Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4654 The goal is to point directly to Tianyao Continent

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The arrangement of the Great Wuji Buddha in the Buluoshen Dynasty is simple, but it takes a certain amount of time to arrange it.

If he rashly takes action against Buluo Shenchao at this time, not to mention that his previous arrangements will be abandoned, but it will also make his calculations fail to achieve the desired results.

Therefore, He is unwilling to take action against Bu Shen Chao now.


Seeing the appearance of Da Wuji Buddha, the Xuanwu Patriarch snorted:

"Fellow Daoist True Dragon, pass on the order. From today onwards, the gods and beasts of the heavens will seal the mountain."

As soon as the voice fell, the ancestor of the real dragon stood up, ready to pass the news.

He quite agrees with Xuanwu Patriarch's decision. If the Western Heaven Buddhist Sect and the Taoist Holy Land are unwilling to take action, then the gods and beasts of the heavens can only choose to seal the mountain.

Only in this way can we avoid letting the gods and beasts of the heavens continue to deplete their heritage.

"Forget it, the Western Heaven Buddhist Sect will take action in this battle."

Da Wuji Buddha sighed softly and could only say helplessly.

Up to now, Da Wuji Buddha can naturally see that he cannot change the thoughts of the Xuanwu ancestor. If he refuses again, the gods and beasts of the heavens may really close the mountain.

In this case, He can only abandon His original plan.

"Unfortunately, if this seat's plan can be successful, it will be enough to weaken the Dynasty."

Da Wuji Buddha sighed in his heart.

With his plan, although it is impossible to make the Unfallen Dynasty split into countless factions, it can at least make several Heavenly Venerates of the Unfallen Dynasty betray the Unfallen Dynasty.

Let the momentum of the development of the Buluoshen Dynasty stagnate, but He is also very clear that the Xuanwu ancestor is the best choice to take action against the Buluoshen Dynasty at this moment.

With the momentum of development that does not fall, if it continues to develop, it is likely to grow to the point where it is difficult to contain.

"The Taoist Holy Land will also take action."

Dao Zun Dayi glanced at Xuanwu Patriarch and Da Wuji Buddha, and could only reluctantly respond.

Under the condition that both the Xuanwu ancestor and the Great Wuji Buddha agreed, if he blocks it again, it is very likely that both the Xuanwu ancestor and the Great Wuji Buddha will be offended.

"it is good!"

Hearing this, the ancestor of Xuanwu couldn't help showing a smile on his face.

Dao Zun Da Yi and Da Wuji Buddha have both agreed, so the fact that Western Heaven Buddhism, Taoist Holy Land, the gods and beasts of the heavens and other forces will take action against the gods will be settled accordingly.

After all, Dao Zun Da Yi and Da Wuji Buddha were the most tyrannical beings in the Holy Land of Taoism and Buddhism in Western Heaven, respectively, and they had the most say in their respective powers.

Once the two of them opened their mouths, no one from the Taoist Holy Land and the Western Heavenly Buddhism would dare to object.

Next, the ancestor of Xuanwu discussed with Dao Zun Dayi and Da Wuji Buddha about taking action against Buluoshenchao.

One after another order was also passed on to the great world of Xuanwu, and it was spread to the powers of the gods and beasts of the heavens, the Buddhist sect of the Western Heaven, and the Holy Land of Taoism.

One side, the Western Heavenly Buddhist Sacred Land, the Taoist Sacred Land of the Taoist Sect, and the major races of the gods and beasts of the heavens, all of a sudden secretly began to operate.

Just like the three giants, they roared and moved, bursting with astonishing energy.

At the beginning, in order to cover the eyes and ears of the Godless Dynasty, the major forces also carefully concealed their traces to avoid being discovered by the Godless Dynasty.

But the eyes and ears of the Buluoshen Dynasty now spread all over the five realms, especially among the gods and beasts of the heavens, half of the races have already surrendered to the Buluoshen Dynasty.

Therefore, Buluoshenchao quickly sensed something was wrong and responded accordingly.

Ancestor Xuanwu and the others simply stopped hiding, and led the powerhouses of the gods and beasts of the heavens and went straight to the eastern border.


Point directly to Tianyao Continent!

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