Thunder Martial - v2 Chapter 2245 Enlightenment 5th Heaven

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The night before Zi Chen left, after talking to Mrs. Chen, he also talked to those cooks.

Until everything here is arranged properly.

Early the next morning, the store was already full.

The adventurer squatted in the corner, raised the wine bowl to bid farewell to Zi Chen and the other four.

"Don't waste time, wait for us to come back, and treat you to a good drink!"

Zi Chen waved and bid farewell to everyone.

Wang Yiling and Zilan saluted these regular customers.

"Let's go, I will bring many good stories with me when I come back, remember to prepare the wine." Wu Haoqi also said goodbye with a smile.

The four traveled during the day and rested at night.

He was not in a hurry while walking, it was enough time for the two families to retaliate.

Until they walked out of the Gobi, they did not see any visitors from the two families.

There is a forest outside the Gobi, the four of them entered the forest, Wu Haoqi went to hunt small animals, preparing for a tooth sacrifice.

Zi Chen found a high ground and sat cross-legged to practice.

Zilan had nothing to do, she helped arrange some flowers around and built a simple flower house.

She lay on her stomach in the sea of ​​flowers, with her chin resting on her hands, looking at Zi Chen in the greenhouse.

Wu Haoqi gave Zi Chen all the spiritual money and spiritual source crystals obtained from the people from the two families killed at the beginning, including the one million spiritual money given by the administration.

Zichen wants to use these resources to attack the fifth heaven of spiritual enlightenment.

When Wu Haoqi came back, he happened to see a vision around Zi Chen, a large piece of spiritual money was disappearing, and pure spiritual power poured into his body.

Wu Haoqi put the cleaned little animal on a stone, wrapped it with a few leaves, and said enviously: "This person is better than others, and he can really **** people off!"

When I first met Zi Chen, his realm was higher than Zi Chen.

But along the way, Zichen's realm has been improving, and now he has surpassed him.

Now Wu Haoqi is only in the third level of spiritual enlightenment, although the promotion efficiency is very high, enough to be called a genius.

But compared with Zi Chen, he was simply thrown away by thousands of miles.

Because it took only a few short years for Zi Chen to achieve such an achievement, but it took him more than twenty years.

Zichen doesn't seem to have a bottleneck, and he doesn't worry about the purity of his spiritual power. As long as he has enough resources, he can continue to be promoted.

With the continuous disappearance of spiritual money resources, great movements came from the world.

The surrounding spiritual power began to enter Zi Chen's body in an almost plundering way.

Zi Chen's breath began to improve.

Both Wang Yiling and Zilan braced themselves to prevent a surprise attack.

A quarter of an hour later, Zi Chen stood up, and all the spiritual money around him lost their spiritual power and turned into nothingness.

Enlightenment Five Heavens.

"Your breakthrough is like drinking cold water."

Wu Haoqi was full of envy, "If I sell the rest of the weapons and exchange them for resources, will you be able to upgrade one more weapon?"

"Thinking too much, the recent promotion is too fast, and it takes a long time to settle, or the spiritual power will be unstable. I estimate that this time it will take a year or two to settle."

Wu Haoqi obviously didn't believe it.

At this moment, Zichen took out the sunset bow and shot an arrow into the distance.

The arrow passed through the dense forest and shot through a tree trunk, and one person fell from behind the trunk.


Wu Hao's face changed in anger. The range he had patrolled before was three kilometers away, and he came back only after making sure there was no threat.

Even now, there are Jinjia guarding nearby.

However, within a thousand meters, there are people spying.

One arrow after another.

Zichen shot three arrows in total, and solved the existence of three suspected enemies in different directions.

Wu Hao's angry expression was a little uneasy. If it was just one person, it would be considered negligence at best.

But three people were missed at once. This is a problem of ability.

"Upgraded again?"

Wang Yiling looked at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen nodded. After being promoted to the fifth heaven, his soul power has increased a bit, and now it is within a kilometer.

"The concealment methods of these people are extraordinary, and there may be some origin."

As soon as Zi Chen finished speaking, Wu Haoqi's expression changed again.

He signaled to Jin Jia nearby to bring back those storage bags, but he was killed by a force before he got close to the corpses.

Three bodies disappeared.

Wu Haoqi controlled the golden armors to start chasing, and these golden armors could share vision with him.

An hour later, the golden armor disappeared.


Wu Haoqi was a little frustrated when he failed to catch up with the enemy.

"Don't worry, if they have ulterior motives, they will definitely appear again."

Zi Chen said while grilling meat, he just broke through and his soul power has also improved, he is in a very good mood.

Soul power here is called spiritual power, which is a very rare power. At least up to now, among the many geniuses Zichen has seen, only Zilan has spiritual power.

Wang Yiling and Wu Haoqi, as well as those masters who raised dragons and caught demons back then, had no mental strength.

Even the Chengshan Realm, which can fly into the air, has no spiritual power.

It can be seen how rare spiritual power is.

This is also the main reason why Zichen got the Jiezi mantra.

And after coming to this world, Zichen found that the growth of mental power is very slow, so every progress is worthy of gratitude and joy.

The dense forest is very large, and it took the four of them ten days to get out. Of course, it was also related to traveling in the mountains and rivers. There was no surveillance or danger during the period.

"Master, is this pretty?"

On Zilan's head, there is a red flower.

Zi Chen was a little helpless, it seemed that the title of Master could not be changed.

"It would look better if you changed your clothes."

Now Zilan is still wearing Zichen's large robe, which doesn't fit very well, but to be honest, it doesn't affect her beauty and temperament at all.

Zilan left with a smile, pretending she didn't hear her.

A month later, they passed through a city and lived here for a few days.

&nbssp;In a flash, it has been two months since they left Gesha market town, and they are still one-third of the distance away from Yiyang County.

If it was someone else, he would have already run back and forth twice.

A ray of light suddenly appeared, and Zi Chen, who was grilling meat, instantly became alert.

It's Liu Yu.

He looked at the four of them and said helplessly, "I said, can you hurry up, this is too boring."

Zi Chen put the barbecue aside, stood up and cupped his fists at Liu Yu.

"Brother Liu Yu, why are you here?" Wu Haoqi was very surprised.

"Mo Lao has been waiting for you in Yiyang County, but you are not in a hurry, but you are enjoying life."

Liu Yu laughed angrily. After walking slowly for less than a month, the four of them actually walked for two months, and there was still one third left.

"The old man is waiting for us?"

Wu Haoqi looked puzzled, "Is there something wrong? Why didn't you summon me?"

Liu Yu came to sit by the bonfire, "It's nothing serious, it's just that the person in charge of intelligence here heard about your affairs and planned to meet you."

"Who knows..."

Liu Yu shook his head, then stared at Zi Chen's barbecue, "I heard that you were opening a shop before, and the business was very hot? It seems that I have a good fortune today."

The barbecue has reached the final stage of sprinkling seasonings, Zi Chen sprinkled special seasonings, "It's just some small tricks to fool people."

The seasoning prepared by Zi Chen can heal injuries, but on Liu Yu's level, it has almost no effect.

Of course, but this still does not hinder Zi Chen's craftsmanship and the deliciousness of fresh ingredients, Liu Yu ate it to his heart's content and applauded again and again.

Once you have eaten, you should leave.

Zichen heard Wu Haoqi talk about Liu Yu's mythical spell.


This is a method similar to teleportation. Zi Chen has mastered it many years ago. Even Tian Xing Shu can directly travel through time and space.

But in this world, teleportation does not exist, or according to the current world's cognition, teleportation is an impossible thing.

Only mythical spells can achieve it.

Zi Chen has thought about it more than once, whether the mythical spell has such power because after using the spell, it has the ability to pass through the rules.

It's a pity that now he can't even touch the fur of the rules, and everything appears at the level of illusion.

Eaten, upright night.

Liu Yu is on his way.

Zichen could only extinguish the flames and cover with some soil.

Liu Yu put his hand on Zi Chen's shoulder, and Zi Chen grabbed Zi Lan's hand.

Zilan held Wang Yiling with the other hand.

Wang Yiling grabbed Wu Haoqi in disgust.

Wu Hao grinned happily, unable to close his mouth no matter what.

Mythical spell: instant.

A group of five people disappeared.

When it reappeared, it was a wilderness.

Then, disappear again.

Came to a small forest.

Appeared for the third time and came to a chaotic stone forest.

Then disappear and reappear.

Repeat this eight times.

They came outside Yiyang County.

It still takes a month's journey for the four of Zichen, eight flashes, and they will arrive directly.

It was still dark.

While it's fast, it's a lot less fun.

Enter the inn room that has been prepared and rest for one night. Early the next morning, Liu Yu took the four of them to a mansion.

Money mansion!

Being able to own a huge mansion in a place like Yiyang County, where every inch of land is very expensive, shows the strength of the owner of the house.

The butler led five people to the hall.

Mr. Mo was talking with a young man, and judging by their expressions, they were actually on equal footing.

"You are finally here, my little ancestors."

Mo Radon saw several people and hurried out.

The young man also stood at the door with his hands behind his back, smiling at the four of them.

Zi Chen's perception is very keen, and he noticed that the young people just swept past them, even if it was him.

The last line of sight fell on Zilan.

It's no surprise that Zilan has always attracted people's attention, but there is something inexplicable in the young man's eyes.

"This is Mr. Qian, who is not only the person in charge of Yiyang County, but also the general person in charge of this state." Mo Radon continued.

Zi Chen's complexion changed slightly, it is really remarkable that he is the person in charge of a state at such a young age.

And Zi Chen found that the other party was really young.

"My name is Qian San."

The young man smiled and said, "Nice to meet you."

Wu Hao asked angrily, "How happy are you?"

Qian San looked at Wu Haoqi with a smile on his face, "He is a wonderful person."

"Can you tell me how wonderful it is?"

As soon as the words fell, he was kicked by Mo Radon, "You kid is messed up again, please be more polite to Mr. Qian."

"No problem."

Qian San looked at Zilan: "I remember, there are only three people in the alliance, this is..."

"Zi Lan, my friend." Zi Chen said.

"Zi Chen is my master, and I am his wife." Zi Lan said.

Qian San nodded with a smile, "...well... a man and a woman are really good for each other!"

Zilan smiled happily.

Zi Chen raised his eyebrows slightly.

Then we had a meal together and introduced ourselves.

During the meeting, Qian San informed that the tokens on the three of them are still useful here.

Although the myth alliance is not well-known here, there are still some information points.

Then I asked Zilan if she wanted to join the alliance, she could give it a non-staff system first, but Zichen declined.

"I have something that I can give to Miss Zilan, and you will ask her to come to the house to get it independently tomorrow."

Before leaving, Qian San left these words.

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