Death… And Me - Chapter 1961 A Direction To Go

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Domelia usually didn't have the courage to question the devils. A good example of how bad of a consequence she'd get from it was the attack she received before the twins appeared. Nevertheless, the demeanor of the two devils in front of her seemed so different from the ones she had seen before that she couldn't help herself. "Shouldn't it be common sense for your devil races?"

Rean looked at her in response, which immediately made the woman regret it. "Sorry, sir! I shouldn't have inquired about your knowledge."

Rean was taken aback for a moment. It was obvious that the devils were really feared in this place. "That's fine. You don't need to care about that."

Following that, Rean destroyed the bodies of the devils on the ground. Not only that, he even used his powers to completely eliminate any clues that a battle had ever happened in that place. "That's all I can do for you. If other devils come knocking on your door, just pretend that you were waiting for them and that you thought they were the right ones. If you play it nicely, perhaps the devils will believe that you really never saw those devils we killed a moment ago."

Roan looked at Rean as if he was an idiot, though. "Does that mean you will kill all those humanoids trapped in the formations? Because if you don't, do you think they won't tell the truth about what they saw here? They were captured by these guys, so they definitely want to take revenge."

"Shit!" Only now did Rean remember that.

"Also," Roan continued. "Does that mean you won't mind if they're used as a sacrifice? I thought you would set them free. I don't really care since now that we killed those devils, their companions in that Huopis Clan will know that something isn't right."

Rean pondered over it for a bit and asked Roan, "Can't we find a way to let them head to the demon beasts' territory? It isn't that far from here."

"No can do," Roan answered without thinking twice. "Both you and I took weeks to arrive in this place. How long do you think it'll take to get there? They'll surely die to the Dark Element first. Forget your naivety. Even if you can save these guys, you can't save the rest. Or do you think this kind of thing only happens here? Could it be that you'll try to save every settlement we find from now on?"

Rean turned silent after that and didn't say anything else.

Following that, Roan waved his hand, using his Spatial Power to break the cores of the formations holding all the prisoners.


The demon beasts obviously didn't have sentience, so they immediately thought about attacking. "Get out!" Then again, they immediately stopped in their tracks once they felt Roan's gaze. It was as if they were nothing but sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Well, that was the difference in their cultivation. With that, all the 300 demon beasts that were previously locked fled in fear.

As for the 200 humanoids that Domelia's group had captured, they didn't dare to move unless Roan said so. For them, Roan was still a devil, regardless of his actions.

"What does sir require from us?" One of them still asked, though.

Roan didn't seem to be in the mood for a conversation, though. "Why are you still here? Disappear from my face before I use your souls in today's cultivation."

There was no need to ask twice as those humanoids immediately dispersed in all directions. Some of them still looked at Domelia's group with hatred in their eyes. Yet, they knew this was the law of the living domes, so they didn't stay there.

Seeing that, Domelia and her group felt even more helpless. There was no way they would meet their quota before the next devils appeared. And that's considering they would be killed because of the devils that Rean and Roan got rid of. No, first of all, would Rean and Roan even let them live?

"Good part of a cultivator's life can be determined by their luck. This is the time for you to try yours. You should leave the living dome and try to make it to the demon beasts' territory. Even if I said that it's impossible to make it that far with the Dark Element from outside, it's better to try than just waiting to die in this place."

Domelia looked at the members of her group behind her and didn't really know what to do. Yet, her next question was what surprised the twins the most. "What is this demon beasts' territory?"

Rean and Roan looked at each other in response to that. 'Seems like that after so long, the races that live in these living domes were deprived of any information from the outside world.'

Roan shrugged his shoulders after that. 'Well, what better way to prevent anyone from escaping than making them think there's nowhere to escape in the first place?'

'That's true.' Rean had to admit Roan was right.

Rean then used his Divine Sense to explain what the demon beast territories were, much to Domelia's surprise. Even though it was the most basic information that probably any devil knew about, it was a massive revelation to her. "Humanoid, spirits, and demon beast territories...? Are there actually such things?"

Rean nodded in response. "There are. Whether you can make it through to reach the demon beasts' territory, which is the closest one to this place, will be up to your luck." Rean couldn't tell if the spirits in the Gods Dividing Barrier would let them even pass through.

Roan took the chance to ask something else. "You really know nothing about where the devils come from, right?"

Domelia at least felt there was a ray of hope for her group to survive. Not that she believed the devils in front of her, but she didn't have much choice. She then thought a bit and pointed in a certain direction. "What I can tell is that the devils always come from that direction. Perhaps you can find something there."

The twins were satisfied to at least have a direction to move. "Good. Now, the earlier you leave, the better."

Domelia once again took the courage to ask. "Why are you being this nice to us?"

Rean answered in response. "Just because we're devils, does that mean we have to be evil?"

Domelia was taken aback by that answer. Unfortunately, she didn't have time to continue that conversation. Rean and Roan simply left after Rean finished saying those words, flying in the direction Domelia pointed in.


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