Cultivation Is Like This - v3 Chapter 764 do you have someone outside

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   "I stand in the strong wind, I wish I could, and my heart aches..."

   Lu Bei sang without a spirit, which is very suitable for the occasion, but the following lyrics are not suitable for him.

  People look at the sky and the clouds moving in all directions, with a sword in hand, and ask who is the hero in the world, but he is having difficulty traveling, and he draws his sword and looks around at a loss.

   "On the bright side, it might be a good thing for them to go through the tribulation at the same time." Lu Bei went straight to where She Yan was, and at the same time comforted himself.

  If one by one is going through the tribulation, even if it is separated by a formation, those who go through the tribulation first will notice the violent fluctuations in the vitality of the distant world, and they will definitely go over to take a look out of curiosity.

   It doesn't take much, just one look can make him want to die.

   There is no hidden danger of being struck by lightning together. After the tribulation is over, he directly throws people into the small black room on the grounds of consolidating the realm, and then sends them home one by one.

   Be careful!

  Thinking of this, Lu Bei swept away his decadence and immediately became full of energy.

  The golden light escaped from the ground at a speed so fast that the space could not bear it. There was a loud bang, and the collapsed void repaired itself. After Lu Bei restrained his breath and dispersed the pass for the unity of heaven and man, he had already arrived at She Yan.

  The lightning chain is quite satisfactory, and She Yan can resist it effortlessly, but this is only the first level of nine lightning tribulations, and it doesn't explain anything.

  She Yan has the blood of the Teng Snake. According to Ying Long, she is as unfavorable to the heavens as Zhu Qilan's white tiger fate. The difficulty of crossing the catastrophe is much more difficult than that of ordinary monks.

   is also commonly known as Tianqi.

  Placing it on Lu Bei, Kunpeng's Transformational Tribulation, who just passed the level some time ago, is the best example.

  Ten thousand steps back, he thought too much, Tiandao didn't care about the blood of the Teng Snake at all, everything went through the process, how to split it or how to split it, She Yan would also be more difficult than ordinary demon cultivators because of the potential and strength of the Teng Snake's blood.

  During the formation, She Yan didn't know what Lu Bei was thinking. Seeing Xiaobai's complexion was unusually dignified, even more cautious than her own when crossing the tribulation, her heart was filled with warmth, and she felt an indescribable sense of happiness.

   Before she was satisfied for a while, Lu Bei came and went in a hurry on the grounds that there were magic cultivators around.

  Master Huanchang arrived at Zhu Qilan's place. The sky was extremely dark and gloomy, and the rolling thunderclouds were far more exaggerated than the other three places. This confirmed Lu Bei's guess, and also proved from the side that what Ying Long said was true.

  Those who get the opportunity in the secret realm are regarded as aliens by the Dao of Heaven, and the tomb guards walk the Dao for the Heavens, and everything they do is in line with the destiny. They are a just organization that walks in the dark.


  Among the sky full of thunder, Zhu Qilan obeyed Lu Bei's order and did not sacrifice the Great Seal to fight against the sky thunder, but due to the strength of the thunder, Zhu Qilan had to sacrifice the white tiger clone.

  The ribs have wings, the body is ten feet long, and the wind is the shield, majestic and majestic.

  Lu Bei nodded towards him, dropped the word Moxiu, and changed the scene again.

  The thunder tribulation of chopping Hongqu and Baijin was a little flat, and belonged to the same level as Mu Lichen, because there was Lu Bei on it, and there were shocking thunderbolts, and the tribulation was extremely easy.

  Lu Bei raised his hand to wipe off his cold sweat: "Senior Sister, please do it first, I'll go to see Senior Sister Bai/Zhan."

  Two hours later, the first nine thunderbolts were struck, Zhanhongqu and Baijin were finished, and Lu Bei arrived at Zhanhongqu. …

   "Stop talking, kiss me!"

  Sparse is worse than blocking, Lu Bei opened his mouth and blocked a few thousand words, acted according to the plan, injected a large amount of innate energy, and coaxed the dizzy red song into the small room.

   A punch blasted out, shaking the characters with strange force, shattering the chaotic vitality of the world, flattening the scorched black and red sand and destroying all the evidence.

  When he turned to Bai Jin, the latter lay cross-legged on the ground, his white clothes were spotless, consciously consolidating the realm of Transcending Tribulation Period.

   Lu Bei was secretly happy, and waved his hand to open the black and white portal. With the innate qi entering his body, Bai Jin slowly opened his eyes.

  Junior Brother, besides me and Senior Sister Zhan, are there other people going through the tribulation here?

  That person is not a magic cultivator, but Junior Sister She, right?

   With a sigh, Bai Jin didn't express his doubts. Looking at Lu Bei's face, he guessed that She Yan's catastrophe was more difficult, and she was not out of danger yet. She pretended to be easy to deceive, and was invited into the small room by Lu Bei.

   "I'm exhausted..."

  After cleaning up the traces, Lu Bei, who didn't touch the ground, was so busy that he couldn't find the north. He successfully completed the general task, and his tense heartstrings couldn't help but get tired.

  That is him, highlighting a fast word, all those who are qualified, and changing to other monks, under the predicament of choosing one of the four, will definitely bury the hidden danger of madness.


  The golden light arrived, and She Yan ushered in the second level of nine thunderbolts. Seeing Lu Bei who was panting like a dog outside the formation, his eyebrows condensed into a word Sichuan.

   Something's wrong, it's just a magician, so why go back and forth so many times?

  Damn ghost, do you have someone outside?

  She Yan snorted coldly, with the majestic thunder in front of him, suppressed his doubts, and held his breath to welcome the baptism of the will of heaven and earth.

   Lu Bei's guards were beside him, confirming that the second level of nine sky thunders did not pose much threat to She Yan, and once again urged not to use the magic weapons left by Teng Snake and Candle Dragon, turning into golden light and leaving.

   Sure enough, there are people outside!

  She Yan bit her lips tightly, knowing without asking, the only woman who can make the little white face haunt her, day and night, is the white moonlight in his heart.

  Bai Jin, she also crossed the catastrophe today.

   Obviously I came first!

  Elder She hated secretly, from liking one person to not wanting to be compared with another person, his anger turned into motivation, and he went all out to fight against Lei Jie.

  High in the sky, Black Wing and Golden Eyes avoided the thunder far away. Four of them crossed the catastrophe, and two of them left the stage. Then they changed to a more favorable visual angle and broadcast the situation of crossing the catastrophe in real time.

  Everything is under control. Although Lu Bei is very tired rushing to the field, but halfway through the progress bar, the victory is close at hand, and he is full of motivation.

   "But that's all. I scared myself before and thought too much about the problem."

   Lu Bei was secretly complacent, guarding above Zhu Qilan's head, resisting with his body as one of heaven and man, cheated the thunder above his head, and bought Zhu Qilan time to recuperate.

  Among the four, her thunder tribulation is the most dangerous and the most unacceptable to the world.

   Lu Bei reckoned that the cousin's thunder calamity was more than three times, and when it was dragged to the end, she seemed to be as immortal as he was before.

  Below, Zhu Qilan couldn't bear to see Lu Bei suffer, and wanted to use the Great Seal to disperse the thunderclouds, but Lu Bei stopped his act of death in time and took a plant of longevity grass instead.

   No success.

  Hu Er, Mu Lichen, Bai Jin, Zhan Hongqu and others take the Everlasting Grass, and they can receive a gold medal for avoiding death, and skip the Heavenly Tribulation directly. …


   Another two hours are over, the sky is getting late, amidst the sound of rolling thunder, the last ray of the setting sun disappears, and the sky is full of stars surrounding the full moon to overlook the Great Thousand.

  She Yan exhaled foul breath, looked at Lu Bei who was beside him in a state of embarrassment, and stomped his feet angrily.

  Bastard, why didn't you exhaust yourself to death!

There was smoke above Lu Bei's head, his little white face was covered with black ash, and he grinned, revealing his neat and white teeth: "Congratulations Elder She, this catastrophe is safe and sound, you are also a great power in the tribulation period, and a top expert in Wuzhou gone."

   Talking about opening the door of black and white and stabilizing the realm is a big deal, let She Yan not delay.

   "Senior Sister Bai is also going through the tribulation here, that Demon Cultivator is her, isn't she?"

   "Ah this..."

   Lu Bei nodded first, then shook his head, not knowing where to start, touched his chest, and felt that he was not jumping anymore.

   "Then why are you standing still, go and support her!"


   "It turns out that you also sometimes lack words..."

  She Yan was full of grievances, angrily walked into the black and white door, and looked back: "When the elder is stable, I must ask the head for an explanation."


   Lu Bei's lips were dry, and the glance back said She Yan's grievances, so he couldn't help but feel blocked, and waved his hand and punched him.

  Bah, the scum deserves the thunder!

  In the sight of sharing, Zhu Qilan ushered in the fourth thunder disaster, the white tiger clone was charred black, and the big cat was half cooked and ready to serve at any time.

   Lu Bei patted his face, and rushed to the last tribulation location in a full state of mind.

  At this time, Zhu Qilan was full of doubts, and seeing the disheveled Lu Bei, he couldn't help being suspicious.

  Who is crossing the catastrophe around, Qi Yan, Xuan Long, Xiong Chu... Does the little boy have other princesses outside behind her back?

   "How is it possible, except for the princess of the old Zhu family, I have nod friends with other princesses at most." Lu Bei complained, feeling unspeakably wronged.


   "Cousin, I won't hide the matter from you now!"

   Lu Bei shattered the thunder column above his head with a punch, and gritted his teeth to tell the truth: "Today is also the day I cross the catastrophe. I didn't want you to worry, so I borrowed the artistic conception of the unity of man and nature, and sneaked elsewhere to be struck by lightning."

   These words are too outrageous, but it is impossible to cultivate immortality, and looking at the sincerity on his face, Zhu Qilan subconsciously believed half of it.

  The other half...

  Lu Bei dispersed the unity of heaven and man, slowly raised his aura, and immediately attracted dark clouds to roll in the sky, rumbling and spreading the coverage area, and attracted the third thunder disaster during his tribulation period.

  The second advance payment, and the third advance payment, plus Zhu Qilan's original thunder disaster, this time the punishment of thunder is enough to be called devastating.

   Seeing this, Zhu Qilan believed it all, felt ashamed, bowed his head with a guilty conscience and looked at Lu Bei shamelessly.

  Facing the wrath of the catastrophe, she stood beside Lu Bei, choosing to tide over the difficulties with him.


   Lu Bei slapped his **** hard, turning his back on customers, and said in a bad mood: "Stand by the side, let me say it one last time, if you don't want to become a widow, don't use your magic weapon."

  After speaking, man and nature are one, and the body turns into golden light and goes straight to the one-eyed vortex in the sky.

  The Thunder Prison is tumbling, the four spirits that suppress the world have taken shape, and the thunder that is full of destructive aura is ready to go.

  Lu Bei opened his arms, Fenglei swam around and turned into Pisces, burning the mana in his body frantically, and then plunged into the depths of the vortex.

  Thunder prison roars filial piety, the will of heaven and earth is locked, offending the power of heaven will inevitably lead to death.

  But at the moment when Lu Bei was locked, the will of heaven and earth suddenly became confused, and the unity of heaven and man successfully got stuck in a bug, weakening the devastating purple thunder sea to the limit.

  Even so, the remnant of heaven's power is still brilliant and infinite, far from being able to resist Lu Bei's physical body and primordial spirit.

  The purple sea surged and flooded the area where Lu Bei was located.

  In the small world, Zhenzi absorbs Lei Hai, and uses the rules of heaven and earth to eliminate the rules of heaven and earth, so that Lu Bei, who should have been destroyed physically and spiritually, escaped the punishment of God for the third time at large.


  The thundercloud dissipated, with some doubts, and there was even a tendency for the cloud to rise again and continue to crackle a few times.

  Lu Bei fell down, surrounded by black smoke, and his whole body was shaped like charcoal.

  Zhu Qilan rushed to her, and Yufeng picked up her sweetheart who was described as miserable. Seeing this, she was anxious and angry, and her eye circles turned red instantly.

   "I'm other...princess."

  Zhu Qilan was flustered, and she was so reticent that she raised her hand to pat her heart.


  Lu Bei clasped his wrist: "Don't, I will hurt."

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