Cultivation Is Like This - v3 Chapter 851 live the most annoying

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  Chapter 851 Living in the most annoying way

  Liu Wei asked Lezi, pretending to be Kong Ji's little fanboy, and wanted to hear who the powerful demon king met.

  Kong Ci smiled and said nothing, don't look at him full of rebelliousness, as if he was hatched to **** Kong Ji off, but that was at home with the door closed, and outside, the father and son were at gunpoint, and they would not expose their scandals.

One bird and three snakes go round and round, and the journey from Peacock City to Xiangliu King City is so long that the little demons will not be able to reach it in their entire lives, but for the four demons, it takes at most three or two days to go back and forth. Shorter.

  Flying through the void, the four demons gather together to exchange cups and drinks, and when it comes to dreams, they all have ambitions.

  Young people, who doesn’t have a dream yet, the difference is that some people wake up and work hard, and some people wake up and change their pants.

  Kong Ci has two dreams. One is that the father-in-law stays at home obediently and spends more time with his mother, instead of fooling around all day long. The other is that his wings are hardened and he wants to use his fists to create a world.

  Because the first dream has not been realized, the second will be impossible to talk about. There is no dream, and we will stay where we are.


  Liu Wei was full of alcohol, and slapped the wine table: "Brother Kong, your way of thinking...Little brother thought about it, it's not right!"

   "What's wrong."

   "You think, the reason why the peacock demon king has many wives and concubines is because he shoulders the important task of multiplying and growing the peacock clan, right?"

   "Oh, is he doing it for the ethnic group? I'm too embarrassed to say, he's clearly lustful!"

   "You can't say that. Brother Kong, you are not the patriarch. If you don't understand the difficulties of the Peacock Demon King, it is not easy for him."

   Liu Wei continued to analyze: "One short but many strong, one person is not as good as two people. If Brother Kong wants to see the Peacock Demon King Gu's family, he must help him share the pressure. This is called a father-son army."

   "Ah this..."

  Kong Ci was dumbfounded, Liu Wei's suggestion was contrary to ethics, so forgive him for not agreeing.

Liu Wei continued: "To tell you the truth, there are a few younger sisters in my family who have admired Brother Kong for a long time. I will introduce you to you. You may be able to help the Peacock Demon King unravel the problem by staying in Wangcheng for a while. Knot."

   "Not suitable...?"

   "What's inappropriate, you marry them home, it's justified, who dares to say you're wrong."

   Then wouldn’t I live the most annoying life!

  Kong Ci shook his head in reluctance, he could see that the three snake demons had ulterior motives, greedy for his blood of the peacock clan.

   Xiangliu Wangcheng can't go, God knows how many snake girls are ready to go, he doesn't want to become a family heirloom of Xiangliu clan at a young age.

   No, you have to get off.

  Easy to get on the car, but difficult to get off, Kong Ci soon noticed the difference.

  The flying shuttle is in one piece, it can only go in and out, and it is extremely strong. It is clearly a magic weapon for trapped people and objects.

   "Brother Liu, a twisted melon is not sweet, let it go now, the brotherhood between you and me is still there, otherwise...don't blame the brother for being cruel and merciless!"

  Kong Ci's face turned cold, Liu Wei had just passed the Heavenly Tribulation with a cultivation base of the first stage of the Tribulation, and the other two Xiangliu Snake Demons were Earth Immortals who failed to cross the Tribulation, none of them could fight.

   Liu Wei smiled wryly: "Brother Kong, there is a senior from my clan outside Feisuo, you are not his opponent, obediently follow me to the royal city! Don't worry, you are a guest, and you will be free after a while."

   "Just for the blood of my peacock clan?"

  Kong Ci frowned, the Xiangliu family had found the wrong bird, his father would take over the hard work of reproduction, there was no need to find him as a child.

"It seems that Brother Kong doesn't know that your father, the peacock demon king, made a big fuss about the Honghu clan. He not only humiliated the Honghu demon king severely, but also detained two Mahayana seniors in my clan one after another." Liu Wei told the truth, taking the opportunity to observe the situation .

"Is the old man crazy? He and the Honghu Demon King are old acquaintances. It's not good to find someone, but to find his own brother. I'm afraid it's not the three of you who lied to me?" It's a lie.

   "Don't dare, Brother Kong, you haven't seen that the Honghu Demon King manifested a demon body, lost in battle, and was"

   "By what, you said it!"

   "The Honghu Demon King was humiliated and had his tail feathers pulled out."


   Kong Ci: ()

   Isn’t this uncle’s handwriting? Old things are damaged enough. I don’t forget to drag my brother into the water when I suffer. It’s right to be in trouble.

  Kong Ci believed it, his **** was hairless, and the ironclad evidence was that the bird demon who caused chaos in Gaiyuan City was indeed his father.

   No wonder he couldn't catch it everywhere, so he hid in Gaiyuan City!

  Three Snakes turned on the team voice, and agreed that Kong Ci didn't know about it, and the arrogant Kong Ji let his son do nothing, and deliberately sold them a loophole, quite a bit like giving away protons.

  Analyzing the information disclosed by Kong Ci before, the truth surfaced.

  The Gu Diao Clan asked Kong Ji to provoke the Xiangliu Clan, but Kong Ji refused, so he was punished. He couldn't disobey the order, so he neglected to take precautions, and accidentally lost his son.


  The peacock demon king and the Gu carving clan are separated, and they can definitely win over.

  The three juniors are not qualified to point fingers at important events in the clan, and they know what they know and dare not make rash assertions. They just let Kong Ci calm down and show that everything is under Kong Ji's arrangements, and he just needs to be obedient.

  It’s okay not to say it, but when he said it, Kong Ci’s rebellion developed again, and he said angrily: "He has his plan, and I have mine. It is not up to him to decide on the Kong family."

  Kong Ci didn't want to be manipulated by Kong Ji, so he sent him to the Xiangliu clan as a hostage without saying a word. He had a good plan, but did you ask his opinion?

  Since he didn't ask, don't blame him for going the other way.

  Kong Ci narrowed his eyes slightly, golden arrogance danced in his pupils, raised his five fingers, and the five-color brilliance burst forth.

  In an instant, the light of the five elements filled the entire shuttle, dissipating the virtual image, and revealing the appearance of the main body aquarium.

   "Yin and Yang two qi..."

  Kong Ciniao's face was ferocious: "It's a bit interesting to pretend, but it's a pity that your yin and yang can't suppress my five elements."

  Outside the flying shuttle, the three snakes of Liu Wei got out and bowed to salute one after another.

  The young man holding the vase is wearing a purple brocade robe, his eyes are slightly green, and he looks handsome, with a face that is standard for the Xiangliu clan.

  In the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, the appearance of the Xiangliu family after their transformation is highly recognizable. Both men and women are all beautiful snakes, with a feminine appearance, and it can be said that most of them are female.

  According to gossip, this move was to cater to the aesthetics of the first generation of demon emperors, and it became a habit over time. The later generations used this as a reference, and it has been passed down to this day.

  The man's name is Liu Dong. According to his blood relationship, he has a close relationship with Liu Xian, the elder of the Xiangliu clan. He has been trained for many years and he attaches great importance to it.

   "What's the matter, Peacock noticed the clue?"

   "Uncle Clan, it's a long story..."

Liu Wei condensed his words and explained the cause and effect as quickly as possible. Hearing the words, Liu Wei was silent for a moment, then frowned and said, "In this way, Kong Ji offended my Xiangliu clan was ordered by Gu Diao... Anyway, go back and report to the elders, hereby It is big, so it should be decided by him."

The three snakes had this intention, Liu Wei looked at the vase, hesitated for a moment, and said: "Uncle Clan, Kong Ci is rarely known as a genius, and his talent is even higher than that of his biological father. Great supernatural power, it seems that there are other supernatural powers around."

   "Heaven and man are one, this kid is lucky, he got a great opportunity in his early years."

  Liu Yi took a look at Liu Wei, knew what he was thinking, and said calmly: "It's okay, even if he has a heaven-reaching cultivation, the peacock clan's supernatural powers have been exhausted in the five elements, and they can't escape this king's yin-yang vase."

   As soon as the voice fell, the narrow-mouthed treasure bottle cracked open, and five-color brilliance gushed out from the mouth of the bottle.

  At the bottom of the bottle, the yin and yang energy leaked along the crack, but in the blink of an eye, the aquarium's divine light dimmed, and it was actually injured to the root.

  Liu Di was shocked, threw out the vase with one hand, and pushed the three snakes away with the other. Looking at the disintegrated treasure in the mid-air, blood dripping from the apex of his heart, not to mention how painful it was.

  The vase was found by him in a secret place many years ago, and there was also a Kui Niu demon king with him. The two demons competed for the treasure, and it was not easy to get it.

  Aquarius went through ups and downs with him, and made great achievements several times. Unexpectedly, today it was broken by the five-color magic power of the peacock.

   "You fierce peacock, you destroyed this king's magic weapon, so I made a precious fan out of your feathers!"

  Liu Di let out a low snort, raised his hands, and distorted one side of the void, reorganizing the chaotic yin and yang, turning waste into treasure, and manifesting the wandering yin and yang diagram.

  Tiangang Warfare · Life and Death Wheel Seal.

  Kong Ci bathed in yin and yang, his eyes blazed fiercely, and he waved the five elements with both arms, abruptly stopping the wandering yin and yang.

  Under Liu Di's horrified gaze, Kong Ci took advantage of the unity of heaven and man, stood in the void, and forcibly defeated Yin and Yang with the five elements, forcibly breaking up the practice of the wheel of life and death.

   There is such a thing!

  Liu Di settled down, breathed poisonous mist from his mouth and nose, a layer of fine scales appeared on his handsome face, and fought with the body of a half-demon, trying to regain the position through his proud will of martial arts.

  Boom! boom! boom--

  The void exploded with turbulent tides, the earth, fire, water, and wind were chaotic, and the terrifying energy swept away in all directions. The three monsters of Liu Wei couldn't find a place to stay, and retreated again and again.

   Half an hour later.

With a rebellious bird face on his face, Kong Ci stepped on the head of Hydra, and tightened the tattered catkins on his body: "Liu Di, right, I remember you, you have good supernatural powers, I am injured I didn't enjoy the fight, and I will ask you to fight again another day."

After finishing speaking, he waved his hand and scrolled the five elements, turned into a big hand and threw Liu Wei far away, and said to the stunned three monsters of Liu Wei: "Just to remind you, you don't need to waste a lot of effort to think about old things, he is not as good as you." He has so much backbone, and with a little more money, he will be happy to serve Xiangliu's clan."

  Although Ni Dan is cheating, he will not mess around in the face of big right and wrong, and will not really put Kong Ji to death. Today, I have a good relationship with Xiangliu's family, so let's say goodbye.

  Furthermore, the disaster caused by Kong Ji was solely borne by Kong Ji, and had nothing to do with him, Kong Ci.

  The void shattered, Kong Ci angrily rushed towards Gai Yuancheng regardless of what the three demons were doing.

   This time I was really angry.

  He didn't care about Kong Ji's grievances or how much pressure he was under. He only knew that Kong Ji had made a strong enemy outside, and he knew that he and his mother might be captured by the enemy, so he never said a word.

"The old man has such a cruel heart. I won't punch you twice today. I'm sorry for the tears my mother left behind!" Kong Ci's eyes spewed fire, and he hurried all the way. When Gai Yuancheng appeared in sight, his speed increased instead of falling. Go towards the main hall.

  He is not blind, he can see very clearly, the old man is touching someone's little hand, laughing so cheaply.

   "Old dog, give me a punch!"

  (end of this chapter)

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