Game Across the World - v3 Chapter 1273 new strategic situation

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Watching Muradin leave, Brighton seemed to want to say something, Shen Chen grabbed him from behind, and in Brighton's ear, Shen Chen persuaded: "Those memories, I mean Alsace Picked up Frostmourne, betrayed Light and Good, and then slaughtered his minions.

These have become the pain in his heart forever.

You know this better than I do. That is his dearest apprentice. He has poured his countless efforts. Muradin has always regarded him as his own son. bridge between.

But Arthas finally chose to degenerate, abandoning his people and everything of justice, you should know what kind of emotions that will be!

So, you have to let him slow down, let him accept this fact, all this tragedy. "

Brayton raised his hand, "I just hope that I can bear with him when he is down." Thinking of the days when the two were in the kingdom when they were young, they were the best brothers.

Patting Brighton on the shoulder, Shen Chen knew that he was mature enough, and soon, Brighton adjusted his emotions, followed behind the other Frost Dwarves and entered the Frost Castle.

"Please give us a quiet room, thank you." Shen Chen greeted the guards behind Yogel, rested for a while and exchanged the information at hand.


"So, your next step is still to find Norgannon's keystone?" Shen Chen asked.

Brayton nodded, now that Muradin has found it, the most important concern in his heart can be put down, then the rest is to protect Azeroth and further dig out the secrets about the Titans and their guardians.

However, Shen Chen is very clear that the information currently stored in the archives can finally be answered in the ancient court of the Rock Hall; among them, the Titans and the ancient gods, the curse of flesh and blood, Loken's actions, etc... ...

"Looking at your appearance, it seems that you don't intend to stay and help me." Brayton carefully observed Shen Chen's expression, and suddenly said, "I've had enough of those annoying inheritors."

Shen Chen smiled, "But they're still very useful, aren't they? Especially when you don't know what to look for or where to look for something, these guys are often beyond your imagination."

As for the next step, Shen Chen also explained: "The war on the eastern front of the alliance still needs me to preside over, the frost trolls won't last long in Zudrak, and the power of the Scourge Legion is almost endless. my responsibility."

Of course, there are deep reasons why Shen Chen didn't say:

Under his leadership, everything in the Storm Peaks is temporarily on track, and the two quest lines of Thorim and Hodir can be opened very soon.

With the power of these inheritors, plus the information he told, presumably the two Titan guardians will not be controlled by Loken as easily as he remembered. If the Storm Giant and the Son of Frost can unite, then the order will be in place. The power of the Storm Peaks can be restored by half.

But this will take a considerable amount of time, and even if you stay in the storm cliffs, it will not play a key role; now some information and intelligence have been handed over, you should wait patiently for them to bear fruit~~

"Okay~~" Brighton also knew the heavy responsibility of Shen Chen, which was the responsibility of hundreds of thousands of alliance soldiers and the entire Northern Expedition, "Where are your partners, if they can help me, then I can also relax many."

Brighton remembered the friends who fought together in Silithus, the core group of the Hall of Fame, Shen Chen thought about it carefully, and gave an uncertain answer, "They are conducting some kind of trial, If they complete the trial and come to Northrend, I will definitely send them to join you first and weaken Loken first!"

"I'm relieved!" Brighton's beard cocked up, as for the remaining inheritors... Shen Chen replied: "As long as you tell me, my inheritor legion will fully bear their rewards! (Actually, the alliance paid for it~~)”


The two rested for the night, but the players did not rest at all.

They have just come into contact with the top forces in Azeroth, and the excitement and excitement in their hearts have not dissipated. In addition, they are rushing for progress and quests at this time, so there is no extra time to rest!

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Fortunately, the master-level magic power and body are relatively resistant to construction. After fighting for a few days and nights, I am afraid there is not much problem.

It didn't take long for the recovered Muradin to find Brayton, and the brothers recognized each other, but he told Brayton, "I am now the king of the frost dwarves, before the threat of Loken and the Lich King completely dissipated. , I'm afraid I won't go back to Ironforge, tell your big brother, then we will meet at Icecrown Fortress!"

For Muradin's decision, Brayton raised his hands in favor. With the power of one more frost dwarf in the alliance, the win rate in Northrend will also increase by a few points; not to mention that the frost dwarf is still a local force, which is also quite helpful for his next actions. .

On the other hand, Shen Chen took out a magic crystal given to him by Jaina, and opened a new portal directly on the north side of Frost Castle, directly connecting Valgard and here.

Of course, the cost of transmission has been directly increased by as much as 10 times. After all, Frost Castle is also deep in the hinterland. Due to the interference of the two forces of natural disasters and ancient gods, the magic power and materials required for transmission have also increased several times, almost reaching per kilogram. Goods need 1 gold price!

Although the price is staggering, it is not a problem for some players who are in a hurry. Of course, those who do not have enough money in their wallets can only enter the Storm Cliffs through the underground passage of the insect cave under the Tomb of the Stars.

Shen Chen returned to Valgard and listened to Liadrin's report during this period.

The most important place is still the battle between the Zuldak trolls and the natural disaster; this battle has entered the middle game, and the total loss of both sides exceeds one million.

The fact that such a number of casualties can be achieved is entirely because the undead are not afraid of death; when the alliance army loses more than 30%, it will lose its will to fight;

But when the undead lose less than 50% of their necromancers and knights, their cannon fodder army can still exert more than 90% of their power.

Such a battle that does not count casualties, has no morale, and will not rout, is a fierce fight almost every moment, and its tragic and casualties can be imagined.

"Now the trolls have the upper hand. After all, the elite strength of the natural disaster in Zuldak is not enough. Under the continuous damage, the natural disaster now only has the war fortress and a few elite forces that can cause fatal damage to the trolls!"

Regarding the investigator's report, Shen Chen expressed his approval, and then summed up the alliance generals under him: "This battle of trolls will definitely win, and it will be an unprecedented victory!"

The current situation is that only the Cannon Fodder Legion is still in the offensive force of the natural disaster, and their death knights and psychics, because of the experience of fighting in the Grizzly Hills, are mostly hiding in the sky fortress; but the output from the fortress Artillery fire is limited, and the cannon fodder will not last for a week at most.

"But the final result will be that the trolls won a game in the battle, and the natural disasters won a big victory at the strategic level." Shen Chen's conversation changed, and he saw another set of data.

"The total number of frost trolls is certain, and their reproductive capacity is limited; and the geographical environment of Zuldak also prevents them from accumulating a considerable population;

Our alliance is different, follow-up reinforcements can still arrive from the eastern continent, so we win a battle, which is an opportunity to make progress.

Just for the trolls...they can only choose to shrink the defense line after the statistics of casualties after the!

One is unacceptable continuous casualties, and at the same time, there is not so much power to control the defense area they control! "

Most of the generals in the alliance understood Shen Chen's words, and they also made estimates in advance.

Tyran firmly believes that he is not afraid of natural disasters, "No matter what progress the natural disasters make in Zuldak, we will fight back!"

And Liadrin understood Shen Chen's worries and concerns better, "The three main points in and out of Zul'Drak, the western entrance is the direction of the natural disaster, and the Daksaron fortress controls the intersection of the west of the Grizzly Hills and the Dragonblight Wilderness. Now the problem is that once the trolls choose to retreat, the Scourge's front will reach the middle of Zuldrak."

She pointed to the third entrance, the one above the bearman power where players entered Zu'Drak.

"In this way, the natural disaster can attack from here, posing a threat to our rear and hinterland!"

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