Farming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times - Chapter 670 meet without acquaintance

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   Chapter 670 Meeting but not acquaintance

  Jiang Xinyan sees her husband every night, so she knows all the recent events in Xuanyan City and Youzhou City.

   She also knew that the oncoming convoy was the third prince of Dongchen, his first beauty Jiang Bilian in the capital, and the fourth beauty Wei Yan did not run away.

   In addition, no one walks on the official road in the north, thinking of Jiang Bilian's vicious sister.

  From childhood to adulthood, Jiang Bilian's eyes were not the same as Jiang Xinyan's. If she met her, would she really know her?

  Jiang Bilian is indeed beautiful and talented, so she is used to being chased by others.

   Whenever someone encounters her, as long as others are a little slower or don't praise her, what they are waiting for is Jiang Bilian's endless ridicule and abuse.

   And this year, the only difference is that Jiang Xinyan finally knew that it was really good to be chased by others.

   At least it is no longer the helplessness and collapse of being secretly bullied by others and unable to fight back.

   But that kind of bad memories, Jiang Xinyan didn't have too many years in ancient times, because she had a good grandmother.

   They lived in the royal temple all the year round and didn't spend many days in the Prime Minister's Mansion. When Jiang Xinyan stayed with the Prime Minister, her soul had already gone to another world.

   A fool without a soul, even if he is bullied, there is no pain.

   And the day when Jiang Xinyan was helpless and heartbroken, was in the modern adoptive parents' home, a family of four, she was the only one doing housework, growing up to earn money to support the family...

  Jiang Bilian met Jiang Xinyan's soul return not long after she was reborn, after the two sisters were different.

   This is the first official meeting. If Jiang Bilian finds out that the old lady is even more beautiful than her, this will make Jiang Bilian unacceptable no matter what.

   Jiang Xinyan in the last life should have had a better life than Jiang Bilian, otherwise, Jiang Bilian would not have tried her best to kill her after she was reborn.

pity! In this life, Jiang Bilian is still going to lose to the old lady, although she desperately learns piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and even has the memory of rebirth.

   However, the old lady is doing better than her, giggle... Jiang Xinyan suddenly looked forward to meeting her first beautiful sister.

  Although Jiang Xinyan has seen Jiang Bilian several times since she came back, Jiang Bilian has not seen herself yet.

   I don't know if Jiang Bilian will be surprised or vomit blood, after all, the gap between them is too big.

   "Madam, what are you laughing at?" Mo Yao couldn't help trembling when she saw her master's inexplicable and eerie smile.

   sighed inwardly, Madam was still a little worried just now, but now she is looking forward to it, Madam is always unpredictable.

   "It's nothing, I just thought of an interesting thing. Mrs. Ben is looking forward to meeting those people from the opposite side."

  Jiang Xinyan restrained the expression on her face and urged seriously, "Mo Yao, go and drive the carriage and change her to the carriage at the back, do you understand what I mean?"

   "Oh, well...Understood..." Although Mo Yao was puzzled, she replied obediently and went to drive the carriage in person.

   On the other side of the official road, Jiang Bilian was sitting in the carriage, listening to the sound of horse hooves outside, feeling a little nervous in her heart.

   She was very surprised at the nervousness in her heart. What was this inexplicable panic?

   Could there be a mountain bandit ahead? But based on the memories of his past and present life, all the bandits in the northern region fled to the south of the Yangtze River.

   There is nothing here except poverty, Jiang Bilian is puzzled, but the anxious thoughts in the bottom of her heart are getting stronger and stronger.

   She stretched out her slender hand and lifted the curtain of the carriage, and a wave of heat rushed towards her face, which made her quickly let go.

   "Sister~ What do you want to see?" Wei Yan asked unhappily when the heat wave hit her face.

   "There seems to be someone in front." Jiang Bilian replied in a good-natured way, she always had a good temper when she was upset.

   Wei Yan rolled her eyes, their husbands were in front of them, and someone had something to do with them.

   It didn't take long for their carriage to stop, because the sun was so fierce that neither Jiang Bilian nor Wei Yan got off the carriage.

   They each sent their maids to inquire in front of them, the ground on the road was so hot that they could bake sweet potatoes.

  So Jiang Bilian and Wei Yan didn't plan to get off the carriage to find the third prince, at least there was no sun in the carriage.

   "Yu~~" The guard of the third prince restrained the horse rope, "Your Highness, there are more than a dozen carriages coming this way."

   "It's fine for us to walk on such a wide road." The third prince said impatiently.

   The sun was very strong at this time, and the third prince did not want to have any extracurricular branches. Sooner or later, he rode away on horseback. When the sun was shining at noon, he sat alone in the carriage.

   On such a hot day, as soon as the two women saw him, they stuck to him like dog-skin plaster, hugging him from side to side but couldn't stand it.

   "Your Highness, the person driving the carriage opposite is a woman." What the guard didn't say was that she was a very beautiful woman.

   "The woman may not be proficient in driving carriages, and she walked crookedly in the middle of the official road. If the subordinates didn't stop, they would hit them, so the subordinates had to stop."

  The third prince stretched out his slender hand, lifted the curtain of the car, and heard the sound of a yellow warbler coming out of the valley in front of him.

   "Ma'am, our carriage has stopped, and there is a group of people blocking our way ahead."

   With a soft sound of pulling to a stop, the carriage slowly stopped, Mo Yao lifted the curtain and bowed respectfully to Jiang Xinyan.

  Jiang Xinyan was frowning and thinking, should she make her debut or pass through this group of people in a low-key manner?

   This question made her tangled, but in the end she decided to keep a high profile, so she lifted the curtain and glanced out.

  I saw a slender, lightly clothed man sitting on the back of a horse, and the horse was parked just in front of their carriage.

   He holds a sword in his hand, his back is straight, and his whole person exudes an extraordinary and saucy temperament.

   Jiang Xinyan's mouth twitched, isn't this person the third prince of Dongchen Kingdom, her brother-in-law, who was clearly sitting in the carriage just now.

  Riding on a high-headed horse at the moment, thinking that he is a Prince Charming riding a white horse.

   also deliberately stopped in front of their carriage, don't think that these three princes are definitely a pretender!

   Mo Yao seemed to have noticed the change in her master, so she looked forward, her eyes widened and she screamed, "Wow! How could there be such a good-looking man in the world?"

   Hearing the screams, the third prince also turned his head, and he almost fell off his horse in shock.

   He had never seen such a beautiful woman, but that kind of beauty was indescribable to him.

   She lifted the curtain of the carriage and sat quietly on the carriage, a red gauze skirt wrapping her concave and convex body.

  The jet-black hair hangs down from the waist, the skin is whiter than snow, the eyebrows and phoenix eyes, the nose and the mouth, and the facial features are combined as if they are the masterpiece of the creator, and they are extremely delicate.

   Especially the beauty is wearing half a mask, revealing half a suffocating and beautiful face, enough to make any man sink...

   (end of this chapter)

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