Modify Super God - Chapter 858 Who says guns are good for low? !

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"What are you doing?!"

Sui Yu and the others shot very quickly. In just a few seconds, six "villagers" died under the gun's muzzle!

Then at this time, the old man who was held to his forehead by the rifle realized that something was wrong.

To tell the truth, as the saying goes, when you walk by the river, you can't get wet shoes.

After a long time of robbing the Dao here, naturally I saw more and more people of all shapes and sizes.

Coupled with the legalization of guns in the Union, many people can carry guns.

Especially those who go to such a vast and sparsely populated place for self-driving tours, in fact, many of them have guns.

It's not for killing people, the main purpose is actually to guard against wild animals that may be encountered.

So it's not like the old man hasn't been pointed at by guns before.

But before, the old man would be very tough and loudly shout: "You shoot!"

He will even point his head to the forehead to urge the other party: "Fight like this!"

That is very tough!

And often the other party dare not shoot, and in the end they can only spend money to eliminate the disaster.

At this time, just as the villagers looked at the old man with anticipation, and planned to appreciate his tough-guy style...

The old man exclaimed, "What are you doing?!" After that, he didn't develop according to the usual routine.

"Is there still king law? Is there still law?!" The old man waved his hand vigorously: "Call the police! Immediately call the police!"

Yes, this time the old man did not pretend to be a tough guy!

The clamor was because the old man was sure that the other party did not dare to shoot.

Although the coalition has implemented the legalization of guns, the consequences of shooting are still very serious, and no one really dares to shoot people easily.

But this group of people is different!

As soon as he got out of the car, he killed six people and instantly calmed down the scene. The old man knew that they really dared to kill!

At this time, he will play the trick of a tough guy again. Maybe he just showed his forehead and urged the other party to take a head shot, and then the other party decisively shot the old man and shot him in the head!

Maybe even say the classic line: "I have never seen such a request in my life!"

And when he heard the old man threatened to call the police, Sui Yu raised his hand and shot an idiot who was pulling a bow and an arrow to sneak attack. Then he chuckled and asked the old man, "Call the police? Try it? There is no signal in this place. !"

Why does this sound so familiar? !

At this point the old man understood, he obviously shot himself in the foot!

"Okay, I admit it!" The old man spread his hands and said, "What do you say!"


A child in the crowd who was holding a dagger and quietly approached Xiao Hei from behind was instantly killed by Xiao Hei, who turned around and shot directly. The old man quickly waved his hand and ordered everyone to stop killing him.

At this time, the old man knew clearly that these people in front of him were definitely not something that their small village could handle.

"Don't kill anymore!" The old man knelt down: "I beg you! Don't kill anymore!"


Just when Sui Yu was about to speak, Xiao Hei suddenly came over with a gun and kicked the old man.

"I told you to block the way!"

"I called you robbery!"

"I called you Sapo!"

One kick after another, although Xiao Hei controlled his strength so that he could not kick the leading old man to death with one kick, the force of Xiao Hei's kick was still not light!

In the blink of an eye, the old man was kicked and his nose was blue and his face was swollen and bleeding from the nose!

"What are you looking at?!"

Sui Yu raised his pistol and yelled at the others, "Why are you so stunned?! Quickly remove this broken tree from us!"

The "villagers" looked at each other in dismay.


Then a male villager fell in the eyebrows.

"If you don't do it, I will kill you one at random in a minute! If you have the ability, don't move the tree!"

Time is life now!

The Black Knights might have already marched as predicted, and even the vanguard was approaching because of the delay in this bandit village.

Sui Yu and the others really didn't have time to delay.

Therefore, Sui Yu's shot was very ruthless!

When they heard Sui Yu's threat, the "village" finally "woke up like a dream" and hurriedly took tools to remove the dead tree.


Raising her hand and firing a shot, a woman who was trying to escape in the chaos fell to the ground in the back of her heart and died.

At the same time, Sui Yu's gloomy voice sounded slowly: "As long as you give me the way, we will leave immediately, and this is the end of the matter!"

"Otherwise, none of you want to leave alive!"

At this moment, the "villagers" really miss the peaceful time in the past.

Although they live very poor because of the huge gap between the rich and the poor, they can only rely on road robbery to live.

But at least in a peaceful world, because the law does not blame the public, as long as the people in their village throw a smack, others will have nothing to do with them.

Where is it like now, so many people have died before it has been spilled!


Sui Yu shot and killed a woman sitting on the ground crying and crying, and then Sui Yu threatened in a loud voice, "Why don't you get out of the way?!"

This time, those who cried were instantly frightened and stopped crying.

At this time, not only do spouting and crying have no meaning, but they will become their reminders!

At this time, only obedient and obedient can survive!


"Young! The people in the alliance are so ugly!"

As several horses and several riders approached quickly, the man on the horse, wearing black clothes and black trousers and covering his head and face with a black helmet, approached and sighed with a chuckle: "Threatening others with a broken gun, self-righteous thinking that guns Your strength is your own strength.”

"And then use this external force to show off your power?!"

"Ugly! Really very ugly!"

After the leading man in black finished sighing, UU read www. Next to, a man in black who also heard a male voice shook his head in disdain and added: "Unlike us, we rely on our own strength!"

The moment the word "power" fell, the man in black next to him shook his hand, and a flame suddenly appeared out of thin air, and then crashed on the dead tree blocking the road.

In an instant, the dead tree ignited a raging flame as if it had been drenched in gasoline!


! "

Several villagers who were removing the trees couldn't dodge in time, and were instantly caught in the sea of ​​fire!

And these flames are very terrifying, even if it is a sputtered spark, once it falls on a person, it will instantly ignite the person!

da da da da...

Seeing this scene, Xiao Hei instantly stopped beating the old man, and turned to shoot at the group of people on the horse.

When the bullet hit, a man in black next to him raised his hand and waved, and a semicircular magic shield suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

ding ding ding ding…

The bullet was shot on the magic shield and was instantly thrown away, completely unable to harm the person behind the magic shield.

"So I've always wondered why people in this world like to use guns." The man holding up the shield shrugged and shook his head while sighing: "It's weak and troublesome."


At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded beside these men in black!


Bang bang bang bang!

The sound of gunshots sounded. At this time, he used the thief stealth skill to get close to these few members, and he pulled the trigger without hesitation!

Then the guy who released the magic shield was shot in the temple and was sent flying!

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