Everlasting Dragon Emperor - Chapter 5924 The fairy art of the universe sea

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"How many of you are there? What are your cultivation bases?"

Lu Ming asked.

Goujian was overjoyed, knowing that Lu Ming was already interested, he replied, "I have already invited four fellows, plus fellow Daoist Ye Chen, there are six people in total."

"The Twelve True Halls ordered that before the passage is opened, everyone is not allowed to enter the second heaven without permission. Those who violate it will be killed without mercy."

Lu Ming said lightly.

"Therefore, we must not let more people know about this matter, especially the Shang clan and the Supreme Zun clan. They are inseparable. If they know, we will have no chance."

Hook the way.

"Are you all Ping clan?"

Lu Ming asked back.


Nod between hooks.

"But, I'm also from the upper family."

Lu Ming said seriously.

Gou Jian smiled even wider, and said: "Although the Xia Clan is a Shang Clan, they have just been promoted not long ago. They were just Dust Clans before. I'm afraid you are not welcome in the circle of the Shang Clan. The family relationship is very shallow."

"Is that why you invited me?"

Lu Ming said.

"Naturally, the old man invites you, naturally there are enough reasons. First, you are very strong. You fought against the armadillo tribe before. The old man just passed by and observed in secret. Your speed is extremely fast. This time you entered The candidates for Erchongtian must first have extremely fast speed, because although Erchongtian is now in the aftermath of a major explosion, it is still in crisis, without speed, it will only hinder it."

"Secondly, Ye Daoyou was originally the lord of the mountain region, the overlord of one side, with the cultivation base of the Great Luo Immortal Emperor, but he did not allow the Xia clan to be promoted to the Ping clan. If you are promoted, you will become the ancestor of the upper clan in one fell swoop, and you will not be willing to live under others."

"Based on this, the old man analyzed that there is a high chance that you and us will go to the second heaven, so I came forward to invite you."

Hook Jian looked confident.

Lu Ming was quite speechless.

It is true that he is not willing to be inferior to others, but when it comes to him deliberately not letting the Xia clan be promoted, he has been wronged. His cultivation has not reached the level of Immortal Emperor Da Luo at all.

But to be honest, Lu Ming was really moved.

Right now, the Second Heaven is like a peerless treasure land that has not been developed. If you step in first, you will definitely gain amazing results.

But the crisis is also not small, once discovered by Zhendian, it will be a felony.

Also, Erzhongtian itself is in crisis now.

"Friend Daoist, allow me to think about it for a while."

Lu Ming pondered for a moment and said.

"Such a big matter, it's easy to think about it carefully. We just need to prepare. I will give you three months. If you decide to go, you can crush this soul card, and the old man will come to see you."

Gou Jian handed Lu Ming a soul card, then left and disappeared in Lu Ming's senses in a blink of an eye.

Lu Ming knew that Goujian's appearance and breath of life were not real, and had definitely been processed.

If Lu Ming refuses to agree, but instead reports their purpose to Zhendian, Goujian will be in danger, and naturally he will not meet Lu Ming with his real appearance and breath.

Needless to say, the names are all fake.

"Double Heaven"

Lu Ming whispered, his eyes flickered, and finally made a decision.

If you want to quickly enter the realm of creation and resurrect your loved ones, how can you not take risks.

But before you go, be fully prepared.

On the second day, Lu Ming quietly left the mine and headed north.

To the north of the mine lode, there is a huge city built by the True Palace of Ten Thousand Laws. Experts from various races and forces will enter this city to trade when they obtain treasures in the First Heaven.

Therefore, the city's commerce is extremely developed.

Before entering the Second Heaven, Lu Ming needs to buy some resources, such as immortal medicine liquid that can quickly restore cultivation base, treasures that can speed up healing, and elixir that can restore the mystery of chaos, etc.

Soon, Lu Ming entered the city.

On the street, there are many shops, and there are many private stalls on the street, and all kinds of creatures come and go in an endless stream.

Lu Ming didn't stay here, he didn't like it at all because they were all inferior goods.

His goal is a private exchange at the core of the city, and those who can enter it are at least in the universe.

After turning a few streets, Lu Ming came to a special building.

When many true immortals or immortal kings pass by this building, they will show reverence and yearning eyes, hoping that they can enter this building one day.


At the gate, two half-step universe-level creatures that looked like tigers stopped Lu Ming.

"Here, only the immortal emperors of the cosmic realm can enter"

A fierce tiger spoke, but before he finished speaking, Lu Ming was filled with a frightening aura.

The two tigers seemed to understand the strangeness, and immediately changed the subject: "It turns out that they are seniors of the Immortal Emperor, and seniors are qualified to enter."

After all, he stepped aside and opened the door, and Lu Ming walked in under the envious eyes of many people.

Someone received Lu Ming and entered a large hall.

In the main hall, there are already more than two hundred creatures of different shapes sitting, but all of them are the existence of the cosmic realm.

In these cosmic environments, everyone has a small table in front of them, with one to ten treasures placed on them, and the price or treasures that need to be traded are marked at the same time.

Lu Ming came to a table and sat down, then spread his sense of immortality, and observed one table after another.

After a while, Lu Ming's eyes lit up.

On a certain table, he saw two spar, filled with the power of thunder, extremely rich.

This is exactly the thunder treasure that Chaos Gourd needs.

Lu Ming got up and walked over. The owner of the spar was a dog.

At least, it looks like a dog, and its fur is as black as ink.

"Fellow Daoist, how do you sell these two lightning crystals?"

Lu Ming asked.

"Two thunder crystals, two thousand real crystals."

The black dog said.

Lu Ming sneered in his heart, two thousand pieces of real crystals are really a big mouth for a lion.

You know, the mine vein of the Xia clan only mines tens of thousands of real crystals a year.

"Two hundred yuan!"

Lu Ming said coldly.


The black dog almost jumped up, and the two thousand yuan was directly reduced to two hundred yuan. Are you bargaining?

"One thousand yuan, no less."

The black dog stared.

"three hundred!"

Lu Ming said lightly, as if he was going to leave if he didn't sell it.

After some bargaining, Lu Ming finally won two Thunder Spirit Crystals with 500 real crystals.

Then Lu Ming continued to watch. There were not many top-level treasures of the Thunder system. Lu Ming bought another one later, but found nothing.

And the Chaos Destruction Stone that Tang Feng needs is even rarer, not even a single bit.

On the contrary, the elixir, elixir and liquid medicine that Lu Ming needs are relatively common and can be bought quickly.

Then, Lu Ming disposed of several unused treasures and replaced them with real crystals, and planned to leave.

But just when Lu Ming was about to leave, his body shook suddenly, and complex expressions such as shock and expectation appeared in his eyes.

On a table, he saw an ancient stone the size of a goose egg, which was covered with wonderful patterns.

This is the essence of a fairy art.

Moreover, it is also the fairy art of the universe sea.

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