Super Three-child Dad: Sign In To Become the Richest Man - Chapter 272 enter the mine

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Chen Guolao's legs quickly regained consciousness.

Jiuyang Thirteen Needles, in this specific environment outside the territory, played more perfectly.

After a cup of tea, Jiang Han closed the needle.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead: "Guo Lao, come down and take two steps and try."

"Really, can you really leave?" Chen Guolao couldn't believe it.

"Try it."

"Grandpa, I'll help you."

Chen Zilong helped his grandfather up and carefully descended to the ground.

Chen Guolao was still a little uncomfortable because he had not touched the ground for many years.

After walking for more than ten steps, he finally got rid of Chen Zilong and walked slowly.

It was slow at first.

But in the back, it became more and more relaxed.

"No, I didn't expect this old man's old leg to be restored to its original state one day."

"Envoy Jiang, you are really a genius."

"Looking at my four regions, no one can cure my old disease. I didn't expect you to be cured with just a few injections."

"The doctor, the doctor."

Chen Guolao couldn't help but repeatedly praised him.

Chen Zilong even knelt down directly to Jiang Han: "Brother Jiang, thank you for curing my grandfather's old disease. In the future, wherever it is useful to me, feel free to speak."

"You're welcome." Jiang Han quickly helped him up.

The two had a great sense of sympathy for each other.

"Zilong, go, bring the treasured sword I treasured and give it to Mr. Jiang." Chen Guolao waved his hand.


"You're welcome, Guo Lao. I'm not good at using swords."

"This sword is a treasure for you, and it is scrap iron in my hands, so I won't take it away." Jiang Han said politely.

"But the old man really can't repay it."

"Mr. Jiang, let's talk about one yardage first, the old man will never agree with what you said." Chen Guo said.

"Don't worry, Guo Lao, I said that I came here just to make friends."

"As for the great cause of cooperation, Guo Lao disagrees, and I will not force it."

Jiang Han quickly cupped his hands.

Afraid that Chen Guolao would have a psychological burden, he quickly surrendered.

Wait for Jiang Han to leave.

Elder Chen Guo sighed deeply.

"Grandpa, why didn't you agree to him?"

"You must know that our old Chen family is deeply favored by the old dragon king. Isn't it also your old man's long-cherished wish to kill Murong Xu and restore the Qinglong dynasty?"

Chen Zilong was very puzzled.

"This person does have the means. But he still doesn't know Murong Xu."

"The time is not ripe now, but if there is a trace of trouble, it doesn't matter if our grandfather and grandson are punished, it is a sin for the former prince to be implicated."

Chen Guolao should be cautious.

"Well, I understand, then let's continue to wait."

"Let's see if this Master Jiang has the strength to turn the tide." Chen Zilong realized his grandfather's good intentions.

Jiang Han returned to the mansion.

"My lord, what is the attitude of Chen Guolao?" Jiang Han asked.

"He agreed." Jiang Han smiled.

"Guo Lao is so refreshing?" Li Shu was overjoyed.

"He didn't agree with his mouth, but he agreed in his heart."

"It's getting late, rest early."

Jiang Han did not explain too much.

the next day.

Zhu Jin came to the door early in the morning.

"Jiang League, the Ministry of Industry sent me to urge you, when will you enter the mine?" Zhu Jin asked.

Jiang Han brushed his teeth unhurriedly: "Do you know Sword God Zhuo Feifei?"


"What's the matter, you've met him again?" Zhu Jin's face changed drastically.

"Yesterday he had a disciple named Fu Yixue who wanted to give Xie Jun a head start. I killed him." Jiang Han said calmly.

"God, you are too courageous."

"The three thousand disciples under the Sword God's Sect are the most prosperous masters in my Eastern Domain."

"You killed his man, isn't this looking for trouble for yourself?"

Zhu Jin had the illusion that he was going crazy.

"If I don't kill him, he will kill me. There is no choice." Jiang Han said lightly.

"I've killed them all. I'll look back and see if the king can mediate." Zhu Jin sighed.

"Murong Xu?"

"He's afraid that he wants me to fight with Zhuo Feifei. It's best to get rid of Zhuo Feifei."

"It would be good to cut off this arm for him."

Jiang Han laughed.

Any person in power is respectful and powerful to the master.

Masters are like gods and are not restricted by royal power.

On the contrary, the king is constantly threatened by the master.

Instead of being Murong Xu, I hope that someone can suppress these uncrowned kings.

"Okay, Zhuo Feihan, let's talk about it later."

"Go, go to the Ministry of Industry first."

Seeing that Jiang Han disagreed, Zhu Jin couldn't persuade him any more.

The two took a carriage and came to the Ministry of Industry.

The person in charge of the Ministry of Industry is called Du Chun.

A capable and shrewd guy was already waiting at the door.

"Envoy Jiang, I've finally been waiting for you."

"Let's go to the mine now."

Du Chun also came in lazily, greeted Jiang Han directly, and the three went to the mine together.

The surrounding area of ​​the mine has long been closely guarded by garrisoned troops.

As soon as he entered the mountain, Jiang Han felt a strong vitality.

Like a powder keg, full of explosive power.

You don't have to think about it, you know that there must be an infinite amount of primeval stone minerals here.

This is a vigorous energy that has not been felt in the entire southern region.

This may be an opportunity for hegemony.

Enter the mine.

Du Chun took out a data sheet and handed it to Jiang Han: "Mr. Jiang, we have measured and monitored this data."

Jiang Han smiled and didn't answer.

Secretly activated the watch.

Soon through the super-powerful electronic system, there was a fine speculation on the mineral stock of the mountain.

"Bring a pen." Jiang Han said.

Du Chun took a pen and paper.

Jiang Han shushu, wrote down a series of data and handed it to Du Chun.

"This is what I monitored, to see if it is the same as yours?" Jiang Han said.

Du Chun took out the watch for comparison, and was shocked by his expressionless face: "Mr. Jiang, you, how did you measure the data?"

To know this data, has been stored in the big.

Except for Murong Xu and him, it is impossible for outsiders to know.

Jiang Han has only been in the Eastern Region for a few days, how could he know so clearly.

"It's easy, this."

"This is called a technology watch, and it will generate data based on the energy of the primeval stone, since feedback."

"So you need a year of detection. For me, ten seconds is enough."

Jiang Han pointed to the watch on his hand.

"God, god."

"Master Zhu used to say that Jiang Envoy has amazing technology. Now seeing is believing, I really admire the five-body." Du Chun respectfully said.

"Now you should believe that what I said about the minecart was not a lie."

"Once the minecart enters the mountain, how much treasure can we drive out."

Zhu Jin laughed.

Du Chun led the two of them into the mine and turned around.

Jiang Han roughly came to a conclusion.

The mine is rich in output and the primeval stone is of high quality.

If he can move his automatic mining farm over, there will definitely be very favorable interests.

Now the question is.

Murong Xu will promise to give him much benefit.

This old fox is far more difficult to deal with than he imagined, and he is not as easy to fool as the world is.

Maybe, if he worked so hard to make a mine, but in the end he made a wedding dress for others, it would not be worth the loss.

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