Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1413 - 1413 Over the Imperial Authority?

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1413 Over the Imperial Authority?

Gu Yunhe, who had not wanted to talk, could not stand Gu Chaoyan’s arrogance. So he stepped forward and talked.

He had always wanted to take hold of Yellow Crane, but he failed to get it, which made him hate Gu Chaoyan even more.

Also, he hated to see someone like Gu Chaoyan, who had no background other than a deceased businesswoman as a mother, acting so arrogantly because of this engagement to a lord. And she got this engagement when she was still with Gu Mansion!

How stupid she was!

Lord Huai was a man, like himself. He knew clearly what Lord Huai must be thinking.

That was why he turned to Lord Huai with confidence.

Everyone could see what the Gu Family was like, and how it would become in the future. Every officer and minister spoke to him respectfully. They knew what the Gu Family would be like in the future.

The Gu Family and Lord Huai were enemies, so Lord Huai had no choice but stand by Gu Chaoyan’s side, but…

Gu Yunhe was giving Lord Huai a chance to take. If Lord Huai took this chance to suck up to him, Gu Yunhe was going to give him a relatively peaceful time in the future.

Gu Yunhe knew clearly what choice Lord Huai, who was born in an imperial family, would make when he was faced with a great opportunity and a woman that did not have to exist.

He was going to see how humiliated this confident-looking Gu Chaoyan would become, when Lord Huai expressed his attitude. He was going to make her so angry in front of all the officers and ministers.

His sister would be so proud of him for doing so.

Gu Yunhe turned to Zhou Huaijin and raised his eyebrows. “Lord Huai, watch your words. It is a special time in the Saint Divine Land, and one word could lead to something important. You know that well.”

Having said that, he looked confident and relaxed as he waited for Zhou Huaijin to reply.

Zhou Huaijin was born tall, and he was extremely tall among men. Among these lords, only Lord Huai resembled the Jiang family, whilst the other lords were more gentle like the King. Although Gu Yunhe was not born bad, he was still a weak man. Now in front of Zhou Huaijin, who looked much taller, he had a less intimidating air.

Standing next to Gu Chaoyan, Zhou Huaijin was safeguarding her as he looked at Gu Yunhe, saying indifferently, “Chaoyan is engaged to me, and she has all the rights to stand next to me on the imperial tombs.”


“Young Master Gu, the Gu Family is very popular right now, but…” Zhou Huaijin glanced at those people indifferently and said coldly, “The imperial family is still different from the ministers. The Gu Family is the Crown Prince Consort’s family, but that is all.”


“Or, are you saying that the Gu Family wants to override the imperial family? In that case, I am happy to inform my father about your idea,” Zhou Huaijin said indifferently, without considering Gu Yunhe’s face. He looked at him as if he were just a tiny ant.

“You!” Gu Yunhe pointed at Zhou Huaijin.

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