After the Failure of Xiuye ​​to Cross the Robbery [Interstellar] - Chapter 2 You might as well like me

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The aircraft stopped outside the forest of thorns. Field and Doyle walked ahead. Field walked extremely fast. Each step was two steps away, leaving Yuanxi and Lance far behind.

Yuan Xi walked unhurriedly, one is that his injury has not healed; the other is that he wants to feel the breath of this strange world.

Seeing that the backs of Field and Doyle almost disappeared from the field of vision, Lance couldn't help asking: "Should I carry you on my back?"

"Huh?" Yuan Xi looked at him suspiciously.

Lance's eyes motioned to the small black spot in the distance, and he said with a smile, "I can't catch up with Field."

Yuan Xi shrugged indifferently, gave a simple "um", and rejected Lance's proposal to carry him back.

His short answer made Lance raise his eyebrows unexpectedly, and said unclearly: "You look a little strange today."

"How do you say?" Yuan Xi asked.

Lance looked at his face, and after a while, he slowly said, "With the importance you attach to Field, I will be ecstatic to see Field come to the Forest of Thorns to find you in person..."

"Then Shi Pi Lai sticks to his face, isn't it?" Yuan Xi completed his unfinished meaning.

Lance defaulted.

Yuan Xi looked into the distance and said in a tone that had experienced the vicissitudes of life: "Lance, people are never static."

Lance didn't speak.

Yuan Xi did not speak again.

After a while, Lance said quietly: "But we are mermaid, in the eyes of interstellar people, we are only half a person."

Yuan Xi: "..."

Can you still chat happily?

Two hours later, Yuanxi and Lance walked out of the forest of thorns.

Two aircrafts, one black and one silver, were parked in the open space. The smaller silver aircraft belonged to Yuanxi, and the larger black one belonged to Feld. When Yuanxi and Lance went out of the forest, Feld was impatient. What Il said, beside him stood a girl about the age of blond and blue eyes.

"Oh, here it is." The girl saw Yuan Xi first, and smiled contemptuously.

She is Field's younger sister Janis, and one of the most malicious people in Field-centered groups against the original owner.

Yuan Xi had been walking for more than two hours. The injury on his thigh was not complete and he felt a little pain from walking for a long time. Even though he had been used to the pain, his body and legs were a little sensitive, so he walked a little later. lame.

Janis saw him walking in an abnormal posture, and smiled even worse: "Yuanxi, who gave you the courage to go to the thorn forest to challenge the crocodile?"

"... Liang Jingru, right?" Yuan Xi replied.

Jia Sini: "..."

Jiasini felt that he was playing tricks on herself, and she stretched her face and mocked: "You all walked unfavorably on the shore to collect waste, and you wished to go with my brother to the Honor Military Academy. Stop dreaming!"

"Jiasini." Lance lowered his voice with a slight warning.

"Lance, did I make a mistake?" Jiasini paused for a moment after Lance's warning gaze, and then continued: "Our mermaid is the most powerful race in the entire galaxy, whether on land or in the sea. , No one dares to be our enemy. But Yuanxi, he can’t fight in the sea, he can’t even walk on the land, he is a complete waste.”

"Jiasni, don't say it." Field felt that his sister's words were a bit too much, and she stopped her.

After speaking, Field turned to Yuanxi again, and said indifferently: "Yuanxi, for the sake of our growing up together, this is the last time I tolerate you, so you can do it for yourself." His gaze shifted to Lance again." Lance, please send him back."

Hearing that Lance smiled sarcastically: "Yuan Xi didn't go to the Alligator Swamp for me."

Field said lightly: "Then let him go back by himself, Jasini, Doyle, let's go." The second half was for Jasini and Doyle.

Jia Sini curled her lips, snorted towards Yuanxi, and advanced into the aircraft; Doyle watched Yuanxi hesitate to speak, but finally turned into a helpless sigh, shook her head and got into the aircraft.

"Lance?" Field looked at Lance again.

Lance chuckled and said casually: "Since I'm a good person, I'll be a good person to the end and send him back."

Field was not surprised when he heard the words. He nodded and got into the aircraft, closed the door, and took off without even giving Yuan Xi a look.

Looking at the flying vehicle that was quickly going away, Lance gave a "tsk", as if with emotion, and mocked: "I'm really surprised why you like Field, with such a bad temper, and so indifferent to you."

"I don't like it anymore," Yuan Xi said.

Lance: "???"

Yuan Xi ignored the stunned Lance, and identified his identity by the door of the aircraft according to the memory of the original owner. After the door was opened, he led the aircraft into the aircraft.

The aircraft looks similar to the sports car Yuanxi saw when he was on the earth, but the internal space is very spacious, the seats are more comfortable, the driving can be fully automated, and the safety performance is not comparable to that of a sports car.

"Aren't you coming up?" Yuan Xi quickly looked at the inside of the aircraft before looking at Lance, who was still standing there.

The corner of Lance's lips curled up, and he paced into the aircraft.

Seablue Star is one of the three largest planets in the fifth galaxy. The reason why Seablue Star is called Seablue Star is because 90% of this planet is covered by the ocean and only 10% of the area is land.

A long time ago, mermaids have always lived in the ocean. Even though their tails can walk on legs after they go ashore, the ocean is still their favorite dwelling place.

The real reason why people fish build houses and live on land is the arrival and aggression of interstellar people. Interstellar conquests continue. When staying at Seablue Star, they accidentally discovered the resources on Seablue Star. They want to establish a colony here, but they don’t know much about Seablue Star and they don’t know that they are in 90% of the ocean. How many dangerous and unknown creatures have survived.

Mermaid is the overlord on this planet. They can set off huge waves, can condense the sea into icebergs, and sound can interfere with destroying the high technology that interstellar people are proud of, so that their thermal weapons cannot be used normally.

In the hundreds of years of war, the interstellar people retreated and signed a peace treaty with the mermaid.

The mermaid, in order to protect the sea blue stars and to monitor the interstellar people, gradually lives on the land and introduces the technology of the interstellar people.

The island of Gal, where the original owner lives, is a very small island. One island is a city. The name of the city is Gal City. The name can be said to be very perfunctory. The mermaids on this small rural island don’t like mountains, nor are they interested in the towering buildings on the planet where interstellar people live. Most of the places they live are on islands. The closer they are to the ocean, the better, the basement in front of the house. Even the sea does not matter.

The original owner’s house is half on land and half open to the sea, and on the land half, more than half of it is a huge swimming pool. There is a shell bed that takes up most of the space and green seaweed swaying on the shell bed. , Is also the real resting place of the original owner.

Yuan Xi resisted the urge to twitch at the corner of his mouth, and asked Lance who had sent him back: "Would you like something to drink?" At the time of the questioning, he had already opened the refrigerator, it was empty and there was no glass of sea water.

Yuan Xi: "..."

Lance held back a smile and waved his hand: "No need."

Yuan Xi closed the refrigerator door expressionlessly, and said indifferently: "I forgot that Dabai will automatically clean up his food for more than three days."

Dabai is a smart home robot that every family has.

"It's okay." Lance smiled.

Yuan Xi: "..."

so awkward.

"You can go to the treatment room for treatment. I will send you home and retreat, so I won't disturb you." Lance seemed to see the embarrassment under his indifferent expression, and his smile was deeper and cunning.

Yuan Xi nodded, "Thank you today, and invite you to dinner next day."

Lance looked at him strangely.

Yuan Xi: "What?"

"You are really very different today. I suddenly said that you want to invite me to dinner. I was a little flattered." Lance said, seemingly true.

Yuan Xi couldn't help but look at him twice. In the memory of the original owner, there were several peers who grew up and went to school together, Lance, Field, and Doyle. He liked to fight and protect his Field since he was a child. ; Lance didn't lose to Field in the fight, and he looked good, but he always mischievous when he was a child, deliberately bullying people, and laughed very annoyingly, so the original owner has always disliked Lance.

The original owner didn't like Lance, and Yuan Xi didn't feel anything against him, at least much better than Field, and better than Doyle, who persuaded Field and Lance to sympathize with him but didn't do anything else.

"I don't like Field anymore from today." Yuan Xi said.

"Do you like me anymore?" Lance answered immediately.

Yuan Xi: "..."

"Just kidding, hehe." Lance grinned.

Yuan Xi squinted at him and hurried away blankly: "Goodbye."

"Okay, okay, I'm not teasing you." Lance waved his hand and took out two nutrients from the space button. "You have nothing to eat at home, and the space button is lost again. I usually spend money on it. You save some money, let's deal with it briefly."

Yuan Xi hesitated for a while, took the nutrient that Lance handed over, and whispered: "Thank you."

Lance laughed, and when he walked to the door, he stopped suddenly, turned around and left a sentence: "Field is so bad, you really don't like him as much as you like me, at least I can take you home."

Before Yuan Xi could speak, Lance stepped out of his house and closed the door.

Yuan Xi opened his mouth and closed it again, a little dumbfounded.

The original mistress is unknown. His father is a male mermaid with a good background. He does not live on Seablue Star and cannot come back once a year. Moreover, the kinship of the mermaid is weak. His father gave him a luxury mansion on this island. His house and the large monthly living expenses make him a good dad.

This house is about 300 square meters, of which 200 square meters is a swimming pool. The water in the swimming pool is sea water. It is equipped with a sea water circulation system, so there is no need to worry about the sea becoming stagnant. The other one hundred square meters of space is a normal human residence, with furniture, equipment, kitchen and sanitary equipment all available, and the utilization rate... is almost zero.

As Janis said, the original owner is really useless. When he became a fish in the sea, he was bullied. Even a mermaid smaller than him could not be beaten. When he landed ashore, his tail turned into a pair of legs. I don't work hard, I always feel awkward to walk, fighting on land, basically attacking his bottom plate is a dead word. Because of this, he was scared to death after he injured his leg in Alligator Swamp.

Yuan Xi didn't want to comment on the original owner's timidity. He found the home treatment room and lay in for half an hour. When he came out, he couldn't tell that he had been injured. Even the trace of the originally hideous wound on the leg that had been healed can't be seen, which really surprised Yuan Xi.

But what made him more curious was the body itself.

He took off his clothes over his whole body, leaving only a pair of underwear. He stood in front of the pool and seriously pondered a question-will his underwear tear when his legs become fishtails later?

The answer is yes.

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