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Hall of Mental Cultivation.

Zhou Chen sat on the throne of the dragon chair with a relaxed expression.

Originally, the death of the third prince of the imperial dynasty put a lot of pressure on Zhou Chen's heart.

Especially thinking of the situation that Da Zhou might face next, Zhou Chen felt even more stressed.

After all, whether it is the Qinglong Dynasty, Qingyunzong or Ziyangzong, they are all the top forces in the Eastern Region, they are behemoths in the Eastern Region, and they are extremely powerful.

Although Dazhou has Lu Bu and Yang Zaixing, the four invincible half-saints, their combat power can be compared to that of saints.

However, compared with behemoths like Dynasty and Qingyun Sect, Da Zhou's strength and background are still a bit weaker.

Not to mention facing three such behemoths at the same time, even one of them is enough for Da Zhou to cheer up.

Although Zhou Chen is not afraid of Qinglong Dynasty and Qingyunzong, it does not mean that Zhou Chen does not value each other, and there is no pressure on Qinglong Dynasty and Qingyunzong.

But now it is different. With Guan Yu, Da Zhou's strength and background have been improved to a higher level.

It can be said that with Guan Yu, a saint who is above the semi-saint, Da Zhou really has the strength to challenge the Dynasty and Qingyunzong.

"Now, even if the saints from Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect come, there will be no pressure."

Zhou Chen's eyes flickered, and his heart felt relieved.

Qingyunzong and Ziyangzong killed seven half-sage elders and escaped two people this time. They suffered such a big loss. Zhou Chen knew that Qingyunzong and Ziyangzong would definitely not let it go.

Next time, the people sent by Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect will probably be saints.

Before, Zhou Chen still had a lot of pressure on this.

But now, with Guan Yu, Zhou Chen no longer has to worry about the saints of Qingyunzong and Ziyangzong making moves.

Unless, Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect's details are revealed.


Even if the saints of Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect took action, they would not be able to shake Da Zhou.

In the Hall of Mental Cultivation, Zhou Chen is practicing the Son of Heaven Conferring God Art.

In the past two days, the national luck of the Great Zhou has been increasing sharply every day, and the speed of Zhou Chen's cultivation of the God Conferring Art has also increased by more than double or triple...

With the extremely fast operation of the Son of Heaven Conferring God Technique, golden little dragons gathered in the Hall of Mental Cultivation and flew into Zhou Chen's body.

Zhou Chen's aura gradually climbed up, and his whole body was like a Tathagata, majestic and golden.


A sound like a flood breaking the shell resounded in Zhou Chen's body.

Zhou Chen's aura that had climbed to the top seemed to have found an outlet, directly breaking through the shackles and entering a new world.

After more than ten minutes, the riotous aura on Zhou Chen's body gradually calmed down.

Opening his eyes, a ray of light burst out.

"The seventh floor of the Son of Heaven Conferred God Art."


Zhou Chen's eyes are like stars, bright and bright.

After these two days of hard work, Zhou Chen's Son of Heaven Conferred God Technique broke through the seventh floor in one fell swoop.

Breaking through the seventh-level Heaven's Conferring God Art is equivalent to entering the realm of reincarnation. Since then, Zhou Chen has also stepped into the ceiling of the dynasty and stepped into the ranks of masters.

Even in the Imperial Dynasty, or even in the Imperial Court of the Central Territory, the Venerable of the Reincarnation Realm can be considered to be on the stage.

"My current strength can be regarded as having a little bit of self-protection power."

Zhou Chen's bright eyes flickered, stood up, and moved his shin.

The breakthrough of the Son of Heaven's Conferring God Technique brought about a slight change in Zhou Chen's temperament, and he became more restrained than before.


at this time.

Before Zhou Chen could react from the joy of the breakthrough of the Son of Heaven's Conferring God Technique, the world changed, and the sun and the moon dimmed.

Waves of coercion came from the sky and the earth, as if the sky was about to collapse, and there was a tearing thunder sound, and the whole sky and the earth were plunged into darkness.

"what happened?"

Zhou Chen's expression changed, and his figure instantly disappeared in the Hall of Mental Cultivation, and appeared in the high sky of the palace.

"This is…"

Looking at the dark sky, Zhou Chen thought that the end of the world was coming.

The terrifying coercion in the sky made Zhou Chen take several steps back before he stabilized himself.

"Your Majesty, are you okay!"

Cao Zhengchun, Yuwen Chengdu, and Xu Chu also appeared beside Zhou Chen at the same time.

Facing the terrifying coercion from the sky, Cao Zhengchun and the others all looked extremely solemn.

"I feel great danger."

Zhou Chen looked at the dark sky that seemed to engulf everything, with an extremely solemn expression.

The art of conferring the gods by the son of heaven is infinitely useful.

One of the magical effects is to be able to sense danger in advance.

From the dark sky, Zhou Chen felt the danger.

Moreover, it was an unprecedented danger, which made Zhou Chen feel terrified.

"This is the field of law."

"A sage shot at me Da Zhou..."

Xu Chu's expression froze, and the Wind Cleave Knife appeared in his hand.

"Bold thief, dare to do this."

Before Xu Chu could make a move, a loud shout resounded through the sky.

A scimitar was cut out, and the light of the blade spanned three thousand miles, piercing the entire dark sky.

Where the sword light passes, punish the evil and avoid retreating.

With one strike, the dark sky was cut open, and the light resurfaced, slowly spreading, gradually dispelling the darkness, and restoring the entire sky to its original state.

I saw a figure standing proudly above the void, wearing a green hat with two temples on his head, holding a green dragon Yanyue knife, and a tiger beard three feet long.

On the other side of Guan Yu, there was also a figure standing in the void. It was an old man with white hair and a gloomy complexion. He was standing opposite Guan Yu.


The darkness receded, the light reappeared, and the people of the entire Great Zhou were in a panic.

The darkness covered the sky just now, and the sudden change that almost collapsed the sky, but it shrouded the entire Da Zhou.

Most people don't know what's going on, that there will be such a mutation.

Only a small number of people know that it is possible that there is a strong shot to cause such a vision.

And Guan Yu's loud shout, which resounded through the sky, just confirmed their guess.

Qingfeng Palace.

Mu Yuyan glanced at Director Yang in shock; "Uncle Yang, this is..."

"A sage has attacked Da Zhou."

"There was also a saint in the Great Zhou Dynasty, who slashed the opponent's law field with a single knife. I don't know which saint is this saint? Is it from the dynasty or Qingyunzong and Ziyangzong?"

Director Yang looked at the sky with a solemn expression.

Director Yang did not expect that besides the four invincible half-sages, there would be saints in this great week.

You must know that saints are truly powerful, and there are not many in the entire Eastern Region. Only those great forces that have been passed down for many years have such existence.

However, Director Yang is not in the mood to think about how there is a saint in Da Zhou.

He stared straight at the sky, paying attention to the situation in the sky with all his heart.

Zhou Chen also saw the gloomy old man standing opposite Guan Yu.

Looking at the old man, Zhou Chen's gaze was extremely cold.

It should have been this old guy who made the move just now. Zhou Chen was terrified like never before, and it was obvious that he was going to destroy everything here.

If Zhou Chen guessed correctly, this old guy is either from the Qingyun Sect or the Ziyang Sect.

In fact, Zhou Chen's guess was not wrong.

This gloomy old man standing opposite Guan Yu is the Supreme Elder of the Ziyang Sect, an existence above the semi-saint, a true saint, and a well-known strong man in the entire Eastern Region.

This Ziyang Sect Supreme Elder was invited by the Ziyang Sect Master to destroy Da Zhou.

In the opinion of this elder of the Ziyang Sect, if a mere aboriginal dynasty in the Great Zhou Dynasty dared to kill the three semi-sage elders of his Ziyang Sect and challenge the majesty of his Ziyang Sect, he was courting death.

Therefore, after receiving the message from the suzerain of the Ziyang sect, the grand elder of the Ziyang sect came directly to Da Zhou without saying a word.

Without any hesitation, he directly used the domain of laws to wipe out the entire Great Zhou in one fell swoop.

Let the entire Great Zhou completely disappear in this world.

As for the four invincible half saints in Dazhou, he didn't pay attention at all.

Although the Suzerain of the Ziyang Sect said that the four invincible semi-jihadists of the Great Zhou Dynasty were heaven-defying and comparable to saints, the Supreme Elder of the Ziyang Sect didn't care much.

A half-saint is a half-saint, no matter how powerful the combat power is, it is impossible to compare with a real saint.

Originally, the Supreme Elder of Ziyang Sect thought that he could easily wipe out the entire Great Zhou in one fell swoop.

But who would have thought that his law field was split open, and there was a real saint in Dazhou.

The gloomy old man looked at Guan Yu and said in amazement, "I never thought that apart from four invincible half-sages, there would be such a saint as Your Excellency in the aboriginal dynasty in the Great Zhou Dynasty. It really surprised me."

The gloomy old man took a look at Guan Yu.

Judging from Guan Yu's knife breaking through his own domain just now, the gloomy old man knew that Guan Yu's strength was not weak.

But the gloomy old man didn't think that he couldn't deal with Guan Yu.

What's more, the two saints are not the only ones here, but he also has an ally.


"As a saint, you actually have vicious thoughts and cruel methods. You want to wipe out all the living beings in a radius of ten thousand miles in one fell swoop, and annihilate this space. You really deserve to die."

Guan Yu looked at the gloomy old man coldly, a pair of red phoenix eyes shot out a trace of coldness.

Maybe others don't know the consequences of the gloomy old man's attack just now, but Guan Yu, as a saint, knows it all.

The law field of the gloomy old man enveloped the entire Great Zhou, and his intention was to completely erase this space, including the entire Great Zhou.

There is no doubt that a saint cannot do it.

As a saint, but he has comprehended the power of the complete law of heaven and earth, and his every move can destroy heaven and earth.

Even a single thought can destroy a world.

Once the gloomy old man has just succeeded, this space with a radius of ten thousand miles will be completely erased, and the entire Great Zhou is no exception.

At that time, whether it is the people of Dazhou or other creatures, everything will be reduced to nothingness.

Such a method can definitely be regarded as ruthless.

Ordinary saints would not do this easily.

Because of this, it will bear no small cause and effect.

As the saying goes, there is reincarnation in the sky and the earth, whoever the sky bypasses.

Even a sage would be in a lot of trouble once he gets involved in the cause and effect of annihilating all living beings.

Hearing Guan Yu's words, facing Guan Yu's murderous gaze, the gloomy old man's expression did not change a bit.

The gloomy old man glanced at the void in the distance, and said slowly; "Qingyang is immortal, when do you want to see, do you want to wait until we both lose, and then want to reap the benefits of the fisherman?"

"Hahaha, I thought that if you, an old fellow, should be able to destroy this big week, I don't need to make a move."

"I didn't expect that this Great Zhou hides very deeply, and there is a saint. It's really surprising."

Laughter came, and a slightly fat old man walked out of the void in the distance.

In the blink of an eye, the chubby old man came to the side of the elder Ziyang Zongtai.

The chubby old man glanced at Guan Yu and said, "Fellow Daoist, although your strength is not weak, but if you want to fight one against two, you have no chance of winning."

"We are all saints. Once we are injured in a fight, even if it is only a minor injury, it is not easy to recover."

"We don't know what relationship you have with this big week, and you have to work hard for this big week."

"I would like to advise Fellow Daoists, why don't you leave, I, Qingyun Sect and Ziyang Sect, owe you a favor?"

That's right.

The chubby old man is the Supreme Elder of Qingyun Sect, and also a true saint "Sage of Qingyang".

The sage of Qingyang looked at Guan Yu.

The Qingyang sage knew that once the sages fought, it was no small matter, and it was not so easy to kill a sage.

Even if the two saints joined forces, it would be very difficult to kill a saint.

And once the other party is allowed to escape and a death feud is formed, there will be a lot of trouble in the future.

Therefore, when it is not necessary, ordinary saints do not want to form a death feud, let alone fight to the death.

"Hmph, stop talking nonsense, and pick me up with Guan Yu's three swords."

Guan Yu snorted coldly, and the Qinglong Yanyue Knife in his hand swung out directly.

Regarding the appearance of Qingyang Saint, Guan Yu was not surprised at all.

The Supreme Elder of the Ziyang Sect could feel the presence of the Qingyang Sage, so Guan Yu could naturally feel it too.

"Since you want to court death, don't blame us for being rude."

Qingyang Sage and Ziyangzong's Supreme Elder turned cold, and stopped talking nonsense, and directly attacked Guan Yu.

They don't want to form a death feud with the But it doesn't mean that they are afraid of forming an enmity with the saint.

Two against one, they did not believe that Guan Yu could not be destroyed.

The battle is triggered instantly.

The world is dark...

Zhou Chen's expression changed when he saw that Guan Yu had already started fighting with the opponent.

"Son of Heaven Conferring God Art."

The Son of Heaven Conferring God Technique in Zhou Chen's body was operating to the extreme, mobilizing the national fortune, forming a light curtain barrier, blocking it in the sky, and resisting the aftermath of Guan Yu's battle.

Seeing this, Cao Zhengchun, Yuwen Chengdu, and Xu Chu who were standing next to him also all shot.

You must know that the aftermath of the saint's war is not a joke. Even Guan Yu and the others are in the void, but the aftermath of the war has spread far and wide.

A little bit of aftermath will also destroy the world.

With Zhou Chen's full attack, all the aftermath of Guan Yu's battle was blocked in the sky, and it did not spread downward.

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