Celestial Immortal - Chapter 726 Thousands of pulses and ten thousand orifices, ten thousand gods stand by

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  Yunzhou Daoyuan, a clean room for practice.

  Chu Chen sat cross-legged, adjusting his breath to heal his injuries.

   Fighting Taoist Taoist Guan Taihe, the capital of the state, he made a full shot, and he unreservedly displayed the super-grade method [Taishan Divine Leg].

  However, the gap between the two sides is a bit big.

   One face-to-face kung fu, he was injured, not a single enemy at all.

   Still, he wasn't depressed.

  The state capital Guan Taihe Taoist is not an ordinary monk with great supernatural powers. In the four-rank Taoism, Taihe Taoist belongs to the top existence.

  Being able to receive the magical powers of Taoist Taihe, Chu Chen has a better understanding of his own magical powers.

  Taoist Taihe can't beat him, but if he is an ordinary monk with great supernatural powers, he must be able to pass two moves.

  Under the witness of all the immortal courts, Chu Chen passed the prefectural capital Guan Taihe Taoist school examination, and won the "Yuqin County Duguan" is a certainty.

  On the same day, the Xianting order came down.

  Sent together with the transfer order are [Yuqin Metropolitan Order] and [Liuchenghuangyin].

  As long as he holds the transfer order, Chu Chen can immediately take up the post of governor of Yuqin County, in charge of the affairs of one party's demons, ghosts and gods, and embark on a new peak on the road of cultivation.

  「Boom boom boom!」

  「Congratulations, brother, congratulations, brother!」

  The little devil had been waiting for this moment for a long time, and when he saw the envoy from the Immortal Court leaving, he kowtowed to beg for incense without saying a word.

  "Brother, this is a great occasion, you can't just send me two incense sticks."

  Chu Chen asked: "Then how many do you want?"

  Little Guizi scratched his head, feeling a little troubled, finally thought about it, and stretched out his two hands:

  「I want ten!」

  「Hahaha, okay.」

  Chu Chen couldn't laugh or cry.

  Recently, the little devil has started to learn arithmetic, but it relies on both hands, and ten fingers is its limit.

  In fact, the little ghost asked for more, and Chu Chen who was in a good mood definitely gave it without hesitation.

  Promotion to Yuqin County Duguan is indeed a great joy for him.

  Transferred from Wanquan Daoyuan Shanzhang and Supervisor to Yuqin County Ghost and God Division Supervisor, the level has not changed, but it is a big step forward.

  The county is in charge of governing a place and governing the affairs of one party's demons and gods. It is a real power errand.

   Among other things, among the five ranks of immortals, the status and treatment of the county governor is the highest.

  The head of the Daoyuan Mountain and the supervisor of a county, the salary is 30,000 jade coins and 40 celestial tributes a year;

  The one-year salary of the governor of the county has reached 50,000 jade coins and 50 celestial tributes.

   This is still the salary treatment in the management of ordinary counties.

The eight prefectures in the southwest are counties in the frontier barren state, and the rank of the county governor is half a rank higher than that of the middle-earth. The money is one hundred thousand, and the tribute is one hundred.

  After Chu Chen was transferred to the Department of Ghosts and Gods in Yuqin County, although he resigned from other errands and part-time jobs, his annual salary did not decrease but increased instead.

  This is only in terms of salary and treatment.

   What has really changed is the real power aspect.

Before that, Chu Chen had a lot of titles and positions, and he was the head of the Daoist Academy, the supervisor, the deputy governor of the county, and the supervisor of the garrison army. Only the one-third-acre land of Wanquan Daoist Academy and the Wanquan Daoyuan were really under his jurisdiction. Supervision Division.

   There are quite a few people in the Supervision Department, but because it is an intelligence agency, the identities of the members of the Supervision Department are kept secret, and they mainly lie dormant in various places to listen to news on weekdays.


   There are three or two big cats and kittens under his hands, and there is no master at all.

  After becoming the governor of Yuqin County, it will be different. The people under the jurisdiction have undergone a qualitative change.

  The Department of Ghosts and Gods of Yuqin County has jurisdiction over the Tiandi Xuanhuang Fourth Academy, and the dean of each academy is concurrently served by the deputy governor of the county with a fifth-grade Taoist practice.

  There are eight "deputy county cities" level heavy cities in the whole county, and each heavy city is headed by a county deputy governor with a fifth-grade Taoist practice, and governs the county's ghost and **** division.

   Among other things, there are as many as a dozen immortal officials of the fifth rank directly under Chu Chen's jurisdiction.

   Not to mention, the city gods, the gods of mountains, rivers and land...

  In addition to this, there are hundreds of large and small Guanzhen villages, which are governed by immortal officials of the sixth and seventh ranks...

  The manpower under Chu Chen's command has suddenly increased several times, and the status and real power are not the same.

  The order from Xianting came in a hurry, and Chu Chen didn't delay, and drove the five-color auspicious cloud back to Wanquan County that day.

  After the handover in Wanquan County City and Wanquan Taoist Temple, Chu Chen declined the banquet of his former colleagues, and without a word, he took Hu Dali, apprentice Guang Gengsheng, and Chu Baiqing to Yuqin County.

  As for Qingying...

  After hearing the news two days ago, Qingying had great confidence in Chu Chen, and immediately packed up Yinggong, the cave residence of Wanquan Daoyuan, and rushed to the selection site of Yuqin County that day, preparing to move the Diyuan Chamber of Commerce there.

  On the way, Guang Gengsheng and Chu Baiqing were very excited when they heard the whole story.

   Xu is the reason of "next generation relatives". The always serious and old-fashioned Daoist Xu dotes on the two disciples and grandchildren very much, and the two little guys like the master very much.

  Chu Baiqing: "Master, when we transfer to Yuqin Daoist Academy, doesn't that mean that we will practice with Master in the future?"

  Chu Chen nodded slightly: "That's right, since I was appointed as the governor of Yuqin County, I don't have so much free time to guide you as before. In the future, you will follow the master to practice."

   "Great." Chu Baiqing was overjoyed when he heard the words, and was very happy.

  Chu Chen: "..."

  Guang Gengsheng on the side also spoke now, saying:

   "Master, many of my classmates have entered the Immortal Court to experience the ghosts and gods. When will Bai Qing and I enter the Immortal Court to experience?"

  In the past six months, the two apprentices have made a lot of progress in their cultivation.

Guang Gengsheng made a smooth breakthrough and stepped into the eighth-rank Taoism. Not bad in all aspects, Taoism and supernatural powers are outstanding among the same level.

  Chu Baiqing was even more remarkable.

Two months ago, Chu Baiqing broke through to the eighth-rank Taoism, and now his cultivation has surpassed that of his senior brother Guang Gengsheng, and he is extremely talented in martial arts such as water, thunder, cloud, and wind. will be average.

   Of course, nothing is perfect.

  Chu Baiqing's talent is certainly high, but except for the supernatural powers related to the dragon clan water god, the talent for practicing other supernatural powers is not as good as Guang Gengsheng.

  Chu Chen covers a wide range of fields, and the person who can truly inherit his mantle has to be a Guang Gengsheng with outstanding comprehension and comprehensiveness.

  The two apprentices have their own advantages, and the requirements of each stage are also different.

  Currently, Chu Chen is very satisfied with the performance of the two apprentices.


  " You haven't encountered any bottlenecks right now, and it won't be too late to come out to practice after you have cultivated to the seventh rank. "

  Chu Chen gave an order casually.

  Bianbaran County is different from Middle-earth.

  At the beginning, Chu Chen’s ninth-grade Taoism cultivation base entered the fairy court to practice, but there are many chaos in the border barren state, which is more dangerous.

  Of course, the main reason is that the Lingshan faction has grown stronger and stronger in recent years.

  If he enters the realm of great supernatural powers and has a strong man with great supernatural powers in charge, the Lingshan sect will be able to take advantage of the trend and enter the ranks of the "great sect of immortal sects".

   At that time, Guang Gengsheng will enjoy the treatment of the core true disciple of the Dapai Xianzong, and enter the Immortal Court with the method of "Special Recruitment of the Immortal Court", starting as a seventh-rank immortal official.

   There is no need to work step by step from a ninth-rank immortal official like Chu Chen did back then.


  Chu Chen drove the five-color auspicious clouds, took Hu Dali, Guang Gengsheng, and Chu Baiqing, and headed straight for Yuqin County.

  He did not go straight to Yuqin County to take up his post, but went to Yuqin Taoist Academy to meet his master, Taoist Master Xu Ping.

  Master) Shizu~"

  Guang Gengsheng and Chu Baiqing were very happy to see Daoist Xu Ping, and they bowed and saluted one after another.

   Taoist Master Xu Ping was in a good mood when he saw his disciples and disciples, and he greeted the group of people to go to his cave.

  Chu Baiqing and Guang Gengsheng were quite familiar with Yuqin Taoist Temple, and they also made friends, but they disappeared after a few ceremony.

   "Teacher, why are you free to bring rehabilitated and Bai Qing to my place today?"

  Under normal circumstances, it is all about the removal and replacement of such important errands. Immortal Court will announce it in advance and make it public. It is not a confidential matter for the middle and high-level officials of Immortal Court.

  However, this time, Yuqin County has occasionally obtained a breakthrough opportunity, and Xianting is urgently looking for a replacement.

   Even, many people in Yuqin County don't know that Qingfeng Taoist resigned from the county when he encountered a breakthrough opportunity and took care of this matter.

   Seeing that Master didn’t know, Chu Chen smiled and said:

   "Master, do you have a water vein in Yuqin Daoist Academy for Bai Qing to become a god? I plan to let Gengsheng and Bai Qing come to Yuqin Daoist Academy to practice with you."

  Daoist Xu Ping was at a loss:

   "Disciple, why is this? Well done, you..."

   While speaking, Daoist Xu Ping's eyes fell on his apprentice, Xu saw something, his face was full of surprise

   "Disciple, you enlightened 【Jin Yuanjun】, the fifth grade of Taoism is complete!"

  Master and apprentice have the same technique, Taoist Xu Ping thought to himself that he was right.

  For a while, Daoist Xu Ping was in a complicated mood. He only enlightened the third fifth-rank Yuanjun, and the fourth fourth-rank Yuanjun did not know the year of the monkey until he was enlightened... The apprentice completely threw him away.

"I see."

   Daoist Xu Ping was surprised, but he immediately understood.

  The big apprentice of my family has already practiced a super-grade method, and enlightened [Leg Yuanjun]. Once he breaks through, Xianting will start to pull it out.

  For a while, Daoist Xu Ping suddenly became interested, and said:

  " Disciple, so you will step down as the head of Wanquan Taoist Academy? Where is Xianting planning to transfer you to? Is it the state secretary or the local area?"

  Chu Chen was about to speak when suddenly there was a gust of dark wind in his robe, and a ghostly aura flew out from the pure yin gourd around his waist.


   It is the little devil.

  "Master, I know this, the senior brother transferred to Yuqin County to serve as the governor of the county, and our family can be reunited again in the future. "

  Master Xu Ping was shocked when he heard the words, he was very surprised and said:

   "This...how is this possible, Qingfeng has done a good job, why did Xianting change people, apprentice, what's going on?"

Chu Chen explained with a smile: "Master, it's like this. Fellow Daoist Qingfeng has a chance to break through. Immortal Court appointed me to act as the governor of Yuqin County to take charge of the affairs of one party's demons and gods. The matter is urgent and has not been announced yet. The news must spread tomorrow." gone."

  " is that right~ not bad, not bad! "

  Daoist Xu Ping suddenly realized when he heard the words, but well, he was a little insincere.

  The apprentice stepped into the fifth-grade super-grade and got an extraordinary promotion from Xianting. As a master, he was naturally delighted... except that the apprentice was transferred to Yuqin County.

  The little ghost on the side saw the master and apprentice talking, ignored himself, so he opened his curious eyes and asked for advice.

  "Master, brother, is the head of the Yuqin Taoist Academy inferior to the governor of the county? Senior brother has become the governor of Yuqin County, in charge of the affairs of the county's demons, ghosts and gods. Isn't he the master's immediate boss?"

  Chu Chen smiled strangely: "..."

  Daoist Xu Ping froze with a smile: "..."


  The little ghost boy managed to use his brain, but unfortunately, this did not bring him good luck.

On the contrary, the little ghost ran out of the clean room crying, the incense burner in his hand was gone, the spiritual incense that the brother had just rewarded was gone, and even the "private money" that he had worked so hard to save before was gone. Call a sad.

  Without the disturbance from the little ghost boy, Chu Chen, Xu Pingdao, and the master and apprentice experienced the embarrassment at the beginning, and then it seemed much more natural later on.

  The master and the apprentice did not talk much about the errands in the fairy court, but the practice method of the Lingshan School.

  Before, Daoist Xu Ping deduced the master's practice method [Gathering Qi and Refining Form], and deduced [Hunyuan Xuan Gong] to the fifth-grade level.

  As for the follow-up practice method, it is limited to Xu Ping's limited Taoism, and it has not yet been perfected.

   But, the method of the Old Lingshan School is a complete immortal skill, which has a great reference effect on [Hunyuan Tianxin Xuangong] [Hunyuan Xuangong].

   Immediately, Chu Chen couldn't wait to ask for advice:

   "Master, what is the fourth-grade practice of the "Hunyuan Xuan Gong" of our Lingshan School, and what is the next step?"

   Taoist Master Xu Ping saw that his disciples respectfully asked for advice, and it was very helpful. He stroked his beard and said:

"According to the cultivation methods of the Laolingshan School, the lower third rank focuses on laying the foundation, the fifth and sixth ranks cultivate the lower dantian, the focus is on refining the shape, the third and fourth ranks cultivate the middle dantian, and the emphasis is on refining the softness, so as to enlighten the crimson palace and meridian orifice points It's what you want. "

  "Once you break through the fourth grade of Taoism, you will be able to touch all the meridians and openings, and the domineering aspects of our Lingshan School's method will be fully revealed, and all gods will stand by, with unparalleled arrogance!"

   Speaking of this, Daoist Xu Ping's face was full of pride.

The Lingshan School is not well-known in the Dachang Heavenly Dynasty. It is a little-known sect in the eyes of many people, but as a Lingshan native, he knows very well that the Lingshan School is not inferior to other schools. , Famen's supernatural powers are unique and extremely powerful.

  Chu Chen was quite shocked when he heard it.

  Hundred meridians and ten thousand orifices, ten thousand gods standing in front of them is naturally a function word, which means that all major meridians and acupoints in the body have gods,——attraction, you can have boundless magic power.

  If it is combined with Chu Chen's super-grade method [Taishan Divine Leg], it will definitely be an earth-shattering supernatural power.

  This further confirms what Master Xu Ping said back then.

  Old Lingshan sect's cultivation methods, except for being somewhat unorthodox, are not inferior to the top cultivation methods and even immortal skills of the Dapai Xianzong's sect.

   "Master, how to break through the realm of great supernatural powers? I heard Senior Qingzhu say that the most important thing in the realm of great supernatural powers is to refine the gods."

"That's right, what our Lingshan Sect practices is the Sandantian Sanyuan divine method, which is different from other methods. It breaks through the realm of great supernatural powers, and focuses on the character of the heart...He who is the heart, the master of the body, the commander of a hundred gods, and the king of the heart , you can break through the realm and rule over the gods with hundreds of veins and apertures..."

  Master and apprentice asked and answered, answering questions and resolving doubts, talking about longevity, it was very lively.

  After discussing the Tao, Chu Chen returned with a full load and gained a lot.

  As the master, Daoist Xu Ping sat quietly in the clean room of practice, caught in entanglement.

  Daoist Xu Ping’s face was full of struggle,

  Master is a serious monk with great supernatural powers. With his guidance, it will be much easier for apprentice Chu Chen to break through the realm of great supernatural powers, but...

   "Should I ask Master to guide me as an apprentice..."

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