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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

At the beginning of June, the weather that is about to enter summer gradually becomes hotter. Although it is not to the point where people feel a little lazy, it is still enough for many people to run to the beach as an excuse to avoid the heat.

Of course, among the girls in beautiful bikinis, and the boys with sunglasses but wishing to separate their eyes left and right, it is not known how many of them really feel hot and want to escape the heat.

"Wow, the sea!"

Arisukawa wanted to look at the blue sea in front of her, so she happily ran towards the beach with her swimming ring in her arms.

"Yes, be careful, hey!"

Arisukawa Aya wanted to remind Kaname, but unexpectedly, she stepped on the sand and tripped over without paying attention.

Standing behind the two of them, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si sighed helplessly. They were really speechless to Aya. When did she gain the attribute of falling on the ground again?

"Husband, let's go there and play."

Wearing a white skirt, Yuzaki pointed to the beach chairs in the distance, which was a rest area open to tourists.

Yuzaki Xingkong nodded. They didn't specially prepare swimsuits when they came to Yindou's beach this time, so they didn't plan to go into the water today. Instead, Aya and Kaname ran to the sea happily in swimsuits.

"However, it really surprised me that Kaname was wearing the school's one-piece swimsuit."

Sitting on the cool chair, Yuzaki Xingkong took a glass of coconut juice from Yuzaki Si, and sighed casually.

Originally, Yuzaki Xingkong thought that a girl like Kaname who was full of pornographic jokes should wear the sexiest three-point swimsuit, but unexpectedly, Kaname wore the most conservative one-piece swimsuit in school.

Wearing this thing is almost equivalent to not revealing anything.

Moreover, even the swimsuit that Aya chose was a relatively ordinary and normal style, and it was not even exposed as the character she usually played.

"Ah, maybe Kaname doesn't have the ability to wear it even if she wants to."

Yuzaki Si quickly complained about a wave of Kaname, and then she lay down beside Yuzaki Xingkong and drank coconut juice happily.

After putting on the sunglasses, enjoying the warm sunshine, it feels really comfortable.

The sunshine in June is not as sunny as in July and August, and the weather at this time is quite suitable.

After resting on the beach for two or three hours, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si were woken up by Kaname and Aya who were tired from playing.

This time when they came to Yin Dou, Xiaoyao and Ling specially entrusted the bathhouse to a special person to take care of it, and then spared time to come and have fun. After all, when the summer vacation started, the bathhouse was very busy, and they had no chance to come out. playful.

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After Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Ji woke up, the group came to the location of the hotel voucher given by Tsukiyomi Tokiko. When they got there, they realized that this was not a hotel, but a luxury villa open to the public!

Tokiko Tsukuyomi reserved this place for a month, just to allow Yuzaki Ji and Yuzaki Xingkong to have a good time.

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

"Miss Yuzaki, here is a letter from you."

Just as Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Si were hesitating whether to accept this hospitality, the butler of the villa came over. He first saluted and greeted very gentlemanly, and then took out a letter from his arms and handed it to Yuzaki Si .

When Sakiji opened it, he was immediately stunned by the first sentence.

"Respect to my good-for-nothing sister, this villa is just left to be ruined by you, so don't feel sorry for it. I know sister, you and Mr. Xingkong will definitely want to refuse to move in, but don't worry, you can move in without any psychological burden. After all, it’s all your money.”

"Hey, Ms. Tokiko actually said that!"

After Yuzaki Xingkong saw the content of the letter, his expression was a little bit embarrassed. After all, he didn't expect that Tokiko would directly call Yuzaki Si as the waste wood sister.

Although Tokiko Tsukiyomi had commented on Yuzakiji in this way before, it is really the first time that such a positive writing has been written.

"Really, that fellow Tokiko!"

Angrily, Yuzaki stuffed the letter into her pocket, and then she pulled the suitcase and walked into the villa with a soft snort.

Since it was her money, there was no need for her to refuse.

Kaname and Aya followed Yuzakiji with some doubts, they still haven't figured out what happened so far.

Entering the villa, everyone was shocked by the magnificent decoration.

After all, it was to be opened to the outside world in a place like Yin Dou. The decoration of the villa was made of very expensive materials, and the rent required to rent this place was quite high.

Of course, the high rent means that the service attitude is very good. When a group of four entered the villa, a special person immediately stepped forward to help Yuzaki Si and Arisukawa sisters pick up the luggage, and then the housekeeper took Yuzaki Xingkong and the others to visit. Take a look at the general structure of the villa.

Apart from the magnificent decoration, the most admirable part of this villa is probably the private beach in the backyard.

The terrain here is very good, and the beach has also been artificially reclaimed. Against the backdrop of the setting sun, it looks like a piece of golden sand, which is extremely dazzling.

Without hesitation, Ling and Kaname took out their mobile phones and frantically took pictures, and they wanted to post them on the social network, making others envy their lives.

Yuzaki Si and Yuzaki Xingkong are holding hands and leaning on the railing to look at the sea in the distance. Unlike the public beach outside, the sea here is extremely quiet and remote.

The dinner was a barbecue party prepared by the villa. All kinds of fresh ingredients were delivered to Yuzaki Xingkong and others. Originally, the villa had to send a chef to help Yuzaki Xingkong and the others serve, but because today is the first day of the trip, Saki decided to make this wild barbecue party by himself.

Seeing Yuzaki's proficient skewering and setting fire, Kaname and Aya wanted to help, but Yuzaki refused.

Although the two of them don't say that their fingers don't touch the spring water, they have nothing to do with good cooking skills. It's up to Siji to do it by himself.

Anyway, few people in this world can compare to her culinary skills. Even if it is the ingredients needed for a barbecue banquet for four people, it only took half an hour for Yuzaki to prepare them.

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

During this period, where Yuzaki Xingkong, Kokaname and Aya can help Yuzaki, I am afraid that the tray and the lottery are ready.

Even the final secret seasoning and leftover ingredients were all made by Siji alone.

"Ah la la, senior, you are really lucky to marry such a beautiful and virtuous wife."

Kaname looked at Yuzaki Xingkong with envious eyes, even if it was just from simple movements, it could be seen that Yuzaki Si's cooking skills are quite good.

You know, many girls in the so-called new era already regard not being able to cook as an advantage of self-esteem. Regarding this, Kaoru Arisukawa can only express that he is too speechless.

Whether in neon or in other countries, men are always the pillars of the family.

When they return home exhausted from working all day, what they face is not their wives who have already cooked and waited for them, but their wives who are wearing delicate makeup and chatting with their girlfriends or friends while playing with their mobile phones.

After hearing their wife's nonchalant request for cooking, they were already tired, and they probably lost their feeling of the warmth of home in an instant.

A girl like Yuzaki is the dream that boys pursue all their lives.

It can only be said that as expected of a senior, finding a wife is so good!

After being praised so much by Kaname, Yuzaki Xingkong patted the back of his head in embarrassment. He recalled the blessings given to him by the staff of the district office when he registered his marriage.

"You can marry such a beautiful wife, you are really envious of others."

While Yuzaki Xingkong was still remembering, Yuzaki Si had already finished preparing the dinner and set up the fire.

At the seaside, charcoal grilling is naturally the most artistic conception. The villas prepare high-quality fruit wood charcoal. This kind of charcoal grilled meat will eventually give the meat a hint of sweetness, which can greatly relieve the greasyness.

After Sakiji started the preparations, Kaname and Aya went to prepare the dining table and chairs. At the same time, they also brought a radio and prepared to eat barbecue while listening to music.

In Kaname's words, it's high class!

Yuzaki Xingkong had nothing to do. He obediently followed Yuzaki's order to wash his hands, and then brought a large basin of water for everyone to use.

The housekeeper of the villa also asked the waiter to prepare towels, as well as drinks and tea. At present, none of them are adults, so even if it is a private villa, they will not provide drinks.

However, drinks similar to Mojito can still be provided.

"It's ready."

Yuzaki Si was grilling meat very patiently, while Yuzaki Xingkong sat beside her and stared at Yuzaki Si's hands. He sighed more than once that his wife's hands are really clever.

Seeing this scene, Kaname suddenly bumped into Yuzaki Xingkong with a smirk, "Ah, senior, are you thinking of something bad? Xiao Si's hands, are they so pretty?"

Yuzaki Xingkong blushed at the question from Kaname, and Yuzaki Si blushed slightly, but she didn't say much, but she was still grilling meat seriously.

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

"Hahaha, don't worry, senior, I will drag Sister Ling away tomorrow, and I won't disturb your two-person time."

Xiao Yao smiled happily, they came to Yin Dou this time to play, not to eat dog food.

The daily behavior of Yuzaki and his wife to sprinkle dog food is enough for Kaname to feel supported, there is no need to rush to find food.

In addition, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzaki Ji themselves are looking forward to the beach trip for two, but because Kaname and Aya also want to go out to play together, so they get together for a trip together. It's so annoying to stay beside Yuzaki Si and Yuzaki Xingkong all the time.

As a genius with outstanding emotional intelligence, Yuzaki Xingkong couldn't sit still in just a few words.

When I was in the hot spring hotel before, I went on a honeymoon trip with Xiao Si for a week. The sweet taste made Yuzaki Xingkong unable to forget even when he came to the fiery Yin Dou.

But because this time with Kaname and Aya, Yuzaki Xingkong has no way to do intimate actions with Yuzakiji in public.

Originally, he thought that Yin Dou's trip this time would be so dull, but after listening to Xiao Yao's words, it seemed that it was worth looking forward to!

Here, Kaname is still handling Yuzaki Xingkong, and Yuzaki Si, who is sitting on the other side of Yuzaki Xingkong, has already put the grilled skewers in his hand on the tray aside, Aya immediately followed Yuzaki's instructions and put the secret recipe The left material is lightly sprinkled on the skewers.

Immediately, a special fragrance came into everyone's noses, and Kaname even gave up teasing Yuzaki Xingkong, and ran over to pick up a string and took a deep breath of the fragrance.

"Here, senior, this is your wife's favorite skewer!"

Of course, Kaname couldn't be the first to eat it, so she handed the skewers in her hand to Yuzaki Xingkong, and then patted Yuzaki Xingkong on the shoulder slightly teasingly.

Yuzaki Xingkong took the skewer, but he didn't eat it directly, but handed the skewer to Yuzaki Si.

Yuzaki Si took a small bite, and then Yuzaki Xingkong took another bite.

Under such a sweet interaction between the two, a bunch of skewers soon disappeared.

Kaname and Aya also picked up the grilled skewers and enjoyed them happily. I have to say that Yuzakiji's craftsmanship is really great, and there is absolutely nothing to be picky about.

As the sun sets, the golden light falling on the beach gradually turns red. Looking at the beautiful sunset and listening to the melodious songs, everyone enjoyed this barbecue banquet~www.novelbuddy .com~ In the evening, in the big bed room prepared by the villa, Yuzaki Xingkong was very distressed because Yuzaki was pinching his palm. Today, Yuzaki is too tired. Whether it is preparing ingredients or grilling skewers, she is alone here.

"In the future, if this kind of thing happens again, let everyone come together."

Yuzaki Xingkong reminded Yuzaki Si, although Yuzaki Xingkong has had a lot of hard and tiring days in the past many years, but Yuzaki Xingkong believes that Xiaosi should not be too tired in the future.

"Don't worry, husband, I know my body, there is nothing wrong with it."

Yuzaki Ji pulled out her hand from Yuzaki Xingkong's hand very happily, and then she pinched Yuzaki Xingkong's cheek, and as a reward, gently pecked at the corner of Yuzaki Xingkong's lips.

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【Starting to plunder the heavens by supporting Qian Renxue】【】

"Let's not talk about that, do you want to take a look at the swimsuit that Shizi prepared for me? According to the previous practice, there is a high probability that I will not be able to go out in those swimsuits, so only you, my husband, can see it."

Before coming to Yindou, Yuzaki Xingkong and Yuzakiji didn't buy swimsuits. After all, Yindou sells better and more beautiful swimwear.

But after moving into the villa, the housekeeper mentioned that when Tsukiyomi Tokiko rented the place, he had left a small box, which seemed to be a swimsuit.

Yuzaki can figure it out with his nose, the swimsuit inside is absolutely impossible to wear out!

After all, Tsukiyomi Tokiko was brought out by Sakiji. Although she looks majestic on the outside, she is actually quite mischievous on the inside!



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