Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 562 - I’m Only Biased Toward You

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Chapter 562: I’m Only Biased Toward You

“I wish Small Auntie an early birth of a noble son!”


Song Yaoyao was speechless. The first few comments were decent. But what the hell was an early birth of a noble son?

She was still studying!

Huo Yunque scooped her up and left. He generously said, “One for each of you. Get your money from Huo Qi.”

“Hey, Hey…” Song Yaoyao was taken away with a dumbfounded expression.

Huo Zexi and the others had benefited greatly. They even felt closer to Song Yaoyao.

It turned out that as long as their Small Auntie was happy, they would have pocket money and luxury cars!

Their Small Auntie was the pathway to the pinnacle of their lives.

Wow! Happiness came too quickly, like a tornado.

“Small Auntie, Small Uncle, take care!”

“Thank you, Small Auntie. Thank you, Small Uncle!”

“Small Auntie, I wish you safety! <3”

Flattering words came one after another, but unfortunately, Song Yaoyao could no longer hear them.

She was brought back to her bedroom and thrown on the big bed.

Before she could sit up, she was pressed back down.

Song Yaoyao: “…”

Alright, she was already used to it. She calmly lay back down and even wrapped her arms around the man’s neck, raising her head to kiss his chin.

“What’s wrong?”

Huo Yunque tapped her forehead. “I’ve made you suffer.”

Song Yaoyao’s curly eyelashes flickered as she shook her head gently.

The young girl’s eyes were extremely large and dark. They were like fine gemstones, sparkling with a warm luster. Her thick raven-black hair was spread behind her head, and her small face was the size of a palm. She looked extremely obedient.

Huo Yunque picked her up and leaned against the bedside drawers, letting Song Yaoyao lie on top of him.

“Should I just tell them to leave?”

He stroked her hair, his voice low and deep, not like he was joking.

Song Yaoyao heard him and quietly climbed up to wrap her arms around his neck. Like a spoiled kitten, her small head rubbed against his chin. “I’m not angry, I’m just a little confused.”

“But what if I’m unhappy?”


Song Yao immediately cupped his face and leaned forward to kiss him.

“I’m really not angry. Anyway, it’s just a meal. We won’t see each other for a long time.”

Moreover, in Song Yaoyao’s eyes, Huo Tian was like an idiot.

“If you want, I can tell Huo Tian to leave right now.”

Song Yaoyao leaned on the man’s shoulder, her small hand playing with his long eyelashes. “There’s nothing to worry about.”

One had to know how to be content. If she really wanted to argue with Huo Tian, Huo Tian was no match for her.

Besides, she had already paid the price for her cheap mouth.

She had been humiliated in front of so many relatives. In the heart of someone who cared so much about pride, this would be worse than death.

“You’re a good girl.”

Huo Yunque sighed. He pinched the soft flesh on Song Yaoyao’s cheeks and tugged gently. “But you don’t have to be as obedient as other children. Do you remember what I said? I’ll allow you to be arrogant because I want to spoil you.

“No matter what you do, even if you beat her up in public and order people to kick her out, just remember, I’m still biased towards you…”

So, there was no need to be so obedient and sensible.

“I know,” she giggled and poked Huo Yunque’s chest in dissatisfaction. “Gege, don’t think too highly of me?”

She simply thought it was boring to argue with an idiot.

“Besides, I’m an Elder!”

Didn’t they all call her Auntie? It was really embarrassing to argue with a ‘junior’ in front of so many relatives!

“Ha…” Huo Yunque chuckled and said in a hoarse voice, “You are quite self-aware…”

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