Opening Reward 100 Million Lives - Chapter 2413 The restrained mark

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"The sanctuary?"

Jiang Cheng has frequently heard about this organization recently, but he has not seen it yet.

Ji Linghan asked in surprise: "The sanctuary is just a helper you invited, how can you restrict your transactions?"

Miao Yu also said: "Yeah, are they too broad?"

The Emperor fell silent.

Obviously Ji Linghan and Miao Yu were asking, but she looked straight at Jiang Cheng.

Just when Brother Cheng started to think about it, wondering if he was so attractive that the woman couldn't help falling in love with him, he finally heard the sound transmission.

"You are on the side of the Falling Immortal Hall. This matter involves the secrets of the Shinto Alliance. I can't disclose it, but you are an exception."


"No reason."

Emperor Lin continued to transmit his voice: "Actually, you don't know that the real master of the Shinto Alliance has become a seance."

Jiang Cheng said in amazement: "You fifty righteous gods, can't you beat more than a dozen seances? You were actually turned against by others?"

Emperor Lin asked back: "Then you Dongzhu Island and six springs can't beat a Yi?"

"This is different. Yi controls Luoxiandao and has the lifeblood of the six major springs. If you don't follow him, the six major springs will have no future."

As for Feixianmen, it was only tricked into getting on board.

"It's the same with us. Someone took our lifeline."

Emperor Lin faintly said: "That time Yili cut seven righteous gods, I have to admit that we were all terrified by him at that time."

"In order to protect ourselves, we asked for help from the sanctuary, hoping that they would come forward to fight against the Yi."

"And the condition for asking them to come out is that each of our righteous gods must inject a trace of the power of seals into their heavenly seals."

Jiang Cheng thought about it carefully, but couldn't figure out the meaning of this condition.

What can a seance get?

"Can they control your life with a trace of the power of the Daoyin?"

Emperor Lin shook his head, "That's not it."

"Our lives are not restrained, but our Dao seal is restrained."

"How can Daoyin be controlled?"

"I have no idea."

Emperor Lin's eyes were also a little confused.

"After we put in that trace of the power of the seal, we didn't feel abnormal at first."

"It was not until those people at the seance began to frequently interfere in our internal affairs, which aroused the disgust of several righteous gods and raised their dissatisfaction with them, and they finally showed their fangs."

"They were able to make the seals of the righteous gods lose their effectiveness."

"So outrageous?"

As a person who has killed six righteous gods, Jiang Cheng said that he couldn't understand it at all.

Because he knows the power of the seal.

Every time he fights with the righteous god, he does everything he can, no matter the abnormal version of the holy world or the special three-pronged style of play, all of them are for a quick solution before the Daoyin breaks through him.

"The seal of the Dao is related to the Dao of Heaven, and there is also the will of the Dao of Heaven, so it is easy to be manipulated by others?"

"How could it be possible to do such a thing with just a trace of the power of the Dao Seal released?"

Emperor Lin helplessly sighed.

"The only thing I know is that there must be something strange about that Tianfeng Stone."

"To be honest, we have often regretted agreeing to that condition over the years."

"Especially after learning that Yi can't come here, I find that I have been deceived."

"No wonder you just said that you supported me as the leader."

Jiang Cheng finally understood.

"Do you want me to come forward and help you destroy the seance?"

"That's right."

Emperor Lin did not deny his intentions.

"Don't you think that the battle between the Shinto Alliance and Luoxian Temple has changed?"

"What's wrong?"

"Liu Daquanyan and Dongzhu Island were led by Yi's nose, and we were also led by the seance platform."

Emperor Lin said solemnly: "In this war, the real battle is actually between Yihe and the sanctuary."

"We and you are all invisibly reduced to their pawns, playing against each other under their domination.

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kill. "

Jiang Cheng did not agree with her view.

"When there was no Yihe sanctuary before, Quanyan and the temple were still fighting, and the two sides were already hostile."

"As for Dongzhudao, joining this battle is just an accident."

He knows the purpose of Emperor Lin's words, which is to hope that the two sides will join forces to deal with the sanctuary and Yi.

But it is a pity that even if they are really killed, the two sides will continue to fight, and it is impossible to shake hands and make peace.

What's more, he and Yi have no grudges and no grudges, they can't commit it.

"Don't you like being controlled by others, isn't that your style?"

Emperor Lin still wants to lobby harder.

"With your temperament, can you tolerate having a barbarian on top of your head?"

Jiang Cheng smiled slightly: "You know me quite well."

"But you made a mistake. Yi can't control me, let alone point fingers at me."

Emperor Lin was slightly startled.

Feixianmen fought with Yi and was stationed at the front line. She originally thought that Jiang Cheng had become Yi's subordinate.

Now, that's not the case.

"It seems that I really saw the wrong person."

"But if you really want to break our trading ban, you have to deal with the seance first."

Jiang Cheng asked: "There are only so many seances, how can they keep an eye on your every transaction?"

Emperor Lin sighed, "They will also support the agent."

"At present, there are more than a dozen righteous gods in our Shinto Alliance who have secretly fallen to them and become their minions."

"Most of the people staring at Tianliu Palace are their people."

Jiang Cheng looked puzzled and said, "Why does the Seanceing Platform do everything possible to prevent you from trading with Feixianmen?"

"Does it get in their way?"

Emperor Lin spread his hands.

"I don't know what they want either."

"Do you know where the seance is?"

"do not know."

"Then can you contact the seance?"

Emperor Lin shook his head again.

"They're mysterious and pop up every time."

Jiang Cheng originally wanted to go directly to the seance platform to see what was going on.

But now it seems that it is not easy to meet the group of seances.

Seeing him fall into silence, Emperor Lin cut off the sound transmission.

The voice of the words also reached the ears of Ji Linghan and Miao Yu.

"So, how are you going to help us break the trade ban?"

Brother Cheng thought for a while, and he really had a plan.

"Well, you give me a list of those who are watching your transactions."

"The realm and the number of identities are not important, the main thing is their position."

Emperor Lin opened his mouth, UU read www.uukanshu. com seems to realize something.

But it felt incredible.

"What do you want to do?"

"Kill them, so that no one is watching you, and the transaction can go on happily again."

Jiang Cheng shrugged.

"Anyway, those people have become their minions, and you are not the same as you,"

"Are you crazy?"

This sentence was not said by Emperor Lin, but by Miao Yu.

"If you really want to do that, the Shinto Alliance will go mad, and the war will start immediately. Where can there be a deal?"

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