Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2370 Staking Everything on One Throw

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Chapter 2370 Staking Everything on One Throw

“Right now, we have eleven arrow towers left. Those are our strongest trump cards. The battle damaged seven arrow towers and four hundred thirty-seven warriors died. If we hadn’t arrived in time, the eighth legion would have taken even worse losses.” Shen Chengfeng.

The arrow towers could be fixed. It just required some points. But when people died, they wouldn’t come back.

The divine families would send new blood to maintain the original ten thousand spots. But those newcomers weren’t true warriors. They needed to be slowly tempered to reach the same tempo as the others.

The biggest headache for Shen Chengfeng was that some of the strong newcomers would rather wait until they had a chance to join the other legions instead of the eighth legion. They all felt that there was no room for advancement within the eighth legion.

Those talented people were waiting for deaths amongst the other legions to fight over those spots. As a result, the people that the eighth legion managed to get were all rather ordinary.

Shen Chengfeng no longer knew how to reverse this cycle. He could only watch as his legion grew weaker and weaker, and the only thing they could do was bitterly endure.

He had tried countless times to change this, but after meeting setback after setback, failure after failure, his will had silently been ground down.

“Eleven arrow towers. Alright, then what about the gains from this battle? They can be exchanged for useful things, right?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. Other than financial support for the families of the dead warriors, there’s enough to repair the broken arrow towers and buy five new ones.”

“What about other than the arrow towers?”

“There’s a lot. Take a look at the list.” Shen Chengfeng handed a jade tablet to Long Chen. It lit up, and a mass of characters appeared in the air.

It was a catalog containing dazzling treasures. There were armor, weapons, tools of battle, Magical Beast steeds, housepet eggs, formation materials, pills, medicinal ingredients, etc.

When Long Chen saw those medicinal ingredients, his heartbeat quickened. The divine families must have large stores of medicinal ingredients. They had to have twelfth tier ones and maybe even higher ones.

However, he didn’t look at the medicinal ingredients right now. He looked at the formations. After reaching the end, he finally saw an existence amongst the illusion formations called the Mirror Image Formation.

“Buy some of these,” said Long Chen.

“Mirror Image Formations? They’re soul bewildering formations. What would we use them for?” asked Shen Chengfeng. They rarely used formations on the battlefield because the cost was so great that any profit was lost.

“Buy three hundred of them. I have a use for them.”

“Three hundred? Each one is a thousand points. Three hundred thousand points is half of our gains from this battle,” said Shen Chengfeng with alarm.

“They’re so expensive?” Long Chen was surprised. In the Dragonblood Legion, Xia Chen was the one who made their formation discs, and he seemed to have an endless number of them. Long Chen hadn’t been aware that they were so precious.

Carving formation discs was extremely complicated, with a high chance of failure. That was why each formation disc was very precious.

“Even if they’re expensive, we have to buy them. Sonic Light Bombs, I want ten of them, and I suppose eight thousand explosive arrowheads…” Long Chen began to list things. The things he wanted turned Shen Chengfeng’s face green.

“Long Chen, the eighth legion… doesn’t have so many points.”

“It’s alright. Go talk to your brothers and have them contribute the points they have. After this operation, return it to them double,” said Long Chen.

“That’s too far!”

Every warrior was given ten points by the divine families every month. Those points were basically their life.

Those points were what they used to buy items that they needed for cultivation. Those ten points weren’t even enough.

The other legions gave rewards to their warriors from their successful battles. But in the past few months, the eighth legion hadn’t gained any points to distribute, and now Shen Chengfeng was to demand others give up their points instead?

“Are you too embarrassed to do it? Alright, I’ll do it.” Long Chen stood.

“No. I’ll do it.” Shen Chengfeng shook his head. Even if it was embarrassing, he had to do it himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be qualified to be their commander.

An hour later, Shen Chengfeng returned. Seeing his slightly red eyes, Long Chen smiled. “How was it? Were you surprised?”

Shen Chengfeng nodded, his voice emotional. “It really was surprising. I didn’t think that they would support me so much. I suddenly feel like I’ve failed to live up to their expectations.”

When he had gone about asking for points, they had given him everything they had. Those sincere faces had almost made him cry.

With no one else watching, Shen Chengfeng really did cry now. This was partly from emotion but also shame.

“I’m not a good commander, but every one of them is a good warrior,” said Shen Chengfeng.

Long Chen patted his shoulder. “The reason they are willing to risk this with you is because of your charisma. Being negative to yourself is being negative to them.”

“Sorry. I’ve made you laugh at me.”

“No. Who said men can’t cry? I don’t know how many times I’ve cried myself. It’s those damn fellows that are too damn moving. You and I are the same. Their futures are on our shoulders. Why else would I risk my life? Not because I’m a fool but because there’s no other choice, right?”

“I’m so much older than you, but I feel so young in front of you. Well, I won’t say too much about that. This life of mine is yours for now. We just barely managed to buy everything that you listed. Now what?” asked Shen Chengfeng.

“Now, all you have to do is listen to me.” Long Chen’s wicked laughter rang out once more.

Three days passed silently. On this day, Long Chen and Shen Chengfeng snuck to the front of the battlefield.

Within a giant boulder, Long Chen looked out from a crack to examine the ruins before him.

“This is where you set up your defensive line before?” asked Long Chen.

The boulder they were in was a special tool designed to conceal their auras and prevent others from noticing them. The eighth legion only had this one, and it was only capable of holding a few people.

“Yes. All the defenses we set up here have been destroyed,” said Shen Chengfeng.

Long Chen continued examining things and then suddenly chortled, “Truly not bad. Other than the Titan Blood Bull race, there’s also the Long Arm Demon Ape and Wind Stepping Demon races.”

“With so many demonic beasts here, there’s no way for us to take back this territory,” said Shen Chengfeng. It would be a crazy man’s dream to win back this territory with just the eighth legion’s power.

“If my Dragonblood Legion came, I would directly charge through them. But this time, I have to use my head to resolve this problem. To tell the truth, I rarely bother with such a thing.” Long Chen curled his lips. Continuing to examine things, he asked, “Are things prepared on that side?”

“Everything was set up six hours ago. I made them check things one last time just now to confirm that nothing was off. Now they’re just waiting,” said Shen Chengfeng.

Long Chen nodded. Being a bit cautious was best. In truth, he was sure that the Heavenly Dragon warriors wouldn’t leave any holes. This related to their lives and fates.

Very quickly, Shen Chengfeng received word that they had gone over everything again and found nothing off.

“Now what?” asked Shen Chengfeng. Even now, he didn’t know Long Chen’s plan.

“Now it’s simple.” Long Chen smiled sinisterly. The boulder they were in slowly retreated.

The camp of the third Heavenly Dragon Legion was located between a giant spatial crack and a bottomless hole.

Between these two natural strongholds were thirty thousand warriors. They all belonged to the third legion. Their armor was bright, and their weapons were of the highest quality.

Outside their camp were hundreds of giant Magical Beasts patrolling, keeping a vigilant eye on the demonic beasts. If any of them approached, these Magical Beasts would immediately sense them and sound the alarm.

With the Magical Beasts patrolling, the other warriors didn’t need to. Things looked very lax.


Suddenly, a person came flying over to the center of the camp. Ye Lingfeng was standing in the war chariot and asked him, “What is it?”

“Reporting to the commander, the eighth legion has surrounded a group of elites of the demonic beasts at the ghost king pit to the front right. It seems that they’ll fully exterminate them in less than an incense stick’s time!”

“Oh? It seems that Long Chen has some ability. Let’s go take a look and see if he can piss them off some more.” Ye Lingfeng’s eyes brightened. He immediately led a portion of his people away.

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