Traveling Through the Stars - Chapter 3072 If you can't beat it, you will come back

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  Chapter 3072 Come back after failing to beat

  Luo Bi muttered: "Who are you looking for?!"

   Wei Bunting heard it in his ears, so he didn't know: "Who are you going to find?"

   "I don't like to go to Zhan Shaozi's house. Wu Shaozi is in the Emperor Star, and Xun Shaozi's combat power is not good." Luo Bi thought of Orange Spoon: "I just don't know if Orange Spoon is in Emperor Star or Burning Emperor Star."

   Wei Bunting said: "Ask!"

   "Then let me ask." Luo Bi hesitated for a while, and dialed the communication to the bishop Lin Yanchong.

  After a while, Lin Yanchong picked up the communication and said angrily, "Why did you remember to call me?"

  Wei Bunting broke a twig and whipped it to play. Luo Bi smiled and didn't take it seriously: "I'm looking for an orange spoon. Is the orange spoon at home?"

  Bringing the orange spoon, Lin Yanchong was even more angry: "Isn't it burning the emperor's star?"

  Luo Bi had guessed it a long time ago, nodded and said, "Whose house is it?"

   "Orange Spoon said it was going to find Colonel Roger. I don't know whose house it is now." Lin Yanchong said very speechlessly: "It's not like you don't know that Orange Spoon can live in anyone's house. What are you looking for?"

  Luo Bi didn't say: "Look for it to play."

  Unknown to Lin Yanchong, Luo Bi lost interest in continuing the chat and hung up the communication.

   Wei Bunting raised his head and asked, "Is the orange spoon burning the emperor?"

  Luo Bi nodded: "You played wildly."

  Luo Bi dialed the communication and asked around, only to find out that Orange Spoon is at Lan Xun's house. Orange Spoon has been crazy these days, rushing to undeveloped planets to collect supplies every day, and returning to the dungeon to sell.

  Orange Spoon has made a lot of money during this period.

  Zhu Xingzhi ran over from Zhu's house, heard that he was looking for Orange Spoon, and said, "I'll go too."

  When Luo Bi and the others arrived at Lan Xun's house, Lan Xun opened the door, led them to the balcony, and shouted, "Orange Spoon."

  Orange spoon and Xun spoon nestled in the small basket, happily hugging the spar, when they heard calling it, Orange spoon was quite impatient, what are you doing? Quickly put away the spar.

  Luo Bi pouted, and walked over: "Is there a mission?"

  Orange Spoon: No.

   These days, Orange Spoon and Xun Spoon are earning a lot of interstellar coins, so they don’t follow the quests. The hunting team has more people and more things. Orange Spoon thinks it’s a disadvantage.

  Luo Bi said: "There are interstellar coins to earn."

  Orange Spoon hesitated, and Robbie hurriedly said, "Go!"

   Orange Spoon agreed, Lan Xun next to him was a little surprised, and asked Luo Bi: "Are you going on a mission? With whom?"

  Luo Bi smiled and said: "With a group of children, it's not counting as a mission, we just go around and come back if we can't beat the strange beast."

  Lan Xun looked at the spoon anxiously, and said, "Take my spoon too! It has mediocre combat power, but it won't cause trouble for you. The rare thing in my spoon is seeds."

   Collecting seeds, the risk factor is not high, and it is even more impossible to add chaos.

  Lan Xun said so, Luo Bi had no choice but to respond: "Okay, I will call Shang Xun Shaozi when the task is out."

  When it got dark, Luo Bi wanted to go home for dinner, so she asked Shang Wei Bunting and Zhu Xingzhi to leave.

  Luo Bi drove Zhu Xingzhi home first in a suspension sports car. When all the little brothers in the Zhu family heard that Luo Bi was on a mission, they all clamored to go, so they went for a walk, and the Zhu family leader didn't stop him.

  Luo Bi originally only wanted to take Wei Bunting, Zhu Xingzhi, and Zhu Xingshao, and maybe Zhu Xingyun, but the other children were not as powerful as Zhu Xingzhi, so Luo Bi didn't want to take them.

  Everyone wants to go, and Robbie agrees. In this case, the suspension car will not work.

  (end of this chapter)

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