Raising Evil Spirits - Chapter 8030 : pretending to be young

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When we returned to the creation day, it was already seven days later.

However, it seems like it is only a moment here, and it is even more of a snap to convert to the time of Mingtian Ancient Universe.

Li Guxian's kendo day has been withdrawn by me from the Wuji Taoist universe. She accompanied me to travel the Wuji Taoist universe for several days. She went to see the scenery and occasionally learned swordsmanship together.

This is our common hobby.

As for Lingxian and Xingyao, we plan to let them toss, and it's not a good thing to manage too much.

After returning, Zhao Qian found me and asked about my arrangement with Yuanshentian.

"They claimed to be your apprentices. I saw that they acted in a fairly stable manner, so I took the lead to send them to Shaozi. I don't know what the situation is now. I thought about asking you to meet them a few times before. But you are so busy, so you have to delay again and again, if you have time, take the time to visit them." Zhao Qian said.

"Did Shaozi or Xiangling tell you to say that?" I saw through Zhao Qian's intention in an instant.

Zhao Qian smiled lightly, and those smart eyes were full of tenderness: "Why don't I say anything, you know?"

"These two children... they can torment me like this." I sighed.

"Now these disciples are all proving Dao, and they are developing together. They have formed their own line of power in Proving Dao, and they are all excellent." Zhao Qian said.

I nodded: "Can my disciple be good?"

"Of course I know, but some of the disciples are very special. When you are away, they are both fathers and mothers. It's very hard." Zhao Qian smiled.

"I see, I'll go take a look now." I understood in an instant, and sighed again, it seemed that I still couldn't get around Shaozi and Xiangling.

For the Taoist immortals, everything around is formed by the laws of the Tao itself, and they exist in the Tao. They can be invisible to the self-enlightening universe, or they can exist in the state of phantom gods.

The destruction of the illusion does not mean death, even if the spirit of the Dao itself is gone, it just exists in another way.

Therefore, it is also very convenient to visit each other. I immediately condensed the phantom **** state in the Creation Heaven area where the disciples were located.

Feeling my presence around the palace, Shao Zi immediately appeared in front of me.

"Master! Why are you here at this time?" Shaozi still likes to wear white clothes, and the feeling of being as pure as jade makes me drag me back to the time when I first saw her on Earth.

She was still neatly dressed, but she was obviously no longer a reckless young girl.

"Did you really not know when I came here, or did you pretend not to know?" I half-smiled.

Shao Zi covered his mouth and smiled, came over and put his arm around me, and said, "Master, the details are so tiny, we don't have to care too much, don't you want to be a disciple?"

"It's like something a disciple should ask?" I shook my head and said. At this time, Xiangling's phantom **** also appeared, and he supported me on the right side and said, "Why doesn't it look like it? It's not good enough with the master?"

"Okay, in front of everyone's eyes, what kind of pedigree?" I quickly broke free, and then asked with a light cough: "A few juniors and juniors who have been proving the Tao from Yuanshentian, can you treat me kindly?"

"Of course! Master didn't come to see us! Did you never come without them?" Shao Zi had a sad expression.

All I can say is: "Stop pretending, because the teacher knows what you think, and quickly call everyone out to see if there has been any progress recently."

"Master, can't you talk to us first?" Xiang Ling looked unhappy.

"Get the business done first..." I said speechlessly.

After Shaozi and Xiangling heard it, they immediately became happy, and their eyes were full of understanding of their success.

"Master, before the younger brothers and sisters come, is it inconvenient to tell us what to do? I have a little expectation. If you don't tell me in advance, I may be distracted for a while." Shao Zi grabbed my finger, Those big eyes were full of provocation.

"You..." I was embarrassed and quickly broke free.

This eldest disciple is getting more and more shapeless, and Xiang Lingzhi is actually no longer a little girl. She grabbed my hand and was thinking about how naughty she was.

"Okay, let me take it easy first." Raising their hands to avoid their restraint, Shao Zi and Xiang Ling both smiled, and then they honestly called the disciples from elsewhere.

"It's not that we hide them on purpose, or even if the phantom gods are coming over, we have to wait! Why don't we get closer while taking advantage of this time?" Shao Zi hummed.

"That's right, how long have we not seen you, Master? We haven't seen you every day. If Shaozi hadn't figured out a way, we might have invited you in the Year of the Monkey." Xiangling also said dissatisfied.

In fact, I understand them very well in my heart. When I took them in the past, the age difference was not big, and I didn't know how old they were.

Although I gave them a lot of advice along the way, they were too friendly, so that they did not respect me like other disciples.

It is more dependent on me like a brother.

I have been relying on this for a long time, and it will inevitably give birth to some other feelings. Over the years, I have more or less understood the attitude of the disciples to them secretly.

Some directly jokingly called the teacher.

Of course, this kind of thing can't be seen without saying it, and it has a bad reputation when it spreads.

Although there is no such thing as a reputation in the Taoist Heaven, there are only those Taoist fairy gods who come and go.

Just in front of Shuxian, it's really not good.

The matter is on the bright side, Li Qinghe and Zhao Yu have just taught me a lesson, don't I want to teach them a lesson in turn?

So I really can't get past this hurdle.

Xiang Ling was wearing a yellow and white skirt, and she still looked like a girl, but she looked like a young woman when she was dressed, and I was naturally uncomfortable.

As for Shao Zi, she was also average. In order to quell a group of disciples of all ages, she was not young, and she deliberately made a few strands of pure white hair.

Although Xianjia is not good at dressing up and criticized, but deliberately pretending to be old, I feel bad for them.

I reached out and brushed over Shao Zi's white hair and said, "Dye your hair back, it looks a lot older, and your outfits, can't you be more girlish?"

"Our hearts are getting old and old, and we're all like old witches. Wouldn't it be a joke if we pretend to be young?" Xiang Ling smiled.

"Master, you're not here, you don't understand the situation here, how can I be young? How can I be young? Like a sixteen-year-old girl, enjoying yourself in front of you? Of course, I can still satisfy you in front of you in private. Yes, but only secretly..." Shao Zi whispered in my ear.

I was speechless.

Is this like what a disciple should say?

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