Game Across the World - v3 Chapter 1382 "Slay" the dragon!

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【Game through the world】【】

Another law is condensed in the source of Shen Chen's magic power.

Hell, the blessing from the blood of the Hell Dragon, and the Hell Arena, has helped Shen Chen defeat Kel'Thuzad and Lich King Arthas, and seized part of their power.

Now this stunt is reappearing, and a forbidden fog envelops one person and one dragon. In the independent space, although Ned Hogg can still use the ability to shuttle, he cannot use it to escape to other realms!

"Roar!" Nidhogg screamed, and it also realized the meaning of this immortal space.

Only by killing this guy in front of him can he escape back to the world tree. It even swore that it would not easily fight this kind of enemy next time because of such a few roots.

However, Nid Hogg didn't pay much attention to Shen Chen. Apart from being able to absorb some of his own strength, this guy is not strong in terms of strength. The wounds on his body were basically caused by those two powerful enemies.

But it doesn't know that Shen Chen has just completed his transformation at this time. Although the advancement has not been completely completed, his strength at this time has already surpassed the king, and at the moment of the advancement, the normal combat power of the king's peak has already I won't be seen by Chen Chen anymore!

As Nidhogg traveled through the space, it suddenly rushed out from behind Shen Chen. While biting down with its sharp teeth, the blue magic power at the tail was also ready to go.

At this time, Shen Chen was still adapting to the power of the first level of the king, and did not attack directly, but with the help of a sharper perception, let the sharp blade of the fangs pass by the protection of the holy light, and at the same time bear not too high damage, Let yourself get closer to the previous wound in the simplest and most convenient way.

Stretching out his hand along the way, Nid Hogg's space protection had almost no effect, and was cut open by Shen Chen with his bare hands using the force of the law he had just formed.

Sword of Order!

Using the hand as a sword, the sharp light blade shaved open the unhealed body, and then pulled back, another strip of **** flesh was torn off.

This time, Shen Chen's Eye of Laurent accurately captured the blood vessels, magic pathways, and even nerves that emerged from Nidhogg's flesh and blood. Nidhogg did not feel pain, but waves of weakness emerged from his mind .

Looking back, I saw Chen Chen biting off with a smile.

A blazing light rushed out, and Ned Hogg took advantage of the opportunity to release all the magic power accumulated in the tail, forming a halo ring!

The space is cracked inch by inch, and this temporary Hell Arena is naturally not as compact as the high magic and space of the Nine Realms World, where the power of the king can be fully erupted.

The collapsed space was naturally sent to a different chaotic space. This is Nidhogg's proud hand. In the Nine Realms, it can instantly send the different bodies of the attacked enemy to the Nine Realms and the cracks in the realm. every corner of the

Even monsters with strong vitality had to spend countless years looking for these space-separated bodies. After all, they were just sent to different spaces, and they were not completely cut off from their bodies!

Shen Chen could also feel the trouble of this blow, but he still had a mouthful or two of dragon meat.

The original order of promoting the power of the law was quickly changed, from real to real dragon blood!

This time, the king's promotion was not in the source of magic power. Shen Chen's original dragon blood poured into his heart, but it formed a sharp knife and pierced a gap in the wall of his heart.

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【Game through the world】【】

With the impact of dragon blood and legendary physique, Shen Chen's heart is like a gas turbine, and the blood pressure in his body is enough to propel a 10,000-ton warship. At this time, the explosion in the chest cavity also sprayed out countless blood.

The magic power of order condensed into a wall, controlling the size of the wound, and in the model built by the magic power, the blood essence quickly condensed into a new coronary artery, and next to the original human heart, a dragon head-sized heart formed.

The magic power of space rotates in the blood, two hearts, two different blood vessels flow in the body clearly, do not interfere with each other but are unified with each other, and jointly supply the body with magic power and energy.

Of course, Shen Chen can completely abandon human blood at this time. The purity and content of his dragon blood at this time are no less than that of the dragon king of the five-color dragon. If he is allowed to eat Ned Hogg alive, he will be even stronger. some.

However, considering reproductive isolation and some invisible benefits of human blood, Shen Chen still said that I want both, and use his own law power to force them to coexist!

Taking a deep breath, as the dragon's blood was promoted to the king, the laws contained in the dragon's blood naturally become instincts that can be used, and a blood flow in space rushed out.

Shen Chen hit it with a hammer!

The space in front of him was also cracked inch by inch, intertwined with the halo and then annihilated together. Nid Hogg's blow was completely eliminated invisible.

The 5-way rule advanced king, Shen Chen is full of confidence. He has a hunch that even the owner of the Star Observation Tower is not his opponent in a head-on battle; now it is just accumulation, and there is no blessing of divine objects such as the Scroll of Fate and the Star Observation Tower .

However, Cretur, Alsace's armor, and the soul-guiding lamp, none of them have a worse future.

Looking at Nid Hogg, Shen Chen felt a little bit of fullness, which seemed to be a manifestation of his eating too much dragon meat. After all, the rough way of eating dragon meat could not completely absorb all the magic power. A large amount of residual power was due to This kind of rapid advancement is stored in the source of flesh and magic power, and it takes longer to absorb.

And because he gave up his complete dragon bloodline, his own digestive system naturally couldn't be upgraded to the iron stomach of a giant dragon, so he could only eat more valuable parts at this time.

Nidhogg was stared at by Shen Chen Laurent's eyes so much that his whole body was icy cold, like a cold-blooded butcher, thinking about the best things worth keeping for the prey he was about to slaughter.

The pocket of that dimension, Nidhogg's fangs that tore through tree roots, and those scarlet eyes...

Shen Chen laughed, but it almost made Ned Hogg stop his dragon breath. It became afraid, and turned around and crazily tore open spaces.

"Don't run away~~" Although Shen Chen said so, his movements were fast.

After all, this Hell Arena does not have unlimited potential. It is good for legends and even the power of the king at the beginning level. Creatures like Knid Hogg who are at the peak of the king and possess the laws of space are still at risk of being destroyed!

With one hammer, the space protection was torn apart, and the dozens of space transmission gaps made by Nidhogg were smashed. Shen Chen grabbed Nidhogg's tail scale with one hand.

Nidhogg only felt a cold tearing sensation on his back. Although he still couldn't feel the pain, he knew that the entire dorsal fin was torn off by Shen Chen with his bare hands.

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【Game through the world】【】

"This stuff should be good for making soup, and it's also the material for making a new generation of dragon blood If you put it in the guild, there will be at least a dozen or so legend-level dragon demon hunters!"

Shen Chen muttered to himself like a demon, and he pulled out a few black dragon scales with shimmering blue light, "Perfect space blood, even if the dragon scales are pulled out, the space protection on it is still in effect, This piece is used as a heart shield, and the rest is made of Titan Iron, which is enough to make a legendary high-level armor with explosive attributes!"

Ned Hogg evaded wildly, but at this time Shen Chen's space talent was already about the same as his, and his small human body made him more flexible, and the angel wings on his back brought excellent flying ability, how could he let the entire dragon corpse fall in love with him? Shen Chen gave up?

There is also the seemingly soft but also hard dragon scales on the head. This is a good material for Nidhogg to perceive space and absorb the magic power of scattered space in the realm, and it was also pulled out one by one by Chen Chen.

"Well...the usage of this thing needs to be studied carefully. It should be able to be made into the main material of the fast teleportation circle, and it can also deepen the understanding of the law of space~~"

Of course, these are not the essence, Shen Chen walked firmly from the back to the top of the head step by step.

Nidhogg felt the crisis of death, but no matter how hard it struggled, it couldn't shake the dead human off its head.

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At this time, from the wound on his front face before that, Shen Chen had already stretched out his hand to the muscle behind Nid Hogg's eyeball, and shot instantly.

"Hey!" This really hurts!

The nerves here are too dense, and Shen Chen didn't bother to cut them off one by one, so he simply pulled out the eyeballs as a whole, and stuffed them into his mouth before the king's magic power cooled down!

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