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In the "Fengshen" dungeon, it seems that because of the existence of saints and the way of heaven, there is no trace of the player, which also makes the story of the gods continue according to the original trend.

Because Wang Xian and Nangong Wu wanted to gain more benefits in the "Conferred God Tribulation", they did not do anything that would affect the catastrophe.

The two of them eat, drink, and play in Di Xin's palace every day, and go to the city to play by the way.

Soon after, a Taoist came to the palace to meet Di Xin and presented him with a wooden sword.

This Daoist is naturally the cloud neutron in the teaching, and it is also one of the mysterious beings in the conferred gods.

This guy appeared very rarely in Fengshen, and unlike the Twelve Golden Immortals of Chanjiao, Yun Zhongzi didn't kill him even though he participated in the "Fengshen Great Tribulation".

Moreover, Yun Zhongzi offered his wooden sword to Di Xin, in order to get rid of the thousand-year-old fox spirit Su Daji and change the fate of the Shang Dynasty.

The demise of the Shang Dynasty was the decision of several great saints, not something that could be changed by a cloud of neutrons.

But even if Yun Zhongzi did such a thing, he did not fall into the "God Conferred Catastrophe", which shows that he is not an ordinary mystery.

There are rumors that Yun Zhongzi is the reincarnation of the mighty Red Cloud Patriarch of the Great Desolate Period. It was Heavenly Dao who wanted to make up for what he had been calculated, so he was in a catastrophe and should not be robbed.

By the way, some netizens jokingly called Yun Zhongzi the originator of genetically modified humans, and the reason was that he transformed Lei Zhenzi into a bird man.

Wang Xian was still very interested in the first blessed immortal among the conferred gods, but when Yun Zhongzi entered the palace to see Di Xin, he and Nangong Wu were hanging out in Chaoge City, and when they heard the news, they rushed to the palace. , Yun Neutron has already left.

This more or less disappointed Wang Xian, but it was only a trace. After all, there will be opportunities in the future.

"Wang Feng and Nangong's worship came just right. Gu got a treasure, which was given by Yun Zhongzi, a Qi refiner from Zhong Nanshan. The two are both practitioners. Help Gu to see how this treasure is."

Seeing Wang Xian and Nangong Wu, Di Xin beckoned Wang Xian and Nangong Wu to come to him.

Wang Xian and Nangong Wu naturally knew what the treasure Yun Zhongzi had given him was just a wooden sword that could identify monsters.

Neither of them were very interested in such treasures, but when Di Xin invited them, they naturally wouldn't refuse. They could only pretend to be curious and come to Di Xin.

The wooden sword given by Yun Zhongzi is called "Withered Pine Giant Que Sword".

At this time, the wooden sword was wrapped in a fine silk cloth. When Wang Xian and Nangong Wu approached, Di Xin opened the silk cloth, but the next scene made everyone dumbfounded.

When the silk cloth was opened, a bright light suddenly erupted from the wooden sword. Although the light did not cause any damage, after shining on Wang Xian and Nangong Wu, the disguise of Wang Xian and Nangong Wu was instantly invalidated and restored. The two of them were the way they were.

Dixing: …

Wang Xian: …

Nangong Dance:…

The three looked at each other in dismay, while the guards in the palace took out their weapons after a brief period of astonishment and surrounded Wang Xian and Nangong Wu.

However, because Wang Xian and Nangong Wu were too close to Di Xin at this time, those guards did not take action immediately, but judging from their tense bodies, as long as Wang Xian and Nangong Wu made any move, they would not take action. He hesitated to wave the weapons in his hands towards Wang Xian and Nangong Wu.

Di Xin looked at Wang Xian and Nangong Wu who had recovered their appearance, and after being silent for a while, he waved to the surrounding guards, signaling them to step back.

A kind of guard hesitated for a while, but after all, under Di Xin's stern eyes, he put away his weapon and retreated a few meters away.

"Wang worship, Nangong worship, what do you two want to say to Gu?"

Di Xin wrapped the wooden sword in silk again, put it aside, and said calmly to Wang Xian and Nangong Wu.

Wang Xian glanced at the withered pine giant sword that was put aside by Di Xin, and couldn't help complaining in his heart: Doesn't this broken wooden sword recognize monsters, why did he and Nangong Wu's disguise be broken?

Although he was puzzled in his heart, Wang Xian didn't care. It wasn't a big deal that he just returned to his original appearance.

Moreover, look at Di Xin's current attitude

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, and only slightly unhappy.

"Your Majesty, you can also see that our current appearance is too different from ordinary people, and my husband and wife have some social fears, for fear of attracting the attention of many people, so I pretended." Wang Xian said.

Di Xin took a closer look at Wang Xian and Nangong Wu and nodded, but thinking of what Wang Xian said just now, he asked, "What is social fear?"

"Uh... that is when a lot of people pay attention, it will cause panic in the heart." Wang Xian explained.

"I see."

Di Xin nodded again, then looked at Wang Xian and said, "I don't know anything about the solitary thing, and I hope that the king will enshrine it as the solitary person."

"Your Majesty, please speak."

"When Gu Gu saw you for the first time, I felt your incomparable kindness, but now Gu sees your true face, and the kind of intimacy is even more. What's going on? Could it be that you imposed on Gu? magic?"

Di Xin looked at Wang Xian suspiciously.

If it weren't for that inexplicable favor, he wouldn't have made Wang Xian a worshiper of the palace after meeting Wang Xian for the first time, and by the way, Nangong Wu also became a worshiper of the palace.

"Uh, I don't understand this either, I thought the king was the enshrined of the palace because of our strength.

As for casting spells?

The king laughed.

The king is a human emperor, and is blessed by humanity, and all spells cannot be applied to the king. "Wang Xian said.

Di Xin did not continue on this issue, but pulled up Wang Xian and chatted with Wang Xian about Nangong Wu's clothes.

Wang Xian didn't understand what Di Xin meant by all the compliments about Nangong Wu's clothes.

It wasn't until Nangong Wu took out a number of extremely gorgeous dresses from her backpack that Di Xin didn't pay any attention to Wang Xian, which made Wang Xian realize what Di Xin's words just meant.

"Wang worship, Nangong worship, you two continue to eat and drink here, Gu go back first."

Di Xin took the dresses that Nangong Wu took out and went straight to the harem.

Wang Xian: …

After Di Xin left, Wang Xian and Nangong Wu didn't stay any longer. As for the food in the palace, although it tasted good, it was still not as good as it is now. Neither of them ate much, so they chose to leave the palace.

After that, Wang Xian and Nangong Wu did not disguise again, but changed clothes that fit the era.

The reason for this is because Nangong Wu said that her identity as a woman is more likely to protect Queen Jiang, otherwise it would be unreasonable to approach Queen Jiang as a man.

Time passed by, and the matter of the withered pine giant **** sword seemed to be forgotten. Even Wang Xian thought that this kind of thing would not happen, suddenly news came from the palace that Su Daji was ill.

After Wang Xian heard the news, he rushed to the palace as soon as possible.

After inquiring about Wei Wei, Wang Xian learned that Su Daji was really frightened by the Giant Que Sword of Withered Pine.

Wang Xian was a little puzzled. The withered pine giant tower sword has been received by Di Xin in the treasure house. How could Su Daji be scared?

I want to check it out, but the Kusong Juque Sword has already been burned by Di Xin. There are many people in the palace, and there may be strong people watching secretly. Wang Xian has no way to use the time to return to the past, so he can only give up. to investigate this matter.

Although the withered pine giant sword was burnt down, Du Yuanxian, the chief officer of Su Daji's Demon Qi Division, found it.

Du Yuanxian informed Di Xin of the matter, and Di Xin was furious, but instead of killing Du Yuanxian directly as in the original book "Fengshen", he called Wang Xian back after drinking Du Yuanxian.

When Wang Xian arrived, after Di Xinping retreated from the guards in the hall, he looked at Wang Xian hesitantly. After a long time, he said: "Wang worship, can human monsters really live in peace?"

When Wang Xian heard this, he looked at Di Xin in surprise.

Judging from Di Xin's words, Di Xin obviously discovered Su Daji's true identity!

This also makes Wang Xian have to admire, even if Di Xin has not stepped into the path of cultivation, but as a human emperor, he still has the ability that ordinary people can't understand, and he can even identify Su Daji's true identity.

Of course, this is just Wang Xian's guess. It may also be that Su Daji was frightened by the withered pine giant sword before, and inadvertently emitted a monster.

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Angry, only then did Di Xin discover Su Daji's abnormality.

"Your Majesty, humans and demons are both living beings between heaven and earth, since they are both living beings, they can naturally coexist peacefully.

Of course, some evil demons, who like to eat people, should be eliminated. After pondering for a while, Wang Xian said to Di Xin.

"Hahahahaha..." When Di Xin heard the words, he looked up to the sky and laughed loudly: "The words of the king worship are very lonely, very lonely!"

When the words fell, Di Xin stood up, pulled out the other sword from his waist, thrust towards the sky with force, and said extremely domineeringly: "Gu is the emperor, what if Concubine Ai is a demon, as long as Gu is willing, no one can hurt The concubine of love!"

"Your Majesty..."

There was a soft drink that almost made one's bones soft, and then a slender and soft figure threw himself into Di Xin's arms.

"Concubine Ai, is your body okay?"

Di Xin looked at the beauty in his arms with love, and the beauty in Di Xin's arms also looked at Di Xin with affection.

One person and one demon looked at each other like that, and their cheeks were getting closer and closer, and just as their lips were about to touch, a light cough sounded.

One person froze instantly after biting, and then looked at Wang Xian who made a light cough at the same time.

"Wang worship, you really have no eyesight." Di Xin said quietly.

Wang Xian opened his mouth, and finally spit out three words: "Then I'll go?"

"Forget it, I just have something to ask for help from the king."

Di Xin waved his hand, and after wrapping his arms around Su Daji, he said to Wang Xian.

"What's the matter, Your Majesty?"

Wang Xian asked.

"Wang worship wait a moment."

Di Xin said something to Wang Xian, then looked at Su Daji beside him, and asked expectantly, "Can Concubine Ai show her tail?"

Su Daji was stunned for a moment.

Wang Xian was also stunned.

After a while, Su Daji revealed her fox tail under Di Xin's expectant gaze.

Di Xin excitedly grabbed his hand towards Su Daji's tail, and when he caught it, his face suddenly showed a more pleasant look.

Wang Xian had a weird look on his face. He seriously doubted that the reason why Di Xin didn't care whether Su Daji was a monster or not was because he wanted to lick the fox's tail.

Su Daji's face was blushing, and the fox's tail can be said to be the more sensitive part of the fox. Although she was happy inside, she couldn't avoid being shy.

One person and one demon directly hang Wang Xian there, lingering like no one else, as if completely forgetting Wang Xian's existence.

There is no Confucianism in the current era, so the folk customs are still relatively open. Wang Xian watched Di Xin lick the fox's tail, and suddenly felt that his hands were a little itchy. Fortunately, he directly put the consciousness into the inner world.

After passing a message to a certain "Xiangong" disciple in the inner world, the "Xiangong" disciple immediately flew towards the world of martial arts.

Soon after, Su Jin's figure appeared in Wang Xian's inner world, and Wang Xian also directly pulled Su Jin from the inner world to his side.

Su Jinzheng wondered why Wang Xian brought himself to the copy of "Fengshen", and felt that his fox tail was grabbed by Wang Xian and kneaded.

Su Jin's sudden appearance also caught the attention of Di Xin and Su Daji, especially when they saw Su Jin's appearance, their eyes almost popped out.

Wang Xian also pinched Su Jin's fox's ear with his right hand, looking at the envious look on Di Xin's face and couldn't hide it.

"Concubine Ai, can you do that to her?"

Di Xin couldn't help asking Su Daji in his arms.

"Your Majesty, my cultivation base is still low, and I can't show my ears alone."

Su Daji shook her head.

When Di Xin heard the words, he immediately showed a look of disappointment, then looked at Wang Xian and said, "Wang Feng, don't you introduce me to Gu?"

"Su Jin, my Taoist companion."

Wang Xian briefly introduced.

"Hello, Your Majesty."

Su Jin also greeted Di Xin, and then turned his curious eyes to Su Daji, who also looked forward to staring at Su Jin.


Di Xin just watched a

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After looking at Su Jin, he looked away, which made Wang Xian's favor for Di Xin doubled.

"Wang Feng, I wonder if you have any way to improve the strength of Concubine Ai?"

Di Xin still has an inexplicable obsession with fox ears, and wants to get a solution from Wang Xian.

Wang Xian shook his head. Just when Di Xin was extremely disappointed, Wang Xian said, "Although I can't do anything about it, Xiaojin has a solution."

"Is what the king worshipped true?"

Di Xin looked at Su Jin eagerly.

Su Jin understood what Wang Xian meant and wanted her to transform Su Daji into a fox, so he nodded lightly in the eyes of Di Xin's expectation.

"Could that method hurt Concubine Ai?"

Di Xin asked worriedly.

"No, on the contrary, it should improve some of the strength of the empress." Su Jin said.

"Then please let this fairy!" Di Xin thanked.

Under the curious eyes of Di Xin and Su Daji, Su Jin transformed into the real body of a fox, and then spit out a drop of blood essence.

Afterwards, Su Jin returned to human form, and Wang Xian also explained to Di Xin and Su Daji: "This is Xiao Jin's blood essence, which can transform any race into a fox race."

"Fox people?"

Both Di Xin and Su Daji looked at Wang Xian with puzzled eyes.

In their perception, the fox clan is the fox clan, the human clan is the human clan, what is the fox clan?

Wang Xian explained with a smile: "The fox people are one of the branches of the ancient people."

"A branch of the human race? That is to say, after Aifei becomes a fox human race, can it be regarded as a human race?"

The color of surprise instantly filled Di Xin's face.

As the king of a country, although he doesn't care about other people's eyes and opinions, he is a king after all, and some things still have to be scrutinized, such as those "stubborn" veterans in the court.

Now, there is a reason to block the mouths of those old officials, and to allow Su Daji to appear in the public in the image of a "fox", this is simply too beautiful for him!

"Concubine Ai, take it quickly."

Di Xin urged Su Daji.

Su Daji didn't hesitate and swallowed the blood essence suspended in front of her.

A gentle light radiated from Su Daji's body instantly, and the light quickly formed a light cocoon, wrapping Su Daji in it.

"Don't worry, Your Majesty, this is a necessary part of the transformation process. When the light cocoon dissipates, everything is complete."

Looking at Di Xin who was worried, Wang Xian said with a smile.


Di Xin nodded, but his eyes stared at the light cocoon that wrapped Su Daji without blinking.

Seeing that Wang Xian persuaded Di Xin not to move, he did not continue to say more, anyway, it would be fine in a while.

"What level of bloodline?"

Wang Xian asked Su Jin in a low voice.

"Nine tails!"

Su Jin said of course.

Wang Xian: …

"What's wrong?"

Aware that Wang Xian was wrong, Su Jin immediately asked.

"You really deserve it!"

Wang Xian said very distressed.

The "nine-tailed demon fox bloodline" is second only to Su Jin's own "ten-tailed celestial fox bloodline", and with the bloodline of the "nine-tailed demon fox bloodline", it is possible to create a complete fox human race.

In fact, Wang Xian's original intention was to give Su Daji a "five-tailed" demon fox bloodline, but Su Jin took out the few "nine-tailed demon fox bloodline".

"Brother-in-law, you don't know."

Su Jin muttered.

"Forget it, nine tails are just nine tails, which just fits Su Daji's character."

Wang Xian sighed and said, "How many vacancies are there for the bloodline of the nine-tailed demon fox?"

The bloodline of the nine-tailed demon fox belongs to the bloodline of mythical-level quality, and it is also the top bloodline of the mythic-level quality. In addition, in order to cope with the sudden situation, Su Jin did not convert all the bloodline of the nine-tailed demon fox.

"Two more."

Su Jin said.

"It's okay, don't use the remaining two places indiscriminately."

Wang Xian advises

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"Know it!"

Su Jin nodded again and"

An extremely charming voice suddenly sounded, and then the light cocoon in front of Di Xin dissipated, and a pink and white fox with nine tails that was more than three meters long and nearly two meters high appeared in front of the three of them.


Di Xin stared at the huge fox in front of him.

Although he likes to lick the fox's tail, the fox in front of him is too big, right?

Moreover, what he likes is Su Daji, who has a fox tail and ears in human form, not a real fox!

"Wang worship?"

Di Xin immediately turned his attention to Wang Xian.

Both Wang Xian and Su Jin looked at the huge pink nine-tailed fox in confusion.

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Chapter 753 Su Daji was reincarnated into the fox people! Read it for free: https://,!


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