Eight Hills in the Eastern Jin Dynasty - v4 Chapter 3847 Independence Army Front Swordsmen

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Following Liu Yu's military order, the army formation standing in front began to act. The lances who had locked their shields on the ground and squatted on the ground and stretched out their long lances stood up one after another. The lances were also lifted up by about half a foot. Above the waist and abdomen, hundreds of large shield lances on the front line shouted slogans in unison, and walked slowly forward with neat and uniform steps.

Xiang Mi and the others, who were slashing in the front, were farther apart, five or six steps apart, holding **** butcher knives and tomahawks on their shoulders or across their chests, walking in a lance behind them. Before, holding a shield in his left hand, resisting the bow and arrow from the front, stepping on the blood that had drowned his ankle, kicked away the corpse in front of him, and stepped forward.

Liu Yu's long hair protruded from the gap under the helmet, covering his side face and the back of his head. He walked forward quickly, and soon, he left the original position of the central army and walked towards the front army.

Liu Zhong's expression changed, and he ran up holding the handsome flag, trying to follow Liu Yu: "Master, please walk slowly, you are walking too fast."

Liu Yu said word by word: "I want to avenge my wife in person, don't stop me, where is the champion general Liu Jingxuan?"

With a long neigh of the warhorse, along with the sound of iron hooves hitting the ground, Liu Jingxuan galloped back from the front. The marching sergeants quickly gave way to a passage and let him run directly to Liu Yu. When he saw Liu Yu, his His eyes were also red, and his voice was choked up: "Ji slave, I'm sorry, we..."

Liu Yu waved his hand, and there was no sadness or anger in his voice: "A Shou, don't say more, we are still fighting, the enemy's leader is still in the city, if we want to avenge Alan, don't let it go. He ran away."

Liu Jingxuan gritted his teeth: "When the chaos was just now, Na Yueshou took the opportunity to grab a horse and ran back. He must have planned to lead you there, and Fei Lan was going to attack you together."

Liu Yu shook his head: "The incident happened suddenly at that time, I don't think the surnamed Yue didn't know such a thing would happen. If he really conspired to assassinate, when Alan Zhongqi fell to the ground, it would be best to attack me from behind. There was a chance, but he ran away, it should be a self-protection action after being similarly frightened."

Speaking of this, Liu Yu paused: "From such a high position at the top of the city, it is not surprising that this lance is flying three or five feet away. He was less than three steps behind me at that time. Dangerous, I think, this person will not come to assassinate me, it is likely that even he is in the dark."

Liu Jingxuan heaved a long sigh of relief: "You're right, I'm not as good as it is. In this case, I can still think of these things. So, these Xianbei people are not premeditated?"

Liu Yu gritted his teeth: "Alan is right, these people in Nanyan, even most of the sergeants, don't know that Murong Chao will attack, Alan said that Hei Pao manipulated Murong Chao to do it, so Hei Pao is the culprit, Murong Chao is the culprit. Zhen is also leading his subordinates to attack, but there are only more than a hundred cavalry, obviously it is only a personal act, what we need to guard now is that Hei Pao or Murong Chao escaped in the chaos, we have to get into the city as soon as possible."

Liu Jingxuan said solemnly: "Then we can't push forward in such a large number of troops, this will affect the time and speed, send slaves, I will lead the iron bull and two or three hundred jumping soldiers to rush ahead, and now the cavalry in Murong Town is also blocked by the crowd. If we can’t rush up, we need to kill them as quickly as possible, cut them over, and then we can attack the city gate.”

A cold light flashed in Liu Yu's eyes: "A Shou, you are commanding the Central Army here, and I will personally lead Tie Niu to attack them."

Liu Jingxuan's expression changed and he said loudly, "No, you are the coach, you can't take risks lightly. I know you want to avenge Alan, but..."

Liu Yu said sternly: "Hei Pao has magic magic, which is not something that mortals can fight against. I said that the point of this battle is to capture Hei Pao. , help me command this place, I promised Alan that I will not kill innocent people, you restrain the army, don't slaughter the soldiers and civilians of the Yan Kingdom who are kneeling, and I can kill the black robe earlier."

Liu Jingxuan gritted his teeth: "In this case, you should be careful, and I will give you a marching order."

Liu Yu took out the military talisman from his arms and threw it at Liu Jingxuan: "Champion General Liu Jingxuan, now the command of the entire army is in your hands, quickly pacify this city inside and outside the city.

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, let everyone shout together to let the war go, if there are any who resist to the end, resolutely eliminate them, and for the time being, don't shoot arrows everywhere, hurt the innocent. If the enemy forces hijack the people and refuse to surrender, surround them, and find opportunities for the archers to shoot them. Don't let a traitor go, and don't kill a good man by mistake. In this battle, only the first evil will be punished, and the threat will never ask! "

Liu Jingxuan took the talisman in one hand, held it up high, and shook the horse a few times, so that the people around him could see clearly, and loudly said: "Only punish the first evil, never ask for threats, the Yan people who release war will be spared death. , If there are innocent people killed, military law is engaged!"

Thousands of sergeants heard it clearly, and said in unison: "Let's fight to avoid death, only punish the first evil, and never ask!"

In the sound of these thousands of people, Liu Yu suddenly rose into the sky, and the stalwart figure was like a green onion. Just in the cheers of everyone, he jumped to the front of the lance, on the shoulders of a sergeant, and he In front of him, the other soldiers understood and raised the big shields in their hands and put them on top of their heads. Liu Yu walked forward with a knife like this, and ran quickly from the top of these shields. In front of the formation~www.novelbuddy.com~ Xiang Mi had tears in his eyes as he looked at Liu Yu who had jumped up to his side. This tower-like man was already full of blood and tears, crying: "Brother Ji Nu, thief Killed the sister-in-law, the thief killed the sister-in-law!"

The tears that Liu Yu finally held back were about to be brought out by Xiang Mi when he cried like this, he resisted the grief in his heart and patted Xiang Mi's shoulder hard: "Good brother, it's not your fault, let's go now. To avenge Alan, the evil thief Heipao must not be allowed to escape!"

Xiang Mi shouted: "If I don't tear this thief into tens of thousands of pieces, I will be a man in vain!"

He said, with a big axe, a rain of blood poured out, facing more than ten paces ahead, kneeling on the ground, the trembling hundreds of Yan people shouted loudly: "Let's dodge, whoever stands in the way. Who am I going to kill!"

These frightened people quickly stood up and wanted to dodge to both sides. Suddenly, they heard a few sounds of sharp knives piercing the human body, accompanied by Murong Zhen's roar: "Don't retreat, rush forward, the people of the Murong clan. , there is no retreat, the ancestors will bless us, kill!"

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