Deep Space Beyond - v2 Chapter 543 suffocating moral struggle

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Chapter 543: The Suffocating Daoist Controversy

Primitive **** battle, a very ancient fighting, can be called the real—— Dao war, or Dao war.

It is a life-and-death duel exclusive to the true saints, and the level involved is too high.

When it comes to it, the faces of all supernatural beings will suddenly change!

Because of its incomparable bloodiness and cruelty, it often ends in the complete destruction of one of the true holy dojos.

Once this kind of **** battle between the Supreme Dao and Dao Lineages is completely free, all parties will feel horrified.

No matter who it is or how strong it is, if it gets involved, it will be very difficult to get out.

Any ethnic groups and sects that are involved in the ashram caught in the primitive **** battle, as well as the true saint ashrams of the same level who have irreversible relationships, will feel uneasy.

In history, it is not uncommon for the true sages who couldn't get rid of their sympathy to help their friends die, and it is even more **** for a group of powerful aliens to participate in the war.

Primordial **** battles existed long ago in the Old Sacred Era. Today, the **** ceremony was officially carried out, and the entire supernatural center was shaken.

Everyone knows that this great era will never be peaceful.

The Millennium War is about to start, everyone, are you ready? Doesn't someone often feel that life is flat? Then join in.

In this situation, unless he is crazy, who would dare to commit suicide? Getting even a little closer could bring disaster to one's sect.

It's fine to talk about it on weekdays, it's just a joke, under the tide of this big era, whoever dares to move forward will be photographed as a child fan.

Many people speculate that there will be no Millennium War this time, and that kind of environment does not exist.

The Five Tribulations Mountain is in a very weak position, how can it stop the hunting of the saints? The ending is doomed to be sad, like a candle in the starry sky that shines briefly and then goes out quickly.

The Black Gold Lion Clan, the Sky Hedgehog Clan, and the Two-headed Human Clan are really vicious, and they are quite hated, even an outsider like me can't stand it. The three clans were the first to betray, which set a very bad example, and now they have announced their participation in the war in a high-profile manner. It is ruthless enough to bite the Five Tribulations Mountain like jackals against Meng, who treated them well.

Many people nodded, thinking that the three clans are too ruthless and can escape, but it is really cold by nature to go back against the old master with whom they had a good relationship in the past.

People are not ruthless and unstable, and the three clans have been able to prosper for such a long time. Naturally, there is a reason for it. All of them have powerful aliens sitting in the city, standing at the crossroads of fate, and making their most correct choice. There are also a few people who say so.

Everyone knows that the three clans have gone all the way to the dark, and there is no retreat. It is estimated that they are more fierce in the Daoist struggle than Guixu, Tattoo Palace, etc.

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Many people are more sympathetic to Wujie Mountain, but there is nothing they can do to help them. How can they help the real saint-level shopping?

At this time, there is nothing to say, please hire someone quickly!

According to the rules, both sides can invite masters to end the game, and whoever can invite top extraordinary people to help is considered the ability of the other party, and the saints have witnessed that they will not stop it.

In this real Daoist struggle, some supreme beings are watching, which can be regarded as indirect supervision.

The envoy dojo, the saints dispersed, and more specific news related to it further spread and spread, triggering a major earthquake in the other world and the entire star sea.

I'm going, ruthless, I thought that Guixu, Tattoo Palace, etc. would be more reserved, and would enter the arena in a relay, but I didn't expect that Wang Zha would come up, and the Four Saints would come directly. Is there any suspense? The start of the war is the end of the war!

Many people are hotly discussing that if the four saints come out together and attack an opponent together, is it still necessary to fight?

This kind of **** battle, which is destined to become a typical tragic event, usually takes place at the end of the era, but now this era is still in the early stage.

There was news that Wujieshan, as the party being attacked and the weak one, had the right to enter the arena first to make arrangements. It was reported that the True Sage Wujie might have to evolve into the Primordial Spirit Battlefield and might abandon his physical body.

It has to be said that the news from the extraordinary world is very well-informed. All the saints witnessed the opening of the **** ceremony on the spot, and a lot of reliable information came out after the show.

People speculated that the True Sage Wu Jie would have no chance of winning with one against four, so he could only find another way, open up a new battlefield, and try his best to change the disadvantages.

Chapter 543 The Suffocating Daoist Controversy

Among them, Yuanshen Battlefield is undoubtedly a way, he may abandon his physical body and transform all of it into the power of Yuanshen, regardless of the supreme Dao fruit in the future.

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Moreover, he will probably combine the supreme spiritual world that already exists in the extraordinary universe, with the help of the chaotic thunder and 14-color wonders there.

This kind of place is naturally suitable for the primordial spirit to travel. Although the real saint can enter in the flesh, it will be relatively slow.

In addition, people analyzed that he might arrange some kind of legendary holy-level killing array, which is the only chance to turn things around.

But it's very difficult. Lu Kun, the eldest disciple of the True Sage of Wujie, has defected. How can he not know the trump cards of his master? If there is a super true holy killing array, I am afraid it will also be broken


It's too difficult. We outsiders analyze and discuss, and think of ideas for Wujieshan together. We can't find any way to break the situation in words, on the keyboard, to increase their strength.

This is a fact, and there are not many theoretical solutions, let alone practical implementation.

Don't forget about the deceased, will he give Wujie True Sage a set of supreme killing arrays, if this is the case, it is really possible to reverse.

Unless it is the lost ones, known as the accumulation of the essence of the past dynasties in the extraordinary center, it is the top few chaotic killing formations, etc., otherwise, if you want to kill the four saints, then don't think too much about it. However, it should be difficult to reproduce such a series of magic circles, and even if there were, it would be difficult to arrange them by one's own strength.

It has to be said that on Chaofan Network, everyone is an expert, and all parties are analyzing and discussing.

To a certain extent, the means of opposing the dojo are all clear cards, and they can be calculated by each other. It is not very realistic to use any secret killer, and various situations can be predicted in advance.

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