The National Male God is a Girl: BOSS Fancy Pet - Chapter 2281 Luo Qianqian a

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  Chapter 2281 Luo Qianqian and the battle (two)

  Zhanzheng felt that he was a little uncontrollable, so he forced himself to take a sip of wine, wanting to stimulate himself with the spicy.

  And this sip of wine did work, and his mood calmed down a lot until another person appeared.

The gentleman Zhong Xingwen was a little worried about Luo Qianqian, so he couldn't help but leaned over and asked, "Yan'er, how can Qianqian drink so much?"

   "Ah, Xingwen, you just came here, help me send Qian Qian back, I can't lift her alone, she drank too much!"

  Zhong Xingwen nodded: "Okay, I will help her up."

  Zhanzheng watched Zhong Xingwen approach him, he was about to La Luo Qianqian.

  Besides, Yuan Shasha blushed and began to confess: "Zhan young man, I, I like you..."

  However, before he finished speaking, the battle suddenly stood up.

  The dragging sound of the chair was so harsh that everyone looked over.

  Zhan Zheng's face was quite ugly, so he snatched his daughter-in-law with others.

  Yuan Shasha was also taken aback and couldn't help but said: "Zhan, Zhan, are you okay?"

However, Zhanzheng slowly walked to Luo Qianqian's side, and could not help but snatched the dizzy woman from Zhong Xingwen's arms.

   "Stop touching my women!"

  Cold tone and hostile attitude, Zhong Xingwen was stunned, but the rest of the boys began to scream!

   "Oh my god, it's amazing enough, Shao Zhan, this is your woman? Are you always bullying her? When did you become your woman?"

   "Haha, you become a wife if you become addicted to bullying, this is a classic stage!"

  The men roared, but Yuan Shasha's expression was very wonderful.

   "Zhan, Shao Zhan, is she, she really your girlfriend?"

  The dark sight of the battle was drawn like a knife, and the evil spirit inside bloomed freely, so handsome!

   "I slept, don't you think?"

  One sentence, detonated the audience.


  Sleeped! !

  Do you want to be so fast? ?

  Yuan Shasha died of grievance, covered her face, and ran out crying.

  Even Zhong Xingwen's face is a bit ugly.

   Regardless of the battle, it is not the person in his heart, or it has nothing to do with him if he is dead!

"you you……"

  Luo Qianqian, who was in a daze, just awoke for a while, and when she heard such a burst of news, she couldn't help shaking her fingers and pointing at Zhan Zheng: "Obviously not asleep, just..."

  Zhanzheng stared at her fiercely, and threatened in a low voice: "Okay, I will sleep with you tonight. After the stone hammer is dropped, I think you dare not run!!"

   "Battle, you bastard!"

   Talking, the two quarreled, everyone looked embarrassed, what's the situation?

  Randomly waiting for a reaction, the battle has already picked up the people sideways, ready to leave.

   "Wait, the battle, you have been hurting shallowly before, where are you going to take her?"

  Zhong Xingwen subconsciously blocked the way.

  I didn’t even look at the battle, kicked the person aside, and overturned the wooden chair.

   "Where do I take my woman and I have to explain to you? Who do you think you are?"

  Zhan Da Young is used to being arrogant, playing all over the courtyard, no one dared to confront him, and now he kicked open the door with an arrogant kick, and walked away with Luo Qianqian, leaving a bunch of people waiting, stunned.

  Fuck, fight less, you are so fierce, you are a real man too! !

  "Battle, you bastard, let me go!"

  Luo Qian shallowly rolled her tears and struggled. Zhan Zheng glanced at her, and saw her crying and felt distressed. He simply lowered his head and directly bit her screaming mouth.

  Until he turned his head dizzy, he said viciously: "I'm bullying you, I tell you Luo Qianqian, you can't run away in this life, and in this life, you can only be bullied by me!"

  (End of this chapter)

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