God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 991 - Three Channels

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Chapter 991: Three Channels

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Thirty source marks!?

Seeing those source marks in Lin Xiu’s hands, the warrior who was still very angry just now, his eyes were full of shock.

There are only a hundred warriors who come here in total.

Each person has only one source ring.

Lin Xiu has more than 30. Could it be that he killed dozens of warriors!?

Thinking of this, the pupils in his eyes shrank slightly.

“Let me introduce myself, I’m Gao Lin.”

“My younger brother Gao Cong, my older brother Gao Qiang.”

The man who spoke before continued to speak to Lin Xiu at this time.

“The three brothers, we’re called ‘Three Gao’.”

Ji Mei covered her mouth and smiled and said.

“This one was very arrogant just now, called Deng Men.”


Hearing Ji Mei’s words, the man snorted coldly.

Lin Xiu nodded slightly and glanced at these warriors.

Under the Analytic Eye, Lin Xiu could see the data of these people very clearly.

They are all top-level Respected warrior-level warriors.

They were about to step into the realm of the Sage warrior.

There were many such warriors, but many warriors never made it to the Sage warrior-level all their lives.

“You have already found where the Angel’s tears are, right?”

Lin Xiu said lightly.

The people Wu Hao found were really good and they were all very powerful people.

However, the gap between Respected warrior and Sage warrior was an insurmountable gap.

“We found it, but it’s more dangerous there.”

Gao Lin thought for a while, then said aloud.

“Let’s go then.”

Lin Xiu said lightly.

There was no fear in his eyes.

He had experienced even greater dangers. The so-called dangers now were nothing to Lin Xiu at all.

And now Lin Xiu was very confident about his own strength.

“Boy, don’t be too confident.”

Deng Men stared at Lin Xiu and said coldly.

Just now, he was hit by Lin Xiu and flew out, which made him very embarrassed.

“I don’t think anyone else will come.”

Ji Mei also spoke at this time.

She looked at Lin Xiu and for some reason, she had a strange feeling.

Lin Xiu looks very ordinary now, but why does he feel so powerful?

It’s so weird.

“The five of us, plus this expert, should be able to give it a go.”

Gao Lin and others also nodded and said at this time.

“Then let’s go.”

Ji Mei said with a charming smile.

They walked from the lobby on this side to the passage on the other side.

The passage here was similar to the passage that Lin Xiu had gone through to come over.

It also seems to have the appearance of a mechanism.

There were many arrows made of special materials on the ground.

And there were also one or two skeletons, all of which have been penetrated by these arrows.

“It’s quite dangerous here. If we hadn’t gotten the information, we would have almost died here.”

As Ji Mei walked, she said aloud.


As soon as she finished speaking, at this moment, the entire ground began to vibrate.

what is happening!?

Feeling the vibration, the pupils in the eyes of these warriors shrank slightly.

They had traveled this path before, but nothing like this has ever happened.

bang bang bang-

With a loud noise, many thick and long spikes suddenly appeared on the ground.

Gao Lin and others were shocked when they saw this scene.

Their body skills were activated and they quickly dodged.

But there were too many spikes emerging from the ground and it was very difficult to dodge.

Lin Xiu frowned at this moment and the ‘Sphere’ unfolded directly.

As the dark blue ‘Sphere’ wrapped around Lin Xiu’s body, those spikes that emerged from the ground were immediately annihilated by the terrifying dark blue flames.

Lin Xiu walked forward slowly, not panicking at all.

Those spikes that pierced from the ground were all annihilated as Lin Xiu walked forward.

Ji Mei and the others were shocked when they saw this scene.

Because Lin Xiu’s “Sphere” is different from the “Sphere” of ordinary warriors, it seems to have the function of passive attack.

But at this time, they didn’t think too much, they just followed Lin Xiu and walked forward.

As all the huge thorns were destroyed on the path that Lin Xiu walked, it was very safe.

This guy… just who is he!?

Deng Men looked at Lin Xiu’s back and was even more shocked in his heart.

Thinking that he wanted to fight against Lin Xiu just now, he felt a little fear in his heart.

Lin Xiu’s strength is really weird!

“Are we there yet?”

After walking out of this terrifying passage, there was another lobby.

Around the lobby, there were three other passages, which seem to lead to another place.

In the middle of the entire lobby, there were many statues that look like evolved beasts and it was really weird.

“It’s strange, according to the data, we shouldn’t be here…”

The three Gao brothers looked around and frowned.

A warrior came here to capture Angel’s Tears back in the day, although he came back in vain, he recorded a video.

According to this video, they should be able to find the correct location.

“The passage just now seems to have changed too.”

Ji Mei said aloud.

They had already walked through that passage, but when they just went back, it seemed that a special change had taken place.

Like those thick and long spikes that emerged from the ground, there was no such thing before.

“Three passages, let’s go and take a look.”

At this time, Deng Men looked at the three passages and said aloud.

Deng Men said, then walked towards the passage in the middle in front.

“Deng Men, come back here!”

Gao Cong, one of the three Gao brothers who had been relatively silent, saw this scene and shouted sharply.

“A bunch of cowardly people.”

Deng Men snorted coldly and continued to walk over there.

He was very upset that he was easily defeated by Lin Xiu just now.

His actions now were to prove himself.

Lin Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

At this time, he directly used the Analytic Eye to scan the three passages in front.

“Ding! Found abnormal energy fluctuations!”

“Ding! Found abnormal life fluctuations!”

“Ding! Found abnormal spatial fluctuations!”

At this time, as the Analytic Eye was activated, a few prompts sounded in Lin Xiu’s mind.

“Come back.”

Lin Xiu said lightly.

These three channels should not be the correct channels.

It’s weird.


When Deng Men heard Lin Xiu’s words, he went straight to the middle passage.

He quickly walked to the entrance of the passage.

When he looked inside, he saw that the entire passage was pitch-dark.

He couldn’t see clearly at all.

“There’s nothing inside…”

As Deng Men spoke, he was about to step into this passage.


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