Cultivation Is Like This - v3 Chapter 850 Happiness that cannot be built on the pain of others is

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  Chapter 850 Happiness that cannot be built on the pain of others is incomplete happiness

  The three monsters were defeated and fled to Gaiyuan City, only Yanxiu escaped to the sky. He clutched his aching buttocks and accelerated all the way to Xiangliu King City.

  Hearing the cause and effect, especially Kong Ji's insistence on seeing Liu Cong, Liu Xian, who has always been calm, couldn't help being stunned for a while.

  When Liu Xian was an official in the court, he was an important minister who assisted the Demon Emperor. In the Xiangliu clan, he was an elder-level figure. He had never seen any ghosts and snakes.

something wrong.

   Problems from the start!

  Yanxiu and Kong Ji have a very close personal relationship, and they would laugh off any conflicts, and would never turn their backs on the real thing.

  Even if there is a real quarrel, the two demons are the leaders of the clan, and they are both demon kings who understand the general situation and know how to advance and retreat. They know what is good or bad, especially Kong Ji, will not make the situation get out of hand.

  Looking at Yanxiu again, the first time he lost, he brought back two helpers, and the second time he lost, he continued to ask for help and needed help...

   Here comes the question, will there be a third or fourth time?

  Hehe, who are you two playing here?

Figured out the key point, Liu Xian probably understood something, smiled and nodded with Yanxiu: "Monster Honghu, the cause and effect of this matter is clear to me, you go down to recuperate, this matter happened because of Kong Ji, and it must be because of it." If he dies, your Honghu family will not be humiliated for nothing."

   "Elder Liu Xian, this junior is not seriously injured, there is still a battle..."

   "You are welcome, the Demon King Honghu. You and I have known each other for many years. The family does not talk about the two families, so we can take care of our wounds and leave the rest to my Xiangliu family."

   "Since that's the case, it's time for Elder Lao." Seeing Liu Xian was soft but hard, Yanxiu didn't dare to say anything, and exited the house depressed.

  Taste one product, the taste is not right, brother Suzaku is not honest in his work, how could he be such a fool.

  Liu Xian didn't trust Yanxiu, he didn't doubt the employment, and the suspect didn't use it, so he decisively kicked him out of the game.

  The Honghu family has worked for the Xiangliu family for many years, and there is hard work without credit. Liu Xian thought of his affection and would not go to war.

  Liu Xian takes one step and sees three steps, planning the cause and effect, expecting that Kongji has the instructions of the Gu carving clan behind him.

   Both belong to the royal family, but the Gu carving family is much more difficult than Kong Ji.

   "Taking advantage of the gap between the eight royal families to fish in troubled waters, the Gu carving clan has made a fortune this time, but do you have the ability?"

  Liu Xian is not in a hurry to find the patriarch, if he can't commit a crime, he won't be able to ask the patriarch to come forward for everything. Wouldn't he be just a show as an elder?

  He decided to wait, at least until the reply from the Gu carving clan.

   During this period, the layout must be developed for the hole.

  Liu Xian pondered for a long time, his spiritual thoughts spread outside the house, attracted several clansmen, and instructed: "You are so and so, so and so... Do you understand?"

   "We take orders."

   "Go and come back quickly, remember, peace is the most important thing, don't make more troubles."

  Several phase willow snake demons left, Liu Xian thought about it, took out the abacus beads and fiddled with it, muttering to himself: "It's still not right, the Gu carving family is not so bold, I'm afraid there are other royal families involved in this matter."

   "The Demon Emperor's governance methods are mediocre. He can fight and kill but can't convince the masses. The Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom should be in chaos again."

  Liu Xian put away his abacus, recruited the four major guards of Wangcheng, and ordered the entire city to be under martial law. If there is any trouble, he will activate the star formation, and he will personally preside over the formation.


   Time flies and it becomes a day.

  In Gaiyuan City, Lu Bei looked up at the sky, and was quite dissatisfied when he didn't get the experience delivered to his door.

  The demon cultivators in the Far West are all Xun Yu, and the demon clan in the Ten Thousand Monster Kingdom is particularly mature. The demons and ghosts are smarter than each other. It is too difficult for him, a righteous person, to earn some experience.

   Fortunately, he was not idle, he went to the Tai Tuo's house last night, under the pretense of lack of seductive energy, he wanted to apply some masks to the Tai Tuo.

   Tai Tuo didn't say anything, just smiled indifferently, and returned a decisive look.

   Try it if you have the guts!

  Lu Bei was silent. Although he was very confident in his immortal sword body, he was not afraid of 10,000 but just in case, so as not to leave a psychological shadow, he retreated and changed to a safer method.

  That night, Taifu slaughtered hundreds of millions, and his hands were glued together. This battle was tainted with the evil spirit of the unity of man and nature.

  Ignoring the process and only looking at the result, Lu Bei imagined the unimaginable for ordinary people, and developed a new usage of the unity of man and nature.

   Nothing to do, then play music, then dance.

  Gaiyuan City is singing and dancing, but Peacock City is another scene.

  Kong Ji and Kong Ci are loving fathers and filial sons at home, but Kong Ji can't spray it every day. Amid Ni Dan's ridicule, he leaves the house in desperation and goes to the concubine's room to avoid the limelight.

  Kong Ji ran away from home without any news. In addition to avoiding the buzzing reverse eggs, he also meant to create eggs behind closed doors.

   It is strange to say that it is not easy for a peacock to lay an egg. Kongji has worked hard for many years, but only his wife has hatched a reverse egg, and the concubines have nothing to gain.

  The contribution is not proportional to the return, which makes him suspect that the peacock clan is cursed by God.

   On this day, Kong Ci wandered around every day, looking for the dog's father.

Father and son are like playing hide-and-seek. Kong Ji took his concubine to move around, and Kong Ci searched everywhere. Once he finds this little concubine, it will be a disaster. At least she will be beaten up, and at worst she will be swallowed. middle.

   "Brother Kong! Brother Kong—"

  In the city, Kong Ci poked his head around and wandered around, walking, when he heard shouts behind him, he stopped and looked.

  Three snake demons from the Xiangliu family, Kong Ci remembered one of them, named Liu, was a second-generation ancestor who ate and waited to die. Because of his good birth, he was awarded the title of Demon King during the fusion period.

   Receive a salary every year, have money to spend every month, and it is more natural to eat and die.

   "Brother Liu, why are you here?" Kong Ci showed surprise on his face. The good brothers had been away for many years, and they hooked up shoulder to shoulder with great enthusiasm.

   "Being idle is also idle. I went out with my two clan brothers for a stroll. Unexpectedly, I arrived at Peacock City all the way west." Liu Wei was also very surprised. A friend happened to meet him and asked Kong Ci to recommend local specialties.

  Kong Ciai couldn't help, the peacock clan was withered, and there was no tribe smaller than the peacock in the ten thousand demon kingdoms. The huge peacock city was mostly small demons with mixed hairs, and it was all thanks to the upstart Kongji that the city prospered.

  Besides, Kong Ji was in a hurry to pass on the family line, and his special features were all raised by him as a concubine outside.

  The three snake demons were very disappointed, but they all came, and they didn't want to leave as a disappointment. Liu Wei was the host and invited Kong Ci to a Fugui restaurant in the city for a drink.

  Kong Ci was in a hurry to find his useless dog father, so he didn't have the heart to talk to the snake demon, besides, he didn't even remember Liu Wei's name, so he didn't know him well, it didn't matter whether he drank the wine or not.

  However, the atmosphere has reached this point, so I have to go if I don’t want to.

  This is the way of the world.

   Arrived in Peacock City, Kong Ci was the host who did his part, and he was the one to invite this drink because of emotion and reason. He led the three snake demons around the street twice, and walked straight into a restaurant.

   After a few glasses of wine, the eldest brother and younger brother became more cordial.

   "Brother Kong, my little brother has been traveling abroad for many years, and only recently returned to the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom. How is your side? Have you been rated as the Demon King?"


   "Hahaha, it seems that Brother Kong has already made up his mind, and it's my younger brother who is talking too much."

  Liu Wei smiled and picked up the wine glass, persuading: "The title of the demon king sounds majestic, but in fact it is dispensable. For example, my two brothers, they are both demon kings. Everyone is equal, and no one is worse than the other."

   At first glance, it sounds like persuasion, but when you listen carefully, it's clearly showing off.

  Kong Ci said bitterly: "I think so, it's just a demon king, it doesn't matter if there is one or not, we demon clan, after all, we still have to rely on our fists to speak."

   "Brother Kong really wants to care, there is nothing he can do."

   "No need, when I die, the title of Peacock Demon King will naturally be mine."

   "..." x3

   There was a sudden silence on the wine table, Liu Wei's eyelids twitched, and after a while he praised: "Brother Kong has great ambitions, I can't wait."

   "Don't talk about this, bad luck."

  Kong Ci waved his hand, lowered his voice and said: "Just now Brother Liu said, you have a way to be judged as the Demon King, plan to make it out?"

   "It's simple, go to the border of Wan Yao Country, the area that borders the human race, and you can get the title of Demon King."

   "It's pretty simple, but..."

  Kong Ci thought it was a brilliant move, but shook his head in disappointment when he heard this. He wanted to travel far away, but this family would not be able to do without him.

Kong Ji was very keen on procreating blood, and raised many concubines outside. Kong Ci could imagine that without his strict discipline, Kong Ji would only be more reckless. If you can't find it, sooner or later you'll be gloomy and ill.

   Not right, it doesn't matter if the demon king doesn't do it!

   "That's right, Brother Kong is the only son in the family, with extraordinary bloodline talent, so you can't easily go to the border of the human race."

Speaking of this, Liu Wei poured out bitter water, saying that when he was young, he was ignorant and believed in the evil of the elders of the clan. The foolish couple went to the frontier. Wanda Mountain.

  Kong Ci was immediately overjoyed when he heard about the unlucky event, and asked Liu Wei to elaborate.

  No other meaning, happiness that cannot be built on the pain of others is incomplete happiness.

  Liu Wei rolled his eyes straight and scolded Kong Ci. The atmosphere at the wine table was in place. He considered himself unlucky, and talked about how he encountered a strong enemy and how he escaped his life.

   "Sounds dangerous!"

   "Who said it wasn't, little brother, I almost can't come back..."

  Two hours later, one bird, three snakes hooked their shoulders and left the restaurant. Liu Wei expressed his interest and wanted to have a second round. This time he was the host and invited Kong Ci to Xiangliu King City.

  The characteristics over there.

  There are many colors in the characteristics, Kong Ci said that it doesn't matter, he just wants to have a few drinks to get rid of the bad luck on his body.

  Liu Wei was out of luck, so why not him, when he went out to run into evil, there was not a single bird feather left on his buttocks.

  Young and ignorant, naively thought that there is only one way to hurt the buttocks, and then realized that he misunderstood the uncle.

  As a peacock, having its five-colored tail feathers plucked is a big vengeance, but since his uncle is fair and has not spared the dog father at home, he doesn't care about this vendetta.


   "Brother Kong, why are you so happy, tell me and let's laugh together."

   "It's not a big deal, it's just my father, that dead bird hit evil, and was cleaned up some time ago." Kong Ci smiled.

   "..." x3

   The eyes of the three snakes all flashed, and the important information, the reason for Kong Ji's uncharacteristic behavior was found.

  (end of this chapter)

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