Having met with Li Lingyin and others, Li Jing called Long Xu, Zhong Jian, and the old man who picked up the stars who were the "inner security" and "watchman" in the entertainment city respectively, and each gave a branch of heaven and earth .

All three are flattered to get such a top-notch item that can help open up an independent world.

Especially Shadow Demon Zhongjian.

He followed Li Jing because he was forced to do nothing.

at the earliest.

He is even ready to be squeezed as much as possible.

I don't want Li Jing to restrain him in the slightest after bringing him back.

As long as he doesn't hurt anyone, anything is fine.

During this period of time, he and Long Xu were eating and drinking in Cangming Entertainment City together, very chic.

I don’t think that’s enough, but there is such a top-level fetish as an “employee benefit”.


Could it be Chinese New Year?

To know.

Such things as heaven and earth branches can't be taken out even by a great emperor.

Even if they can get it out, it's impossible for them to say it to a lowly shadow demon who can be used at will.


You said that Zhong Jian is a shadow demon at the level of a thirteenth realm venerable?

The Venerable under the Emperor's hand is not worth a few dollars...

If you are at the emperor level, it would be easier to say.

But what do people who have become emperors want such things as heaven and earth branches?

Put that aside.

Li Jing found Zhong Jian and the other three, not just to give "employee benefits".

Strictly speaking, these three people can also be regarded as the elders of Chentangguan. It is not an option to let the three of them do nothing in Cangming Entertainment City all day long.

Today's Cangming Entertainment City does not need "internal security" at all.

Don't talk about other things.

Now more than half of the city guards in Fengyang County are guarding the entertainment city 24 hours a day.

Cangming Entertainment City has brought so much to Fengyang County, and the treatment that should be given must be in place.

City Lord Feng Xie is not a fool.

It is a long way from Chentangguan to Fengyang Junshan.

The entertainment city's business is so good and its reputation has already been established, Li Jing can move out anytime he wants.

If it's not good to wait for him, one day people really move the entertainment city away, and he won't know where to go even if he cries.

As for the caretaker.

This was not needed from the start.

In view of the corresponding situation, Li Jing gave the three of them three different tasks.

Shadow Demon Zhongjian.

The task Li Jing gave him can be said to be the simplest but also the most difficult.

He has to do it.

It is to go back to Chentang to close the dead pass.

Whenever you use the branches of heaven and earth to open up an independent world, you can come out at any time.

When he achieves the late stage of the Venerable, he will be the elder Chen Tangguan.

If one day he proclaims himself emperor.

He is a Dharma protector at the same level as Shi Zixuan.

You can enjoy all the resources of Chentangguan without doing anything.

This is Li Jing's promise to him and also his request.

Then Long Xu.

He has never done anything serious since his resurrection, Li Jing's hope is to let him be like Sikong Lu, to be widely accepted

In vain to rebuild Qingyuan fairy palace.

Regarding this matter, Long Xu, who was no different from a salted fish all day long, became serious.

He is the only Qingyuan disciple who survived. if it is possible.

He naturally wanted to rebuild the portal and regain the glory of Qingyuan Immortal Palace in the past.

But there is a problem that has to be solved.

He is not the peak of the latter like Sikong Lu, but a human being who has only reached the eleventh level of cultivation with the help of the godhead.

Eleven realms.

This cultivation base is placed in the fairyland, whether it is high or low.

Just like this, it is a little more difficult to recruit disciples.

To this.

Li Jing's suggestion to him was to accept foreign disciples in the name of Chen Tangguan.

But it only accepts children who have not entered the practice and were born in the fairyland, starting from scratch.

Compared with the long-standing inheritance of Star God Temple, Qingyuan Immortal Palace is actually not bad.

However, due to the complete destruction of the former sect, the suspension period of Qingyuan Immortal Palace was really too long.

The Qingyuan magic method is very powerful, not less powerful than the various secret methods of the Star God Temple.

Even if the two are located at different levels.

The strength of the Qingyuan magic method can be seen by Yan Tong who has comprehended it through chance.

But only this wonderful method of inheritance can be obtained, and it is a bit difficult to seriously attract some people who have already entered the practice and have a certain level of cultivation to reform.

In the name of Chentangguan, some people may be attracted.

But at that time, I'm afraid they won't have much real investment in the Qingyuan magic method, they are purely rushing to Chentangguan, which is rising rapidly and is about to make a big move.

This seems to be putting the cart before the horse.

Starting from the cultivation of children, these Qingyuan disciples will have a stronger sense of belonging in the future.

Regarding Li Jing's suggestion, Long Xu readily accepted it after careful consideration.

How long has passed since Qingyuan Immortal Palace was destroyed, even he himself is not quite sure.

Even today, he can't have too much extravagant hope.

The incense continues and the inheritance continues.

This is enough.

As for the old man who picked up the stars.

Li Jing gave him the simplest task.

Seriously, he took on the responsibility of guiding the immortal officials himself, staying at Chentang Pass, and always paying attention to whether anyone ascended from the Blue Star Ascension Platform.


During this period, Li Jing also hoped that he would try his best to raise his cultivation level, which was only in the eleventh realm.

No matter how bad it is, this person is also a veteran of Chen Tangguan.

This cultivation base is definitely not enough.

For the demands of Li Jing, the head of the sect, Zhai Xingzi, an old salty fish, can be regarded as responsive.

In essence, he was not so decadent in the past.

The key is that because Blue Star has not had an Ascendant for thousands of years, he has become a idle job in receiving fairy words, and he can't even spend a few high-grade fairy crystals for anything he wants.

Practice together.

Wealthy couple law and land, which one is indispensable.

And he had none. You can't blame him for not being motivated enough, can you?

Coming from Chentangguan, and meeting with Tong Rou and others from the entertainment city to make arrangements by the way, it took Li Jing a lot of time.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the next morning.

Not staying in Cangming Entertainment City, Li Jing chose to return to Haoran City in Central China by virtue of the rules of space.

Various arrangements have been made.

What can be done specifically? He believes that the relevant personnel in Chentangguan, including Tong Rou, have the ability to take care of their own affairs.

Do good things and do good things.

If not done well.

That's fine.

That is, there may not be a place for her or him in Chentangguan in the future.

Li Jing's decision-making has been like this since the establishment of Chentangguan.

Chen Tangguan does not support useless people.

It's a coincidence.

Li Jing has just returned to Haoran City, and plans to find a teahouse to sit for a while and enjoy the tea after the day passes.

What topics will there be in the museum? In the world of Xiaoqiankun, Xiangyunxian, who has received the record of praying to the sky and refining the gods, similarly inherits and changes his inner world, wakes up leisurely.

Without thinking too much, Li Jing entered the world of Small Universe with a thought.

At this time, Xiang Yunxian was standing on the island in the center of the lake with beautiful mountains and rivers, looking down at the surface of Lingquan Lake, wondering what he was thinking.

Sensing Li Jing's arrival, she turned her head slowly.

See you again in a day, Xiang Yunxian has changed a lot.

The innocence that was visible to the naked eye from top to bottom can no longer be seen on her body.

After all, the record of praying to the heavens and refining the gods is not only tailor-made for the body of the nine yin, but also the top magic skill of the upper three realms.

Xiang Yunxian at this time.

The black eyebrows, pink lips and even the fair and fragrant cheeks carry a hint of inexplicable meaning, and if you insist on describing it, it is demon and charming.

have to say.

The record of praying to the sky and refining the gods fits so well with the body of the nine yins.

While fundamentally changing Xiang Yunxian's overall temperament, it also seems to have excavated some hidden characteristics of the Nine Yin Body.

Look at Xiang Yunxian's cultivation base again.

The late peak of the thirteenth realm venerable.

Sensually so.

But Li Jing had a feeling.

She has already taken the step into Guiyuan just like herself.

Only because of the lack of rules, it was restricted to the late peak of the Venerable.

Praying to the heavens and refining the gods' records is really not as simple as having something.

In addition, Li Jing can clearly grasp the connection between himself and the world of Xiaoqiankun, and the second origin in Xiang Yunxian's body has begun to take shape.

The obvious fact is as Ximenhong said.

The magic contract imprinted in the blood of the Yun family's children has brought her great benefits because Xiang Yunxian is herself a member of the Yun family. This is the case with the record of praying to heaven and refining gods.

So what if he is really too ruthless?

Curious, Li Jing inspected Xiang Yunxian a few times.

"Your disposition should have undergone quite a change?"


Originally, his words and deeds would appear to be a little silly and cute, Xiang Yunxian slightly raised his forehead and parted his red lips lightly.

"The recording of praying to the heavens and refining the gods is very demonic. I tried my best to restrain myself but I couldn't maintain my original heart. The worst thing is that this change is irreversible."

As she spoke, she smiled charmingly.

"However, after a whole day of precipitation, I found that I like myself a little bit now. I was too weak in the past, knowing that thinking about some drugs is not worth it all day long, and I still have love for men and women that should be purely physical. Childish fantasy. Fortunately, I met the head of the sect, otherwise I am afraid that I might be in the crotch of someone right now."

Hearing what Xiang Yunxian said, Li Jing looked strange.

The demon nature brought by the record of praying to heaven and refining gods has indeed fundamentally changed Xiang Yunxian.

Her mind has matured a lot.

Talk until you can't.

The purest physical connection...

Play Cheng Huan under someone's crotch...

These two sentences, how could Xiang Yunxian, who has not been in the personnel list for tens of thousands of years, say it before?

But these are not the point.

The point is.

In front of Xiang Yunxian's bright starry eyes looking at him, Li Jing saw Chi Guoguo's undisguised desire.

this woman...

Want to eat him.

Irresponsible to say.

just want to **** him...

This person's desire is really not hidden.

The only good thing is.

She seemed to have the last trace of reserve, and did not speak directly.

But Li Jing felt that.

The main reason is that she is very clear that she is still not her opponent, otherwise under the influence of demon nature, she might give him a bully.

magic power.

Sure enough, you can't practice blindly.

Feeling secretly, Li Jing coughed lightly.

"Well, you...would you blame me?"


Xiang Yunxian made a question mark.

"After all, I involuntarily branded the magic contract to you."

Li Jing smiled wryly and said.

"If not..."

Before he finished speaking, Xiang Yunxian shook his head.

"In this world, if I blame anyone, I won't blame the sect master."

After all, she smiled and groaned.

"As I said just now, I have fallen in love with myself now. The Record of Praying to the Heavens and Refinement of the Gods is also like my destiny, and it fits me very well."

Faced with such a voice, Li Jing couldn't tell whether it was her original intention, or whether she could not help enjoying the enchantment after being influenced by the demonic nature.

Thinking about it, it was too late to tell Xiang Yunxian about this, Li Jing didn't let the topic continue.

"Since you're done, it's time for us to go out. Next, I'm going to go to Nalan's house to see if Nalan Que has come out of the paradise. I need you to lead the way."

"it is good."

Xiang Yunxian responded, took half a step to get closer, and said pretty and authentically.

"I promised in advance that the sect master would join Chentangguan. Now that the matter is over, I will be the sect master. Wherever the sect master goes, I will go there."

Li Jing grinned.

There is nothing wrong with Xiang Yunxian's words.

But this look of exhaling like blue eyes is really uncontrollable.

The main reason is that Li Jing knew her well beforehand, and it was really hard for people to get used to her sudden temperament.

Thinking that he had to bear the main responsibility for Xiang Yunxian to become like this, Li Jing pretended not to see her "wrong thoughts" towards him and her attitude of being a monster, and took her out of the small universe with a thought.

Both stood still on the street of Haoran City, Li Jing glanced in the direction of Yun's house, and said.

"We probably won't come back after this walk, do you want to say goodbye to your father and family?"

"It's not necessary."

Xiang Yunxian shook his head and said.

"Don't say that I don't have this heart now, even if I do, I can't go back to the past under the influence of the magic contract now."

As she said that, she looked straight over.

"Home, I don't have it anymore. All I have now is you, the sect master."


Li Jing.

To be honest, he was a little bit overwhelmed by this kind of earthy and romantic words. With a wry smile secretly, Li Jing said.

"Since that's the case, let's leave now."

With that, he said lightly.

"If one day you have the idea of ​​finding yourself or going home to have a look, remember to tell me, then I will find a way to help you solve the influence of demonic nature on you. If there is no way in the fairyland, then go to the Three Realms."

Hearing such words, Xiang Yunxian's pretty face full of aggressiveness flashed a touch and then quietly hid it, said.

"The sect master's promise, I have written it down."

Nalan's house is located in a neutral area, far away from Haoran City.

But this is not a problem for Li Jing.

With a thought.

According to Xiang Yunxian's narration, he took her to a location in the neutral zone that was closer to Nalan's house, where he had walked.

Start here.

The two soon came to Yelan City, the neutral town where Nalan's family was located.

This night in the city is somewhat unique.

But what is unique is not Yelan City itself, but its location.

this location.

It is the only land in Zhongzhou that is trapped in eternal night.

forever night.

That is, eternal night.

In the small area where Yelan City is located, there is only one day of dawn every year, and the rest is night.

Such a strange place, when Li Jinggang heard about it from Fan Yunxian, he couldn't help marveling at the fact that there are so many wonders in the world.

forever night.

not at all

What a serious negative impact it has on the development of Lingyelan City, but it has made this city at the forefront of all towns on the border of Zhongzhou to a large extent.

Compared with Haoran City, which is also a big city, Yelan City is even better than many.

Under the environment of eternal night.

In the land around Lingyelan City, there are many strange spiritual creatures that are rarely seen by the outside world, or even impossible to see, as well as some unique beasts that like the night.

Things that are hard to find, or even hard to find anywhere else.

This is naturally precious.

Things are precious, so naturally there will be more people coming and going.

With more people, the size and mobility of the city will of course be stronger.

It is worth mentioning that.

Although the declining Nalan family is only a younger brother in Yelan City, they are considered well-known.

This is due to the fact that the Nalan family's inherited exercises are not afraid of the cold.

Yong Ye brought Yelan city extremely rich resources that were hard to find elsewhere, and at the same time made the environment extremely harsh.

Almost 365 days a year, the surrounding area of ​​Yelan City is in a state of wind, rain and heavy snow.

After all, there is only one day in a year.

On this day, the sun is not necessarily how big, and it may even be cloudy. There is a serious lack of sunlight, and the temperature cannot be high.

In a place with dense aura like Immortal Domain.

If the environmental conditions remain at a certain level for a long time, it will easily lead to mutations and produce some unique areas.

Many places around Yelan City are extremely cold.

It even reached the level that non-venerables can't get involved.

There are also a small number of lands that are extremely dark, and even breed all kinds of dark things, even the Venerable dare not say that they set foot in it rashly.

The inheritance of the Nalan family originated from the God Emperor Slaying the Sky.

Although they don't have Nalan Que's nine-yang body, the inheritance of their skills is all related to Zhigang Zhiyang, and they have strong resistance on related levels.

This directly caused the Nalan family to feel like a fish in water in Yelan City, so that anyone who walked out could become the guest of Yelan City Lord.


What Yelan City Lord valued was that the Nalan family could act as tool people to obtain resources in dangerous places.

If not, who would care about a down and out family?

Li Jing understood all kinds of things here, and roughly had a guess.

Nalanja was like a fish in water in Yelan City but was so desperate that he guessed that the Yelan City Lord who regarded them as guests "had a lot to do".

There are always two sides to everything.

If the fish in water didn't fall to this level, then there must be something wrong.

As for where the problem is.

Think about it in another place and you can draw a rough conclusion.

Standing in the icy wind and snow and looking at the brightly lit Yelan City from a distance, Li Jing turned his head to look at Xiang Yunxian.

"There shouldn't be any restrictions on entering and exiting the city at night?"

"It's somewhat restrictive. After all, this place is a neutral territory. It has a diverse population and is also mixed with dragons and snakes. If we really want to let everyone in, there will definitely be chaos."

Xiang Yunxian replied, saying.

"The first time you enter the city, you need to pay a thousand high-grade fairy crystals to buy a customs clearance certificate, and there will be no restrictions on entering the city after that." "One thousand high-grade fairy crystals?"

Li Jing was stunned, and said strangely.

"Is the threshold a bit high?"

"To the outside world, it is indeed ridiculously high, but to Yelan City, as long as you are brave enough and brave enough, it is enough to take a dangerous turn around and pick up some useful things." Xiang Yunxian said, and then turned He took out a token in his hand and said.

"I have the customs clearance certificate for Yelan City, door master, you can enter with me."

"As long as you alone have a customs clearance certificate?"

Li Jing was surprised.

"It's fine if it's a Taoist couple, a couple, or a kinship relationship."

Xiang Yunxian smiled charmingly.


Li Jing. UU Reading

He's straight up a good guy.

Going around in a circle, is Xiang Yunxian waiting here for him?

Being speechless, Xiang Yunxian snickered.

"Of course, the main purpose of the door is to spend a thousand immortal crystals to buy a customs clearance certificate before entering. I don't mind. After all, you don't seem to be someone who lacks such a small amount of money. Besides, the main reason for the door is to force your way in. I can also accompany you." ..."

Before he finished speaking, Li Jing turned into an old man with long beard and white eyebrows, stroked his beard and smiled meaningfully.

"One thousand high-grade fairy crystals is not a small amount of money. I am not short of money but I am not willing to give it to others for nothing. It is even more impossible to force it. After all, we are newcomers and it is not suitable to be too high-profile. From this point of view, it is right for me to be your father for the time being." most suitable."


Xiang Yunxian.


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