Arcane Lord - v13 Chapter 2075 Goodbye Vader, Unexpected Intersection

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Perhaps Cliff's perspective on the influence of mortals' Ascension is different from that of Shado, but it is undeniable that the two sides at least have reached an agreement on the point of opposing the Ascension Order.

And, of course, Magna.

"Does Lord Cliff think that Master Yerevan's ascension ceremony will be successful this time?" Shado naturally threw the same question to Cliff.

In response, Cliff shook his head with a dignified expression. Shado was about to ask, when there was a movement of teleportation spells outside the temporarily borrowed reception room.

Shado looked at Cliff and Magna inquiringly, Magna was a little dazed, and Cliff replied, "It should be Vader, and I invited him over too."


Hearing this name, Xado frowned subconsciously. There was some unpleasantness between him and Vader. The other party had secretly controlled Lord Rodney to invade the southern border, and even assassinated important figures in the territory.

Later, because of the disturbance to the Severnton Council and the intervention of the Seven Towers, this matter was only temporarily understood, but the main thing was that the other party controlled Lord Rodney, and there was no compensation for the loss of Savile.

It is impossible to say that Shado has no grievances in his heart, and this also makes him a little dissatisfied with Cliff. Don't you know the grievances between Vader and himself?

As a priest, Cliff is naturally more aware of Shado's emotional changes than ordinary spellcasters, so he quickly explained: "Veder is a firm practitioner of the arcane path. He is not only against the ascending order, but also dissatisfied with the ascending. The ritual is used again and again, unless it can be explained clearly with the existing magic theories, it is also beneficial for us to have the right to speak if he joins, and please be patient with Lord Shado."

At least after giving an explanation, Xia Duo reluctantly nodded.

After that, Cliff came for Vader, and Shado sat in the corner of the room and waited for the end of their exchange or to see who else would come, but what he didn't expect was that Magna quietly called and asked him and Vader. What a grudge.

Shado briefly described what Vader had done in Rodney Land and Savile Land before. Magna was silent for a while, and then replied:

"At that time, you were indeed weak, but now you are strong, and you can ask the other party to pay for the past."

"I will, but not now."

Shado knew very well that Cliff invited everyone to come over to prepare to attack the Seven Towers after the Ascension Ceremony, at least to prompt the Seven Towers to make concessions in the Ascension Order. He did not want to mess up the overall situation because of his own personal affairs.

It was only after Cliff and Vader had finished communicating, but Vader came to Shado, handed out a small purse with golden lines on its surface, and solemnly said:

"Lord Shado, I apologize to you for some of my previous actions, please accept it!"

Of course, the things that can be taken out by the Great Arcanist are not ordinary things. Xia Duo is sure that there is an extremely precious gem in it through the small purse—

Plane Crystallization!

Such rare things, and such a straightforward apology, made Xia Duo a little surprised for a while. He knew very well that if it was just a floating city, the other party would not be able to give in so easily.

You must know that when Vader was sanctioned by the Seven Towers before, he never lowered his posture like this.

Xia Duo did not accept the other party's apology, but asked the other party a question that seemed to have nothing to do with the matter, "Why?"

In the eyes of Cliff, Magna and other outsiders, Chardeau may be asking Vader why he should apologize, and the answer may be the order of the Severnton Alliance, or the so-called "justice".

But in fact, what Xia Duo asked was—why is it a plane crystal.

You must know that the plane crystals in Netheril at this stage are obtained from some unexplored ancient ruins, and the rest are almost all from the Seven Towers.

How could something so precious be used as an apology!

Vader will never get into Shado's stomach, knowing that his next research direction is the plane field, and he needs plane crystallization!

But this makes even more sense.

Xia Duo may be able to accept this plane crystal, but if this matter is unclear, he will not sleep well!

Seemingly seeing the scrutiny and confusion in Shado's eyes, Vader opened his mouth but did not make any sound.

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Choose to subpoena privately and reveal something.

After receiving the information, Xia Duo frowned again. What Vader revealed was nothing else, but a design idea about the magic net background communication array.

This may be used in the communication mystery lock that Nya is working on, but why? Just as he was about to continue his questioning, Vader's slogan without the slightest emotion came from his ears—

"Everything is Arcane Supreme!"

Hearing this familiar slogan, Xia Duo was startled, and subconsciously looked at Cliff and Magna in the reception room. Seeing that neither of them seemed to notice, he looked at Vader again in surprise. :

"It's you?!"

"It seems that Lord Shado should have thought of it!"

Only at this moment did Vader reveal a smile, but he doesn't seem to laugh very often. This time he laughed a bit weird, but the tone revealed in it gave a very sincere feeling:

"Actually, I started to pay attention to the magic net background communication spell from the very beginning, but unfortunately, the internal security work of Gilles Tower is still very well done. I didn't know that the source was you until Skum took the position.

"But you've grown up by then, otherwise I'd rather go to war with Yoon Orem and make you my student.

"So what happened before is really a misunderstanding. In this world, we are actually the real fellow travelers!"


Xia Duo was silent, he needed to take a good time, although he had guessed that the great sage in [Projection Plane · Arcane Empire] was a visitor from the main plane, but he never thought that it would be Vader!

When Vader proficiently uttered the Arcane Empire slogan, Shado was really taken aback. The first reaction was that someone on the projection plane had escaped from the illusory and ran to the main plane, but then he reacted. Come on, this possibility is too low.

It should be Vader's people who participated in and even dominated the shaping of the arcane empire on the projection plane.

And the design idea of ​​the magic net background communication array that the other party just came up with should not be based on understanding the research direction of the Tower of Time and prescribe the right medicine, but based on the hint given by the magic net background communication that Xia Duo had done before.

It's a pity that Xia Duo didn't think of that aspect at the beginning, and the other party broke out the slogan of the Arcane Empire.

As for the crystallization of the plane, there can also be a good explanation. As Vader said, he and himself are true fellow travelers. Perhaps they are aware of their actions to popularize magic education in the South, and at the same time enter the projection according to themselves many times. The experience of plane exploration (if not many times, it may not necessarily meet the Arcane Empire), so it is speculated that what I need most at this moment may be the plane crystal.

All this seems to make sense.

But there is one thing that Shado does not agree with. That is the fellow traveler that Vader said. The Arcane Empire may also popularize education, but he who has been there personally knows how inhumane the system of the Arcane Empire is.

If you don't say anything else, just say fertility, as long as you don't become a full-fledged mage within the prescribed period, you will become a fertility machine, and the children born will be sent to the nursery for social support, and they will have nothing to do with their original parents. money relationship.

This is of course the huge population demand caused by the war, but it also shows the indifference of the upper classes of the Arcane Empire to ordinary people or to life itself.

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