The World Civilization Million Lords - Chapter 5011 , escape from death (2)

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According to Cyrelia's strength, it is obviously not difficult for him to break through.

But the problem now is that she can't break through.

Because once she breaks through the siege, all the enemy soldiers here will go after Ye Qingxuan and Li Ke who have fled.

She stayed behind to stop this from happening!

With the strength of the martial arts of the Qianjunjie, even if the sticky clothes are used, and against the armored infantry of Yusei, Cyrelia can do it with one palm, and shoot them to death without taking Hanhu. .

With her palms out, Cyrelia, who quickly shuttled among the enemy soldiers under the cover of the surrounding refugees, seemed to be the deadliest killer to Yossai's armored infantry.

The Yosei troops undoubtedly saw this. It was important to chase down Ye Qingxuan and Li Ke who escaped, but at the same time, they obviously did not intend to let Cyrelia continue to kill their compatriots there.

With this thought in mind, he fell on the spider tank on the side of the road, and the turret began to calibrate.

Against a highly flexible unit like Cyrelia, the spider tank's attack may not be so good.

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So the purpose of the spider tank at this time is not to shoot Cyrelia, but to clean up those refugees who were used by Cyrelia to cover!

As long as this area is cleaned up, then Ceralia will have nowhere to hide, and won't she have to die under the fire of their infantry?

At the same time, judging from the current situation, there must be Ye Qingxuan among the two figures who rushed out of the encirclement with the protection of a martial arts expert!

Of course, the driver of the spider tank does not need to worry about this at this time. After the news is reported, its own troops will be responsible for the pursuit.

The most urgent task at the moment is to control the martial arts powerhouse in front of you first!

In the blink of an eye, on the main body of the spider tank, the firepower of multiple machine guns quickly shot up, and the amazing lines of fire intertwined into a web of death. Wherever they passed, the bodies of a large number of refugees were torn apart on the spot.

Seeing that the refugees in the area were about to be swept away by the spider tanks, and the Yusei armored infantry, who had formed the encirclement, had already picked up their firearms and was ready to focus fire on Ceralia, who had lost cover. attack.

At this moment, with a sharp air-breaking sound, an alloy arrow fell directly into a fort of the spider tank.

In the next instant, only the sound of a 'boom' was heard, and the impact of the explosion completely blew the battery away on the spot!

At the same time, during the explosion, the scattered fragments also wounded the Yosei armored infantry who were around at the time!

"The building, the enemy is hiding in the building!


At this time, it was none other than Jessica who helped out in time.

Because Jessica is good at archery, in that narrow space, she basically doesn't have much room to play, so when Li Ke and the others moved, Jessica stayed outside alone to cover. .

However, because this area is already under the control of the Yosei troops, if Jessica stays on the street or on the roof, the enemy troops will soon find out, and there is no choice but to get into the streets on both sides of the street. In the building, to hide his figure.

This approach, to a large extent, ensures that her whereabouts will not be easily exposed, but it also inevitably affects her movement efficiency.

According to the original plan, Jessica, like Xu Ji, moved directly to the exit for assistance.

As a result, something went wrong in the middle, and Ye Qingxuan and the others were intercepted.

Jessica, who received the news, had no choice but to find it all the way back, which took a lot of work.

Fortunately, it came just in time.

At this moment, Jessica's goal is undoubtedly very clear. With a single shot, she quickly abolished the multiple turrets of the spider tank below, and solved the biggest trouble for Cyrelia.

As for those Yusi'ai armored infantry, let Cyrelia handle it herself. After all, the number of arrows she wears is limited. These arrows are all high-tech arrows specially manufactured by the Ye's Chamber of Commerce.

When Xu Ji and the others set off for the Holy See Nation of Holy Light, considering that she might need weapons, they brought them specially, but they didn't intend to waste them on the armored infantry shooting Yousai.

At the same time, she actually didn't have the energy to shoot.

Almost at the same time as her whereabouts were exposed, Yosei's armored infantry quickly moved into action, fighting head-on. Her strength was no match for Li Ke, so she had to leave quickly.

In this regard, Cyrelia is undoubtedly aware of this, and quickly expressed through the internal communication device on her body...

"Jessica, you go to cover the evacuation of the eldest lady, I can handle it myself here!"

And while they were talking, Ye Qingxuan, who was evacuated all the way by Li Ke, was obviously in a bad situation.

Ye Qingxuan and Li Ke each held a gun and fought while fleeing, but they couldn't bear the large number of pursuers, and the firepower was fierce.

Considering their current situation, it was too late when Jessica or Cerilia and the others came to support them.

With no choice, Rick can only resort to the last resort...

"Miss, do you see the corner in front of you? You hide there first, I'll lead the pursuers away, then you can go to the No. 1 mark according to the situation. If there is no accident, Xu Ji should be driving the spaceship. Waiting there for a response."

After speaking, without waiting for Ye Qingxuan to say anything, Li Ke directly took out a smoke bomb and detonated it.

In an instant, the billowing smoke covered the entire area,

He and Ye Qingxuan, now their entire bodies are wrapped in large windbreakers, and even their heads and faces are covered. In addition, there are shielding devices on their bodies that continue to operate, so the other party cannot scan and detect them and cannot tell them apart. who is who.

Now that the smoke bomb is lost, even the naked eye vision has been obscured, giving them more room to operate.

Pinch the right time, UU reading www. Li Ke first relied on memory to grasp the general direction, and turned around to fire.

The shot should have hit, and he heard screams.

This also allowed him to successfully attract the attention of the pursuers.

Then he opened fire like this, rushed out of the smoke range, and got into an alley between the buildings.

At that time, in order to cooperate with the pursuit of the infantry units, Yossai directly dispatched small drones to conduct low-altitude reconnaissance.

This also exposed Li Ke to the camera of a small drone when he rushed out of the thick smoke.

The operator in the rear who is responsible for controlling the small drone, while feeding back the information for the first time, also hurriedly controlled the machine gun mounted under the small drone to fire.

But unfortunately, Li Ke's movements are still fast after all, and the route and distance have been calculated in advance. Basically, he got into the alley at the same time as he rushed out of the thick smoke, and did not give small unmanned opportunity to attack him.

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