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The crescent moon hangs obliquely, the sky is full of stars, and the night is soft and quiet.

Wang Xuan sat on the back of the red carp and went east along the sparkling river, without returning to Su City.

Behind him, in the distant mountain range, a beam of energy shot into the sky, and an umbrella-like light illuminated the night.

The distant view of tearing apart the black sky is in stark contrast to the quiet beauty in front of him. Wang Xuan did not look back, he sat quietly on the red carp, and disappeared at the end of the sky.

All parties in Su City were surprised. Some people looked up at the night sky a hundred miles away. There seemed to be abnormal light radiation there, illuminating the night sky.

Soon, the distant detector captured a clear picture, and the satellite also sent back some pictures, which shocked everyone.

"It's the direction the Sun family's battleship left, could it be that they were attacked?" Someone in Su Cheng said in surprise.

Are Nova's rules broken?

It looked like a powerful battleship was exchanging fire, and the vast mountain ridge collapsed and turned into a sea of ​​​​light!

"The Sun family has a base in that area, there is a high probability that something will go wrong!"

Sucheng, all parties were shocked, how many years has there been no such thing? The battleships exchanged fire, and a base turned into a terrifying energy fire.

The base camp of the Qian family and the Li family is here.

"The Sun family just used the battleship to eliminate the young man Wang Xuan, but they themselves had an accident. Is this a coincidence?"

"Bright fireworks, illuminating the night sky, that mountain has melted, it's unbelievable, the super chaebol Sun's family was attacked."

Who shot it, and how many warships attacked the base? Until now it is unknown.

People are waiting for the results of the investigation.

All parties felt incredible, too many accidents happened this night.

The Sun family seemed to be shrouded in a cloud. Several old men and several middle-aged men were sitting together. The dull and depressing atmosphere made people suffocate.

For them, this loss is also a **** pain, like a large piece of gouged flesh on the body.

For decades, the Sun family has expanded rapidly, and it has been a long time since he experienced the bitterness of being blocked.

"For many years, no one dared to take the initiative to attack us, but now so many people have died suddenly, and a base has been lost..." Sun Rongting said, calm and cold, like the tranquility before the storm.

This night was too heavy for them.

Everyone is guessing, which mysterious force shot and attacked the Sun family's base abruptly with a warship.

Up to now, no one has imagined that it was Wang Xuan who single-handedly entered the base and detonated an important part of the Sun family.

In the middle of the night, Zhong Cheng was stunned and murmured, "Pharaoh, who is avenging you? You were just wiped away by someone using a super-energy beam, and the base of Ye Sun's family was destroyed that day."

At this moment, Sun Yichen was about to vomit blood. Not long ago, he was still showing off low-key in the circle of acquaintances, but not long ago, the bad news came that the Sun family suffered a "terrorist attack", and his uncle Sun Chenghai was buried in the base!

In a city with a population of one million, Lao Chen was about to leave, and he wanted to take advantage of the chaos this night to head east and continue to approach Corning City, where the Sun family was located.

"Wang Xuan should be fine, right?" He didn't really believe that the kid was dead.

As soon as he left the city, his heart throbbed, and he turned around and quickly returned to the city. At this juncture, someone from the Sun family was still staring at him.

Far in the sky, a small battleship passed by, flashing like a shadow under the stars and moon, and quickly disappearing.

The Sun family wanted to be ruthless, killing Wang Xuan tonight, and also wanted to take the opportunity to kill Chen Yongjie, but they didn't dare to continue to fight in the city, but wanted to wait for him to go out!

Hong Li was 300 miles away from Su City, and Wang Xuan saw a large city and was about to land on the shore instead of taking the waterway, because he felt it was still a little slow.

After giving the red carp some mysterious substances again, he disappeared by the river bank like a ghost.

In mid-air, there was a loud noise. Someone was racing in the middle of the night, and the suspended sports car was running at extreme speed. Although it was not as good as a small spaceship, it was definitely much faster than the red carp.

Wang Xuan thought about it for a while, held it back, and ignored the group of drag racing parties, the new star.

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The surveillance is everywhere, if you really want to grab a flying car, it is estimated that it will be exposed in an instant.

Besides, he's always been a good, law-abiding citizen and doesn't want to do that.

He waved at the side of the road, stopped a taxi, and said, "Lancheng."

This is the name of a city ahead, and if you go to Sun's house, you will pass by.

The driver didn't say anything. Although the two cities were more than 300 miles apart, they could reach them at the speed of a speeding car.

As soon as he got in the car, Wang Xuan felt that something was wrong. Surveillance was everywhere, and his personal trajectory was almost invisible. He quietly destroyed several devices on the car.

Then, as soon as the taxi was halfway through, the driver frowned and said, "In order to protect the safety of the passengers, we have installed safety monitoring equipment on the car. Now that something has broken down, the headquarters informed me that it needs to be repaired immediately."

There are satellites in the sky, and various traffic equipment on the ground are also monitored. Wang Xuan frowned, if this goes on, he will soon be exposed.

"I'm in a hurry, I'll increase the price for you."

"No, I will be severely punished by the company." The driver shook his head.

The most important thing is that there are no black cars on Nova, and almost every car has monitoring devices to prevent all kinds of crimes from happening.

"Or, I'll kidnap you." Wang Xuan looked at him and said calmly.

"Huh?!" The driver was shocked.

Then, the car galloped all the way, passing through Lancheng without stopping, galloping away from the city, all the way to the east.

In the middle of the night, as the taxi drove forward, it finally ran out of energy and had to stop on the side of the road.

At this time, Wang Xuan was already eight hundred miles away from Su City, and more than a thousand miles away from Anning City, where the Sun family was located.

He estimates that his whereabouts may be exposed. There are too many probes and various cameras on the nova, and it is impossible to prevent them. If you continue to move forward, it will be dangerous.

At night, various detectors and satellite sky eyes restored the real picture, and it was determined that no warships attacked the base of the Sun family, and it was internal self-destruction.

In fact, the Sun family knew about this situation earlier than outsiders, and the few pictures that the base sent at the last minute were sorted out.

Then, news came from hundreds of miles away. The detector on the roadside captured the figure suspected of Wang Xuan, and he landed by the river.

Obviously, some chaebols entered Wang Xuan into a special system!

Whenever his whereabouts appear, once they are discovered and captured, they will be immediately sent to the information base of certain organizations.

Whether it was him or Lao Chen, they were all recorded on a "list". Regardless of whether there was hostility or not, all parties were very concerned about their travel trajectories.

The news was quickly known to all parties, which is unbelievable.

"He's not dead?!"

"How is it possible that even the super-powered weapon of the battleship did not kill him, and appeared inexplicably hundreds of miles away. Could it be that he has become an Earth Immortal?!"

When the news came out, the chaebols and big institutions were all stunned.

Many people have numb scalps, how can they not be allowed to think too much? Not only did Wang Xuan not die, but he also went down the river all the way.

During this period, the Sun Family Base on the Dahe River exploded!

"Could it be him?!"

Some were dumbfounded and stunned.

The energy beam that fell from the sky didn't kill him? Instead, a military base of the Sun family was inexplicably destroyed, which made people tremble.

It is a pity that the river section is relatively remote, and no detectors are arranged there. The Sun family's base probably captured some pictures, and some video and audio should have been passed out before the destruction, but they did not disclose it to the outside world.

Tonight, there were accidents one after another, and Wang Xuan's figure reappeared.

"Can this not die?" Some people couldn't calm down for a long time!

"If it is true that the base was destroyed by Wang Xuan, then the Sun family will probably go crazy!"

What happened tonight is amazing.

In Kang Ning City, the interior of the Sun family was like a dark cloud, and a group of people were very gloomy. To them, one bad news after another.

"Found his whereabouts, he wants to head towards us, don't hesitate, get the battleship ready and kill him along the way." Someone said solemnly.

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"Contact Mr. Ghost immediately, stop blocking Chen Yongjie, and kill that Wang Xuan immediately!"

The Sun family was so murderous that they could not wait to destroy Wang Xuan's humanity immediately. Tonight's loss made them heartbroken.

Wang Xuan left the taxi, did not move forward, and entered Jingyue City in front. Sure enough, it didn't take long for a battleship to approach silently, flashing by outside the city, and the people of the Sun family were haunted and tracked him.

"In one night, he rushed 800 miles, and he is very determined. He really wants to kill Kang Ningcheng and approach the Sun family's base camp?"

When other chaebols and big institutions got the news, they were all shocked. This young man was suspected of destroying the base of the Sun family, and then he went madly, all the way east!

In certain circles, many people are closely watching this, sleepless tonight!

They felt that this young man was crazy.

After Lao Chen heard the news, he was speechless for a while. He set off ahead of schedule and was only a short distance away from Sucheng. Wang Xuan had already surpassed him overnight.

"Xiao Sun, Wang Xuan doesn't seem to be dead." On the new moon, Zhou Yunzui was in debt and contacted Sun Yichen immediately, saying: "I heard that there was an accident in the Sun family, and a base exploded, condolences, and take care of your health. "

Sun Yichen hung up the phone directly and ignored him.

Jingyue City, 800 miles from Suzhou City, is a first-tier city with a population of tens of millions. The base camp of the chaebol Song family is here.

Therefore, Wang Xuan was very at ease, and found a large hotel that was very close to Song's house.

In fact, whenever someone visits the Song family, most of them choose to stay in this seven-star hotel.

Although it was late at night, the Song family had no sleep, never expected Wang Xuan to come to their site and live in the Liuyun Hotel just across the street!

"The home of perverted Xiao Song is here?" Wang Xuan showed a strange look.

"The perverted little king is here!" Someone from the Song family said solemnly. An old man instructed to go down and wait for the battle. In fact, a battleship has taken off, just outside the city. If there is any accident, it must open fire!

Up to now, people have not been able to determine whether the Sun family base was detonated by Wang Xuan, only serious doubts, but this is enough, this is an extremely dangerous person!

In the room, Wang Xuan was in good spirits and was not tired. He recovered the mental energy he had consumed while driving on the road.

In the second half of the night, a battleship appeared over Jingyue City!

This made the Song family's heart skip a beat, and immediately warned the people in the battleship not to exchange fire here, otherwise the consequences would be at their own risk, and the Song family would surely shoot them down.

"We're just giving people away." Someone in the battleship responded.

There is a jade coffin inside the ship, with a mottled ancient meaning, and there are strands of black mist. The battleship is specially sent for this person.

Wang Xuan stood in front of the window, looking at the battleship in the night sky, his eyes were deep, and he estimated the distance.

"Huh?" Suddenly, the divine light in his eyes bloomed, and he saw a figure in the night sky, which flew out of the battleship and came directly towards him.

That is a spiritual body, so far apart, can you get close to here?

Holding the ancient lantern, Wang Xuan stared high in the sky, the spirit body was approaching, and quickly slaughtered towards him.

He activated the ancient lantern, the flame on the wick jumped, and it instantly became bright, interweaving a small dark red arrow, with a rune, it flew out with a chirp, and nailed it to the figure.

The figure didn't move for a moment, and froze outside the window.

Without any hesitation, Wang Xuan used his mental energy to pull it in. With a bang, the small dark red arrow was detonated, and the figure exploded and disappeared.

He frowned, not as invincible as he imagined.

At this time, in the battleship high in the sky, the black mist filled the jade coffin, and a figure condensed again, rushing towards the Liuyun Hotel.

This time, Wang Xuan's spirit came out of his body, and when he watched it with his heavenly eyes, he finally saw the clue. There was some kind of special substance attached to the flying spirit body, and there were faintly flowing strange runes.

He activated the ancient lantern again, imprisoned this spiritual energy body, and then detonated it!

Just like that, Wang Xuan killed nine spiritual energy bodies in a row!

Until the tenth shadow appeared and spoke in the distance: "I

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The main body of my body has not yet appeared, and I don't want to be an enemy of you. What you killed is some spiritual fragments that I collected from the ruins. "

"Then why did you come to Jingyue City?" Wang Xuan stood by the window.

"Although the myth is rotten and destined to dissipate, we can't sit still. I came here to see how strong you are and to cooperate with you." That black shadow actually said such a thing.

"Who are you?" Wang Xuan asked in a deep voice, feeling that this shadow was a bit complicated.

"I am a lonely ghost, a ghost slave. We are all extraordinary, we can cooperate, and I can help you overthrow the Sun family!"

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