One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 3205 - Journey Of A Father (32)

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After their stroll home, Lu Jinyu bade farewell. When he got home, he gave Wan Ke's vice-president a call, telling him that it would not be a problem for Wan Ke and Shengyu Corporation to continue collaborating, however, they would have to appoint another director as liaison.

Appoint a different director?!

There was only one executive director in Wan Ke. If they wanted another director, they would have to fire the current director.

The vice-president immediately asked him if someone had offended him.

Lu Jinyu did not say much more, and ended the call quickly.

When Zhang Wansan, who was the executive director of Wan Ke, heard about this matter, he immediately became restless!

Initially, he thought that this matter would end there and then. He never thought that the man would pursue it all the way.

However, Wan Ke's position was very clear. The value of this case was immeasurable. If they made an error, it would be difficult for them to cooperate with Sheng Yu in the future.

Wan Ke didn't wish to offend Sheng Yu, nor did they want to lose this reliable source of cooperation. Hence, they were prepared to fire Zhang Wansan.

What a disaster!

When Zhang Wansan heard this, he begged his grandfather and grandmother to make connections through their networks, and did not sleep a wink all night.

Wan Ke had also made their stance clear. If he wanted to keep his job, the only way was for Sheng Yu to speak up and stop making things difficult for Wan Ke.

Hence, Zhang Wansan didn't even turn up at work the next day, and spent time thinking about how to solve this problem.

Both husband and wife realized the seriousness of this matter. Hence, after some discussion, the man finally suggested that they should pay a visit personally to express their position on the matter!

Subsequently, the couple went back to Mu Yazhe's residence armed with all sorts of gifts. However, when they arrived, they realized that there was no one at home.

Mu Yazhe only had a weekend break this week, so he could put aside his work and rest for a day.

On this day, Youyou said that the fourth phase of Fairy Tale Valley's theme park project had been completed and he wanted to experience it.

Hence, the family of five organized an outing!

Before they left the house, Yun Shishi ensured that she had packed all the items, including milk bottles, milk powder, diapers… After confirming that everything was ready, the family set off in a grandiose manner!

The four of them wore the parent-child outfits that Youyou had designed previously. They wore white casual shirts with a caricature of everyone on the back. This was personally designed by Youyou and the caricatures looked very lifelike.

Fairy Tale Valley was very popular and was the most famous theme park in the country. When it came to weekends and holidays, the visitor flow was especially high.

However, Youyou was not worried about this problem. With just a phone call, he successfully obtained a VIP card from the ticketing center. With the VIP card, they did not need to queue up and could enter the garden first. They could also enjoy all the projects without queuing up.

The last time they came to Fairy Tale Valley was when he was celebrating his seventh birthday. However, an accident happened midway and he did not have enough fun!

This time round, the two little guys agreed that they had to experience a few more projects.

As soon as they entered the garden, Yun Shishi saw a staff member at the entrance. He was dressed in a character costume and holding about 50 cartoon-shaped hydrogen balloons in his hand. When these balloons were clustered together, they looked exceptionally impressive. They also formed a beautiful scenery at the entrance!

Yun Shishi walked over and asked for the price. The staff said that it was 100 yuan each, but free for VIP card holders.

Hence, with four VIP cards, Yun Shishi collected four hydrogen balloons, walked back, and tied them to little Yueyao's pram.

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