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Tan Tiange, who was far away in the realm of destruction, did not know that an unexpected visitor had arrived on the edge of the realm of destruction, and was still excitedly heading to the next ruins.

And at the same time.

In the Senior General Officer Training Academy, everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

In less than a month, Mrs. Wang collected all kinds of rewards, and it was considered a windfall.

However, Wang Shouzhe and the others, apart from being there to pay attention at the beginning of the game, their attention was quickly shifted to other places.

Taking advantage of the rare gathering of the core members of the Wang family, Wang Shouzhe simply brought everyone together to drink tea and have a small meeting to discuss and take stock of the current status and future development of various industries.

Whether it is a dungeon or a reward, it is just a temporary windfall. If a family wants to develop in the long run, it still has to rely on various pillar industries to obtain a steady stream of wealth. While maintaining the consumption of the family, it also accumulates family heritage.

In Wang Shouzhe's view, these are far more important than windfall.

You must know that apart from Baosheng, the core members of the Wang family, even the youngest Wang Fugui is already at the supernatural power level. Those who started a little late, such as Wang Shouxin and Wang Shounuo, after years of hard work to make up for it, It has also gradually caught up with the large army, and its strength is already at the level of supernatural powers.

In the previous big cadres, the top ones were all the big officials in the frontier.

Even now that the overall strength of the Shenwu world is rapidly upgrading, the supernatural powers are still the big ones.

And as the scale of the Wang family, and the combined industries of the Wang family and many in-law families is getting bigger and bigger, these core members of the Wang family usually have to sit in one side and handle various affairs. Specially convened, otherwise it is really rare to have such a gathering together.

"Fourth brother, the total annual output value of our Alchemy Directorate has reached twenty-seven fairy stones." Wang Shouye sat on the comfortable sofa, drinking fairy tea one by one, with a faint voice, "But Apart from the investment in industrial expansion and the amortization of losses from my leveling up alchemy technology, I can only give the family the net profit of two more fairy stones a year."

As a well-known handsome guy of the Wang family, and the current number one alchemist in the world of martial arts, Wang Shouye can be regarded as the number one figure in the world of martial arts, and even Immortal Emperor Mu Yun treated him very politely.

But at this moment, he looked at Wang Shouzhe with resentment in his eyes, and there seemed to be a line of words written on his face: I want to refine the elixir that makes money!

"Didn't I promise you that all you need to do next is to refine the Ninth Grade Immeasurable Pill?" Wang Shouzhe said with a smile, "At present, you will not lose money on the Ninth Grade Dan."

"I want to refine the eight-pin bodiless pill, which can make money." Wang Shouye said, "I can refine a batch of bodiless pills and can stably produce seven pieces, and I can earn five or six pieces of Jiling. I can refine ten furnaces a year if I work hard. Earn fifty or sixty spirits. When the proficiency is higher, you can earn more~~"

"No, according to your plan, you can only earn half a fairy stone every year. And this is the price of the Shenwu world, and the profit is even thinner if you connect with the sanctuary. Some powerful alchemists in the sanctuary usually make eight pills in one furnace. How can you compete with them?" Wang Shouzhe refused straight away, and his tone became serious, "Continue to refine the Ninth-Rank Pills. After thirty years, you can stably produce six Ninth-Rank Pills in one furnace. Dan, you can earn twenty or thirty spirits for one furnace, and two or three fairy stones a year, which is more cost-effective in the long run.”

"Shouye, you have to take a long-term view and have a bigger picture, don't stare at the petty profits in front of you."

"Okay, fourth brother, I understand." Wang Shouye said helplessly.

The fourth brother's words are already commonplace, and he can recite them.

He also knew that in the long run, he should really listen to the fourth brother, but he was very worried, because he was afraid that he would be promoted to the Lingxu Realm after making money, and the fourth brother would definitely force him to enter the tenth rank. The elixir continued to lose money.

It's a pity that the fourth brother has a firm attitude, so he can only accept it.

"Grandfather, our refining department currently needs to increase exports within a year, and the total output value has reached 30 fairy stones." Wang Ningxi also reported the work, "However, it needs to continue to increase

The scale of production, and the second reason is that the cost of R&D investment is extremely high. At present, it can also provide the family with two extra fairy stones. "

Because of Wang Shouzhe's philosophy, the Wang family's refining industry took a different route from other families from the very beginning. Over the years, they have always focused on the research and development of new products. Therefore, the Wang's refining industry has developed extremely fast.

Cement, glass, assembly line, puppets, battle armor, Tianji photo disk, crystal screen... Many inventions and creations born in Wang's research institute have already brought about earth-shaking changes in the lives of ordinary people in the entire Shenwu world.

If a person from Earth traveled here now, he might think that he went to the wrong set and entered the world of science fiction.

But also because of this, the Wang Research Institute headed by Wang Liyue is simply a gold-swallowing behemoth, consuming a huge amount of funds every year, so that the net profit of the Wang's Refining Directorate has never been able to increase.

"It's not urgent." Wang Shouzhe is quite steady, "Currently the new product [portable crystal screen] works well and can be put into production. In addition, signal base stations in various places need to increase large-scale investment, and the production of large crystal screens can also be increased. These can not only generate profits, but also promote the development of the entertainment industry, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.”

"We can't save R&D costs. Instead, we should increase investment, especially in several aspects such as the powerful Shenwei Cannon, the Heaven's Punishment series, and the Puppet Bee Swarm. Well, the future development prospects of our Refining Directorate are very great. Don’t limit yourself to the city and place in front of you.”

"Yes, great-grandfather."

Wang Ningxi nodded, and had already started to think about refining items in his mind.

The refining industry is very profitable, and the scale is huge, and the cost of investment in research and development is also very scary.

In addition, the annual trade volume of the Sanctuary Development Directorate has reached 35 fairy stones, and Wang's current annual net profit and dividends have also reached 2 fairy stones.

The promotion and sales of Wang's grains is also a stable income. The annual net profit of ordinary grains is maintained at about 0.5 fairy stones.

As for the sales of spiritual rice of all levels, it is more profitable. After accounting for various expenses, the net profit has reached 2.5 fairy stones, which is more than the dividends of the Sanctuary Development Directorate.

The structure of the Changning United Headquarters is relatively complicated. All the in-laws and families in Changning gather together to make money, involving glass, paper, cement, mining, primary smelting and other industries.

At present, the Wang family enjoys a dividend of about 0.8 fairy stones every year.

In addition, Wang Baosheng also reported the situation of the entire entertainment industry.

This sunrise industry has developed extremely fast recently, and its scale is getting bigger and bigger. The Wang family can earn an additional net profit of 1.2 fairy stones in the entertainment industry alone.

Moreover, this industry has also driven and revitalized other economies, and it has also solved the spiritual needs of most people.

The most important thing is that after Wang has mastered the entertainment channel, he can gradually guide the Shenwu people's worldview, values, outlook on life, etc. through this, and gradually realize the cultural unity and consciousness unity of the Shenwu people.

In Wang Shouzhe's view, regional unity is not true unity. Only when the common people achieve a high degree of cultural and cognitive unity can a nation truly unite.

The vigorous development of the entertainment industry is a crucial step in promoting cultural unification.

Therefore, the entertainment industry integrated and created by Wang Baosheng has become a very important industry for the Wang family.

Of course, regarding the cultural unification, Wang Shouzhe had secretly communicated with the Crown Princess Suiyun and Immortal Emperor Mu Yun of the Immortal Dynasty, as well as the Crown Prince Jing Ming and the Red Prison Demon Emperor of the Demon Dynasty, and reached an agreement.

In addition to these, Wang's remaining miscellaneous industries have a net profit of about 0.8 fairy stones per year.

As for the output of Qinghuang Xiaodongtian and some high-end spiritual fields, they belong to strategic resources and are basically only used by Wang's internal consumption, and the income can be ignored.

After some inventory.

Now the annual net profit of the Wang family is about 12 fairy stones.

This is a huge amount of income, ten years is 120 fairy stones, which is equivalent to one fairy scripture.

Of course, profit is just profit

The members of the Wang clan have to eat, drink, consume, learn, and develop. Now that the total population of the Wang clan has reached tens of thousands, and the standard of support is extremely high, every consumption is a heavy burden.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the family's annual daily expenses require about 9 fairy spirits, and about 3 fairy spirits can be saved to expand the family heritage.

Of course, these are the normal income of family property management, and the income is still rising every year.

As for the dungeon income, battlefield loot income, and Wang Shouzhe's harvest after manipulating the price of food in the sanctuary, etc., the accidental windfall is not included.

Back then, the reason why Wang Shouzhe spent money in the sanctuary was "lavish", firstly, it was only accidental income, and he didn't feel bad about it; secondly, it was to maintain the dignity of a "noble son" so as not to be seen as flawed; thirdly, , but also to make friends with the saints and saints and so on.

"Ning Xi." Wang Shouzhe asked another very important matter, "[Blood Improvement Liquid Synthesizer], how is your exploration going?"

"I have studied that set of equipment. Its design principle and the technology involved are very complicated, but the specific operation is very simple." Wang Ningxi said, "The main material needed for synthesis is mainly the essence of chaos, which is purified and extracted from Lingmi. The nutritional ingredients produced, as well as pure water, the cost of the latter two is negligible in comparison.”

"Just talking about the consumption of Chaos Essence, for example, to synthesize and refine a [Immortal Grade Bloodline Qualification Improvement Liquid], you need to consume a small bottle of Chaos Essence and some sixth-grade Lingmi essence. Currently, in the sanctuary, a small bottle of Chaos Essence The auction price of the essence is about 10 fairy stones. Therefore, the cost of a [Fairy Changing Liquid] is about 10 fairy stones."

"Its effect is stronger than that of tenth-rank ascending elixir, but weaker than eleventh-rank manifesting elixir. In the sanctuary, ascending elixir generally sells 3 immortals, and manifesting elixir sells 30 immortals. 39

Hearing this, Wang Shouzhe felt a little bit emotional: "Things are good, but the cost is really not low. But the most powerful thing about blood reform fluid is that its effect of improving bloodline qualification does not conflict with pills, and they can be superimposed on each other. The effect is quite impressive.”

"That's right." Wang Ningxi said excitedly, "This is the most powerful part of the blood-changing liquid. Nowadays, such items are very rare in the sanctuary. As the saying goes, 'rare things are more expensive', if they are put up for auction, This [Fairy Altering Fluid], which costs 10 celestial spirits, can probably get more than 20 celestial spirits, and it is also possible to get 30 celestial spirits for those with special needs.”

"[Xiangai Essence Edition] is even more incredible. It needs 10 vials of Chaos Essence and some nutrients from seventh-grade spiritual rice, and the cost price directly soars to 100 fairy stones. But its effect is terrifyingly strong, surpassing There are a lot of Eleventh Grade Revealing Saint Pills. This kind of thing is only willing to be used by the top families to cultivate saints and saints. I believe it is possible to make a few chaotic spirit stones!"

10 vials of Essence of Chaos.

At this price, even Wang Shouzhe felt pain.

You must know that it took eight vials of Chaos Essence to promote Lixian to the fourteenth level of potential, which together were worth about eighty immortal spirit stones.

However, this is also in line with the value of the essence of Xiangai, after all, this thing is not for ordinary people.

When Wang Ningxi talked about the excitement, he licked his lips and continued: "Currently, the strongest blood-changing liquid that can be synthesized by the synthesizer is [Holy Bloodline Qualification Improvement Liquid]. Baosheng has combined two from the beginning to the end in his last life. One One used by Xiao Shenghuang has already fallen into the hands of Mrs. Wang. This thing is too expensive. It takes a full hundred bottles of Chaos Essence and eighth-grade Lingmi nutrient solution to synthesize one. The cost price reaches 10 About a Chaos Spirit Stone."

"However, the energy contained in it is also extremely terrifying. According to Bao Sheng, its effect is still higher than that of the twelfth-rank [Daoyuan Pill] of the human race. This kind of treasure can be used to cultivate quasi-Taoists! If it is auctioned, it can be exchanged for one There is no problem with the return of the top sacred artifact."

Wang Shouzhe shook his head and said, "No, it is more valuable than ordinary sacred artifacts. Although there are [Twelve-Rank Daoyuan Pills] produced in the sanctuary, the output is very small, and it never enters the market. It is often sold as soon as it is refined. It was carved up."

"Its biggest problem is that the cost of one furnace of Dao Yuan Dan is about twenty-five Chaos Spirit Stones, but due to the level of alchemy, proficiency and other reasons, the average cost of two furnaces is

I can get one!"

"This has caused the cost of Dao Yuan Pill to be as high as 50 Chaos Spirit Stones, which is priceless in the market. This is not counting the alchemist's reward."

If there is an alchemist who can produce more than five Dao Yuan Pills in one furnace, then the cost price of Dao Yuan Pills can be lowered to less than five Chaos Spirit Stones. It's a pity that there is no such alchemist in the sanctuary.

You must know that refining Dao Yuan Dan requires an alchemist to have at least the cultivation base of Da Luo Shengzun, and if he is an alchemist in the Da Luo realm, he must be assisted by the Taoist master's profound energy.

In the entire sanctuary, how many alchemists can there be in the Great Luo Realm? How many twelfth-grade elixir can the sanctuary have that can be used to improve his alchemy proficiency?

The superimposition of various reasons has also caused the "distortion" of the cost price of Daoyuan Pill

However, the Holy Grade Bloodline Qualification Improvement Liquid is still more effective than Daoyuan Pill, but the cost price is "only" 10 Chaos Spirit Stones.

Given the scarcity of Daoyuan Pills, if the Holy Grade Bloodline Qualification Improvement Liquid is sold "regardless of risk", it is very possible to exchange for fifty or sixty Chaos Spirit Stones.

"That's right~!" The more Wang Ningxi said, the more excited he became, "If we do the blood-changing fluid business, we will definitely make huge profits. However, selling high-end blood-changing fluids is too risky. It is better to sell primary bloodline qualification improvement fluids. One A small bottle of Chaos Essence, paired with a grade of Lingmi nutrient solution, can be diluted to synthesize millions of primordial reforms, and the cost price of each one is only 1,000 fairy crystals per bottle."

A small bottle of Chaos Essence can be diluted to synthesize millions of first reforms?

Hearing this sentence, Wang Shouzhe suddenly understood.

No wonder that during the heyday of the Shenwu Dynasty, pharmacies sold the first reform. It is very obvious that the Holy Emperor deliberately synthesized many initial reforms, with the purpose of improving the potential of the entire nation.

Moreover, according to Qi Ling, as long as they saved enough money at that time, everyone could go to the pharmacy to apply for a first change, and the price of the first change would probably not be very expensive, otherwise there would be no way to improve The role of the overall national potential.

In the later period of Shenwu, monks who had cultivated in the Lingtai realm could only be counted as "elite militiamen" when they joined the army. Only monks in the heavenly and human realm could become formal soldiers. I am afraid that it is also inseparable from this national policy.

While Wang Shouzhe was thinking about it, Wang Ningxi took a sip of tea, and then eloquently introduced the synthesis costs of the other blood modification fluids of various grades.

For example [Zhongpin Bloodline Qualification Improvement Liquid], a small bottle of Chaos Essence can be diluted into 100,000 vials, each costing about 10,000 Immortal Crystals.

The remaining costs are as follows:

The cost of each high-reform fluid is around 100,000 celestial crystals, while the high-reform essence version costs one million celestial crystals each, the extreme re-formation costs tens of millions of celestial crystals, and the extreme-reform essence version costs one fairy stone. The cost of each change is ten fairy stones, the essence of fairy change costs one chaotic spirit stone, and the cost of holy change is ten chaotic spirit stones.

"It's really unwise to sell high-end blood-changing fluids. Not only may it be used by the enemy, but it may also cause unnecessary trouble." Wang Shouzhe pondered for a moment, then nodded slightly to agree with Wang Ningxi's point of view, "The first batch can be diluted with a small bottle first. The Chaos Essence, synthesized into millions of units, is slowly sold in our Shenwu world. The money sold is used to purchase the Chaos Essence to earn profits.”

"Grandpa Grandpa." Wang Fugui suggested from the side, "We can use the initial correction liquid to bind our grain seed promotion plan. Although many families in the Shenwu world have purchased our grain seeds, there are still many families who are waiting and watching. Or just use your own crops, even if you earn a lot less for it.”

"The initial correction liquid is a scarce commodity." After some Lingtai families have this treasure, they can find a way to cultivate excellent clansmen whose blood aptitude reaches the first and second grades of the little Tianjiao, and will impact the family of heaven and man in the future. Therefore, we cannot sell it too cheaply.

"That's right." Wang Ningxi nodded in agreement, "We can refer to the effect of [Fifth-Rank Washing Marrow Elixir], its use effect is much weaker than that of the original modification. Our Alchemy Director is currently refining the fifth-rank Marrow Washing Spirit The cost price of Dan is 1,000 celestial crystals, and the external price is 1,700 celestial crystals. Therefore, it is most appropriate for us to price 3,800 celestial crystals for the [Initial Change Liquid].”

Wang Shouzhe nodded secretly.

Back then, he competed with others to shoot a marrow washing pill, but it cost nearly 3000 immortal crystals. And the initial correction liquid with better effect and superimposed effect with the effect of Xisui Pill only sells for 3800 cents

Crystal, it can be said that the price of conscience.

"Because the Lingtai family wants to take out 3800 fairy crystals in one go, it is not easy." Wang Fugui said again, "So we can bind the grain seed cooperation relationship to enhance their economic capabilities, and accept them to use the Lingtian property as a mortgage , Low-interest loans [Xianjing Tickets] to buy the initial correction fluid, which can be regarded as indirectly improving the credibility of the [Xianjing Tickets]."

"That's right, this can also improve the overall quality of the Shenwu human race and enhance the overall background. However, if the Shenwu world is saturated in the future, and then it will be exported to the sanctuary on a small scale, the price will have to go up, and the price will not be sold below 6000. .”

"The Shenwu world is not saturated so quickly. According to rough statistics, the entire Shenwu world has a population of 30 to 40 billion, of which there are about 14,000 households of the fourth-rank and fifth-rank Zifu families, about 450,000 households of the Tianren family, and Lingtai. There are already more than ten million households in the family, and these are the main consumers of initial correction fluid.”

"It's inevitable that some people resell, and there are restrictions on the initial reform...Real name registration is required for the initial reform sale, and the real name is used. Whoever dares to sell, hoard, or resell will be included in the blacklist of the Wang cooperative family. "

All the people present were big bosses with rich management experience. Everyone said what they said, and soon the sales plan of [Primary Bloodline Improvement Liquid] was settled.

At the same time, everyone also decided to slightly dilute the [medium modification liquid] and [high modification liquid], and the prices are 38,000 fairy crystals and 380,000 fairy crystals respectively.

Of course, this part will not be sold publicly, and it is reserved for friendly and cooperative families.

After all, in this world, there are one hundred and sixty-seven households in the super and first-rank families, and there are more than one thousand and three hundred households in the second-rank and third-rank families. I believe that they, who are getting richer, will be interested in both medium and high-grade correction fluids.

Unknowingly, a series of development plans were formulated. I believe that in the next period of time, the Wang family will make a lot of money in the business of blood qualification improvement liquid.

And the overall background of the human race will also be greatly improved.

Time flies especially fast when you are busy.

As the rewards in the prize pool were exhausted, all the elders of the Wang family left the Senior General Officer Academy one after another, returned to their respective posts and continued to work, and digested the income this time by the way.

Those left behind are the elites of the younger generation.

Even if there are no prizes, there are many benefits to practicing tactical command through the war simulation cabin.

As for Wang Shouzhe, he also went up to try it. The final result, of course, was to easily beat Wang Baosheng up. After the beating, he was quite refreshed.

In addition, the three fairy scriptures and various fairy artifacts obtained were also put into the treasure house, which attracted the coveted eyes of the clansmen.

Of course, the coveted coveted, but the meritorious value of that day is prohibitive.

All of a sudden, all the clansmen were stimulated to do their best to collect tasks, collect meritorious service, and work hard to contribute to the rise of the clan.

They knew that most of the fairy scriptures would not be their turn, but apart from the fairy scriptures, there were many other good things in this reward. It's just that the total number of rewards is not much, and the family needs so many people, what if the redemption is late and the rewards are all redeemed?

In addition, there is the most important [Holy Bloodline Qualification Improvement Liquid]

This kind of blood correction liquid, which is still more effective than Dao Yuan Dan, has been refined, but the energy contained in it is still extremely violent. According to Wang Baosheng's deduction, even with Wang Shouzhe's protection, no one can withstand the holy reform at present. Liquid rage effect.

After all, Wang Shouzhe is only in the Supernatural Realm now, and the effect of the profound energy of the origin of life has its limit. If he is already in the Lingxu Realm or the True Immortal Realm at this moment, he can give it a try.

But the strength of the Divine Ability Realm is still too reluctant. Once the user explodes and dies while taking it, neither Wang Shouzhe nor Wang Lixian can save it.

And Wang Shouzhe had originally thought about leaving it for the ancestor Longyan to use, so he kept it in his hands for the time being, and planned to use it after both the ancestor and him were promoted to Lingxu Realm, which was safer.

Therefore, after returning to the Wang family, Wang Shouzhe put aside many chores and began to concentrate on cultivation.

And the Wang family, after receiving many benefits from the academy, once again ushered in a new round of vigorous development.


In the blink of an eye, another thirty years have passed.

The time also came to the summer of 3626 in the Longchang calendar.

In the past thirty years, many things have happened as usual, such as the small cave of the academy being dragged back to the world of martial arts, such as the dragon blood demon altar Xia Yang has completely won the trust of the Nine Hell Demon God, and the five-color Yunling tree has grown taller After a while, many new descendants of the Wang family were born...

And Emperor Longchang still had that old look.

In fact, according to the original situation, Emperor Longchang's lifespan should have arrived long ago, but the emperor couldn't bear the passing of his ancestors, and now that the royal family has money, he spent a huge amount of money to exchange for a trace of chaos origin for Emperor Longchang, so that his Shouyuan continued to survive.

Di Zi'an also hoped that the old ancestor could live a few more years, so that he could witness the great achievements and the rise of martial arts.

On this day, summer is scorching.

In Wang's Immortal Valley, an astonishing aura rushed towards Yunxia.

next moment.

The dark clouds of robbery gathered from all directions, and in just a moment, they appeared to cover the sky and cover the sun, almost covering the entire sky of Ping'an Town.

Tribulation thunders containing astonishing energy began to brew in the robbery cloud. The terrifying coercion almost enveloped the whole world, and even the air seemed to become sticky.

Such a terrifying power far exceeds the familiar supernatural power robbery.

This is, Lingxu Tribulation!

For a moment, the entire Wang family was shaken.

Countless family members stopped their work and ran out to watch. Even the children in the ethnology school were not in the mood to study and stretched their necks to look out the window, and the gentlemen of the ethnology school rarely scolded them , but followed and ran to the window to watch.

Under the attention of all the people, a slender figure shot straight into the sky and threw himself into the robbery cloud.

That figure is slender and elegant, with extraordinary charm, like a banished fairy, it is Wang Shouzhe!

Boom boom boom!

Tribulation thunder struck one after another, and the deafening roar resounded through the heaven and earth, and even the ground under his feet seemed to be trembling.

However, although the power of the tribulation thunder is astonishing, the whole process of crossing the tribulation was smooth and smooth.

After the twelve thunderstorms passed, Wang Shouzhe was unscathed and easily entered the Lingxu Realm.

From this moment, Wang Shouzhe is a generation of Lingxu Zhenjun, and he will enjoy four thousand lifespans.

However, Wang Shouzhe is not the first Wang family to break through the Lingxu Realm.

The astonishingly potential Wang Lixian had already broken through to the eleventh level when Wang Shouzhe's cultivation entered the late stage of the Supernatural Realm, and his strength was comparable to that of the Lingxu Realm.

And two years ago, Liu Ruolan had also successfully entered the Lingxu Realm, and her strength still surpassed Wang Shouzhe's.

Another two years later, the patriarch Longyan, who had been retreating in the family, passed the Lingxu Tribulation with ease, and became a master of the Lingxu Realm.

The reason why Patriarch Longyan was promoted later than Wang Shouzhe was because of his bloodline qualifications.

Since the copy of the Intermediate Military Academy, Wang Shouzhe's aptitude has surpassed that of Longyan's ancestor. After the ninth floor of the Divine Ability Realm, he surpassed her unknowingly.

Therefore, Patriarch Longyan, who was promoted to the Supernatural Realm first, fell one step behind Wang Shouzhe and became the third Patriarch Lingxu of the Wang family.

And when Longyan patriarch Ling Xu had finished, Wang Shouzhe immediately gave her the [Holy Grade Bloodline Qualification Improvement Liquid]. medicine, as well as some treasures in the inventory of the Temple of True Demons.

Let her walk out a small part of the Saintess D, but it is only a small part, and it is still very far away from the Saintess C and so on.

But this is also impossible. The Eleventh Grade Revealing Saint Pill was originally given to the monks of the nine-fold bloodline to take the best effect. The ancestor of Longyan, as a saint

At the supernatural power level, you already have ten bloodlines, so the effect of taking it will naturally be greatly reduced.

Wang Shouzhe was able to break through to Shengzi B by relying on the 11th-rank Xiansheng Pill at the beginning, it was because he was originally Shengzi Ding, and his aptitude was a little short of the original C. When it came to Patriarch Longyan's place, the 11th Grade Manifesting Saint Pill was naturally far from enough to allow her bloodline to break through to Saintess C and so on.

And even after Patriarch Longyan was promoted to Ling Xu, his bloodline was increased by another full weight, reaching the point of eleventh level pure Yuan fairy body, purely in terms of bloodline, he was already comparable to ordinary true immortals, and his physical strength was far beyond ordinary Lingxu A monk in the realm, but when using the holy correction fluid, he almost couldn't bear it.

If it weren't for Wang Shouzhe's protection, she probably wouldn't be able to carry it on her own.

And under the risk, the effect is also very obvious.

Her blood aptitude suddenly soared two more stages, reaching the eleventh stage. Converted into blood aptitude, it would look like [Second Saintess middle class].

At this point.

Except for Wang Lixian, the three members of the Lingxu Realm of the Wang family have all reached the bloodline qualifications of saintess/sage B and above, and will have the absolute qualification to compete for "Daozi" in the future.

After Emperor Zi'an heard the news, he began to plan to ennoble the Wang family as a super-class family, and confer Wang Shouzhe a hereditary king with a different surname.

But he never thought that before he could take any action, an accident happened.

[Void Offshore] on the outskirts of Shenwu World.


In a Void Sea smelter that has just entered the "commissioning experiment" not long after it was built, Wang Ningxi is constantly debugging equipment and data.

However, just when he was immersed in his work wholeheartedly.


The alarm system arranged on the edge of Yunxiao Tianhe issued a piercing siren.

This is a warning system specially arranged by Wang Ningxi. The alarm will only be triggered when there are creatures or energy storms that exceed the warning strength in the spirit void.

In an instant, the atmosphere around Lingxu became tense, and the small ferry patrolling nearby immediately turned around and rushed towards Lingxu.

Even Wang Ningxi was stunned, and immediately put down the work at hand and rushed out.

However, before they could reach the spirit void, they saw a huge scarred tree in the distance, struggling to fly out of the sky and the sky, and slowly drifting into the spirit void.

The giant tree did not know what had happened, it looked very distressed, the bark was torn, the trunk was broken, the leaves were falling off, and the roots were even more miserable. There are three or five thick taproots hanging on the roots, which look terrible.

Looking at it like that, it seems that there is not much strength left.

"Senior Yuegui Immortal?"

Through the telescopic equipment, Wang Ningxi immediately recognized that it was the Immortal Tree of the Hanyuetan Clan, Immortal Laurel.

He hastily opened the small-scale ferry boat, and stepped forward to rescue Immortal Yuegui who was in a very bad state.

After a few hours.

The body of Immortal Yuegui was finally rescued and returned to the Void Smelter.

There is a formation in the smelter, UU Reading can resist to a certain extent the ordinary energy in the void sea outside, and there is also ample spiritual energy inside, which is more suitable for monks to survive.

After entering the smelting plant, being nourished by the spiritual energy in the smelting plant, and being treated briefly, Fairy Yuegui managed to breathe a sigh of relief, and turned into a haggard woman, and caught Wang Ningxi in a hurry "Ning Xi, hurry up! Take me to see Patriarch Shouzhe! Our exploration team encountered an attack, and Tian Ge and everyone were trapped in the ruins to defend themselves, but thirty years have passed. I'm afraid Tian Ge won't be able to hold on for long."

His Majesty the Immortal Emperor was attacked? In danger? The situation is extremely urgent?

Wang Ning's heart skipped a beat, he didn't dare to delay, and hurriedly contacted the family.


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