My Vampire System - Chapter 2110 Simulation Of The Past (Part 2)

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Chapter 2110 Simulation Of The Past (Part 2)

The voice wasn't recognizable to Sil, so he tried to go through his memory bank, but it just wasn't ringing a bell, but for one of the ones by his side, Shiro's body was shaking with uncertainty.

"Shiro, who is it? Is it someone that we should be worried about?" Sil asked, seeing his reaction.

"I'm not Shiro…" he answered. "It's Vorden, and maybe you don't remember too much about what happened back then, but it's Jack Truedream, one of the big four. He had attacked Blade island back then, searching for Quinn's power, but Hilston and the rest on the island got rid of him. Of course, we knew he was alive…"

There wasn't much else for Vorden to say, as Sil could figure it out based on the words he had said before. Jack Truedream had a grudge against the Blade family, like many others did as well.

'That damn father of ours!' Sil clenched his fist. 'Even now, his past is coming back to haunt us. How long do we have to deal with his crap for! We hate him as much as our enemies do!'

It was painful in a way, the whole reason why the Blades currently existed was to try and make up for the misdeeds of their family. Most of those on the Blade ship were from generations that were abused by Hilston.

"It doesn't matter who it is, we have to treat every threat the same as we have done so far. Get everyone ready!" Sil shouted and ordered.

Usually it would be Shiro giving the orders, but ever since Sil had seen visions and stayed on the ship, when it was an attack like this, this was how he would get.

There weren't just those with the Blade ability on board the ship. There were also recruits, those that they had saved and wished to help them with their cause. It was also useful to have them on board so the Blades were able to copy their abilities and use them in combat like they needed to now.

The Blade ship had several round glass rooms that were attached to the outside of the ship. It was designed this way so they could do combat in space in their own unique way. The specially made, what looked like glass, was actually formed out of beast crystal energy.

It kept oxygen in so they could breathe well, while also allowing them to use their powers to fire off attacks one way. If an attack was to come in toward them, the crystal energy would instead be used as a shield.

A special invention that had been made for them, by none other than Logan Green.

The problem was, the Marpo Cruise was a behemoth compared to them, it was around a hundred times bigger than their ship, and they could see several of their weapons, cannons, and more pointed towards them.

Some lit up as they were using crystal energy, while others fired out what looked like missiles through space.

"Everyone, shields!" Shiro shouted.

Using their powers, large force fields were made, stopping the multiple energy blasts before it came toward them. From far away, it looked like a one sided battle as a heavy shower of lasers were being shot at a small object.

Once they had defended themselves from the attacks, the Blades started to use their own powers, and energy blasts from the ship to fire back. The cannons from the ship did next to nothing as it looked like the Marpo Cruise ship had a strong energy shield that could take on the incoming attacks.

However, some of the Blade's abilities allowed them to attack in different ways. With the ability of acceleration, and the ability to make a large weight lightless. They were using solid heavy beast balls, to hold onto and then shoot them through the space right at the ship,

The objects were so small, but powerful, that they broke through the energy shields destroying part of the Marpo Cruise ship. The only problem was, the damage was so small, that it wasn't even visible from the distance they were at.

Not only that, but the energy blasts weren't the only thing that they needed to worry about, as there looked to be hundreds of missiles in the space coming towards them. The Blades using their powers of heat, wind, and more tried to hit them, and once in a while an attack would hit and explode the missile in space, but there were just too many.

With their concentration on the missiles, an energy blast managed to get through, and had hit the side of the ship, causing the whole ship to veer slightly to the right as impact was made.

" A fire has started and is quickly spreading!" One reported.

"Then get the water ability users to get rid of it, and we will move from there."

Several alerts, beeps, and alarms were going off in the command centre, showing that the missiles were still coming their way. As one of the workers looked at the screen, he couldn't help but gulp.

"They're all going to hit us… we don't have enough power to stop them." He gulped.<.com>

The sound of footsteps could be heard, and Sil was seen walking past all of the workers that were sitting there on their computer terminals. Sil had stopped as he reached the edge of the large glass.

"I will get rid of these, so just focus on everything else for now." Sil lifted his hands, and as he did, the inside of the missiles started to crumble and exploded in space. Some set off a chain reaction blowing up those next to them.

With others, Sil moved one of the missiles into the others, blowing it up. In less then a second, all of the missiles that were in space, had exploded and nearly covered the view of everything they could see.

The other Blade members were left in awe, their mouths wide open. They had seen other Blades, there were those that could use the same ability, but they hadn't quite seen just what Sil was capable of doing. Some had heard the rumours, but it wasn't the same as seeing it in person.

'For someone to have so much strength, to destroy those missiles from so far away.'

The missiles seemed to have stopped after seeing what Sil could do, and they continued to stick to the energy blasts. The Blades were holding up, but it was making Shiro nervous.

"This is bad, we can't continue on like this. We are hardly putting a dent, and although we are blocking their attacks now, our people will just tire out and run out of MC cells." Shiro said, as he was looking for advice from his fellow leaders who were also in charge of running different departments of the Blades but they were all silent with no suggestions.

'We have to fight them head to head! That's the only way!' Raten stated, inside Shiro's head.

'Head to head?' Shiro replied.

'I don't usually agree with Raten, but he's right.' Vorden added. 'We can't win a battle in space. In a battle like this, it's either our MC cells run out first or they run out of beast crystals to use, and I doubt they came unprepared. We have to land the ship on a planet and take the battle to them.'

Shiro thought about it for a while, as he looked at Sil. Even Sil was unable to use his full cabilties.

"Alright… land the ship on the closest planet, we're taking the fight to the land!" Shiro ordered.

From the Marpo Cruise, Jack could see the ship was making a manoeuvre and he could guess what it was trying to do.

"Oh… bad move. You would have had a lot more chances with a battle in space… this will only make things end quicker." Jack said to himself.


Sil was still standing by the glass and he could see the ship was starting to move, but he still wanted to do something.

"Just because I'm in space, I'm not so weak." Sil exclaimed, as he held out his hand, and one of the large meteoroids that were in space, started to move. It was picking up speed, going faster and faster, heading right towards the Marpo Cruise.



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