Dimensional Eroders - Chapter 1198 wave of gratitude

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It was already the end of November when Bailang returned to Hogwarts. The heat of the triwizard struggle for hegemony gradually faded, and every warrior was hatching dragon eggs in full swing.

The grass on Cedric's grave is already three inches high, and the "virtual succubus Bodhisattva" among the six warriors has blossomed in both studies and careers. Successfully got out of the circle, the private [MOD] became popular all over Europe, and by the way, [new version-virtual academy] was also introduced into the 'Magic Network'.

The previous [Academy] was only trial-run on the 'School Network', and did not meet the operating standards of the 'Demon Network'. However, with the successful promotion of [Bitter Education] in the school, Bailang naturally began to envy the wider overseas market.

How many users does the real 'Magic Net' have? This is a blue ocean.

[Hogwarts] The total number of users in the whole school barely exceeds 10,000, and the "faith" and "coolies" provided gradually cannot support the squandering and waste of many small fungus people in [Baotou Township].

Lang is very clear that using the "faith and divine power" accumulated in the operation of [Kujiao] to give back to local users and create a virtuous ecological cycle, there will be no benefit after he returns to the paradise. On the contrary, the 'church system' that has been painstakingly constructed today will still be owned by the school.

Then change the way of thinking, let the [Standard Magic Web Edition. Academy] be launched violently, and first promote it in the other two European magic schools that have strategic cooperation, and cut the two little leeks. Then use the "big magic net" to promote it across Europe, and harvest more leeks in waves.

As for the global rollout? Bailang felt that he was moving fast, and he couldn't wait for that day. Therefore, he doesn't look at the future now, he only wants to squeeze the users as much as possible, and run away after harvesting a wave of 'divine power of the sea of ​​bitterness'.

Using the leeks in the current world to support their own little fungus, this bunch of little trash is Fufu's unbreakable basic disk, devout believers who can carry it with them. The higher the reinforcement today, the more substantial and long-lasting the future rewards will be.

Therefore, after discussing with his sister, Lang and his sister decided to continue to forcefully push the "Succubus Bodhisattva" to the top position, and open up the European market with the edge-cutting MOD, and now the response is very strong.

Half of the topics in the [Triwizard Contest] revolve around the female Bodhisattva, who is known as a peerless beauty who comes out every 3,000 years, and the white moonlight in the hearts of all magic school boys in the world.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Counsel's [Big Data Virtual Succubus Way] has also been tempered; and Lang's [Bitter Education] is also disguised as a "small program" and packaged into the [Virtual Academy] and they are out of the UK. to the world.

[Bitter education] is low-key, but it still attracts many users by virtue of its very friendly basic functions such as [Memory Sacrifice] and "Combining the Power of Hard Learning".

Because for students, even if they don't get 'coolies', they still have to study hard. Then you might as well believe in [hard education] part-time, and you can extract [power of hard study] out of thin air from the daily heavy studies. Why not do it?

It is said that in the hidden mode of [Virtual Academy], [coolie] can be used instead of krypton gold to recharge and enter the mysterious interface. Where is there countless [inside mode MOD] published anonymously by [Crying Immortal] who does not want to reveal his real name for those who are destined to come and choose, the content is quite wow!

This is the real reason why [Bitter Education] is so popular in the European magic net. Lang and his cowardly sister join forces, there will be no disadvantages!

With his hands behind his back, Gawain stood on the top of the Hogwarts clock tower, looking up at the starry sky at 45°∠: "How inconvenient is the Spring Cry?!"

Lang had to admit that [72 beauties MOD] is really a missionary weapon for those ordinary people who live a miserable life. The only shortcoming is that the content is too "extravagant and lustful", which does not conform to the value of "study hard".

But the counseling girl was eloquent and said: "This is studying physiological knowledge hard. It's very "Biology". What doesn't fit it?"

Kesha's success in getting out of the circle allowed her to use the [magic net] to absorb the "magic essence" from the air by a hundred times, and her comprehensive strength has already crushed the "momoran renzhuli". compared to her.

Bailang feels that in the current world, she is expected to break through to the fourth level, condense the private (big data succubus) rules, and even ascend to [Witch Paradise].

Of course, after entering the paradise, the strength of this fourth-order native will be re-converted. Although there are aboriginal advantages, the foundation is obviously not comparable to that of normal contractors.

I have always seen newcomers laughing, but where can I hear old people crying?

While Corsa was advancing all the way, another topical figure in this tournament, 'Harry Potter', gradually faded out of public view and was gradually forgotten by his classmates. Only the other two members of the Iron Triangle were still thinking about him.

It's a pity that Ron's "visiting to borrow money from gambling" several times was rejected by the school hospital.

On this day, Bailang suddenly remembered that the promise he had made to Snape had not been fulfilled until now? Lang, who had already stored enough 'House Elf Shedding Technique', broke into the private office of the Dean, determined to understand the cause and effect.

Doing what I say has always been my way of tolerance in Outlander!

However, when he rushed into the office, what he saw was a greasy old man with bloodshot eyes, haggard, exhausted, painful, and regretful.

At this moment Snape was lowering his head, rubbing his greasy wig in frustration. Because of the excessive force, a corner of the scalp was directly lifted, revealing the smooth forehead covered with complex blood-colored magic patterns.

This is the ultimate destination of all [Magic Net Dragonborn].

Hearing the sound of footsteps and seeing Bailang rushing in, the dean quickly sat up straight, not noticing the crooked greasy long hair.

At this moment, Bailang also secretly admired the other party's wit, actually using 'greasy' to paralyze everyone, what a genius idea!

If a teacher of the Snake Academy always has long hair that does not need to be taken care of but is always smooth and shiny, then everyone will inevitably doubt its authenticity, and finally expose the truth that it is a wig through clues.

But Dean Snape took a different approach, intentionally defiled himself, and misled everyone with his long, greasy hair, which was his usual style. Who would doubt that long greasy hair is fake?

"Your Excellency, what are you talking about?"

Bailang looked around casually, and there were several potion pots in the office that had been brewed or were being boiled; there was a tall stack of magic books on the desk, many of which were still opened, showing a messy and scribbled style.

Judging from the mental state and clothing of the other party, he has not had a good rest for a long time, and has been constantly flipping through the classics, and at the same time distractedly refined a variety of potions with different effects. Could it be related to Harry who is undergoing 'full closed rehabilitation training'?

He was thinking wildly in his mind, but Lang replied calmly: "I will fulfill my promise and create a heroic spirit for you."

The dean leaned tiredly on the chair, waved his hands, and said in relief: "No need, please go back."

"What the **** happened?"

Bailang was surprised by this. When he didn't get the school's investment, he relied on [House Elf Lily]'s plan to cheat the first start-up capital from Snape. Since then, he has been hanging on Lao Si, constantly giving himself blood transfusions For private use of public money making devices, [Xiaonei] server is provided.

It can be said that the success of [Virtual Academy] is all due to the dean's full support, and I, Altlander, must pay back this karma!

"Is it related to Harry Potter?"

Hearing this name, Dean broke the defense in a second, as if the last line of defense of the soul had been pierced by the power of words, his expression suddenly became heavy and painful again, and he fell into deep self-blame.

Because Bailang broke his little secret back then (recalling his childhood wife (Lily) in the instigating memory), he didn't hide it: "I recently joined Harry's rehabilitation team and have been working hard to help him recover, but I don't want to Powerless, watching his condition worsen a little bit, but nothing can help. Every time I sleep, I always dream of Lily, and see her eyes full of disappointment. I failed her and failed to protect her son. It's pain, the more I realize that no matter how real the "Heroic Lily" you said, even the other "River of Time" is not the one in my life. It's just a false substitute, I now No need! You go!"

"Oh... so you think so? It's not wrong." Lang began to psychoanalyze the client.

Based on his many years of experience as a senior professor of [Waaagh Psychology], Bailang judged Snape's mental state at the moment, which is hypocritical to put it bluntly. And his heart knot is 'Harry', so Lang once again found the point of returning karma.

In fact, Snape was gratified that he could think so.

After all, he is the one who has been hanging on the other party to send money to support his career. Now if he returns a 'house elf Lily' wearing a MOD skin to pretend to be a high-end inflatable pillow, it would be a bit of bullying to an honest person.

Now, all he needs to do is help the dean end the demons brought by 'Harry', and he can also replace 'House Elf Lily'. Even... Lang suddenly had a better way.

"Ahem, can you tell me about Harry's situation? You should know that I am not an aborigine in this world. In fact, I am also an excellent doctor who has experienced a lot and has traveled countless worlds. I have treated countless difficult and complicated diseases. disease. The principal (Lord of Dragonborn) doesn't really care about Harry's state. Harry is just a **** in the big man's game, and will even use his current 'illness' to promote his own plan. But I am different, I am yours Friends, worry about what you want, think about what you want, maybe I can help you."

As if feeling Lang's pleading words, or rushing to the doctor in a hurry, Snape fell into memory.

Ever since the expert group discussed the most perfect 'remedial plan', Harry has actually been perfectly healed physically. Even a test was carried out on the spot, and the data in all aspects were quite perfect, and even exceeded.

From then on, it was all 'heart disease' that troubled him. The Horcrux.Diary revived the "Black Demon Fairy" and completed the "soul connection" with the other six Horcruxes.

Afterwards, the Black Demon Immortal was taken away by the group of terrorist contractors, and began to reconnect with a certain Deng to practice "Pollution Edition. Buddha Karma Twins" together. So far, no matter whether Harry is awake during the day or sleeping at night, whenever the "Dark Demon Immortal" opposite his soul reaches a certain "peak" in Buddhism dual cultivation, he will uncontrollably leak and pass on his feelings.

So during the final recovery period, I often saw Harry feeling severe forehead pain during the day, raising his hand to cover the scar, and then a burst of soul pain, and was forced to be pulled into the spiritual channel of the "Dark Fairy" on the other side to bear with him Conquest, all kinds of strong first-person feelings hit like a tsunami.

Just once, it brought Harry an indescribable 'mental stimulation', causing his threshold to increase tenfold. But this kind of thing, he can't tell the outside world at all. Even if he said it, no one could really put himself in his shoes and understand his thoughts.

This state lasted for several days before it was discovered by the expert team that something was wrong. It wasn't until Dean Snape, an "Occlumency Expert" extracted a memory with [Legiliency], that the experts realized how serious Harry's condition was?

In order to protect him, it was too late to learn any [Occlumency] at this time. Instead, Dean Snape personally performed the top-level 'Occlumency' on Potter every 6 hours to isolate him from the 'Occlumency'. The Dark Fairy' link.

Both the expert group and Snape thought that as long as the isolation lasted for a long time, it could help Harry get rid of his psychological shadow and regain his glory little by little.

However, the most painful and unacceptable thing happened to Snape. The high-intensity soul shock for many days before that made Harry's three views passively distorted and gradually changed into the shape of a 'Dark Fairy'.

Not only did he master part of the operating route of "Buddha Karma Twins" without a teacher, but at the same time, he also fell into a contradictory vortex of self-struggle in his three views. 'Connect.

It was as if some kind of withdrawal reaction made Harry extremely tormented, and he couldn't help breaking the [Brain Occlusion] during sleep to connect to the 'Dark Fairy' on the opposite side of his soul.

In the original book, Snape tried his best to help Harry practice [Occlumency], but Harry couldn't learn it life and death, and was successfully read by Snape again and again.

But now, it turned out that the dean was desperately applying [Brain Occlusion] to Harry, layer by layer, so strong that the 'Dark Fairy' on the opposite side of the soul couldn't break through.

But Harry broke through the closed brain defense without a teacher (strong obsession), and chose to embrace the "Dark Demon Fairy" to experience the bliss of double cultivation "Buddha Karma Twins".

Recently, Snape painfully found that Harry was becoming more and more weird, but he could do nothing but watch the situation worsen. And the "expert group" he was in seemed to have come to a new conclusion, and there was an obvious change in "curing Harry".

Snape is now also a high-level executive of the 'Lord Force' and has a lot of internal information. For example, the conspiracy of hostile forces is suspected of using the "Dark Demon Immortal" as a sacrifice to upgrade the appointed boss and pull it into the pollution camp to destroy the school's plans.

In addition, the close connection between the "Dark Fairy" and Harry also turned Harry into a "gift" of this conspiracy. For the big boss, selling the Dark Fairy will give Harry a gift.

Now whether Harry's bad changes, the enemy's conspiracy, or the school's behavior of using Harry as a chess piece in a reverse game, the dean feels uneasy and powerless. He wanted to do something, but there was nothing he could do.

After understanding Snape's thoughts, Bailang felt that there was nothing difficult to deal with, and tried to enlighten him: "The dilemma your Excellency is facing seems difficult to solve, but it may not be unsolvable."

Snape seemed to have grasped a life-saving straw, and asked: "How do you explain this?"

"You want Harry to completely return to the state before the 'second round'. It is doomed to be impossible. The human soul is like a blank hard drive, once written, it will leave traces. You also said, no matter how true Lily, it’s not the one in your life either. Harry’s situation is the same, even if your treatment is as good as it is perfect, you have experienced soul connection, and experienced a “magic practice” that is far beyond the experience of a normal boy by a hundred times. After raising the threshold , he also can’t go back.”

"So don't regret it anymore, don't dwell on the past, and look forward. How to help Harry better adapt to the current state, don't fall into the enemy's conspiracy, don't sink into the soul connection of the black magic fairy. UU reading www.uukanshu .com is the most important thing!"

Snape asked, "What to do then?"

"You have to accept the current Harry, don't look at him with discriminating eyes, accept everything about him now, respect LGBT, and help him adapt to the current form, and then get out of the current predicament." Said, Lang from the storage space Among them, the [Witch Potion] that was opened from the box of the Witch Contractor in the last round of trial missions was found.

This wave is Lang's repayment, clarifying the cause and effect with Snape. Although I passed your Lily, I will give you another Harley! Debt paid, may your dreams.

Drinking this bottle of [Witch Potion] and embarking on the path of a witch from now on will be the correct cure, and this will be the mainstream trend of the universe!

Once promoted to Sequence 7, Harley will definitely be blessed with a pig's foot halo! You must know that Mrs. Rowling, the creator of the world, who did not abide by the LGBT rules, was expelled from the authorship! This is where destiny lies.

If Harley can dye her own life black and precious, and then superimpose the eighteen halos of vegetarianism, extreme environmentalism, small animal protection, green religion, etc., then the "Dark Demon Fairy and White Demon King" is nothing!

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