Dark Savages Come To the United States - Chapter 1031 Communication and exploration are accompanied by candor

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"It seems that you also have some secrets that you don't want me to know." Li Min sat directly at the edge of the table.

Li Min doesn't need to be too serious when it comes to getting along with Bourkesso.

"It's just that the fewer people know about some things, the better," Bourkeseau said.

After he finished speaking, he took out a jar of spirits from his backpack and put it on the table.

In this blacksmith shop, which was not well-lit, Bulkesso casually turned on the electric light above his head.

After getting used to the creation of technology, the convenient way of life has changed a lot of Bulkesuo.

At least Bourkesso will now rest on the soft bed instead of just lying on the ground and falling asleep.

"It's been a long time." Li Min glanced at the spirits on the table, with a far-fetched smile on the corner of his mouth.

Li Min is an exquisite mage, but it's not that Li Min doesn't know how to drink. Even among them, Li Min's love for wine is relatively high.

If it weren't for the seriousness of the next topic, Li Min might have laughed more happily.

"Because Baal swore with the will of burning **** before, I can't tell you the original content of what he said, so you can only get the information I analyzed once." Li Min said.

While speaking, Li Min also looked at the blacksmith shop in Burkeseau a little, and she always felt that there was something dangerous here.

But because this is where Bourkesso lives, Li Min didn't delve into anything.

She believed that there must be a reason for what Bourkeso did, so even if she was a little curious, she would not choose to get to the bottom of it.

This is the same for Bourkesso, they all have the same trust in their partners!

They will never question each other until their partners are truly corrupted into demons.

If the partner really has a day of corruption, then personally giving each other the last ride is the choice they will make.

There are reasons for Li Min's hesitation when he speaks. Even retelling of intelligence may lead to deviations. What's more, what Li Min can say is all she has analyzed once.

Li Min was also worried that her opinion would affect Burkesoe's judgment, so she reminded him before speaking.

"I'll think about it carefully." Bourkesso nodded.

He knew exactly what Li Min was worried about, and naturally he wouldn't think completely according to Li Min's ideas.

"I don't think Lilith did something wrong when the barbarians were born," Li Min said.

When Li Min spoke, he was constantly thinking about whether what he said could remain objective.

Although this is difficult to do, Li Min is working hard to do it.

"Anger?" Burkeseau asked.

The greatest sign of a barbarian is anger, which is also the source of a barbarian's strength.

It doesn't even take a lot of thought for Bourkesso to arrive at such an answer.

Li Min nodded.

When the power of fear affects people, it is easy for people to express anger after being frightened to a certain extent.

Li Min thinks that the source of the power of the barbarians may lie in Lilith's calculations.

"I have thought about Lilith being Diablo before, but if I think in this direction, maybe there are secrets about Lilith that we don't know," Bourkesso said.

Exchange this kind of thing, and not worry about the content of the discussion being too divergent.

This time itself is discussing the possibility of everything, even if it turns out that this kind of thinking is completely redundant, it is just a false alarm.

At least it's much better than regretting why you don't think about it when you encounter all this!

Nephalem is already very familiar with things like Hell Demon King, and he has even met him more than once or twice in person.

If you continue to think along this line of thinking, you may come to the conclusion that the source of fear and Diablo are not one.

This will undoubtedly bring more trouble.

"The birth time of Nephalem is too short compared to angels and demons." Li Min said and shook his head.

The truth of the matter is difficult to find, after all, even the past described by those who have experienced it may have some subjective views.

Exploring the past is never easy.

"If it was just such a piece of information, I don't think you would be so cautious," Bourkesso said.

Li Min was silent for a while, she needed to organize her language more carefully.

"I thought that Diablo's existence may be beyond the ordinary demon gods." Li Min said with a tentative tone: "Or the Seven Demon Kings are just a gimmick, the real core has always been the three demon gods!"

Bourkesso didn't show anything special after hearing it, although the idea represented something heavier than the previous intelligence.

But it's always good to think ahead.

"Diablo should not be the center of the Burning Hell, nor can he be the Will of the Burning Hell itself," Bourkesso said.

Of course, Burkeseau has his own reasons for saying this, but simply saying it like this will not make people fully agree.

"I may have different ideas about this. Although my existence is not as long as yours, you can't convince me if you just come to a conclusion." Li Min said.

"Diablo deserves to be the strongest among the three demon gods, but his power is not beyond our reach. Even now you and I have the ability to defeat him, as long as we can find a way to solve the fear of trouble. ' explained Burkeseau.

Fear is indeed a very powerful force, and even Bulkesuo chose to face the sequelae of sealing the soul of fear.

"You mean Diablo is indeed special, but only as special as Tyrael?" Li Min frowned.

Li Min still had doubts about Bourkessel's statement!

"Tyrael's power is due to the higher level of energy, and Diablo's power contains this, but his authority is more terrifying," Bourkesso said.

Diablo was recorded in Deckard Kane's records with words such as "young" and "strong".

Although Bulkessel did not know why Deckard Kane used this way to express the power of Diablo, Bourkessel did not doubt what Kane recorded.

There may just be some reasons that only Deckard Kane knows.

"Have you ever seen a righteous authority that goes all out?" Li Min asked.

This question left Bourkesso at a loss as to how to answer!

Tyrael Bulkasso, who went all out, had seen it. When Tyrael fought against Baal and Mephisto by himself, it was Tyrael's full strength. There is no unclear problem about this.

But the scene of justice and authority going all out has never appeared in Burkeseau's memory, and he has never even heard of the rumors!

"You know how vast Yin Na's sky is, and how powerful the anger of the first generation of barbarians is. Even you should never have stimulated the authority of nature to its limit. So what is the authority of justice? How powerful is this thing, isn't it enough to make you alert?"

Li Min asked in surprise.

Burkessel was still thinking, and he realized that he seemed to have never seen Tyrael in full power from the beginning!

The weapon that Tyrael used the longest was the brilliance of the holy feather! But the Hammer of Judgment is also a weapon belonging to Tyrael!

Bulkasso had only remembered that Tyrael had never used the Hammer of Judgment, but how could the most powerful archangel not be able to use his own legendary weapon?

The formation of legendary weapons must be accompanied by legendary stories!

There seems to be a lot of secrets in the legend of the Hammer of Judgment!

"The power of justice should override fear, but the authority of justice rests with Rorschach at this time." Bulkesso said hesitantly.

If the authority of justice is of great significance to Tyrael, then what kind of consideration did he take to hand over the authority of justice to Rorschach?

This kind of thing is kind of weird!

If Bulkasso was placed in Tyrael's place, Bulkasso did not think that he would hand over the authority of nature so easily!

This is not a simple question of selfishness or selfishness, but as the masters of authority, although they may never fully mobilize their authority, they must know the power contained in authority!

"Maybe Tyrael is justice, and his will is the will of justice?" Li Min said something terrible.

If all definitions of justice are only Tyrael's cognition, then the authority of justice may not be a gift given to Tyrael by the birth of the higher heaven!

It was Tyrael who shaped the authority of justice with his own will at the time of his birth!

This sequence represents a completely different meaning!

"Massa Yiner gave wisdom to all beings in the world, so is justice also a gift from Tyrael?" Burkesso said with some worry.

"If we continue along this line of thinking, things may be worse than we thought! And Barr may know the answer to this question." Li Min said.

If Nephalem had underestimated the Archangel and the Seven Devils from the very beginning, then many of the things he had done before might have fallen into a trap.

If everything develops like this, it is the worst situation.

"Maybe it's just that you and I are thinking too much. Even if Tyrael hides something, it's not enough to worry us," Bourkesso said.

"That's right. After all, the authority you hold doesn't seem to be as simple as we knew before." Li Min looked at Bourkesoe with a teasing look.

The authority of nature!

The concept of nature is nowhere clearer than justice!

Storm and thunder? Volcanic eruptions and tsunamis earthquakes?

I am afraid that the nature that Bourkesuo masters is not such a simple thing!

Li Min had some doubts about this before, but he never found a suitable opportunity to ask.

Now wasn't the right time either, but a slight hint of trying Bourkesso wouldn't hurt.

"Everything that exists is nature." Bourkesso said solemnly.

Li Min was very surprised, because Bourkesso didn't even have any intention to shirk and change the subject and just said it!

"You are omniscient about everything you already have?" Li Min's voice became a little shrill.

"There is no omniscience in this world, I just know that those things exist." Bourkesso said very solemnly.

"You and the previous two immortal kings have embarked on a completely different path." Li Min said with certainty.

The first generation of immortal kings are the masters of anger, and it is entirely based on their own power!

So when the first generation of Bulkesuo tried to become a god, he chose to use equipment to carry the power of other authorities!

The second-generation immortal king Volusk brazenly tore off the most important core from the authority of death. If his plan did not fail, he would be the end of all life! That is the existence that turned itself into the end!

The intelligence of the two is not a secret to Li Min.

At this time, Li Min's power and her mature vision made it easy for her to make such a judgment!

And if the nature mastered by Burkesso can really achieve the level he said, then Burkesso is the master of everything!

What he is doing now is simply recycling everything that should belong to nature!

That kind of Bourkesso is standing on the end of becoming a god, waiting for him to collect everything that should belong to him!

And Li Min is standing on becoming a god, and he is constantly developing all the power that a **** should have!

If I have to say it, Li Min and Bourkesso seem to be facing each other in the distance!

"It's actually the same." Bourkesso shook his head.

He doesn't think he's taking a different path than everyone else.

become a god? In the eyes of Nephalem, God is not something that can only be achieved with power!

God is everything and beyond everything! One thing is certain, that is, God must be inhuman!

In the eyes of Bulkasso, it is not so much that all powerful Nephalem are pursuing to become "gods", but rather that they are all pursuing the power that can achieve their goals!

Bourkessel does not want to be a god, because a **** is not supposed to have his own mind.

It can even be said that God is the rule itself!

"If Diablo and Tyrael both concealed their strengths, what are you going to do?" Li Min asked.

She no longer intends to explore the question of thought with Bourkeseau.

Convincing each other is never easy.

On the contrary, it is more necessary to discuss the specific "next step plan".

"I'm going to talk to Impris in private." Bourkesso said hesitantly.

Li Min nodded, this was indeed a good idea.

Just "privately" means that this exchange may not be too smooth.

"Just an exchange between friends?" Li Min asked.

If it was just an exchange between friends, then when Prius chose to remain silent, Burkeseau wouldn't force the other party or anything~www.novelbuddy.com~ It's just that this level of communication has little value in Li Min's eyes.

"I don't want to choose the worst way. I don't have many friends, and every one of them is precious." Bourkesso's voice was a little low.

Li Min knew that Burkesso had made up his mind!

Friends should help each other, but also need to make concessions to each other.

But from the standpoint of the Nephalem and the angels, the answer to this question is invaluable!

"Being a hero is not really a happy thing." Li Min said.

"It's not that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, but the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility." Bourkeseau said.

"You always like to say that you are not a hero, but you are already a banner." Li Min said and lowered his head: "Heroes are all idiots."

"I can't live by myself in a so-called 'freedom' way, that's all." Bourcasso took out a soft tanned hide from his backpack, along with the spirits on the table. Pushed in front of Li Min.

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