Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor - Chapter 3720 Meet Yanlong

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"Not bad!" Shentuba nodded in response, without saying much.

Zhang Yifeng could tell that Shen Tuba was obviously very afraid of Zhao Tianyang.

In other words, he was afraid of the forces behind him, so Zhang Yifeng guessed that the Tianyao Sect must also be a powerful force.

At this time, Zhao Tianyang continued to laugh and said: "As expected, please leave now, I'm going to find my teacher."

After finishing speaking, Zhao Tianyang quickly left here, and Zhang Yifeng and the others just nodded noncommittally.

After Zhao Tianyang had gone far away, Shen Tuba said: "This person must be trying to win over some arrogance, but we are not from a famous family, so we left in a hurry."

Zhang Yifeng was stunned for a moment, but then asked curiously: "Is the Heavenly Demon Sect very strong in this ancient fairy world?"

Shen Tuba nodded and said: "Compared to a super power like Tianlongzong, Tianlongzong is not strong, it is weaker, but in the ancient fairy world, it is also a first-class power."

Hearing what Shentuba said, Zhang Yifeng immediately knew what to do.

The Heavenly Demon Sect is really not simple this day, but he doesn't understand, since he is a disciple from such a powerful force, why would he come out to win over monks from other forces?

In this regard, Shentuba was not very clear about the twists and turns inside, obviously it touched some things that he hadn't touched before.

But Zhang Yifeng didn't care too much, anyway, it wasn't a big deal to him.

As time passed, the sky soon became dark, and Zhang Yifeng and the others found a big tree at random, and spent the night lying on the branches.

On the second day, they planned to go to the edge of the forbidden area to investigate. Although Shen Tuba was a little scared about this, he finally agreed.

Not long after, the three of them passed through a group of dense monks and came to the edge of the forbidden area.

At this time, they saw that tens of thousands of people were neatly lined up in front of them. They were uniformly dressed, and they all showed a fierce aura.

"This is the monk of Tianlongzong!"

Shentuba took a deep breath and said.

Zhang Yifeng is also watching intently at this moment, most of them are monks from the Great Luo Realm, and only a few are strong from the Immortal Monarch Realm.

As for those below the Great Luo Realm, there is no opportunity to participate at all, and this can be regarded as a way out for Tianlongzong to leave for itself.

As long as the disciples are not dead, relying on Tianlongzong's former power, it can rise again.

It's just that outsiders don't know how many years it will take.

In front of the tens of thousands of people in the Dragon Sect that day, there were more than a dozen strong men sitting cross-legged, not angry and majestic.

Seeing this, Zhang Yifeng couldn't help being speechless. The aura released by the dozen or so strong men is obviously more terrifying than the strong men in the Immortal King Realm!

Therefore, Zhang Yifeng reckons that these dozen or so people are at least strong in the Almighty Realm!

There may even be more than that!

After all, there are no less than a thousand of these superpowers, even the strong in the Immortal Monarch Realm.

It is common sense for some masters who are stronger than the Almighty Realm to appear.

It's just that Zhang Yifeng doesn't know very well about the realm above the fairy realm.

"It seems that they are all ready to fight. As long as the members of Tianlongzong are all present, it should be time to launch an attack." Shentuba said very surprised.

Even Zhang Yifeng couldn't help sighing: "The contest between Tianlongzong and the Forbidden Land is really exciting, and I don't know what the final result will be like?"

While they were discussing, at this time, another group of monks from Tianlongzong came and entered their queue.

Suddenly, Zhang Yifeng's face showed surprise.

He saw the figure of Immortal Lord Yanlong!

I saw Immortal Yanlong mixed into the monks of Tianlongzong, with a serious expression, followed the monks of Tianlongzong, and stood beside the dozen or so strong men.

Afterwards, he also sat cross-legged on the ground, closed his eyes, and was even more indifferent to the discussions of the monks around him.

Zhang Yifeng couldn't help wondering, how did Yanlong Xianjun appear in Tianlongzong?

However, Zhang Yifeng didn't dare to answer rashly, after all, he didn't know what Immortal Yanlong wanted to do.

Moreover, the most important thing is that Zhang Yifeng did not see the traces of Sunlong Xianjun and Yuelongxianjun.

As for the mysterious chess piece, it will not be here anymore.

"What does Senior Brother Yanlong want to do by infiltrating Tianlongzong? Could it be that he inquired about the Myriad Tribulation Purple Bamboo Forest? That's why he came here to inquire? But isn't the risk too great?"

Zhang Yifeng's mind was full of doubts, and he immediately made a decision. After Tianlongzong launched an attack on the forbidden area, he sneaked in secretly.

In any case, he had to figure out what Immortal Lord Yanlong was going to do next.

At the same time, this also made Zhang Yifeng temporarily relieved. As long as it is confirmed that Immortal Yanlong is here, then Immortal Sun Dragon, Immortal Moon Dragon, and even the three Xuan Qizi must be in this ancient fairy world.

As long as you find them all, you can find a way to leave this ancient fairy world.

At this time, the monks of Tianlongzong gathered from all directions.

In just a few days, nearly 100,000 monks from the Great Luo Realm and at least 600 to 700 experts from the Immortal King Realm have gathered here.

Seeing this lineup, Zhang Yifeng couldn't help but gasped again.

Hearing about it is one thing, seeing it with your own eyes is another.

Such a powerful force can completely destroy Xuanzongmen.

Perhaps only Tianzongmen can compete with it.

In this way, two days later, a golden light suddenly appeared in the sky.

A group of people appeared, and a chariot pulled by two nine real dragons appeared in front of everyone.

"It's the suzerain of Tianlongzong and the elder Taishang!"

The onlookers exclaimed one after another, and hastily stepped aside.

This is the most important person in the ancient fairy world, and his cultivation has reached the level where a person needs them to look up to!

"It's so courageous that nine real dragons are pulling a carriage!"

"Tianlongzong deserves to be called Tianlongzong. It has a profound heritage and has been passed down for hundreds of thousands of years!"

"It is said that the Supreme Elder has not shown up for tens of thousands of years. The last time he appeared, he killed a powerful man with a single palm!"

"Hiss, it's really scary, let's stay away and don't be affected by them."

At this time, the monks around started talking.

In the sky, four unicorns appeared pulling a quaint chariot.

"Look, there are other super powerful people coming!"

"This is... the strong men from Qilin Pavilion! I didn't expect them to come too."

"This is a great battle, and it's normal for them to appear, but I don't know if the strong people in Qilin Pavilion are just for watching the battle, or do they want to help Tianlongzong?"

"The powerhouse from the Phoenix Terrace is also here!"

The monks around were shocked and turned pale, and hurriedly backed away!

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