Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 7850 Demon's Search Plan

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Cha Deshan's incident is a bit too coincidental.

Although the whole thing was caused by Feng Tianxing's sudden retreat, how could it be used by such a coincidence.

And it is unbiased. It is good that at this point in time, it perfectly interprets what is called precise time.

If it wasn't because of his sudden appearance, Deshan would have no place to live at this moment.

With this familiar feeling, Feng Tianxing suddenly had a bold speculation in his heart.

Kindly explained to Sara's subordinates, let them release Sha Deshan, and Feng Tianxing pulled him aside.

"In this way, I have another bold idea, but I need your cooperation at that time."

"If it's just a normal study, it will definitely not consume much resources, so I will definitely cause some trouble when I go out this time. When that time comes, you will send a trusted friend to come over and let me get away."

"Go back and get some resources from Sara."

As soon as these benefits were mentioned, Sha Deshan couldn't take it easy, and immediately discussed with Feng Tianxing, and then the various details were settled.

When night fell, Feng Tianxing and Sha Deshan had a long talk together late at night, and did not leave until early morning.

When he left the academy, he couldn't hold back and looked back at Cha Deshan.

At this moment, Sha Deshan's face is full of joy, because Feng Tianxing's plan is too perfect, no matter what Shera thinks, he will definitely take out the money.

Seeing Feng Tianxing looking over, Cha Deshan even grinned and gave Feng Tianxing a confident smile.

Cha Deshan thought that his smile was enough to infect Feng Tianxing and make him feel at ease, and he would just deal with the other things.

But who knows, Feng Tianxing is silent.

At that moment, Feng Tianxing's consciousness was a little dazed.

These seem to be the states that only exist between loved ones and friends.

Haruka remembered the last time Matt said goodbye to him like this, and then was hit by a meteorite. If Matt himself had the strength of a god, this would definitely kill him.

The curse from Zeus, I don't know if it was brought along with me, if so, that would be great!

You don't even have to do it yourself, you can cause a fatal disaster to the demons, and there is no trace left.

Because it is not he who drives all this, but Zeus.

How could the demons understand such a curse that transcended the rules of the world.

Feng Tianxing's mood couldn't help but feel a little wonderful when he thought that Zeus' curse had now become a weapon in his hands.

"Zeus is really the best person to send charcoal in the snow."

Nodding inwardly, Feng Tianxing turned his head to look into the distance and sighed.

This trip to harm Shadeshan is only a secondary purpose.

The real first purpose is to use the minions of these demons to try to find out the rest of the human race.

Once under the common jurisdiction of the three thousand Taoist courts, the huge number of human races would not really have any chance of survival.

In addition to those who surrender, there must be lucky ones.

Talking to them is what Feng Tianxing wants most.

All the way to the army camp of the demon clan, under the arrangement of Cha Deshan, a demon clan came out to take Feng Tianxing into the camp.

Then, in front of the demons, he began to educate Feng Tianxing.

"This is Young Master Feng, the only son of General Sheluo. Come to us to get some qualifications. When the time comes, you will take good care of it. Each has merit. If there is any loss, punishment is inevitable."

Feng Tianxing just pursed his lips and didn't take it to heart. How many demons in these armies can really control them?

If he didn't find trouble with him, it would be his luck for Feng Tianxing to entrap Shera.

After some expressions, the Demon Race looked at Feng Tianxing.

"You pick one person to act together, and then you will share the credit equally. This is the rule in our demon army."

Feng Tianxing's eyes swept across a type of demon, and finally landed on a small demon.

"Just him." As soon as the voice fell, the crowd of demons burst into cheers. At first glance, Feng Tianxing was a "younger" who had never experienced any wars. Now that he looks like this, it's really time to do things. , is it shameful or not, and

He does things together, let alone credit, hard work is not necessarily there.

When this matter was pushed out, they were naturally extremely happy.

The corners of Feng Tianxing's mouth raised slightly.

Is this the nature of the demons?

Bullying the weak has already reached such a point, with contempt for Feng Tianxing, disregard for the rules, and an arrogant image that has no importance except for strength.

Before Feng Tianxing could say anything else, the Demon Race who led the team ordered.

"Everyone set off and started searching according to our initial goal."

So fast?

For a moment when Feng Tianxing was stunned, most of the demons had already run away, leaving only the little demon he chose, looking up at Feng Tianxing.

"Little man, where is the route we searched for?"

The Demon Race stuck out his tongue and licked his lips.

"I'm not called Little, you should call me Stan."

Feng Tianxing snorted, his face full of perfunctory.

This attitude made Stan very dissatisfied, holding his arms and looking at Feng Tianxing up and down.

This arrogant father is different. Looking at the silk-level things uploaded on his body, and looking at the sharp edges and corners of his skin, he can see that he has not done anything.

The contempt on his face grew a little more.

"The captain said a while ago that anyone and your team can just walk around without doing anything, so you can stay here if you want."

Feng Tianxing walked towards Stan slowly, until he was in front of him, and then he stretched out his hand. The palm with the angular armour stretched out, and the slightly open hand had already explained all Feng Tianxing's thoughts.

With a disdainful expression on his face, Stan reached out and grabbed Feng Tianxing's palm. This is the most commonly used method of competition among the demons. Whoever has the most strength will be able to grasp the victory of this competition, and it is related to strength and skills, but it will not cause damage. This is comparable to real swords and real guns. more people


At the moment when both hands were clenched tightly, Feng Tianxing suddenly grinned. Such a reaction made Stan's face a little smug.

Is this pampered demon clan worthy of being called a demon clan?

Although his body is not strong, he has been exercising hard all the time. Many demons in the military camp cannot hold on to this grip, let alone Feng Tianxing in front of him.

"If you feel that you can't hold on anymore, you can ask for mercy. After all, you crushed your palm, and I won't be responsible for that."

As soon as the words came out, Stan's eyes widened.

Because he saw Feng Tianxing's grinning face disappear instantly, he stood up straight, looked at the palms clenched by the two demons, and raised his brows slightly. "Try harder."

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