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【Modify Super God】【】

"Sister, can you show some understanding to each other?"

"Yeah, is it worth it just to make noodles? And don't the flight attendants also eat it?"

"Be quiet, say that other people have no social morals, and you seem to have no social morals by making such a big noise, right?"

The other passengers finally couldn't stand the aunt's quarrel and tried to persuade them, but this was like adding fuel to the fire!

"Who are you calling big sister? Am I familiar with you?!"

"It's wrong for him to smoke others with instant noodles! I'm doing justice for you, I don't know good and bad things!"

"I don't have public morals anymore! Who told them to eat noodles in the carriage without talking about public morals?!"

For the persuasion of other passengers, the aunt danced and screamed and went back one by one.

Even because more and more passengers were speaking for Sui Yu and the others, the aunt became more and more excited.

At this time, the flight attendant on the bullet train finally arrived, and the embarrassing female flight attendant who was holding the instant noodle bucket quickly explained what happened to the security officer, and then decisively slid the ball.

It is estimated that I went to find a place to eat instant noodles.

Sui Yu also said to the security officer at this time: "I don't know why she insisted on making a small incident so big."

After hearing Sui Yu's words, she turned around and pointed at Sui Yu viciously with an aunt who said she didn't want to be scolded by a passenger who was represented by her, "You don't know? Because you have no morals!

! "

"There are also children and adults. Adults are affected by children. If you are not allowed to eat instant noodles, you are not finished, right?!"

Sui Yu heard the words and said: "You still know you have children? Just educate your children like this?!"

"My child is none of your business?!"

Hearing the aunt scolding Sui Yu, Yue Zishan couldn't help but reply: "It's none of your business if we eat lunch?!"

"Who told you to eat instant noodles when you can eat?! Which rule allows you to eat instant noodles?! What kind of instant noodles are you still fucking!

! "

Because the aunt yelled in a broken voice, Sui Yu couldn't make out what the last sentence was.

"Which rule says that eating instant noodles is not allowed?! You can do it if there is no law prohibiting it. Are you older than the law?!"

Hearing this, the aunt kicked Sui Yu's leg, and at the same time rolled up her sleeves and grinned as if she wanted to do something to Sui Yu.

The seats were crowded, and Sui Yu didn't bother to dodge the kick, so he let the aunt kick him.

Then when the aunt was about to hit someone, Sui Yu shouted loudly to the security officer: "Security officer, did you see that?! Now I want to file a lawsuit against this aunt! The crime of insult plus intentional injury! At the same time, should you Arresting her for disrupting public order?!"

"You are the aunt! You are the aunt!"

The aunt raised her hand to slap Sui Yu in the face, but Sui Yu raised his arm to block, and shouted to the others loudly while blocking: "Everyone saw it, I blocked it for defense, it's not a fight! Security guard ! Sheriff! Sheriff!"

Seeing the aunt attacking Sui Yu like crazy, the security officer reached out to stop him: "Stay! Stop! Stop!"

"You don't care if they eat instant noodles, and don't care about me now!"

Sui Yu was also a little annoyed when he was beaten at this time, especially the wound on his body made by the aunt made Sui Yu feel heart-wrenching pain.

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【Modify Super God】【】

Even though he has been treated with healing magic, the injury has not healed.

So Sui Yu planned to use his murder privilege if the aunt made trouble again!

Although using this kind of privilege in this kind of place has too much impact, since the alliance has given him the right, there is no need for Sui Yu to be wronged!

But fortunately, when Sui Yu was wondering whether to expose himself as a hero of the alliance and use his privileges, the security officer warned the aunt: "Stop the violence immediately! I warn you once!"

"I won't stop!" The aunt with staring eyes turned her finger on the security guard fiercely: "You don't care if they eat instant noodles, why should you care about me?!"

"Warning you a second time!"

"Warning? You stupid x will warn!"

"Warning for the third time!"

"Come on! The fourth and fifth warning?!" The aunt provocatively shouted fiercely.

It's just that she doesn't seem to know that warning three times is a standard procedure for security officers.

As long as it is not an emergency, this set of procedures will generally be completed.

And as long as this set is over...

When the aunt opened her teeth and danced her claws and yelled at the security officer, the security officer quickly grabbed the aunt's arm and staggered her foot, and the aunt was pinned to the ground by the security officer in a blink of an eye!

Katsa! Katsa!

With the aunt screaming like a pig, the security guards twisted aunt's hands behind her back and handcuffed her.

At the same time, another security guard who just arrived put his hand on the gun to prevent accidents.

Although you have to go through security checks when taking the high-speed rail, so you can't bring guns and so on, but now with the great changes in the world, there are more and more mutants. It's dangerous.

But it's okay, the aunt looks very confident despite her imposing manner, but it seems to be just a bluff.

Immediately after being handcuffed, he became honest, and even burst into tears.

This cry sounds really exciting... I feel good!

However, just when Sui Yu felt relieved, another security officer who was guarding the surroundings suddenly pointed at Sui Yu's leg and said, "Young man, why is your leg bleeding?!"

Looking down, Sui Yu found that his pants were stained red with blood!

In an instant, Sui Yu understood what was going on.

In the previous battle with the Earth Demon Bear, I was pierced through my thigh by a ground thorn. At that time, the injury was very serious. UU reading www.uukanshu. Even if the healing magic is used to heal, but there is no way to make the thigh injury completely healed.

So Sui Yu has actually been enduring the pain in his legs.

It turned out that by a coincidence, the aunt kicked Sui Yu's leg wound.

It's just because Big Mom's strength is much weaker than that of the Earth Demon Bear, so Sui Yu didn't take it seriously.

In addition, the leg injury has been hurting all the time, but Sui Yu didn't notice the wound was kicked open by the aunt.

If it wasn't for the reminder from the security officer uncle, God knows how long Sui Yu would have to wait before noticing the deterioration of his leg injury.


Sui Yu was still calmly analyzing the cause and effect of his pants being stained red with blood, but when Yue Zishan saw this situation, he became instantly angry!

In other words,,,..version. 】

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【Modify Super God】【】

"Sui Yu, your legs! Damn it!"

"It's okay!" Sui Yu quickly reached out and grabbed Yue Zishan's shoulder.

Just now he felt the fluctuations in the space around Yue Zishan!

If he hadn't stopped him, Yue Zishan almost summoned a character in the game to possess him just now!

But this seems to be a good opportunity to teach aunt a lesson.

Thinking of this, after Sui Yu gave Yue Zishan a look to remind her not to be impulsive, he immediately hugged his legs and wailed: "Hey! My legs!"

"It hurts so much!"

Listening to Sui Yu's wailing, at the same time, I saw the blood continuously expanding on Sui Yu's pants and gradually soaking in the shoe prints left on Sui Yu's pants when the aunt kicked Sui Yu just now.

Then the aunt was very decisive... she was scared to pee!

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