Apotheosis – Ascension to Godhood - Chapter 3913 Endgame

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The chaotic world is still empty, only one fairy house and one black ship are floating in it.

Restoring a sub-world is a piece of cake for Luo Zheng, but he needs to master the sequence, and there is no need to live some dead beings.

"Lishan ..." "Wow!"

Blocks of megaliths and soil are adhering to each other.

Asakusa and big trees are growing rapidly ... the major cities, buildings of various colors are rising from the ground ... the people, the son-in-law, and even cats, dogs, snakes, and ants inhabiting them are accurately restored.

Li Shan was not destroyed by degradation, but by the chaotic creatures and the erosion of polar energy in the place of burial.

After resurrecting these people, the entire Li Shan was still immersed in fear, although the chaotic creatures had disappeared.

"It's your turn," Luo Zheng said to his son-in-law.


The son-in-law's eyes glowed again. Li Shan was her lifeblood. When Li Shan was destroyed, she was desperate. Now she watched Li Shan appear intact and her heart was in a state of excitement.

"Well ..." The son-in-law stood on the emerald platform in a flash.

"My people, the most critical time for Lishan has passed ..." The people in Lishan still don't know what happened, but the overwhelming chaotic life suddenly disappeared, and the son-in-law's appeasement calmed them down quickly, but The next scene stunned them.

"The mother world ... restore ..." Li Shan had originally been removed from the mother world, but Luo Zheng restored the entire mother world, and Li Shan also regained his original position.

For the souls in Lishan, a blue cover suddenly appeared in the sky, and a clear sky appeared on top of Lishan.

"This, is this back to the mother world?"

"Oh my god, how did you do that?"

"The miracle must be a miracle ..." The trillion trillion creatures in the mother world were also restored. The time chosen by Luo Zheng was after the evil **** killed Ji Xuanyuan and Shennong. The environment in the mother world was relatively stable. Trillions of souls didn't notice anything abnormal.

"Godland, restore ..." "Return to the cemetery, restore ..." "The other shore, restore ..." "Chaos, restore ..." "Chaos, restore ..." "Six ancient chaos gods ... restore ... "The chaotic world has its own unique ecology, and the atmosphere of chaos is also an important part, and Luo Zheng will not spare it naturally.

But in the burial place, the demons and the snake spirit king Luo Zheng did not restore, these guys are not necessary to exist.

In the immortal palace, Luo Zheng reached out and gently touched the hand, Yuanshi Tianzun, Taishang Laojun, Jiang Ziya, Son-in-law, Fuxi, and Emperor Taiyi, Zhu Rong, Gonggong, and Emperor Jun, all these heroes were created. Come out, a strand of Qi soul also got into the body of the deity.

Next, there is Chi You, and the entire Jiuli tribe ... Restoring people at different time points is a labor to Luo Zheng, but everyone is very aggressive after recovery, especially Jiang Ziya. He clearly Death in the Four Worlds, suddenly reborn in Xianfu, the horror in mind can be imagined.

Three days later.

Luo Zheng set up a banquet in Xianfu, and nearly 1,000 people attended.

There was an old man during the dinner, and the concubine said that she was a matchmaker.

After three months.

In the mother world, there are grand wedding banquets in the state. The heads of the major states in the mother world are not far away to celebrate, and nearly 100,000 attendees ... three years later.

The Luo family added six children, three men and three women.

... three years later.

Deep space top.

Luo Zheng shouldered his hand and stared at the gray soil in front of him.

In the past 30 years, he has made various common sense on the gray soil layer, digging a pit on it, or digging out a piece of gray soil layer. Similar behaviors have been done from the "memory". turn up.

Human curiosity is infinite ... At first Luo Zheng did not understand why he created evil, but now he can understand it.

From the point of view, the perfect place is no different from the world without mind.

At this level, eternal imprisonment and eternal freedom are a concept. There is a prison everywhere. The difference is that the prison is different in size.

In the past 30 years, Luo Zheng can achieve all the good things that he wants, and all the good things that people around him want, but these good things don't seem so good to Luo Zheng.

He prefers to spend time on the gray soil, trying to find a little bit of mystery from it.

But all attempts were futile.

"Huh ..." Luo Zheng sighed slightly, sitting cross-legged in the air, watching the gray soil layer motionlessly.

While staring so silently, he suddenly noticed that a black crack appeared in the upper part of the gray soil layer! Luo Zheng's eyes widened and his body floated up quickly. He came to this black crack.

These gray soil layers are difficult to break, and it is impossible for such cracks to occur for no reason, but a little dark green liquid leaked out in this black crack.

Luo Zheng reached out and tried to touch the dark green liquid. When he touched it, the boss who suddenly stared at his eyes, sounded from his voice.

"Luo Zheng, I have left the perfect land ..." "I know that you will be curious about the world outside the perfect land, so I will leave you a message through these venoms, these venoms are the only things that can penetrate the gray earth ... "I failed to find the boundary of the black soil layer, but found an underground cave in the soil layer. This underground cave was opened, and they even opened a dark channel of unknown length."

"When you received my message, I had already left this undercover channel."

"If you want to leave the perfect place one day, the chance is on the evil god, that is the only way to leave."

After the sound disappeared, the dark green venom quickly solidified and ashed, and the black cracks quickly closed and disappeared, as if never before.

"The opportunity to leave the perfect land is on the evil **** ..." Luo Zheng said to himself.

Then his body suddenly disappeared, and the next moment appeared on the mountainside of Lishan.

A small piece of woodland was opened on the mountainside of Lishan Mountain. There was a humble thatched house in the space. This is Xiuzhu's residence. She has lived in the past for thirty years.

She was actually waiting in silence, waiting for the Creator to fulfill his promise to resurrect the evil god.

But Xiuzhu never urged Luo Zheng, as if he had infinite patience, even thousands of years and tens of thousands of years.

When Xiuzhu saw Luo Zheng a little stunned, a faint smile appeared on her face, "Are you going to revive him?"

"Yes," Luo Zheng nodded.

"But he is dangerous," Xiuzhu said seriously.

"This is also the meaning of danger," Luo Zheng responded.

Energy surges in the void.

Material condensation.

The physical body begins to form.

The heart was beating vigorously.

The man opened a pair of confused eyes, but with a sly smile on his lips.

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