Douluo Dalu 5 Rebirth of Tang San - Chapter 1147 after the wedding

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【Douluo Continent V Reborn Tang San】【】

With the end of the weddings of the two quasi-emperors, the ancestral court has regained its calm, and this wedding can also be said to be an official announcement to the entire continent that these two future emperors will be the mainstay of the ancestral court in the future. Of course, the premise is that they can officially overcome the calamity and become emperors.

On the second day of the wedding, Tang San brought the beautiful son to report to the ancestral court that he would continue to build the tower of life and bring more life energy to the ancestral court. After the tower of life was completed, he would start to retreat and practice , Ready to attack the throne of the emperor.

The ancestral family will allow everything, and spare no effort to provide the resources they need.

Tang San and Young Master Mei started their retreat in the Blue Gold Palace and continued to build the Tower of Life.

It wasn't until the seventh day of their wedding that the ancestral court received news from all parties that the human beings who used to live all over the continent suddenly disappeared strangely. No trace was left.

The sudden disappearance of millions of human beings is undoubtedly a big event, but how is it possible that there are no traces left?

The Tianhu Demon Emperor was furious, and immediately sent an investigation team from the ancestral court to investigate the situation.

But it's too late, human beings are so far away. The original gathering place of human beings has been completely burned by a fire, and all traces have been burned away.

After the ancestral court's investigation lasted for a month, there was still no conclusion. He also went to Kerry City to investigate. But nothing was discovered. Everything in Kerry City was as usual, and the original human settlements had long since ceased to exist.

In the absence of evidence, the Sky Fox Demon Emperor seemed to have no choice but to let it go.

Except for the Sky Fox Demon Emperor, the other emperors obviously have no interest in the disappearance of human beings. It's just a vassal race.

Tianhu Holy Mountain.

The Great Demon Emperor Tianhu stood on the top of the peak, looking into the distance.

Because of the isolation of the ancestral parliament mountain, from the position of the Tianhu holy mountain, the blue gold holy mountain where Tang San and Mr. Mei are located cannot be seen, and there is a bit of haze in his eyes.

For human beings, he has always been very vigilant, and sometimes he himself doesn't understand why, maybe it comes from the control of luck. Other emperors may not care, but he has always been very vigilant.

Although no evidence has been found so far, he is sure that this mass disappearance of humans must be related to Kerry City and Mr. Namei.

Originally, he thought that Young Master Mei had long since given up protecting the human race. He participated in the Battle of Occupying the Emperor, contested martial arts to recruit relatives, and chose Jin Miaolin from the Spirit Race as her husband. All these seemed to mean that she was integrating into the world of the Monster Race. among.

But he didn't expect to give himself a big one at this critical moment.

That's millions of humans! They were all teleported and disappeared. How inconceivable and what a great project is this? By means of a conveyor belt? This is impossible! When will the peacock demon clan have such a level of teleportation array?

More importantly, where can they take these humans? In the past few days, relying on his control of luck, he used the power of luck to reach the mainland, but he couldn't find any traces. Those humans seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

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【Douluo Continent V Reborn Tang San】【】

Although there are still many human beings living on the Fairy Continent, most of them disappeared this time.

The thorough investigation was fruitless. If it had been changed before, he would definitely call Mr. Mei to investigate strictly as the head of the ancestral family, and even resorted to some means.

But now it is undoubtedly impossible. Leaving aside the fact that Mr. Mei is already the quasi-emperor, she cannot be easily moved. Just now that she is retreating with Jin Miaolin, there is no way to do anything to her.

After the wedding, Jin Miaolin continued to build the Tower of Life on the Lanjin Palace. With the growth layer by layer, the life energy emitted by the Tower of Life became stronger and stronger. The ancestral home has now become an absolute holy place. Almost all races are crowded and want to gather in the ancestral home. It is really hard to find a pass to enter the ancestral court now, which also greatly improved the status of Jin Miaolin and even the Blue Gold Tree Clan.

Not to mention ordinary people and those nobles, even the emperors have recently clearly felt that the life energy brought by the Tower of Life is of great benefit to them.

Such benefits are irresistible. Who can resist the uplifting of life?

The Great Demon Emperor Tianhu proposed at the last ancestral court meeting that he would invite the beautiful son who was retreating with Jin Miaolin to come out to inquire about the disappearance of human beings. But it met with strong opposition. Not only the opposition from the Richen Empire was fierce, but even the Tianyu Empire also had great opposition.

All the emperors believed that at this time, Jin Miaolin and Young Master Mei could not be disturbed to practice crossing the catastrophe. They all look forward to Jin Miaolin's success in crossing the catastrophe and bringing a new life atmosphere to the ancestors.

To the surprise of Tianhu Demon Emperor, Jingfeng Demon Emperor, who had just obtained great benefits and became the lord of Crystal Wind City, had the most fierce opposition. He strongly expressed his opinion that since Young Master Mei has married Jin Miaolin, he must have nothing to do with human beings. And with the support of the Immortal Demon King, coupled with the presence of the beautiful son's grandfather, the White Tiger Demon King, the three major Demon Kings completely unified their views, and the Sword Saint Great Demon King also stood on their side. The only supporters on the Tianhu Demon Emperor's side are the Heaven-Splitting Demon Emperor and the Mammoth Demon Emperor.

Not to mention the spirits and monsters, the six Heavenly Essence Emperors of the Richen Empire all expressed their opposition.

The Tianhu Demon Emperor, who was in charge of the ancestral court on the bright side, this time the proposal was directly rejected without further discussion. This has never happened before.

Therefore, even if it is him, there is nothing he can do now.

Now we can only wait, waiting for their transcendence after retreat. For the first time, the Great Demon Emperor Tianhu felt that what he controlled was luck, not fate.

A wrinkle crawled out from the corner of the eye without a sound, and the Sky Fox Demon Emperor seemed to have aged a bit. But his pair of pupils are extraordinarily bright. Fate, after all, is still in your own hands.

Blue Gold Palace.

After retreating, Tang San and Young Master Mei blocked all news from the outside world.

The situation that the Sky Fox Great Demon Emperor is facing, UU Reading has long been expected by Tang San. He has made so much effort, he did not hesitate to show respect to Tianyang Tianjinghuang, why?

He is a former generation of **** kings, with his own dignity, for his own sake, he will never make false claims with these emperors. However, for the sake of humans on this plane, he is willing to bear all this.

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【Douluo Continent V Reborn Tang San】【】

Relying on Jin Miaolin's identity, she cleared almost all the checkpoints. Although Young Master Mei has human blood, but now she is not just the lord of Kerry City, but also the wife of Jin Miaolin, the patriarch of the Blue Gold Tree Clan. With this identity, It is her greatest protection.

Tang San put in so much effort to start the retreat, just to make this great migration of human beings pass through safely, leaving Zu Ting helpless. After he and Young Master Mei become emperors, all the problems will no longer be problems.

These days, Young Master Mei has been cultivating in the Blue-Gold Palace, relying on the surge of fairy energy to improve his cultivation. And Tang San was still building the Tower of Life. He didn't let Mrs. Mei continue to participate in the subsequent work. After all, her cultivation was still lacking. Taking advantage of this time, nourishing herself with the simplified version of fairy spirit and cultivating the Asura Divine Sword is more important than anything else. .

For them, it is true that time does not wait, when the critical time calculated by Tang San arrives, no matter what, they must go to attack the emperor.

The tower of life is built up layer by layer, the higher it goes up, the smaller the volume, and relatively speaking, it is easier to build, but the life energy it brings is also more intense.

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