Deep Space Beyond - v2 Chapter 429 swallow hell

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The crescent moon hangs obliquely, the sky is full of stars, and the night is soft and quiet.

Wang Xuan sat on the back of the red carp and went east along the sparkling river, without returning to Su City.

Behind him, in the distant mountain range, a beam of energy shot into the sky, and an umbrella-like light illuminated the night.

The distant view of tearing apart the black sky is in stark contrast to the quiet beauty in front of him. Wang Xuan did not look back, he sat quietly on the red carp, and disappeared at the end of the sky.

All parties in Su City were surprised. Some people looked up at the night sky a hundred miles away. There seemed to be abnormal light radiation there, illuminating the night sky.

Soon, the distant detector captured a clear picture, and the satellite also sent back some pictures, which shocked everyone.

"It's the direction the Sun family's battleship left, could it be that they were attacked?" Someone in Su Cheng said in surprise.

Are Nova's rules broken?

It looked like a powerful battleship was exchanging fire. That vast mountain ridge collapsed and turned into a sea of ​​light!

"The Sun family has a base in that area, there is a high probability that something will go wrong!"

Sucheng, all parties were shocked, how many years has there been no such thing? The battleships exchanged fire, and a base turned into a terrifying energy fire.

The base camp of the Qian family and the Li family is here.

"The Sun family just used the battleship to clear out the young man Wang Xuan, but they themselves had an accident*, is this a coincidence?"

"Bright fireworks, illuminating the night sky, that mountain has melted, it's unbelievable, the super chaebol Sun's family was attacked."

Who shot it, and how many warships attacked the base? Until now it is unknown.

People are waiting for the results of the investigation.

All parties felt incredible, too many accidents happened this night.

The Sun family seemed to be shrouded in a cloud. Several old men and several middle-aged men were sitting together. The dull and depressing atmosphere made people suffocate.

For them, this loss is also a **** pain, like a large piece of gouged flesh on the body.

For decades, the Sun family has expanded rapidly, and it has been a long time since he experienced the bitterness of being blocked.

"It's been many years. No one dared to attack us, but now so many people have died suddenly, and a base has been lost..." Sun Rongting said, calm with a coldness, like the tranquility before the storm.

This night was too heavy for them.

Everyone is guessing, which mysterious force shot and attacked the Sun family's base abruptly with a warship.

Up to now, no one has imagined that it was Wang Xuan who single-handedly entered the base and detonated an important part of the Sun family.

In the middle of the night, Zhong Cheng was stunned and murmured, "Pharaoh, who is avenging you? You were just wiped away by someone using a super-energy beam, and the base of Ye Sun's family was destroyed that day."

At this moment, Sun Yichen was about to vomit blood. Not long ago, he was still showing off low-key in the circle of acquaintances, but not long ago, the bad news came that the Sun family suffered a "terrorist attack", and his uncle Sun Chenghai was buried in the base!

In a city with a population of one million, Lao Chen was about to leave, and he wanted to take advantage of the chaos this night to head east and continue to approach Corning City, where the Sun family was located. …. .


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